The Room Three (3): Complete Walkthrough Guide

21. Use the key in the keyhole on the pyramid.


22. The piece that pops out below the keyhole doesn’t seem to do anything at first. But actually, it unlocks a part of the pyramid on whichever side you slide it to. So first, slide it to the left. Then turn to the left side of the pyramid and take the small connector.



23. Turn to the right side of the pyramid and use the connector on the two toggles next to each other. Then spin the wheel to make them both drop. Take the mechanical disk.



24. Now lift up the flap and solve this next puzzle. You need to move the squares around so the cross and circle swap places. Then take the metal casting.




25. Place the metal casting with the lightbulb a and move the piece to the second bulb to light it.


26. Go back to the slider below the keyhole on the pyramid. Slide it to the right and look at the right side of the pyramid. Take the hollowed-out metal block.



27. Place the hollowed-out metal block at the bottom of the other mold pieces. Don’t make a new key yet.


28. Look at the mechanical disk in your inventory. Spin it around and it will turn into a gear.


29. Go back to the other room. Place the gear on the machine holding the chess piece in place. It will move, lifting the metal panel and revealing a belt. Take it and place it on the other gears. The machine will release the chess piece and you can take it.






30. Go back to the pyramid. Place the two chess pieces on the side with the circle that looks a bit like a dart board, the same design on the bottom of the two chess pieces. Place them in the holes. Then use the eyepiece to see through this next puzzle. It’s a 3D house. Press all the buttons and slider all the sliders until some mirrors pop out of the pyramid.




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  1. SB

    What do you do with the blank wax cylinder?
    How do you open up all the drawers on the desk?
    What are the phonographs for and how can you turn them on?

    Loving this game!

    1. Pirate hooks

      Those things all apply to the endings of the game. You won’t be able to finalize those until you are almost done with it

  2. SB

    Right! I got one ending now want to try for more. So…do you know what to do with those things?

    1. Pirate hooks


      Have you opened the token drawer for the fortune teller and used it? And have you figured out the study’s clock puzzle? (Hint, watch your system clock and listen for the chimes). If you closed the book in the upper library, have you used it in the greenhouse? Try those and see where they lead…

      1. SB


        Yup all those things I’ve done. Now I have a wax cylinder that I cannot figure out what to do with (something with the phonographs but what?) and the drawer in the study half unlocked (left side unlocked). Clock puzzle and book puzzle solved.

        1. Pirate hooks

          There are little subtle switches within the drawers (similar to in the laboratory from the room 2) that open more of the desk. You can’t use the wax cylinder until you get the crank handle for the greenhouse phonograph. I *think* it came from the desk…. Hope that helps…?

          Oh…and did you find the thing stuck in the tree in the greenhouse?

          1. Matt

            I have no wax cylinder??? But need it for the phone recordings?? Where do I get it?

            1. adriennethology


              Close book with posters in upper level of library. Left side should have cube. Take cube to greenhouse. Left side of room has desk, put cube on scale and watch it slide into box. Put lenses on and toggle the left and right direction buttons until it turns into sphere. Hit round button in center, get sphere. Put the sphere into the right side of book and open it again. Put lenses on, go in stage.

      2. KRONOS

        it starts with the big clock so change your phone time 00:00 the clock will have button you gonna solve the problem. The second one The Telephone you will find the number in liberary room near the gramphone 🙂 Then call the number from other room and answer it in the liberary room than take the wax ? You can solve it than ?

  3. SB

    Thanks! I’ll check out the desk drawers some more. Haven’t figured out the tree drawer, it looks like you can make a key hole but I have no key 🙁

    1. ExoAnth

      I’m stuck at the ending…I’ve found my way into the drawers. I’ve opened the clock. I’ve opened the book and went to the green house…but which shape do I pick to reform it into? And then what? Ahhhhh

      1. ExoAnth

        Figured out the shape xD
        but…what is with the thing in between the drawers? Is there a way to separate it from the wood?

        1. Marshall

          What shape exactly?

          1. Alex


  4. Alex

    Okay. So, I’ve completed the second ending (the first alternate ending), and, now, I have no idea what to do next. I’ve looked in every room, but everything out of the ordinary I can find has been opened/unlocked/used. The only two things I can find that haven’t been touched are both upstairs in the atrium. One of them is the safe. The other is on the other side where the generator is. It’s on the centre of the railing. I can zoom in on it, but I can’t interact with it at all thereafter. Other than that, I can’t find anything.

    1. Pirate hooks

      Think of the gold thing on the railing like a rocker switch, and watch the hanging weight as you do so. It solves the safe puzzle

    2. Simon

      Use it to swing the ‘chandelier’ by stroking the gold thing in the direction of the safe as it gradually builds momentum it will smash into the safe…

  5. Hoopaloops

    I’ve opened the clock and opened two of the drawers in the desk, but how do I open the other two? I found the switch inside the top left drawer, but all that did was unlock half of the middle drawer. How do I open the bottom left drawer, which I assume has the switch to unlock the second half of the middle drawer?

    1. Alex

      The middle piece that turns will rotate if you zoom in on it.

  6. AoiKitsune

    I managed to get the release ending. I have no idea how to get the escape ending. I managed to find one token, the one artifact, and a crank wheel with a four sided star shaped hole. I don’t know where to put it. Also, the handle is in the study on the desk? I feel like I’ve looked everywhere but I can’t seem to find it.

    1. Alex

      If you don’t know what to do with the coin, look at the fortune teller. She has the answer. If I’m thinking of the right handle (there’s two in the game), you have to get the gate open in the very first room you started in with the altar. Otherwise, if it’s the other crank, go look in the Greenhouse. The handle is not in the desk, but what is in the desk helps you get the handle. In order to get the item, you have to get the middle drawer open. The desk has a lot of switches inside it. You have to activate them in the right order, and this gets the centre drawer open. Think of the drawer in the lab of The Room 2 to get you started. If you’ve gotten the left side of the middle drawer already, if you zoom in on it, you can turn it. Turn it slowly, and you should see what to do next. Hope this helps.

