Doors & Rooms 3: Walkthrough Guide

Doors & Rooms 3
By: gameday Inc.


This will be a walkthrough guide with hints, tips, tricks, answers and solutions for the iOS and Android game Doors & Rooms 3 by gameday.


Chapter 1:

Stage 1:

1. Look under the yellow rug near the right side of the room and grab what looks like a leaf.

2. Look in the potted plant to get the flower piece.


3. Open the blue cabinet below the plant and take another leaf.

4. Open the bottom drawer of the dresser and take the batteries.

5. Pick up the remote control from the table.

6. Open your inventory and combine the remote control with the batteries to get it working. Use the remote with the TV to get a 4-digit code, 2475.



7. Go to the locked closet and enter “2475” into the combination lock. Then slide the little red slider to the right. Open the closet and place the flower and two leaves in the correct slots. Then take the flower key.




8. Use the flower key to open the flower door to the right and enter the bathroom.


9. Grab the item from the toilet and then dismantle it to get a wrench.

10. Zoom in on the sink and use the wrench to remove the right faucet handle.

11. Use the handle as a knob for the towel cabinet. Open it and grab the razor and what looks like makeup.

12. Pick up the watering can from the lower left-hand corner. Then use it with the bathtub to fill it with water.

13. Go back to the first room. Use the watering can on the plant and a worm will pop up through the dirt. Grab it.


14. Give the worm to the bird in the cage and then take the secret room key.


15. Look at the painting of the bird on the wall. Use the razor to cut it and reveal a safe.



16. Use the makeup on the safe to reveal some fingerprints. Press the buttons with fingerprints on them to unlock the safe. Open it and get the key.



17. Use the green key on the green door and complete he stage.

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  1. diff013

    Why can not i play level9?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I haven’t gotten there yet, so not sure — sorry!

  2. Natalie

    I’m stuck on level 5. I don’t know how to make the explosive and which bit of wooden wall I’m meant to do it on. Please help it’s driving me insane. Even buying the tips doesn’t tell me where it is

    1. Ar53na1

      combine the lighter and gum
      Go to the room on the right and stick it to the wall on the right
      Use the pen with the red stone only on the lighter

  3. Gabby

    Has anyone finished the game yet? I’m stuck on how to get to stage 7 or stage 9. It’s still lock

    1. SuzieQ

      To get to stage 7 open secret door (marked with symbol) using a secret item

  4. April

    I finished levels 1-6 but level 7 is still locked. I have also found 3 secret items.

    How do I unlock level 7?

    1. Chet

      Stage 10&9 is locked. How to unlock. Rest are cleared

    2. Corinna

      Me too

  5. lara

    Done level 1 teice now, even restarting the app on ios but cannot go thru the unlocked bathroom door!

  6. Agustina

    Estoy atascada en el chapter 2 nivel 5, ya encontré lo que me pide pero no me desbloquea este nivel, y no encuentro videos de este, alguna ayuda!

  7. Sherwin

    Door&rooms3 chapter 2 level 5,6,9,10 is not opening

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