Contradiction – Spot the Liar!: Walkthrough Guide

Friday, After 7pm, 19%:

You can watch my video for this part of the walkthrough or continue below for the step-by-step guide:

1. Head up to the woods clearing. There’s a guy here carving a symbol into a tree.



2. You can head over to Atlas now and talk to Ryan or wait until you have more to ask him about. Head into the atrium and knock on the Lounge door. Ryan will open it. Ask him about everything you can.

3. Head back to Eden Lodge and ask Simon about the tree carving of the hand symbol. He’ll tell you it’s a symbol from the course, representing the three freedoms.

4. Go to Emma and ask her about the symbol and the “Free to be free” phrase.

5. Now go to Atlas and talk to Ryan again. Ask him about the freedom phrase and anything else you need to.

6. Leave and enter the reading room to bump into Kyle, the guy who carved the symbol into the tree.

7. Go back to Abbey Farm. Simon mentioned a second greenhouse. Go find the large greenhouse and enter. Tap the magnifying glass and Jenks will pick up a bag of dried leaves.

8. Ask James about the hand carving symbol and the dried leaves. He claims they’re mint leaves.

9. Go back to the pub and ask Rebecca about the dried leaves. She says they’re a legal hallucinogenic drug called “magic mint” or Salvia Divinorum.

10. Go back to Eden Lodge and ask Simon and Emma about the drugs. Go back to James and ask him about the Salvia Divinorum. Go back to Ryan and ask him about the drugs.

11. Go back to the Woods Entrance by the lake. There’s a drunk guy here who tells you that last year another Atlas student died, named Liam. Jenks will make a call to the police chief, who confirms that Liam committed suicide.


12. You’re now on Lower West Lane. Go to Abbey Lane and ask James about Liam. Now you can catch him in a lie! The contradiction is:

“James said his degree was in plant science.”
“James said he didn’t know much about plants.”


James admits that the drugs are his!

Your progress should now be at 22%.

13. James is still lying! Another contradiction:

“James says he grows Salvia for his own private use.”
“James traded his herbal tea with Simon for Simon’s homebrew.”


A lot will come out now and James will give you a flyer for Third Eye.

Your progress should be 26% now.

14. Go back to the pub and ask Rebecca about Liam. She tells Jenks he was in a band called “Blackstone.” Also, ask her about the Third Eye flyer.

15. Simon and Emma won’t tell you much about Liam and Third Eye. So go to Atlas and question Ryan about them instead. Contradiction time!

“Ryan said he doesn’t recognize any of the symbols on the flyer.”
“Ryan said the mask symbol represents the “triple Goddess.”


Your progress should now be at 30%.

16. Ryan is still lying! Another contradiction:

“Ryan came up with the (freedom) phrase while Atlas was based at the village hall.”
“Ryan said he never came into contact with Third Eye.”


It turns out Third Eye was Atlas before it got renamed!

Your progress should be 33% now.

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  1. Jinx

    Thank you for doing this — I look forward to when you get to the very end of the game, because that’s where I’m stuck.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I played it a few months back, so I forgot some of the contradictions. But I remember the end better than the middle!

    2. Jeremy

      Where are you stuck? I’m stuck as well … I’m at 85% talking to Ryan and can’t figure out what to do. Even with the cheat, all of the matches I try related to each other aren’t working… Otherwise this is an excellent game!

      1. Jinx

        I’m stuck at 96% — so frustrating!

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Almost there. 93% and forgot what the contradiction is at this point. :/

        2. AppUnwrapper

          I just finished the walkthrough if you still need help. 🙂

  2. genghish

    The piece of tape was the first clue Jenks ever had ,stuck to the Driving Licence.And analyzing the broken window behind the pub ,in the beginning showwed that same piece of tape ,that should have been the first lead.Yet ,somehow ,Jenks and the game ,ignores it from the very beginning ?As soon as I saw it on the window I knew the pub people were involved somehow ,but the game didn’t allow you to collect it from the black plastic bag covering the window………that was a BIG flaw in the game scenario…….

    1. AppUnwrapper

      That’s true. I think I was able to forgive it because I still enjoyed the game so much. But I agree, it doesn’t make sense that Jenks didn’t ask about it earlier.

  3. Jinx

    Yeah, the tape thing was irritating as a way to end it. 1) why would I assume the same tape was used? The game didn’t let you collect it from the window. 2) Why would that be the thing that exposed everything? All it takes in response is saying “oh, you’re right, I forgot I used it on the window. Must be where I remember it from.” 3) Based on such flimsy evidence there’s no way I can see the cool, calm Rebecca blurting out a confession. The tape was hardly a smoking gun.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I was more surprised that Rebecca admitted to pushing her down with a stick. Not saving someone isn’t a crime, but actively helping them die is.

      But I still really enjoyed the game — even if the ending wasn’t up to snuff.

    2. AppUnwrapper

      …just like the holes we found in Her Story doesn’t negate everything I got out of the game.

  4. James

    “It turns out Rebecca killed Kate because she thought she was having an affair with Emma, when it was really Emma”

    Emma?? Don’t you mean Ryan??? Nice typo!!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Lol sorry! “Wasn’t Emma, it was Emma!” Yeah…. Maybe if this was Her Story. 😛
      Thanks…will fix that!

  5. djburno2000

    Finished the game.. with some help from this excellent walkthrough when I was stuck but surprisingly my progress is at 96%…. how could it be? what did I miss? I would expect since I finish the game to be at 100%, right?

    Left me puzzled… I really enjoyed the game though, wish they can do a sequel like they are hinting at in the credits

  6. Stacey

    I found going back and asking the same people the new questions over and over a little tedious after a while.

    Also, I had primarily used the map to get places and never would have seen things in the woods without the walkthrough telling me to walk into the woods. So the game contradicts itself! It tells you to use the map but you can finish the game without walking in the woods sometimes.

    Thanks for all your walkthrough and recommendations!

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