Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise: Walkthrough Guide

41. Go back to the water valve and use the key with the red tag on it to unlock the red box. Take the yellow fuse from inside.


42. Go back to the porch and use the hammer to break the lightbulb. A pulsating green object falls from it. Pick it up, then replace the lightbulb to cover your tracks.



43. Go back inside and upstairs to the bedroom. Add the wedges you have to the chest. You should now only be missing two. Feed the fish bones to the cat and take the circular lens left in the chair.



44. Go back to the telescope and place the lens on it. You can now look through. Use the slider to zoom in to see the numbers “1771” on the lighthouse. You can also see she was spying on the cruise ship.




45. Go back up to the piano room. Move one of the couch cushions over to reveal a hidden safe. Place the green pulsating object in the empty slot to unlock the safe and get a cell phone.



46. Go back to the broken keypad. You need to type in 1771, but all the keys are giving out the wrong numbers. Play around with them until you see which numbers give you 1 and 7. It turns out that 6 will give you 7 and 7 will give you one. So if you press 7667, it will type out 1771 and the code will work, revealing another puzzle.


47. This next puzzle requires that you match up all the arrows to each other. The key is to pay attention to which disc affects the most discs and work your way down from there. The image below should help you figure out the order. The next lock is a fingerprint scanner. You can hold your finger down on the thumb print to scan it, but it won’t accept your fingerprint. So we’ll come back to this later.



48. Go back to the garage. Place the yellow electrical fuse with the others in the fuse box on the wall. You now have to solve a sliding blocks puzzle to get the yellow piece on the left all the way to the right. You can watch the short video clip below if you need help.

49. Go back to the pool and check the filter. You can now access the yellow wedge that was inside the pool before. Just one last wedge to find now!


50. I forgot that the last wedge piece is also by the pool. Knock over the little stand where you found the glass and you’ll see the last wedge. Now add them all to the chest in the bedroom and get the ruby!



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71 thoughts on “Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise: Walkthrough Guide

    1. Michel

      K i’ve got the cell & hack device.
      The pool is still electrified.
      What is 1771?
      Does the sunk ship and the lines have to do with the puzzle over the fireplace? Or is the table upstairs with its weird shape and comment? Or is the two square shape diagram on the desk?

  1. linda

    Thank You! I’m always the last to play – BTW, the lightbulb is no longer in the toolbox in the garage. Just FYI.

  2. Alex

    Same here, there wasn’t a lightbulb inside the toolbox!! All the items were in the toolbox, except for the lightbulb. Any ideas or tips?!

    I kept playing for a while, until I got stuck; so I tried Google, and a few other walkthroughs. Then I found others with the same issue, who’d left the “missing lightbulb” comments here.

    I couldn’t find any answers about ‘Agent A’ issues, like this pesky missing lightbulb. …Has anyone with the same problem found a solution? (Ideally one that doesn’t involve resetting my game, and progress.)

    It’s my first time playing ‘Agent A’, and it is a brilliant game; the perfect mix of adventure and puzzle genres.

  3. MoJo

    To all the people who cannot find the lightbulb in the game. You dont need to find the lightbulb now.

    Just go to the main entrance and smash the flickering light bulb with your hammer.


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