  7. Doodoo

    How many of the desk drawers can be opened? I’ve opened only the top two drawers. How does the banister railing function? What about the gold crest on the opposite side of the chandelier?

    1. Melissa

      All of the desk drawers and 1 of the desk cabinents can be opened. Once you get the key for the first drawer you’ll be able to open the others…just look very closely at the desk. The gold crest works like a rocker switch to move the pendulum in the center of the room. You can use it to open the safe.

  8. Alex

    Alright. I got three of the four endings. There’s only one left. But, the problem is I can’t find anything else I can play with/manipulate. Although, I did notice a door in the greenhouse partially blocked by a tree. I’m not sure if that has anything to do with the final ending, but if it does, I don’t know what to do with it. If it doesn’t do anything, than I have absolutely no clue what to do anymore or even where to begin looking.

    1. Keith

      Same here.

    2. AoiKitsune

      Me too, completely stuck. I’ve tried each artifact, both at the same time, but it only gives me two release and one escape ending. After you’ve gotten three endings have you tried again?

      1. Alex

        Unfortunately, I tried it to no avail. The game only let’s use one tower piece in combination with the beam of light from the Craftsman’s key. You only get one of the three endings. The fourth remains still a mystery.

        1. Sneakermoose

          The fourth ending requires the use of all three beams (Craftsman/Imprison, Escape, Release). You have to take the screwdriver to front of either Escape or Release towers (I used Release) to remove the piece that blocks the beam when the other tower piece is active. This will give you the Lost ending.

          1. AppUnwrapper

            I was thinking of creating a new page for the alternate endings to show where to find all the items. I’ve found some of the items already, but I don’t think I can complete any of those endings till I finish all five chapters?

            1. Patricia

              I finished ending 1,2and 3 and 4. My question to you is when I went through the last one at the end it shows a door . Does that mean theirs going to be a 4th one. THanks

              1. AppUnwrapper

                Your guess is as good as mine. I don’t even know if the developers have an idea yet if they’re making another one.

  9. AoiKitsune

    Oh yea, has anyone used the screwdriver? I haven’t found one use for it yet, maybe that’s the key to the last ending?

    1. CA

      I’m in the same place as you guys. All I have to use is the screwdriver it seems. Have you guys noticed that the box in the tree in the greenhouse is still open? I’ve been back in but I’m not able to change anything. Makes me feel like there is something else to happen in there.

      1. AoiKitsune

        I don’t know, I think all the drawers/boxes stay open after you’ve opened them.

        1. CA

          I’ve been looking all over for screws but not finding any. I did see some on the sides of the window in the atrium holding brackets onto the wall but I can’t interact with them.

          1. CA

            I figured it out and completed it 100%. You will need the screwdriver.

            1. AoiKitsune

              Where do I use it? In the atrium?

              1. CA

                On the projector.

                1. Alex

                  What projector? The one in the last room?

                  1. CA

                    Yes. At the end.

                    1. AoiKitsune

                      I can’t seem to find anything that I can interact with. You mean the last room as in the one where you redirect beams of light?

                    2. Alex

                      I still can’t figure it out. I don’t see any screw anywhere. The screwdriver won’t interact with anything.

                2. AoiKitsune

                  Which projector?

      2. Steven

        I found on the wall behind the tree a place that created a hole looks like a key will fit in but I have no key

  10. Zepic

    So, I really need help!!! I just got past the forge and I have this screwdriver that I need to use on an oscilloscope in the study, but the screwdriver won’t fit anywhere in it! Please help I can’t progress in the game!!!

    1. CA

      Use the screwdriver on the oscilloscope in the library

    2. Courtney

      Go to the room that looks like an office. Not the room with the books in it.

  11. Doodoo

    What do I do to open the safe and the drawers embedded in the tree?

    1. Alex

      For the tree, look behind it in the other room. It took me a while to find. Look on the floor to the right of the light fixture. The clue is there. As for the safe, look on the other side of the atrium where the generator is on the railing.

      1. Doodoo

        Generator on the railing? I don’t see it

        1. Alex

          Oh. I’m sorry. I phrased it in a bad way. On the side of the atrium with the device you use to connect the fuses. Turn around and face the railing. There is an object attached to it right in the centre.

          1. Doodoo

            There is a gold crest on the railing. But I can’t interact with it. I press it, try to rotate, flip, it won’t move.

            1. Alex

              I had a hard time getting to to work, too. Angle it to above the crest. Then put your finger on one side of it and move it very carefully. The weight in the middle of the room should start swinging.

              1. Doodoo

                That was a tricky one. It’s very subtle. Thanks!!

                1. Alex

                  Yeah, that one is super difficult.

  12. scorps

    I’ve solved the 1st and 3rd endings. The only thing I have left that I can’t figure out are:
    The telephone
    The wax
    Getting the reshapable sphere back so I can reshape it
    The tree trunk key hole
    The railing slider at the top most floor
    Apparently I am still missing something with the three crystals
    Two tokens
    If anyone can help me with any of this it would be much appreciated.

    1. Alex

      Give the tokens to the fortune teller in the library. “Cross my palm with silver.” She’ll give you items you can use on puzzles. In the coin slot, there should be a mechanism. Looks like a gear. You can manipulate that in close up view. That should get you started.

      1. scorps

        Sorry, I did all this already, I found two tokens (and handed them in for items) and the mechanism. It’s just what I listed that I need help with.

        1. Alex

          You listed all the items you have? For now, I can tell you the sphere does nothing else. The other shapes serve no purpose. Once you place the sphere, you’re done with that part. Oh, have you gotten into the cellar with the math problems? You’ll need to do that in order to use the wax cylinder.

