Her Story Walkthrough: All Video Clips in Order and Explanations

Her Story
By: Sam Barlow


For those who finished playing the game Her Story by Sam Barlow, you can see all the clips in order here. I organized them and made a video for each interview. I’ve also included summaries and the most straightforward explanations of each interview. This will spoil the game completely for anyone who hasn’t played, so I highly suggest walking away if you haven’t played yet.

You can see my walkthrough guide and discussion for more help with the game, other theories and questions.

You can also see the full text transcript here.

See my interviews with creator Same Barlow and actress Viva Seifert.

Videos of All Clips In Order:

You can watch the videos and then see my explanations/summaries below them all.

Interview 1:

Interview 2:

Interview 3:

Interview 4:

Interview 5:

Interview 6:

Interview 7:

Credits: Notice that many of the images are reversed, like looking at a reflection through a mirror.

I also made a video of just her playing “The Twa Sisters” (The Wind and the Rain) on her guitar. I made it mainly for myself, but here you go:

Want to see this song get a proper studio recording?

Summaries of Each Interview:

If they are twins, I think it makes sense to try and figure out which interview is Hannah and which is Eve. Based on the hair/tattoo/bruise/drinks/story, I think this is how it goes. This is the most obvious and straightforward explanation. My walkthrough guide will cover other ideas, unanswered questions and inconsistencies that might lead us to some new revelation.
*Update: Based on some new information from the transcript, we can see exactly who is talking in each interview. And we can confirm that interview 6 is indeed Hannah. Keep in mind, that this is the most straightforward explanation, and what we’re told to believe by Eve. But many believe that instead of twins, they’re actually one person with multiple personally disorder, who believe they’re twins. There are holes in both theories, so you’ll have to come to your own conclusion. But hopefully my videos and summaries will help.

Interview 1: June 18, 1994. Eve as Hannah. Hair down. Wearing wedding ring. Asks for black coffee. There’s no bruise yet, so it makes sense that Eve is playing as Hannah here. Eve introduces herself as Hannah and talks about her husband, Simon Smith, who has gone missing. She hasn’t seen him in days, which is unlike him. She mentions his boss, Eric, and that he works as a glazier for a glass and mirror company. She wants the police to help find Simon, because she’s worried. It’s not like him to disappear.

Interview 2: June 25, 1994. Hannah as Hannah. Hair up. Wearing wedding ring. Asks for tea with sugar. She has a bruise on her left cheek. She claims she hit a doorknob (righhhht). We learn in Interview 7 that Eve gave her the bruise when they fought over Simon. But for now, her story is that he went missing and she wants the police to find him. The police also ask her to let them take her fingerprints and she mentions that she never had them taken before. Also, she burned her right hand. Was this intentional, to affect the prints?

Interview 3: June 27, 1994. Eve as Hannah (since the bruise is gone). Hair down. Wearing wedding ring. Asks for black coffee. The police suggest that Simon may have been murdered. She talks about the Glasgow trip. It’s possible that Eve is the one who came in for questioning this time since she’s the one who went to Glasgow, not Hannah. That way she could give the details without messing it up. She also says she didn’t have her license on her, and we learn in the final interview that Hannah passed the driving test for both of them. Perhaps there’s some connection between the two? Why didn’t she take Hannah’s license if she doesn’t have her own? Eve confuses the side that the bruise was on, as though she were looking at a reflection when she saw it on Hannah’s face. She brushes it off as a fast metabolism, but we’re not supposed to buy that story. She throws up, says it’s morning sickness. She’s pregnant (Eve later tells us as herself that she’s pregnant). The detective also shows Eve some drawings and Eve describes them. She describes one as Rapunzel, like the fairy tales she used to read as a child. There’s a lot of mirroring to her own story that we learn later.

