DeepSeaGirl [Horror Adventure]: Walkthrough Guide

DeepSeaGirl Horror Adventure
By: chairman


This will be a step-by-step walkthrough guide for DeepSeaGirl Horror Adventure by chairman. It’s a work in progress, so please bear with me. Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until the walkthrough is complete.



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  1. Megan Blankenship

    Yayyyyyyyy 😀 thank you so much! ! You have no idea how happy this makes me!

  2. Carminked

    Thank goodness! I am looking forward to this guide SO much!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You might have to help each other out until I have a chance to play!

  3. Carminked

    I have the First Basement Key but can’t get passed the red ghost that chases you by the aquarium gates.
    If anyone needs help on a puzzle before that, just let me know!

    1. Megan Blankenship

      I got the key in the woman’s bathroom, but the fish ghost keeps killing me. I try the playroom with the ghost girl and despite picking up all toys and placing them in the empty box I still get killed. Any help?

      1. Megan Blankenship

        Okay, follow up on playroom. Put the blocks in the toy box, the book on the empty shelf (fairytale book found on desk). That will make the girl dissappear and a green key will appear by the fallen over block castle

        1. @Weea_Boob

          For the fish head:

          You must run back to the girl’s room after triggering the chase sequence. Failure to do so will make the following much more difficult, if not impossible.
          You have to then run back out and make it into the male restroom. You’re not safe yet! Run into one of the stalls (any will do) and wait until the fish head leaves and the music returns to normal before leaving.

    2. Megan Blankenship

      To get to b1 without getting killed by the ghost go into the souvenir shop amd go into the checkstand area (where the cash register is) wait till the footsteps recede and the danger music goes away

      1. @Weea_Boob

        I’m having difficulty doing so?

        Going into the souvenir shop area doesn’t seem to do much… I can’t get access to the area behind the counter. The door from there into the cafe is also locked. And after the ghost speaks, I cannot move.
        Upon entering through the cafe (clear) door, I am immediately killed upon entering. Not even a chance to hide.
        I attempted to go to the bathrooms, but that didn’t seem to work.

        Could you please elaborate on your instructions?

        1. Megan Blankenship

          You need to walk to the area where you can get behind the casjoer counter in the souvenir shop. Ari will say I will rest a bit… and the footsteps will walk past you. I’m already on basement level 4 so any more questions feel free to ask up till then

    3. Chef

      You have to hide in the counter where the keychains are. Click it and you walk right in. I’m in the 1basement lvl right now but I don’t know what the passcode to the computure?

      1. Megan Blankenship

        Computer pass code is 122 if I remember right

        1. Chef

          Tried it but it didn’t work.

          1. Megan Blankenship

            Wait which computer? Is this the computer code or the usb code? The computer code for where you put the wire in is 058

  4. Roro

    Help! I can’t seem to find a way to get the small gift, I’ve got the cookie but I’ve been stuck looking for the gift, and then what to do with it. Please help, this game is awesome and I really want to keep playing it! 😀

    1. Megan Blankenship

      When you get the cookie, you’ll go back to the gift shop. Look at one of the shelves (the very front one) the shelving will move. Then you should be able to get the gift in the corner that previously was too heavy. If that doesn’t work anf theres an alarm you may have to silence that first

  5. Megan Blankenship

    What you do with the gift is set it on the table in the playroom way behind the doll. The monster in the wall will drop a key and dissappear

  6. @Weea_Boob

    Okay… For the life of me, I can’t figure out what to do next.

    I’ve cleaned up the toy room for the girl (3 blocks and a book) and I’ve escaped the fish head (girls bathroom, then quickly run to the boys and hide in a stall until music calms)…. But I don’t know what to do next?? I have the “key for inside door of souvenir” and “storage box key.”
    I can’t open any doors with the keys. The souvenir shop is locked and I can’t unlock it. The cafe door has no text at all and won’t open… I feel like I’ve done everything..!
    Help would be very much appreciated… Thank you in advance!!

    1. @Weea_Boob

      Oh my gosh I’m dumb.
      I completely forgot you could even interact with the white “storage boxes” on the left in the lobby. :’) Never mind, but I’ll leave this up (idk if I can actually delete these tbh…) for anyone with similar issues.

  7. EMA

    I am stuck when I put the bloddy tape in the vhs player. Everytime this annoying fishy guy running too fast gets me. What do I do?

  8. EMA

    I am stuck when I put the bloddy tape in the vhs player. Everytime this annoying fishy guy running too fast gets me. What do I do? Is there something I’m doing wrong?

    1. Megan Blankenship

      In the room where you get the tape there are a pile of books on the ground. Read them take note of the order they tell you. Go to the lab and use the strongest to least strongest cleaner right inside the door on the bloody tape. THEN put it in the player.

      1. EMA

        Thanks for the help. I’m now stuck on the part where you get the feed room key and the ladder. I don’t know where to go next. If I go to each room, I end up getting killed by a snake. When I try to go in the water, the piranhas kill me. What am I doing wrong? Its the part in the amazon level .

        1. Megan Blankenship

          When youget to the feed room, go to the door and then back up and go up quickly. The snake will miss you and can’t harm you after. Use the key and go inside. Check everything in the room, there are hints in there too. Then, after you get the red meat, go to the room filled with water and actual stairs amd you cant go further. Put the meat in the water. Go back to the piranha room and get the steel plate.

  9. Eden

    I need the code to enter the cafe. If anybody could share it with me I’d be great full 🙂

    1. @Weea_Boob

      I think the code was 305? You get it by counting the corners on all the shapes in the note over in the play room. 😀

  10. Eden

    Thanks, I managed to figure it out with that hint in the kids play room. Only thing I’m stuck at now is trying to find out where this damn exhibit hall 1 key thingy goes. Been trying for at least. 30 minutes haha xD

    1. MoonYrolf

      go in the oar fish head..the place where there’s a big black octopus.. there’s a white card slot thingy in the door ..use it there..then after that choose the squid if the question is about deep something

  11. ThatVirginchick

    I know no this is probably silly to ask but it’s eating away at my brain in confusion. When on the 2nd part in the libary, when u have the usb port, how is it 122? I dont get how it comes to that conclusion!

    1. dq32as


  12. Luna

    I’m stuck on the part where the big red snake comes out. What do I do to make it go away? Its in the 2nd basement btw.

  13. SajelWinchesterx

    Hey guys, been wondering around for ages now.
    Where do I use the drill ?
    Thanks in advance ! x

    1. qhisteena

      You should use the drill at the room with the black octopus drill on the head and I’ll get the warehouse key if I’m not mistaken

  14. Rose

    What is the password for the café?

    1. whatever

      🔺⭕⭐ is the clue for that password. u can find it at child room,

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