Adventure Escape: Time Library: Walkthrough

Chapter 3: A Ship of Gold:

1. Pick up the lump of iron and the cannon wheel. Then notice the three numbers on the wall, 457. Enter those numbers into the chest and get the magnifying glass.




You can also watch my video walkthrough for chapters 1 – 3 here:

2. Place the cannon wheel on the cannon. Then, place the lump of iron on the floor near the little crack. Use the magnifying glass on the cannon’s fuse and it will roll over the iron, creating a makeshift crowbar. Move the cannon off the crowbar and pick it up.




3. Use the crowbar to open the trap door and go down.


4. Use the crowbar to smash the barrel to the left and pick up the bird seeds. Feed them to the bird and he’ll say some numbers out loud: 4, 3, 1, 8.



5. Enter those numbers on the wall. The bird will say, “Get me the bottle above the 2-year-old rum!” A picture will slide to the side, revealing a pyramid puzzle. You need to keep moving the pieces until you get the pyramid re-formed on the third pole, the one with the star under it. You then get a clue that says “Sun Ocean Grass.”





6. Tap on the three discs to the left and change the colors to red, blue and green for Sun, Ocean, Grass. Go through the door.


7. Pick up the magnet. Then use the crowbar to open up the floorboard and get a rum bottle.



8. Use the magnet to get the magnetic key from the air vent.


9. Use the magnetic key to open the lock on the barrel and get another bottle of rum.


10. Notice the clue near the upper right corner of the wall. This is for the chest. The answer is 2569 because those crosses are colored. Enter the numbers and get the third rum bottle.



11. Place the rum bottles with the others on the shelves and solve the numbers puzzle. They all need to add up to 100. It should look like this:


12. Take the rum bottle and give it to the parrot. Then take the parrot key from him and use it to open the locked door in the bottles room. Go through.


13. Pick up the hook from the table and attack it to the stick on the floor. Then use the stick with a hook to reach the hook on the ceiling. It will reveal some clocks. Look at the clue that says:
“Waxing Gibbous
Full Moon
Waning Gibbous
Waning Crescent”





14. Time to unlock the box on the table. You need three numbers and it seems the clocks are the clue. Look at each shelf. The first clock is always on 12, or 0. For the first row, the second clock is on 1 and the third clock is on 2. Add those together and you get 1 + 2 = 3. The next row is 3 + 6 = 9. The last row is trickier because it’s 10 + 8 = 18. Then you subtract 12 to get 6. So the answer is 396. Open the box and read the clue inside.


15. Now, use the clue from before with the four moon cycles and the clue you just found to solve the wheel puzzle. Then get the Time Crystal and complete the chapter!



Click on the little numbers below to continue to the Chapter 4 walkthrough.

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  1. Linda S

    thanks! I like their games and really like the “free” part!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I’ll work on the walkthrough more when I’m done with my Her Story videos.

    2. Fufu

      Thanks for making this walkthrough. Some puzzles I just couldn’t figure out what to do but thanks to you I got hints n figured them out

  2. Barbara

    Hi — Had gotten this far in the game myself.

    Was hoping for a walkthrough of the temple and the solution to the white squares/red squares puzzle.

    Thank you.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I just haven’t had the chance to play since. I’ll try to continue it tonight. 🙂

      1. Liz

        i do not quite understand how you get 976 from that, it does not make any sense. Do you mind explaining please?

        1. nick

          the symbols represent the edges on the numberpad.

    2. Andy

      Hi that’s me too, I feel certain I am correct but can’t figure it out. Requires and v white, keep thinking its for the four digit code

  3. ozigis muniratu

    It’s really interesting… this is the kind of game we need to play…not only an interesting story line but also something to crack our brains over..keep up the good work,will be expecting more.

  4. emmily

    Could someone please explain why it comes out to 976?

    1. Arlyta

      I agree I cannot understand why the answer is 976

      1. David

        There is a combination on the wall beside the canon

      2. Aria

        Look at the tic tac toe board and pattern above the safe.

        Specifically the pattern of lines on the tic tac board. I colored out the pattern if you still don’t see it

        1. Ruby

          Thank you! You saved my sanity!

      3. Shreya Ghosh

        If you see the pattern of the number code.. in tictaktoe like box.. the clues are for numbers are shapes surrounding the numbers. The number 9 is surrounded by a shape like an upside down L, 7 is surrounded by an upside down L pacing the left and 6 by a C

    2. [email protected]

      Look at the drawing. They are showing the angles of the tic tac box. The exact angles in the drawing are only on 3 numbers.

      1. Megan

        Huh? What do you mean by angles of the tic tac box?

        1. Amber

          I had a lot of fun, but I agree that several of fhe puzzle’s made no sense. I love when I can’t figure out a puzzle and I look up the answer and feel stupid for not thinking of the answer myself. This game just left me confused. Still enjoyable though.

  5. Shiska

    Really appreciate the walk through! I think you over complicated the clock puzzle in chapter 3–if you read across, just pick out the next number in the sequence. So for the first clock, it went forward one hour, then two, so next is three. Second row it’s quarter hours (3, 6, 9) and third clock it’s back 10 minutes, then 20, then 30 (to the 6).

