The Long Siege: Walkthrough Guide

The Long Siege
By: Anomaly Studios Pte Ltd


This is a walkthrough guide for the iOS game the Long Siege by Anomaly Studios. It’s a work in progress, so please bear with me. Feel free to ask for help in the comments section.

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Starting guide:



Troops come in three types. There’s red for warrior/melee, green for range attack, and blue for magic.
Match three tiles of a color to summon a troop to the battle field.


The brown hammer tiles are utility tiles. At first, they just repair your crystal when it turns red. But as you unlock certain buffs, it will have more functions. These include healing your tower, shielding the crystal, and granting your troops a brief speed and attack boost. These all happen automatically when you match utility tiles, as long as those buffs are unlocked.

Gold/Blue Currency:

Gold currency buys buffs and cannon/tower defense upgrades.

Gold currency buys troop upgrades.

Green/Red Crystal:

If your crystal turns red due to an enemy projectile, you won’t be able to summon any more troops until you repair it using utility tiles. When it’s green again, you can continue summoning troops.

Cannon Shots:

Matching currency or utility tiles creates cannon tiles (I’m not sure if it’s 100% of the time or just a chance of it). Cannon shots can be tapped to fire at any time to help out your troops and take down enemy shields. There are regular cannons, freezing cannons, and AOE cannons.


You’re given three quests at a time. Once you complete all three, you’ll be rewarded with either a bag of gold or one of the buffs in the shop will be unlocked (you then need to purchase it). You must complete all three quests before you will be given another three.

Hammer Upgrades:

The Healer:

Matching utility tiles will heal your tower.


The Bulwark:

Matching utility tiles shields your tower from enemy projectiles.

The shield only lasts for one hit. Then you need to match utility tiles again to rebuild it.


The Bard:

Matching utility tiles grants your troops a brief speed and attack boost.


The Southpaw:

Your cannon shots will knock enemies back.



There are some tricky quests that I thought I would explain a bit:

Quest 4: “Recover 1 health crystal with The Healer in a level” – This means you need to let yourself take enough damage so that one of the green crystals on the upper left of the screen completely breaks. Then match utility tiles to heal it.

Quest 4: “Restore the tower immediately 5x” – you have to match utility tiles right as your crystal turns red, within 2 seconds.


There are 25 towers in the game. The longer it takes you to get through them all (your days), the lower your score. The idea is to beat the game in as few days as possible.

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  1. Maek

    Great walkthrough!

    Were you able to complete the “Get 900 gold coins in one level” quest? Does one level mean one tower?

    Let me know.


    P.S.: There’s a typo in “Gold currency buys troop upgrades.”. It should have been “Blue currency buys troop upgrades.”.


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