    2. AoiKitsune

      You don’t need to get the sphere back. You need to solve the drawers to access the dungeon. In there, there are some math puzzles which will give power to the library when solved. That will allow the telephone and gramophone to work. You still need to find a lever for the gramophone in the greenhouse though.

      1. scorps

        I unlocked the dungeon and powered the gramaphone but after working once it won’t work anymore (the one in the library main floor, the room with the elevator). Is there any way to make it work again? The greenhouse gramaphone works, it just constantly makes noise and I don’t know what to do with it.

        1. AoiKitsune

          There are telephones next to both gramophones. Hint hint.

        2. Alex

          On the front of the library phone should be a phone number. Go to the greenhouse and dial it. Then go back to the library to answer the now ringing phone. Before you do, make sure you place the wax cylinder in the gramophone, because it’s going to record the sound coming through from the greenhouse.

          1. Marshall

            So now I have a etched cylinder, but is there a third gramophone to interact with it? Seems that I’ve solved all the other puzzles.

            1. Alex

              Go back to the gramophone you got it from. Place it in and push the button on the front. The gramophone will play the music, solving the puzzle.

              1. Marshall

                Jesus I forgot where I got it from and couldn’t find it anywhere…Which room is it in?

                1. Alex

                  It’s inside the book up in the loft of the library. The one that had the posters on it.

      2. adriennethology

        I’ve heard conflicting reports about where to find the greenhouse gramophone crank, which is driving me nuts by eluding me. Can someone tell me where to find it? (Yes, I’ve unlocked the cellar/powered the library/put the wax cylinder into the library gramophone.)

        1. Alex

          The crank is given to you by the fortune teller. I’m not sure which coin, but it’s comes out of the slot in her machine.

          1. adriennethology

            I’ve used one coin to get the wheel crank for the cellar open, where is the second one found?

  13. Marshall

    So I rang up the telephone in the library and got a cross-shaped key, what next? Still no key for the drawer in the tree.

    1. Alex

      Use the key on the chest of drawers in the cellar. You’ll get another token. The key for the tree you won’t get until the very end.

    2. AoiKitsune

      The key for the tree comes later. The cross shaped is


      for the drawers in the dungeon

  14. AoiKitsune

    Hey Alex, figured anything out for the last ending yet? I’m super stumped

    1. AoiKitsune

      CA just left us hanging 🙁

      1. Alex

        I haven’t found anything. I’ve honestly given up until I feel like trying again or until CA or someone else gives us a hint or just tells us how. I’ll be sure to do the same, either a hint or just the straight up solution when I figure it out. Until then, I’m as stymied as you are.

      2. Alex

        Hey, just got the solution from SB. Once you place the right artefact, look on the back where the beam projects out. There’s a slider with a screw.

        1. CA

          Sorry to leave you guys hanging! Sounds like everyone figured it out? Had to get to bed 🙂

    2. Alex

      I haven’t a damn clue to be honest. It’s the screwdriver. It’s gotta be. But I can’t find screws anywhere. Or anything for it to interact with. Even in the Craftsman’s room on the projector as suggested. All the other projectors that opened up the other dimensions are closed, so I can’t imagine them being of any use anymore. And this game seems to follow the dynamic that once a puzzle is solved, you don’t need to go back to it again. So, again, I can’t imagine those other projectors are any good anymore.

  15. SB

    Got all but the fourth ending (Lost?). Anyone got this one yet?

    1. Alex

      None of who have gotten that far have figured it out yet. CA suggested you use the screwdriver on the projector in the last room, but I can’t figure out how, and I imagine AoiKitsune has tried as well. You’re welcome to give it a shot yourself. If you manage to find out how, let us know.

    2. Alex

      None of us who have gotten that far have managed to figure it out. CA said s/he did it by using the screwdriver on the projector in the last room, but I haven’t figure out how, and I imagine AoiKitsune has tried as well. CA left before giving the solution or a hint to point us in the right direction. Give it a shot if you feel like it. If you figure out how to use the screwdriver, please tell us. I’m pretty certain it is the last key. Otherwise, why would the game let you keep it? It does sorta make sense that you’d use it in the very last room, though. The game discards any items that you can’t use in that room when you go in. I discovered that the first time I played through when I picked up the mechanism from the fortune teller. It was gone when I entered the room.

  16. scorps

    All I’m missing now is the thing that completes the three crystals station. I have all tokens and all rooms unlocked before you ask.

    1. Alex

      Sorry to ask this, but did you solve the safe puzzle? The last crystal is inside the safe. Unless you got that one already. Oh, the clock. That’s probably the one you’re missing. The clock in the study follows your devices time (by the way, hats to the dev for coming up with that trick. Clever.) Turn off automatic time and date if you have it on, then set your device one minute before the hour. Open the game and go into the study. Watch the clock. When it chimes, a panel with a switch will open. You can probably figure it out from there.

      1. scorps

        No I mean I have all three crystals, but tapping that machine I get a message that it needs another piece. There’s also a mechanical switch of sorts beside it that won’t budge. (I got the round screen beside this machine powered on, so that’s not the issue).

        1. Alex

          Oh, okay. In the loft in the library with the two posters. Did you check that? If not, it folds in like a book. The cube is the missing piece for the machine.

          1. scorps

            You mean the cube that fits opposite the gold sphere you create in the basement? I did that.

            1. Alex

              Huh. Then I’m not sure why the machine isn’t working. The three crystals and the sphere are the only pieces to the machine. But, wait. If you shaped the sphere and turned on the screen, then the machine doesn’t do anything else. Those are it’s only two purposes. Not sure if you did this, but you use the screen like the one in the observatory, clicking the buttons to manoeuvre. The arrow acts like a compass, directing you to your goal, which is the second artefact. Again, not sure if you’ve done that already. Sorry if you have, but, like I said, I’m not sure where you’re stuck at.

