Escape The Temple: Walkthrough Guide

11. Go back to the wall and follow the instructions. Count 3 bricks to the right and tap that brick. Then 2 up, 4 left, 2 up, 3 right and 2 down. Press the brick and take the knife.



12. Turn left. Use the knife on the square piece at the bottom of the right column and take the object inside.


13. Turn right. Place the object you found in the diamond-shaped slot to the left. Then turn it and take the cross-shaped item.


14. Look at the bottom of the same slab of stone to see a clue.


15. Go either right or left twice and place the cross in the middle of the wheel. Then turn it and take the lever.


16. Turn right or left twice. Place the lever with the other two to the right. Then turn to levers to match e clue you found (down, left, down). Take the t-shaped piece (a slider).


17. Turn right or left twice and place the slider with the others to the right.



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  1. Linda S

    thank you! I love these games!

  2. Francie

    How do you get 51632 on the hexagon star? I don’t see how those numbers match up

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Look at the location of each of the black triangles.

  3. j brown

    what position do the levers go. the walkthrough above does not tell you.

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