Contradiction – Spot the Liar!: Walkthrough Guide

Friday, After 9pm, 48%:

You can watch my video for this part of the walkthrough or continue below for the step-by-step guide:

1. Go back to Atlas. There are some new boxes here. Click the magnifying glass and Jenks will look through a box and find a flashlight.


2. Head into the atrium. The reading room is empty and Ryan’s back so you can ask him about a few more things, like the doll burning ceremony, autohypnosis and Paul’s theft stunt.

3. Now that you have a torch/flashlight, you can go back to the outhouse behind the pub and look through more things. Jenks will find some photos of a car with graffiti on it. Ask Rebecca about the photos and she’ll say that they’re of Ryan’s car, which was vandalized last year. They never prosecuted anyone for it.


4. Go back to Paul and ask him about Emma’s guilt and the vandalized car photos. Time for another contradiction!

“Paul said he hardly knew Emma.”
“Paul claimed he once bought a Freedom necklace as a present for a student, but didn’t say who.”


Paul admits to buying the necklace for Emma, but she didn’t want anything to do with an old man.

Your progress should now be at 52%.

5. James, Simon and Emma know nothing about the car photos. So go back to Atlas and ask Ryan about them. He tells you the car was vandalized by Lisa Blint, who lives at the end of West Lane.

6. Go all the way to the left side of the map, West Lane End. You can now enter the old house where Lisa lives. She claims Atlas is into devil worship.


7. Talk to James about Lisa’s accusation to learn a bit more about her. Ask Paul and Rebecca about Lisa, too. Simon and Emma don’t offer much info, so go back to Ryan and ask him. You’ll catch him in a lie! Here’s the contradiction:

“Ryan doesn’t know anything about Devil worship.”
“Ryan used to read a lot about black magic and Satanic rituals.”


Ryan admits that Atlas does use some disturbing techniques and he gives Jenks the aptitude test they started using.

Your progress should now be at 56%.

8. Ask Simon, Emma, Rebecca, and Paul about the aptitude test. Paul is lying about something! Here’s the contradiction:

“Paul said Lisa was disturbed by the techniques used on the course.”
“Paul claimed that it isn’t possible to be hurt or damaged by Atlas’ hypnosis techniques.”


Paul reveals that Kate Vine flirted with him!

You progress should now be at 59%.

9. Paul’s still lying! He said he doesn’t date students.

“Paul said he always avoids becoming romantically involved with students.”
“Paul admitted that he once tried to date Emma.”


Your progress should now be at 63%.

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5 years ago

Thank you for doing this — I look forward to when you get to the very end of the game, because that’s where I’m stuck.

Reply to  Jinx
5 years ago

Where are you stuck? I’m stuck as well … I’m at 85% talking to Ryan and can’t figure out what to do. Even with the cheat, all of the matches I try related to each other aren’t working… Otherwise this is an excellent game!

Reply to  Jeremy
5 years ago

I’m stuck at 96% — so frustrating!

5 years ago

The piece of tape was the first clue Jenks ever had ,stuck to the Driving Licence.And analyzing the broken window behind the pub ,in the beginning showwed that same piece of tape ,that should have been the first lead.Yet ,somehow ,Jenks and the game ,ignores it from the very beginning ?As soon as I saw it on the window I knew the pub people were involved somehow ,but the game didn’t allow you to collect it from the black plastic bag covering the window………that was a BIG flaw in the game scenario…….

5 years ago

Yeah, the tape thing was irritating as a way to end it. 1) why would I assume the same tape was used? The game didn’t let you collect it from the window. 2) Why would that be the thing that exposed everything? All it takes in response is saying “oh, you’re right, I forgot I used it on the window. Must be where I remember it from.” 3) Based on such flimsy evidence there’s no way I can see the cool, calm Rebecca blurting out a confession. The tape was hardly a smoking gun.

5 years ago

“It turns out Rebecca killed Kate because she thought she was having an affair with Emma, when it was really Emma”

Emma?? Don’t you mean Ryan??? Nice typo!!

5 years ago

Finished the game.. with some help from this excellent walkthrough when I was stuck but surprisingly my progress is at 96%…. how could it be? what did I miss? I would expect since I finish the game to be at 100%, right?

Left me puzzled… I really enjoyed the game though, wish they can do a sequel like they are hinting at in the credits

4 years ago

I found going back and asking the same people the new questions over and over a little tedious after a while.

Also, I had primarily used the map to get places and never would have seen things in the woods without the walkthrough telling me to walk into the woods. So the game contradicts itself! It tells you to use the map but you can finish the game without walking in the woods sometimes.

Thanks for all your walkthrough and recommendations!