        2. Kevin Bacon

          I’m pretty sure that’s just a bug. Double tap the screen and use the buttons to get the screen to open.

  17. SB

    There’s a screw panel on the back on the right artifact, after you place it! Use the screwdriver on that to open a new hole

  18. SB

    For the final ending turn on all three projectors (null, both artifacts) and remove the back panel of the right artifact with the screwdriver. You’ll get the Lost ending…very cool

    1. Alex

      Weird request, but do you have a working solution for the right artefact’s crystal puzzle? I hate puzzles like this. Pretty much the only puzzle I don’t like in puzzle games, and I can never figure out the pattern unless it’s small, like the similar one inside the Craftsman’s key.

      1. Kevin Bacon

        Maneuver one pair of beams so they are aiming right at the crystal. Now maneuver the pair next to them so they are away from the crystal, but facing the same direction. The puzzle should be easier to solve when you get to that point.

  19. scorps

    Were the second and third endings supposed to use (basically) the same cutscene with the boat and getting chased by tentacles?

    1. Alex

      Yep. They were. Only one scene the monster did not escape (left artefact). The other one, the monster did escape (right artefact). That’s the only difference.

  20. SB

    I worked in twos (as you can hold 2 at a time steady). Its a bit of trial and error but if you get two pairs at the same rotation point they will all turn together. Then get one pair shining on the crystal, hold those steady, and just keep turning until the rest are lined up.

  21. SB

    Actually there’s a difference in the cut scenes in 2 and 3. In the Release scene, the tentacles extend and escape into the sky- in the Escape one they just destroy the house and then disappear.

  22. paxjiang

    I find the hole that you can insert your key into the tree,but when I rorate it,nothing happend

    1. Kevin Bacon

      Go into the back of the tree to see what’s wrong.

  23. scorps

    So I’ll try to explain this as best I can. First, I found all endings. Now when I tap the spinning three crystal wheel it says “Something seems to be missing from these sockets.” I guess that’s a bug?

    1. scorps

      Oh and my total time was slightly under 9 hours. How was everyone else’s?

      1. AppUnwrapper

        Is it normal for the screwdriver and metal object to disappear during the fourth chapter or should I be concerned?

        1. Sneakermoose

          The screwdriver and any tower box you may have found disappears whenever you travel (except of course for the last location where you need them to attempt an escape). I’m not associated with the game devs, but I’m thinking they did that so people wouldn’t get confused as to what objects are needed to complete a given chapter, plus you’ve only got so many inventory slots.

      2. Sneakermoose

        4:49 (In my defense I have really bad insomnia so I played from about midnight to just shy of 5AM).

    2. scorps

      Also is there a way to select a chapter? I don’t see such a menu.

    3. Alex

      Yeah. That’s definitely a bug. The machine needs no other pieces. I think my time was eight, nine hours. Right around there. Now, I’m excited to do a speed run to make a faster time. Looks like I can solve the last puzzle again without having to do anything else beforehand. I’ll do that real quick. Then I can give a more accurate time. Just under nine hours. I think it’s funny how several of us have completed the game when the walkthrough for the main storyline isn’t even finished. I can’t wait to see what Fireproof has planned next. I can say without a doubt they are in my top three indie game companies along with Amanita Design and Firemaple Games.

      1. Kevin

        where can I use the etched wax cylinder? and I can’t find the key for the box in the tree…

        1. Honey

          put the etched cylinder back to the gramophone from which u got the blank cylinder and play it

        2. Kevin Bacon

          Use the etched wax cylinder at the theater inside the book on the top floor of the library.

      2. CA

        I completed in 7 hours on the first try. I may try a speed run but that sounds exhausting right now.

  24. Kevin

    I now stuck with the escape ending. don’t know what to do after I get the etched wax cylinder

    1. Kevin Bacon

      Use the book in the library to get to the old theater to play the etched wax cylinder.

  25. paxjiang

    now I find the fourth card,and get another artifact

  26. Lars

    I’m missing two endings. I’ve figured everything out that I can think of. I have a key that I found in the tower that I have no idea where to use and I still can’t figure out what to do inside the tree in the green house. I can go Snide but only move the camera around.

    I found the token for the second ending, but didn’t get the ending. Then I found the token for the third ending, but ended up getting that one.

  27. Phoebe

    Hi, I know it’s a little stupid but I was wondering if anyone could help me on this. I’m in chapter 3 now and should fire up the hearth. I put kindling and lighter in their places and spin the disk…and … it just never catch fire! T_T I’ve been spinning for like 10 minutes and dunno what to do now…

    1. Phoebe

      Γò¼├┤Γö¼Γò¥Γö£├æ╬ô├¬ΓîÉ╬ô├▓├▓Γö£├áProblem solved… I’m too stupid lol

    1. Olga

      It loos like the key for the keyhole in the tree in the green house. Though I am not there yet, so I cannot be positive

    2. pj

      Where did you get that key? I’m stuck trying to find where to put the metal device from the fortune teller with the wheel on it.

      1. Kevin Bacon

        That should lock into the track in the room that has, or used to have, the old safe.

  28. Olga

    Hi i am really stuck at the first ending… Got the clock puzzle, one drawer open, the wax cilinder… That is it. How do i makke the fortune teller work?

    1. Mahyar

      What should i do with wax cilinder ?

      Please help me

    2. Olga

      Well, nobody replied so I had to figure it out myself. Finished in 6 hours with all of the endings

  29. Mark Mchugh

    Finished in just under 9 hours!’ Wat a game

  30. A

    This might be a stupid question but how do you actually watch the alternate endings?

    I have unlocked 2 of them with the fortune teller but when I go to the end room I don’t know what to do to get the ending to change. It’s only the trapped one. Do I have to do something different and if I do what is it?

