Magic Flute by Mozart: Walkthrough Guide

Magic Flute by Mozart
By: Lab Like


This is a complete walkthrough with help, hints, tips, tricks, solutions and answers for the iOS game Magic Flute by Mozart. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

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Starting Guide:

Your goal is to get Tamino to the exit. You can’t move the tile he’s standing on, but you can move most other pieces. The idea is to create a path for him to get to the exit.

He can stand on white tiles, but not on red ones.

Flat tiles can only be moved in one axis.

Cubes can be moved in both axes. This means you can slide them up and down, not just side to side.

Blinking red tiles mean the snake is about to attack that spot and you need to escape. Make your way to the green tile for safety, but don’t leave that tile until the snake has attacked, or you’ll get eaten.

Cracked tiles crumble after they’re stepped on once. You can use them as part of a path, but you can’t land on one and stay there.

Tiles with rocks on them can’t be moved at all. Grey pieces also can’t be moved, as they’re part of the scenery.

If you have two characters to control in a level, you can switch between them by tapping on their character. A more accurate way is to tap on their names at the bottom of the screen.

Colored buttons cause some action when the character of that same color steps on or off that button.

Guards walk around and shine their flashlight on the characters if they get too close. You need to direct them away from the characters by moving the tiles around them. Some levels will also have cages you can trap them in, which should cause their flashlights to turn off.

The monkey is the most annoying obstacle in the game. It chases you downer any opportunity. You need to be clever and quick to outwit him and outrun him.


You can see my video walkthrough for stages 1-15 here:

Levels 16 – 20:

Levels 21 – 25:

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  1. sujith

    I’m getting black screen at beginning of game.
    Please help me

  2. Jan

    I can’t get both characters through the exit on level 27. One goes through and then the other can’t step on the last tile.

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