Interview 4: June 30, 1994. Hannah as Hannah. Hair up. Wearing wedding ring. Asks for tea with sugar. She’s wearing short sleeves and there’s no tattoo like we see the next day on Eve. She’s very chatty. She talks about her miscarriage and her parents dying in the same year, 1984. They were poisoned with death cap mushrooms, even though her father was a mushrooms expert. It’s heavily implied later in the game that Eve killed their parents. Hannah mentions Eve, calls her a childhood friend who she tried to drown at some point. Then scolds herself for talking about Eve and taps a code to Eve. The detective asks her about fingerprints they found in her home. It seems that they were asking if she has any close relatives because the prints were close to her own? That would strongly suggest the twin theory is true. But she asks if they could have been from her parents, if they would last that long.

Interview 5: July 1, 1994. Eve as Hannah. Hair down. Wearing wedding ring. Asks for black coffee. She starts in a white shirt and spills coffee on herself. She then changes into a short-sleeved t-shirt that reveals a tattoo we’ve never seen before. She claims to have gotten it to express her individuality eight years ago. It’s of an apple and a snake (Eve got the tattoo — it represents the Garden of Eden). (Did Eve intentionally spill her coffee on herself to reveal her tattoo? And if so, why? Was Hannah in on that or was she trying to throw Hannah under the bus here?)
The detective asks her about the ticket she got back in February, six months ago. She was caught on camera at the same time that someone saw here (or her likeness) with Simon at a hotel in Oxford. She finally confessed that they snuck away for a romantic weekend. It’s not clear why the police drop it now that they have evidence she was in two places at once (plus the tattoo). She then plays a song on her guitar for the detective. It’s strange that they would even ask her (maybe to see if she can indeed play?), but she plays an old ballad called “The Wind and the Rain” about a jealous older sister killing her younger sister. It’s quite a fun, creepy song.

“Dreadful Wind and Rain” Lyrics:

“There were two sisters came walking by the sea
Oh the wind and the rain

The eldest one pushed the other one in
Oh the dreadful wind and rain

See they both had a love for the captain’s son
Oh the wind and the rain

But he only cared for the youngest one
Oh the dreadful wind and rain

Oh the eldest envied her sister fair
Oh the wind and the rain

With her pretty little face and her long blonde hair
Oh the dreadful wind and rain

So she pushed her in and held her down
Oh the wind and the rain

And watched her as she slowly drowned
Oh the dreadful wind and rain

Oh she floated up and she floated down
Oh the wind and the rain

Floated till a ship came by
Oh the dreadful wind and rain

Out comes the captain’s son
Oh the wind and the rain

Father dear here swims a swan
Oh the dreadful wind and rain

Oh ye lay her body on the dock to dry
Oh the wind and the rain

‘Til a fiddler with a fiddle came walking by
Oh the dreadful wind and rain

And he made a fiddle bow of her long hair
Oh the wind and the rain

Yes he made a fiddle bow with her long blonde hair
Oh the dreadful wind and rain

And he made fiddle pegs of her finger bones
Oh the wind and the rain

Yes he made fiddle pegs from her finger bones
Oh the dreadful wind and rain

And he made a fiddle out of her breastbone
Oh the wind and the rain

The sound could pierce a heart of stone
Oh the dreadful wind and rain

But the only tune that the fiddle could play
Was oh the wind and the rain

Yes the only tune that the fiddle could play
Was oh the dreadful wind and rain”

Interview 6: July 2, 1994. Hannah as Eve as Hannah? Hair down. Wearing wedding ring. Asks for coffee with milk and sugar. She’s upset at being called in, says Eleanor had mentioned that they were asking questions about her. The detective has started to suspect that they might be twins and asks about it. She denies being a twin, acts surprised, and challenges them to test her fingerprints against the ones that they took off Hannah in interview 2. She has some harsh words for the detective and storms out like she doesn’t have time for this. She’s not calm like Eve is in interview 7, so that’s another good case for it being Hannah. It’s possible that they knew the police had their suspicions and had caught on to the coffee/tea and hairstyles being different, so they had Hannah take on Eve’s coffee habit and hair down to try and prove to the police that they’re one person. That’s why she offers her fingerprints. But she messes up a bit by asking for milk and sugar in her coffee. Perhaps Eve intentionally let the cops in on the whole twin thing in interview 5 without Hannah’s consent and now Hannah’s freaking out?