  31. Matt Stretch

    I’m in the second room of the observatory and it says I have to use the machine with the compass with the blinking light on it , I don’t know what to do need help.

  32. A

    Solution for the “Lost” ending: (SPOILERS)

    Go to the tower and complete the tasks with the mirrors until the train door appears. Go back to the columns at the side and place the item on top of the right column. Solve the puzzle and press the button on top so the new door appears.

    Now go to the left column, place the item on top, solve the puzzle, press the button on top so the door changes again.

    Now go back to the right column, turn to face the front where the light beam comes out, notice the screw. Use the screwdriver on the screw and slide the panel to the right. The door will change again and go through it for the lost ending.

    1. Lars

      I can’t seem to find where to get the object for the left column.

      1. EMarie

        you find the left artifact by finding all the tokens and putting them in the fortune teller machine – after the last one is put in a new drawer pops out with the artifact in it. I still can’t figure out the puzzle inside of it though

  33. Rosie

    Where do I get the key to unlock the first drawer in the study? I’ve already gotten the first and third endings, solved the clock puzzle but I can’t figure out the drawers. Please help!!

  34. Thommy

    Need help, I have completed first and third ending (with token and items for second and third). I am left with a “metal device” that I don’t know where to put, assuming it will help me to get the tree hole key.

    1. Kevin Bacon

      If the metal device is semicircular, it locks into the track in the room that has, or used to have, the old safe.

  35. Enkidu

    Guys, help. I can’t understand where to attach “a metal device” It looks like a cemicercle with a valve on it

    1. Kevin Bacon

      The semicircular device locks into the track in the room that has, or used to have, the old safe.

  36. me

    Finished with the help of you guys, thanks!

    Are they planning a Room 4?! I can’t imagine what that will be like!!

  37. Fluffy

    How do you open the chest plezzzz help

  38. John

    I also can’t figure out what to do with the semicircle “metal device” with the wheel attached that Enkidu and Thommy have mentioned. I’ve gotten the first and third ending and I’ve searched everywhere but it seems like the only puzzle I haven’t solved is the keyhole in the tree

    1. Kevin Bacon

      The semicircular device locks into the track in the room that has, or used to have, the old safe.

  39. Jake

    Where do you find the fourth token? I’ve unlocked endings 1 and 3, know how to unlock 2 and 4, I just need to get the fourth token to unlock a new item and find where to use the wheel thing – unfortunately I can’t find where that goes so I’m stuck!

    1. Mahyar

      I have problem with ending 3
      Please help me
      I will help you for ending 2

  40. Supernick

    I’m stuck! I’ve gotten two endings but I can’t figure out how to open any of the drawers or the lock on the tree, please advise!

  41. Poopy Head

    I think I may have broken my game? I think I’ve duped the brass handle. I haven’t yet opened the bottom left desk drawer, but if I don’t need it I appear to be stumped. I cannot use the silver piece with Maggie because I can only see 6 inventory slots and they’re all full.

    1. Jimmy

      Same. Completely stuck there.

      1. Alex

        What items do you have?

        1. Poopy Head

          Screwdriver, Craftsman’s Key, Brass Handle, Mysterious Artifact, Wax Cylinder.

  42. C

    I am with John and Jake, as I have the first and third ending and don’t know what to do with the metal device. What’s next,

    1. Billy

      The metal device is used to get the Tree key. Backtrack your way up…remember the original safe position?

  43. Florian


    to get the last card you have to use the screw driver at the back of the three projectors at last scene.

  44. Florian

    … After you activated all three projectors of course

  45. Matt Stretch

    How do I solve the math puzzles in the basement?

    1. Christine

      I’m having trouble with that, too. The first one works, and then the others don’t. Are you having a similar problem?

  46. Ari

    Can someone please tell me how to get the lens cover?

  47. keggy13

    Sorry for being dim -I’ve completed the first ending and am trying to now go back and complete the other endings. Do I have to start a whole new game if I’ve missed things. Trying to change the cube into a sphere and it’s saying I need things!!!


    1. Kevin Bacon

      There’s no need to start a new game. Everything you need is in one of the rooms, probably hidden behind a puzzle.

  48. Simon

    I’ve got the eye piece but I can’t even work out how to close the suitcase! How spaz is that? I’ve been picking double tapping panning zooming clicking on everything on the screen and I still just can’t get away from thin dang suitcase.

    Please help!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Just pinch the screen with two fingers to zoom out. You don’t need to close the suitcase. 😉

      1. Simon

        Thanks for the response, yes I was trying that for whatever reason it wasn’t working.

  49. Simon

    It ok, for apparently no reason I restarted the game and it’s working now. It’s a new release think it must have been a bug. Now when I ‘pinch’ on the suitcase screen it actually works.

    Love the game by the way.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Sometimes the pinching doesn’t respond right away, but it’s always worked for me after a couple of tries.

  50. Sandym

    In 3rd ending I only have 2 crystal clock and safe. Where was other?

    1. Sandym

      I had NOT done the clock. Doh!

  51. Trin

    Where can i find the second artifact (not this after 4 tokens, i think is right) and the second crystal ( i have that from the safe). If any can help me ? Thx

  52. Trin

    How can i figure out clock’s puzzle?

      1. Trin

        I don’t have the right artifact and i found only the crystal from safe, i don’t know what should i do with clock?

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Set your iPad/iPhone’s time to midnight (or wait till midnight in the real world) and see what happens.

  53. Trin

    By the way what with the square place on the floor in ending room?

  54. Rommel

    I can’t figure out how to solve the clock puzzle in the study. I’ve got everything else I need to finish the fourth card except what’s in the clock. I just need to know where to find the clue for the solution or how to actually solve the puzzle.

    1. Smivey

      Use the eyepiece, then look at the clock’s pendulum. Very simple solution.

