Adventure Escape: Time Library: Walkthrough

Chapter 5: Is Hope Lost:

1. Pick up the long knife, dust pan, bedsheets and emergency food supplies.


You can also watch my video walkthrough for chapters 4 -6 here:


2. Place the dust pan by the door and push the knife through the keyhole. The key will fall into the dust pan and you can get it!


3. Use the key to unlock the door. Pick up the hammer and use it on the wooden planks to get some nails. Also, read the note in the drawer.



4. This clue tells you how to unlock the briefcase in the wall.
“Number the moons in our sky” = 1
“And how many planets in our solar system fly” = 8
“Next consider the continents that have been made” = 7
“And finally, which month was Caesar betrayed” = Ides of March = 3
So to open the briefcase, enter 1873.


5. The diamond falls through the hole in the wall! We have to get it somehow! Place the bedsheet on the pillar and nail it into a rope, then put it in the hole and climb through.


6. You now need to get Alice, Hiro, the dog and the emergency supplies into the life boat. The catch is, neither Hiro nor the emergency supplies can be left alone with the dog. And only Alice can move the raft. So here’s how to do it. First, put Alice and the dog on the raft. Place the dog in the boat and go back to pick up the emergency supplies. Place the emergency supplies in the boat but take the dog back on the raft. Go back to Hiro and swap out the dog for Hiro. Get Hiro on the boat, then go back for the dog and get him on the boat. Now you can get the diamond and complete chapter 5!


Click on the little numbers below to continue to the Chapter 6 walkthrough.

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31 thoughts on “Adventure Escape: Time Library: Walkthrough

    1. Fufu

      Thanks for making this walkthrough. Some puzzles I just couldn’t figure out what to do but thanks to you I got hints n figured them out

  1. Barbara

    Hi — Had gotten this far in the game myself.

    Was hoping for a walkthrough of the temple and the solution to the white squares/red squares puzzle.

    Thank you.

      1. Liz

        i do not quite understand how you get 976 from that, it does not make any sense. Do you mind explaining please?

    1. Andy

      Hi that’s me too, I feel certain I am correct but can’t figure it out. Requires and v white, keep thinking its for the four digit code

  2. ozigis muniratu

    It’s really interesting… this is the kind of game we need to play…not only an interesting story line but also something to crack our brains over..keep up the good work,will be expecting more.

        1. Amber

          I had a lot of fun, but I agree that several of fhe puzzle’s made no sense. I love when I can’t figure out a puzzle and I look up the answer and feel stupid for not thinking of the answer myself. This game just left me confused. Still enjoyable though.

  3. Shiska

    Really appreciate the walk through! I think you over complicated the clock puzzle in chapter 3–if you read across, just pick out the next number in the sequence. So for the first clock, it went forward one hour, then two, so next is three. Second row it’s quarter hours (3, 6, 9) and third clock it’s back 10 minutes, then 20, then 30 (to the 6).

  4. Rafhasantii

    I cannot build ladder even if I’ve already got plank, twine, and 4 wooden sticks.
    I used hammer but it build nothing.
    Please help…
    I stuck on this level “Behind Bars”

    1. Jaclyn

      I have the same problem. I’ve restarted the level several times thinking I missed something or did something wrong, but I did everything exactly right. I have all the supplies on the workbench, but can’t build the ladder. Help!

  5. Gia

    Thank you . I appreciate that the sundial challenge was explained. I did not just want the answer so the process was well recieved.


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