Interview 7: July 3, 1994. Hair down. No wedding ring. Eve first as Hannah, shortly confessing to be Eve. Eve starts off pretending to be Hannah. But she’s in a good mood, doesn’t seem phased by anything. She’s very relaxed, doesn’t seem all that concerned about Hannah. She agrees to take a lie detector test and gets all the answers right except for her name (Hannah Smith). It’s possible she did this on purpose because she was eager to tell her story to someone now that Hannah’s gone. So she comes clean, explains the meaning of the tattoo (snake and apple for the forbidden fruit and Garden of Eden). Then she offers to come clean with her whole story, telling about their childhood. Her story goes like this: When they were born, Hannah’s umbilical cord wrapped around Eve’s throat. The midwife (Florence) who lived across the street helped with the birth and told their mother that Eve died so she could raise her as her own. Eve saw her “reflection” across the street and was fascinated by it. She wanted to go to her. But Florence wouldn’t let her. We learn that Florence tripped down the stairs and died (I believe Eve pushed her), so Eve then moved in with Hannah and lived in her attic. They then spent their lives swapping places, pretending to be the same person. They shared boyfriends, including Carl. But that went south. Then there was Simon, who Hannah didn’t want to share. Eve was not happy about this. She explains how Hannah married Simon and didn’t want to share him with Eve, but Eve eventually had an affair with him and got pregnant. On Hannah’s birthday, Simon gave Hannah a mirror for her that was supposed to be one of a kind. When Hannah learned about the affair and the pregnancy, she confronted Eve and they got into a fight, resulting in Hannah’s bruise. Hannah also pulled off Eve’s blonde wig she wears for performing. Eve drove off to Glasgow and Hannah put on Eve’s wig to pretend to be her with Simon. Simon then gave her a mirror just like the other one. So Hannah snapped, broke the mirror and slit his throat with the broken glass. She didn’t mean to — she was just trying to scare him away. Then she called Eve, and they hatched this whole plan, where they would change the time on Simon’s watch so it can coincide with a trip to Glasgow. Then Eve would pretend to be Hannah while Hannah got away. And they can’t arrest Eve because she doesn’t legally exist. There’s no record of Eve’s existence, so she’s basically a ghost.

**Update: After reading this in-depth analysis by Adrian Chmielarz, I’m now pretty much convinced Hannah/Eve are one body with split personalities (MPD) and that neither got away with the murder. This makes me sad, but I can’t un-see it that way now. The last clip is just heart-wrenching and the “please” makes me cringe. I guess there’s no happy ending here after all. 🙁 But then again…there’s still parts of the story that make me think they really are twins and that MPD can’t work. So who knows! What do you think?

See my walkthrough guide and discussion to talk with me and other players about details of the game.

See my interviews with creator Same Barlow and actress Viva Seifert.

You can also see the full text transcript here.

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Thanks for making this! 🙂 I guess it took quite some time. It really helps me to understand all of this. Especially the “Hannah as Eve as Hannah”-trick confused me.^^




Hi nice work. I agree on most parts of the story. But I couldn’t find any clue who (or even if…) killed their parents. Same with Florence. What makes you confident, that Eve poisened them or pushed Florence?
Thanks again for all that hard work. Although i really like the game, sorting the videos is pain in the ass 😉



Thank you very much for this! Makes it a lot easier to dissect and revisit.


Thanks for making this. I just finished the game, and reading the summaries for each interview helps put together some missing pieces. I noticed how she would ask for black coffee in some interviews and tea with sugar in others. I knew that was supposed to be some type of clue, but the coffee with milk and sugar bit threw me off.