  55. Romory

    Can anyone tell me how to find coins for fortune teller?
    P.S. I’ve already completed 1st and 3d endings

  56. Kevin Bacon

    Warning: It should be self-evident that there may be spoilers.

    To get the Lost ending, you must leave the pedestal room via the tentacled door with the the screwdriver, the craftsman’s key, the artifact with the hexagonal gase, and the artifact with the pentagonal base. If you have more stuff than this, then you haven’t found everything yet.

    Enter the doorway and open the projector with the craftsman’s key. Pick up the eyepiece housing, put it into place on the center projector tower, and open it to solve the mini-game and to get the center projector tower lit. Slide the sliding mirror over to power up the craftsman’s key, with starts the film spinning. Take the mirror from the base, that you couldn’t get before, and place it into position in front of the sliding mirror. Slide the sliding mirror, the projector will now project a repeating image. Additional towers will now ascend; place the artifacts on these towers. Open the eyepieces on these new towers and solve the mini-games inside. Push the buttons on top to turn them on. The second projector, you placed on the tower, will have a shield blocking the beam, use the screwdriver to remove the shield. The door should change from a wooden door to a black opening, and you should have nothing left in your inventory. Walk into the foreboding darkness and you’ll see the Lost ending.

    1. Sloth

      I finished all four endings with an unused handle found around the desk (while i was desperately trying to find any clues), it must be some sort of bug i guess 😀

    2. Sanki

      I used screwdriver to unblocked the shade for the right projector. But I still cannot see the door changed to get the lost ending. Can you please help?

  57. Anaam

    Ok, so I put in the symbols that this site told me to into the wheels on the telescope and nothing happened. Is something supposed to happen? Am I doing something wrong? I have no idea. Please help me!! I love this game and I really want to finish it. Thanks!

  58. Xander

    So, I’m stuck after completing the first and third endings. I have the blank wax cylinder, but I can’t figure out how to open the desk drawers in the study. Is there a key somewhere?

  59. Melissa

    I have the last pyramid piece and I knocked down the safe but now I can’t get out of the area I’m in…the elevator is missing. How do I get back down to the font??

    1. AppUnwrapper

      The elevator is missing? You sure you’re in the right spot?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Ok that’s really weird. I’m still missing two endings, so I don’t know if that’s a bug or intentional. Hopefully someone else can confirm.

      1. Melissa

        It was a bug. I restarted the chapter and when I did, the power was back on, I had the pyramid piece AND the screwdriver and the elevator was back. Before, it was dark outside the window, no power inside, I didn’t have the screwdriver and couldn’t pick it up from the table, plus the elevator was missing. Crazy!

        1. AppUnwrapper

          I guess a game as big as this is bound to have some bugs. But you should definitely report it to the developers so they can fix it. They might not even know about that one.

          1. Melissa

            I posted to their Facebook page!

  60. Anaam

    What clues?

  61. Nick Foley

    Please, where can i find the escape artifact? (hexagonal one)

  62. Oh

    I got two handle from the clock room drawer, where do I put the second handle? Or is it a bug? Cuz I got the token too, but the item slot only allow five item and I already have the screwdriver, cube, wax cylinder, handle, artifact

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Two handles in the same drawer? I only had one, so sounds like it might be a bug.

  63. GG23

    I’ve put the kindling and flint in the forge and am spinning the wheel round and round to get the sparks into the kindling, but it won’t light. Is there a trick to this?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Just to cover all bases — you closed the door for the kindling, so you don’t actually see the wood anymore? You’ll instead see the little door glow and then the coals will turn red.

      1. GG23

        I figured it out. I did have everything where it needed to be, I just wasn’t spinning the wheel quite right. You need to move it in complete circles, I was moving it just enought to make sparks but it wasn’t going completely around.

        Thanks, though!

  64. Amalie

    Where do you find the two artifacts? And is there something left to do with the cylinder wax after I put it in the gramophone? I rang from the phone in the greenhouse to the library but nothing happend when i picked up the phone. All that happend was that the screen soomed in to the gramophone. (In the library)

    1. Amalie

      Never mind, I figured it out?

  65. JF

    I’ve got all the four alternative endings. But I do still curious about something: The three purple crystals.
    When I try to interact with them, the following message appears: “Something seems to be missing from these sockets.”
    So, it has something to do with these sockets?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Sounds like the message is lingering when it shouldn’t be. If all three crystals are already in the sockets.

  66. Jake

    So im totally lost on opening the desk and where is the “metal device” everyone is talking about?

      1. Jake

        But where is it?
        And how do you open the desk?

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Look for something you can get from Maggie the fortune teller. It took me a while to notice it, too.

          1. Jake

            Just found it. Thanks

  67. Lesley

    I’m at the start of Chapter 2 looking at the desk and window. However, I can’t do anything. I can’t turn round to go to the atrium. I’ve tried reloading the game but still the same problem. What am I missing? Thanks

  68. Sara

    I’ve used the key to unlock the hole in the wall that was next to the doorway. The one on the opposite side of the hidden hole behind the bricks. But it doesn’t do anything. I went to the reverse side of the wall and entered the hole, clocked the thing to make the key turn inside and then exited the wall. I’m not sure what to do now? I’m so lost as to what alternate ending I’m in, sorry. Does anyone know what I’m talking about ?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You just need to repeat the process one more time and a little drawer will pop out below the keyhole.

      1. Sara

        Thank you!! It was really driving me crazy!

  69. Sara

    Has anyone cracked the fourth ending ?

    1. Sara

      Never mind. Got it. Finally!! Now all we have to do is wait for another year while they make room 4!!!

      1. AppUnwrapper

        Oops! Ignore my last comment.

        Ha if they try to top this one, I think it might take more than a year to make. 😉

    2. AppUnwrapper

      I have all four endings in there. I just split up the long post into pages. But if you want a hint instead, let me know.

