Device 6: Walkthrough Guide

Chapter 5, The Show:


1. Anna is now inside the lighthouse. Take the lift/elevator (VERTICAL TRASPORTER) down to the CLUB RASOIR ENTRANCE. After Anna gets her ticket from the monkey at the ticket booth, head left to the RESTROOMS. The MEN’s ROOM is locked, so we’ll need to come back to that later.

2. Go back to the TICKET BOOTH and into the LOUNGE. There’s a signal, which means the show is about to start. Follow the arrows past the automaton monkey and into the THEATRE. Jonathan Eng plays a song for Anna.

3. Anna notices the man in the bowler hat again. She follows him and beats him up. You’ll then be interrupted by a message from Headquarters (HQ). You learn that the man is Player 247, Ann is 248 and you’re (of course) 249. The man drops his device. The code to unlock it is his Player number, 247.



4. Now you have access to his device. Read through everything. The main thing to notice is the second page of his text messages. He says he forgot the password for the Men’s Room and is told to look at the routes (that last message is slightly cut off).


5. Look at the map and surveillance routes on the device. The password for the men’s bathroom is a lot simpler than you might think. Notice it says “surveillance routes must be carried out in straight lines.” This is a key clue. What you need to do is take each of those four sets of letters and draw the path on the map. The lines you draw will form numbers until you get 7 1 4 1. That’s the passcode to get into the bathroom.






6. Go back to the MEN’S ROOM and select 7, then press the bottom button, then 1, 4, and last 1 again. The door should open and you can continue to chapter 6.





Click on the little numbers below to continue to the walkthrough for Chapter 6 or click here.

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