Loved the game, I’d still like to know what happened to Eve and Hannah’s parents. My gut says Eve killed them.

Mike Sett

Ok…First let me say Thank you doing this with the clips, it’s really helped me firm up my opinions watching it like that….Also thank you for your theories, but I believe I have completely figured this out now…The creators have dropped some very subtle (but also some very obvious, glaring) hints at this, and this is what I think it all boils down to: Hannah and “Eve” are the same person, Hannah has Multiple Personality Disorder, but it’s deeper than that..She is also I believe, a homicidal psychopath, and I believe she has been one since being a little child.… Read more »


Ok…..Lets address the tattoo, the bruise, the assumption from the evidence were given that “hannah” was in two places at once, and then Florence……1) The Tattoo: First to wrap our minds around this, we have to understand that “Eve” is fictional, and merely a construct of “Hannah’s” psyche…Therefore nothing she says, does, nor understands herself can be taken with any true credibility…She’s a character (a psychological creation) that’s been fighting to believe in her own existence since her inception, and that can only be accomplished through elaborate rationalization, self story telling, and out right self delusion….It’s very obvious through the… Read more »


Wow, what a game! And Mike you are so spot on ! great insight in “her story” and it is also my personal view of this story! The first impression i got from all these interview parts were: “multiple persona disorder”, i mean when i say that clip where she said to herself: “why are you talking about eve?” and that strange behavior afterwards with the head on the table, knocking on the table with some code, and then that strange face when she goes back from one persona to the other? It was for me the most obvious sign… Read more »


Thanks so much for the videos and the analysis. I must say this ‘game’ made me more confused as I continued playing it. During the first couple of hours, I was definitely sure it was MPD, then the more I went into it I started thinking they’re twins. Now at the end I think the most plausible conclusion is she has MPD and that Eve is a sneaky weasel


The only reason it took me hours to get to that conclusion was because I was so confused when I started the game lol.
Eve is soo manipulative she actually made me feel for her even though she’s a horrible person.


Okay, I’ve gone back and listened to the final parts of interview 7 a couple of times and I can’t see what everyone sees when she says ‘please’. I don’t think she means it/ has only just realised that she’s been caught. I think she knew the detectives were on to her before that and that’s why she started to sort of defend herself -to soften the blow if she indeed gets caught when she started saying that Hannah “only meant to scare him off” when she swung the mirror at Simon. By the time she says “please” and asks… Read more »


I’ve opened the link to to Adrian’s analysis and that shit is long af. I probably won’t be able to read it well because it’s waay past midnight and I’m sure if I read it in bed I’ll sleep :p …
Yeah it bothers me too. It’s clearly a message by the game developers because even the irrelevant cat has a name haha. But whatever the reason is, I prefer guessing and being kept in the dark to getting told the reasons. It’s what makes this game interesting -everyone can come to their own conclusions without being wrong/right.


I liked both your and Adrian’s analysis (although I think most of the fairy stories in Adrian’s post are coincidences). My first guess after finishing the game was the MPD theory, but I wasn’t fully convinced because my wife insists on the twins). After watching the full ordered interviews again on youtube, the twin story seemed convincing at first, because the twin story is what eve tells in the last interview. So if you wanted to believe eve, this would be an obvious explanation. However, in retrospective, the way she talks about her life (florence, attic) and what she says… Read more »


May be i’m a bit too late to the party, but i hope this would be somehow useful for Mike Sett, and for AppUnwrapper in particular.
Both of you should definetly read “The Minds of Billy Milligan” by Daniel Keyes (no one mentioned it, so i guess haven’t heard about it, could be wrong).
Thats a biographical non-fiction novel, which i can assure you will help understand some of the inconsistencies of “Her Story”.

Best regards.


If the angle of the story is based on mpd thrn this is a cheap lazy effort. For one there is no such thing. The DSM removed mpd in volume IV then put it back in in volume V but amended the definition. The tired idea of someone being two different people is pure fiction. This games junk. Lazy development team.