  70. Andrwe

    I can’t figure out how to get the telephone in the greenhouse to work. Noticed the light on it is off, though the latch is off. Any help out there. Have dialed (I think) the number for the phone in the library about ten times with no result.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I had no problem dialing the number both times I played, but I keep hearing from others who are. Are you are you’re dialing it right?

      1. Andrwe

        I’m not sure at all. Does the dialer use the 1st circle to denote the number ? If so, I’ve been doing it right. Did the light on the phone light up before or after you dialed 1795?

        1. AppUnwrapper

          It lights up after, to show you dialed the number right.

          A rotary phone works like this: you stick your finger in the hole that’s over the number you want and rotate clockwise until your finger hits that little stopper. Then wait for it to settle again and do the same with the next number. Make sense?

          1. Andrwe

            Thanks, that did the trick. Obviously I should have investigated how to use a rotary phone.

            1. AppUnwrapper

              No worries. 🙂 Maybe I should add that to the walkthrough for anyone else who’s never used one.

  71. Lily

    The phone doesn’t ring, what should I do?

  72. Sydney

    I am stuck on figuring out how to position the magnets…I have tried moving them in every possible way and I still can’t get it…

    1. AppUnwrapper

      It is an odd puzzle. I accidentally got the bottom lock open on my second play through when I was trying to unlock the top. Just think about the magnets being opposing forces, pushing the pieces away from them. I’m not sure I can offer much more advice than that. Unfortunately, screenshots don’t help much because you can have them in the same position and it won’t give you the same results. My video might help, but I’m not sure how much.

  73. Bree

    I am having some trouble with the painting near part 36/37. I’ve followed the bird up the stairs and it made the bell ring causing the second red crystal to explode…opening up the second picture.
    My problem:
    This picture looks like the same one I solved before. It doesn’t do anything when I turn on my eyepiece. (Nothing like the bright lines and pink dot I saw with the initial picture.) It looks like the opening underneath the photo has already opened. I’m wondering if I’ve already solved this picture.

    Could I be looking at the photo I solved a few steps back? Is the new picture in another room separate from the bell tower? I’m hoping you can tell me where I’ve gone wrong. (I’m REALLY hoping my game isn’t acting screwy!) Thanks so much for any help or advice you could offer!


    1. AppUnwrapper

      A new gate should have opened when the second crystal shattered. There are two bells, two crystals, two paintings. You shouldn’t be able to access the second painting until the second crystal shatters. But they’re on different floors. The first one is upstairs by the bells and the second one is in the basement to the right of the music box. Is it not clear in my walkthrough? I can edit it a bit.

  74. Jane

    I am not able to see a shadow of the big bird. Tried abd tried.

      1. Jane

        What screenshot?

        1. AppUnwrapper

          I included one in my walkthrough of the completed shadow.

  75. Jane

    I am not able to see a shadow when i am putting the bird together.

      1. Jane


        1. AppUnwrapper

          What are you seeing? You see the shapes that are supposed to make up the shadow?

          1. Jane

            Yes, but no shadow.

            1. AppUnwrapper

              That’s very strange. You have the buttons that rotate the shapes?

              1. Jane

                Yes i do

        2. Jane

          I need step by step. No.

  76. Jesman

    I’ve finished all 3 endings except Lost. The left artifact is mysteriously missing from my inventory. I had previously gotten it from the fortune teller in another ending. I’m hoping there is a way to get it again without going through the who,e game again. Any ideas?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You can restart the chapter and then go through all that bonus content again. You don’t have to replay all the other endings, but you would need to get all those items again so you can use them for the Lost ending. The only items you keep if you restart the chapter are the Craftsman’s Key and screwdriver.

  77. Jesman

    Thanks! Worked great and finally got the Lost ending. I’m slower than most. Took me over 13 hours to complete game and all endings. All of them fun.

  78. Kat

    I’ve got the disc I can see through with my glass mounted on the track by the safe, but I haven’t used the ball to knock over the safe yet. Know of a way to get the golden ball back so I can get in the safe and go through the last two endings? There’s noting I can find left to take from the desk, and I cannot get the metal piece back out of the poster book thing.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      What do you mean “get the golden ball back”?

      1. Kat

        I’m trying to figure out how to knock over the safe. The walkthrough pictures show a golden ball looking thing mounted on the track where I now have the see-through disc mounted instead; apparently the golden ball thing may be manipulated to make the hanging ball swing to knock the safe over. Moving the disc I have now along the rail doesn’t make the ball swing. Maybe I should just start the chapter over.

          1. Kat

            Oh duh! Thanks so much. I thought I had to put something else in the socket on the track. The safe made a satisfying thud when it landed.

  79. Andyk

    I’ve finished the normal game and two of the alternate endings, I go to the fortune teller, but there’s no small mechanism in the token slot. Any ideas?

      1. andyk

        yes, it’s empty

        1. AppUnwrapper

          You never took anything from it? What have you done so far?

          If you think it’s a bug, you can try restarting the chapter and then you’d have to find all the stuff around Grey Holm again.

  80. andyk

    I’ve completed the initial game and the first and third alternate endings. I may have taken something from it very early in the initial game, but I must have used it. Strange

  81. andyk

    Figured it, apologies, i’d opened the draw ages ago, but not slid the button on the side back and forgotten all about it. Thanks for your help

  82. Dominic

    Do you unlock all achievements by finishing the game and all the alternate endings? I think I’m missing the ‘Midnight Strikes’ achievement.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      There were no achievements in the game when I played it.

      1. Dominic

        I just recently downloaded the game. They must have updated it to include achievements. I’m playing on iOS btw. I reached out to the developers and they can’t really tell what happened. The achievement is unlocked after completing Chapter 3. I will need to play the game from the beginning if I want to unlock it. I don’t mind. It’s fun!