  6. Sumir

    I want to know at any cost, explanation for no 87

    1. Hugo

      Those numbers are upside down. You read them as 86, ??, 88, 89, 90, 91.

  7. Parker

    What is the reasoning behind 87 being the next number in sequence? Someone pls explain. Thanks

    1. yi

      turn over your head

    2. Misty

      The numbers are upside down. Take a look & the answer is clear

  8. Bella

    How to do I take the statues out of one room and to the other?

  9. tracy

    Why does it keep repeating the same board when she goes alone am i missing something please help

  10. Rafhasantii

    I cannot build ladder even if I’ve already got plank, twine, and 4 wooden sticks.
    I used hammer but it build nothing.
    Please help…
    I stuck on this level “Behind Bars”

    1. Sink e

      Do you have two planks?

    2. Jaclyn

      I have the same problem. I’ve restarted the level several times thinking I missed something or did something wrong, but I did everything exactly right. I have all the supplies on the workbench, but can’t build the ladder. Help!

  11. naomi

    I get through it all, put the ladder up but nothing happens! What am i missing?

    1. Kathleen

      Tap the window

  12. ANGELA

    I like the muder manor more than the adventure escape

  13. Viktor

    Why there is 7 continents? Wtf?

    1. David

      7 Continents : Asia, Europe, Australia, North America, South America, Antartica, Africa

  14. Gia

    Thank you . I appreciate that the sundial challenge was explained. I did not just want the answer so the process was well recieved.

  15. kronologibayu

    thanks a lot for those tutorial

  16. N A

    I did exactly how they showed it on the red and white puzzle, but it doesn’t work????

    1. Umar

      It worked correctly.
      You fool

  17. Stacey

    I think you are wrong about how to get the clock clue. The last clue is just showing each clock advancing by 10 hours. But now going back, each answer is achieved this way. Just look at the pattern of the clocks. First one goes up by 1, the second by 3 and third by 10. But, thanks for these walkthroughs, they have saved me much anguish. Lol.

  18. FIN

    Thank you so much of these walkthroughs! I love these games but sometimes the tasks and puzzles are just impossible to figure out. I think it is partly a language and cultural mindset that influence the logical way of thinking.

  19. Mady

    When I get to the part where youΓÇÖre supposed to use the hammer to make the ladder, it doesnΓÇÖt work:(

    1. Kathleen

      Finish the gears puzzle so you get 2 planks

  20. Nicole

    How do the moon phases equal the arrows on the wheel?

    1. Kathleen

      There is a paper in the puzzle box with the phases labeled their position on that paper relates to the position of the wheel

    2. Annie

      I read this walkthrough fifty times and used all my hints hoping for an explanation as to HOW the clues gave any hint as to how those arrows correlated with the moon phases. The star hints were useless so I went to Google. Google was useless and I refused to move on until I understood how anyone came up with an answer. After thirty minutes I finally figured out that I really over thought the stupid thing. Look at the sheet and pretend itΓÇÖs a clock. Just look at the position of the moons, not the pictures themselves. I hate myself right now.

  21. Shreya Ghosh

    I cannot figure out how is the code to the safe/cupboard below the calendar 87. Can anyone please explain?

    1. Kathleen

      If you turn it upside down the numbers are actually in sequence so 06 becomes 90 68 becomes 89 88 is still 88 and TADA missing number is 87

  22. Courtney

    Where the heck is the third aztec statue?? I got the one on the floor in the first room, and the one that pops out of the hole in the second room. But i cannot find the third!

    1. Kathleen

      When you put the post it’s in place on the wall (the 10 20 100 and 400) it peels back and BAM third statue

  23. Jerome

    Wait… Shouldn’t the answer to how many planets be 9?
    Pluto wasn’t downgraded to a dwarf planet until 2006.

    1. Kathleen

      BUT it also hadn’t been discovered at all at the time of the Titanic sinking!

  24. Evelyn

    Make it better Duuuuuuuuh

  25. Crow

    Thank you so much! One look at the few colored gears and I was Googling lol. Perhaps if I had touched more than the gray gears an approach might have sunk in. I was afraid Id move a colored gear out of place and forget where it was originally , then discovered that mattered. I prefer written walkthroughs so was delighted to find your page. Very helpful.

  26. cooldragon1990

    It would have been nice if you explained how the colored crosses amounts to 2569. I have no idea how you reached that. Colored crosses? I have no idea how how that works, but okay, I passed the puzzle y looking.

  27. Glenda

    Wonderful walkthroughs, great to know they’re here if I get stuck!

  28. Kettt

    The code thing in the phone is not working for me, I don’t know why it is happening to me.

  29. Moira ghost

    So fun! I love it! Do it twice

    1. Mb02

      Good idea

  30. Laura / chicago

    I will never understand the tic tac toe being 976. Every key has a shape like the drawing….

  31. Angela

    My game keeps freezing after I do tge puzzle behind the painting. It isn’t responding. I’ve redone it 4 times niw, and freezes at tge same part. Hopefully I can continue another time

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