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Yeah, I already played through the entire game twice for my walkthroughs, so not gonna play a third time for the achievements. 😉 Maybe sometime in the future when I’ve forgotten all the puzzles.

  83. Emily

    I turned on the music but I can’t figure out how to dial the number. The light in the top right corner of the phone isn’t lighting up. Did I miss a step?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Are you sure you’re dialing properly? Have you used a rotary phone before?

  84. Emily

    Yeah, I just couldn’t figure it out. I got it, though! 🙂

  85. Emily

    I’m near the end. I got through the power in the 3rd tower anf clicked the button on the top, but I went to the press the button on the top of the 2nd tower to have all the projections at once and the 3rd tower projection turned off.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Did you use the screwdriver on the right projector?

      1. Emily

        I didn’t! Thank you!!

  86. K Gunn

    I got a second message from Maggie, not an exciting one but still. If there are two there may be four. The new one appeared when I got the third coin before going through the door in the greenhouse, and just said “the forge awaits you”
    Anyone seen another?

      1. K Gunn

        I just started over and made sure to do the second coin as soon as possible, before opening the door in the library and sure enough I got “the clock tower awaits you”

        But the really intresting one would be for the last one, I checked to see if there was a message before I pulled the artifact out, but no..

        Any ideas?

        1. AppUnwrapper

          So it only shows up under certain circumstances? I’ll have to mess around with it and see what I can find.

        2. AppUnwrapper

          So wait… You started the whole game over, not just chapter 5? Do you only get those messages if you do the bonus puzzles as you play the rest of the game? Interesting.

          1. K Gunn

            Yes, you have to do the ending puzzles as you go. Still couldn’t get a final message from her, not even to say the observatory awaits. It would be nice to know if there is supposed to be one.

            Did you notice the word on the plinth the first pyramid sat on? The one in the box? Elpis which means hope. I think the imprisoned ending is actually the one you should choose.

            1. AppUnwrapper

              Yeah, I remember Elpis but never checked up what it meant! Interesting… I didn’t think there were any secrets left to find in the game.

              1. K Gunn

                I have no idea if you are still interested, but I’ve been playing again, and noticed something new. When you first enter the library and look around with the eyepiece there is nothing to see, but once you start ineracting with Maggie that changes . . . Dramatically. If you check it out don’t miss the floor and doorways.

  87. Nat C

    Does anyone have the idea of how to open the bottom left drawer?
    Side note: I have completed all 4 endings. So that’s why I found it weird.

  88. Summer

    It seems that from the first part of this chapter, you have another ballerina statue. BUT i only have one statue which is attached to the red box. Now this problem obstructs the progress! Where the hell can i find the another statue??!!??!!??!

  89. Theresa

    I finished the first ending. So am doing the second. But I’ve already used or lost the square metal object that you get from the book in the upstairs library. I even had turned it into a sphere. I put it on the book but didn’t know it would open the book again. So I took it back. And either put it somewhere else or lost it. Anyway, because I don’t have the sphere anymore, I can’t open the book and get the wax cylinder.

    Am I just stuck? Or any ideas of how to get the metal block again.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You can restart the chapter and all the items will go back to where they start off.

      1. pandammonium

        I’m in the same situation as Theresa. I had the cube, and put it into the squad slot on the left and it disappeared. I restarted the chapter, but when I go to the poster book, there’s no metal cube. Am I missing something?

      2. pandammonium

        I was missing something: the cube is in the book, not on the table!

  90. Mel

    I’m playing this on my iPad and not sure if that’s the issue, but I can’t seem to figure out how to open the crystal phial key I got out of the divers helmet in chapter one. It just spins, won’t twist open..

  91. Mel

    Actually, NM… I was trying to open the wrong item! :-/

  92. lettii

    Can somone help me I’m stuck in the room with the snake and I got the magnet but I don’t know how to get out if the room

  93. zhila

    Please help me . I’m Iranian and i can’t write English. I finished all of chapters but still screw driver is on menu I have done all levels in tower but I don’t know that must use of wooden door or trains door ? For showing card of 3 ?

  94. Daniella

    Help!!! My chandelier won’t move when I try to move the toggle

  95. Angela Reed

    I am stuck! I have the third pyramid piece but I can’t leave the room to take it back to the main room. I’m stuck in the library, I went up the steps and retrieved the box from the table on the landing, but I still can’t leave the room. I double tap the door way and nothing happens…am I missing something? please help!

    1. Lukas

      Same over here! Very annoying. Did you fing a way yet?

  96. Grant

    On charter three when you have to align the Gems with the eyepeice i click on the gem to make it go it but I won’t ive already restarted the chapter and the same thing happened

  97. Harry

    Hey there
    In the 1st chapter At the end of it ..when u get bulb and go through that cage parts .. I pull down the first handle but not able to rotate it . May I know how to rotate that?

  98. srk

    A doubt…

    I’ve got the both artifacts for my alternate ending…but how do I get to the portal for placing them and solving em the ending??..

  99. SusieQ49

    Can any chapter be replayed and if so how do I get to select a particular chapter? All I see is ΓÇ£restart current chapterΓÇ¥.

  100. Nikki

    I have been stuck on the ballerina game for years. How many clicks do you think will on the button will it take to make the peices connect

  101. Llmortensen

    How do you fix the oscilloscope

  102. David Wallace

    Hi everyone, well I finished imprisoned and escape, trying for the other two but my metal sphere is stuck in the mini-theater suitcase box, therefore I cannot use for the safe puzzle, I tried prying with screwdriver… No dice, also my “mysterious artifact won’t fit into the right projector, just the left, wrong bottom shape, please help


    Finished everything in 8 hours..very well explained..thanks

  104. Jerry Schull

    Can’t get small round item out of its box to put in round hole.

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