The Room Three (3): Escape, Release, Lost Alternate Endings/ Bonus Puzzles Walkthrough

The Room Three
By: Fireproof Games


This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough with hints, help, tips, tricks, answers and solutions for all three alternate endings of The Room Three by Fireproof Games. Only read this if you don’t mind spoilers. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

Chapter 1, The Lighthouse | Chapter 2, The Clock Tower. | Chapter 3, The Forge. | Chapter 4, The Observatory. | Chapter 5, The Projector, Imprisoned Ending. | Release Ending | Escape Ending | Lost Ending

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Ending 1, Imprisoned:

You get this ending by playing through Chapter 5 and getting on the train.

Alternate Endings:

Tap on Change Your Fate in the menu. Now you’re back at the fountain. You need to find objects around Grey Holm manor that you can use to get the alternate endings. You should have the screwdriver and Craftsman’s Key at this point. **Note: These items don’t all go with you when you step through a portal. Don’t freak out when you notice them missing!

I’ll be taking you through all the puzzles in Grey Holm manor so you can get the items you need to complete the three alternate endings. If you want to see the walkthrough for each ending separately, use the links at the top of the page.

You can also watch my video walkthrough for all three alternate endings here:

1. First, go to the library. Go to Maggie the fortune teller. Pull out the token slot and take the small mechanism. Rotate the little slider to make a circle and it will turn into a key.






2. Go up the stairs. Close the Great Khan book (or poster box) and take the cubic metal object.



3. Go to the study from Chapter 1 and find the grandfather clock. If you equip your eyepiece, you can see that there’s a glow on 12, 3, 6 and 9. Every 15 minutes a slider will appear on the clock. Slide it to the right to open the clock and get a puzzle with the pendulum.




4. Put your eyepiece on for this. The pendulum will swing past three numbers — 4, 1, 2. You need to pull down each of the metal cylinders to those numbers. Then the clock face will open up and you can take the crystal.






5. There’s a keyhole on the right drawer of the desk. Use the small mechanism key to unlock the drawer. It appears empty at first. But there’s a hidden compartment. Look at the left side of the drawer and slider the slider to the left. Now there’s a handle in the drawer!







6. Use the handle on the left drawer and turn it. Read the letter inside, then look closely at the right side of the drawer for another slider. Slide it up to unlock the puzzle with the three circles. Rotate the left circle until you see another slider. Slide it over to unlock the cabinet door to the right.







7. Read the letter and solve the puzzle by sliding everything back and forth and into place. The final switch will release the third circle. Match both circles up around the gaps in the wood and then take the token.








8. Go back to the library. Place the token in the token slot for Maggie the Fortune Teller. Push it in and she’ll start dealing some cards. She points to one of them (for me it was Imprisoned) and the slot opens on the machine, giving you the crank wheel. She writes “HE DECEIVES YOU” on the glass after. Creepy!






9. Go up the elevator to the atrium. There’s a locked safe up here. It turns out this trackball actually controls the chandelier like a pendulum. You need to move it back and forth, back and forth to gain momentum, then swing it at the back of the safe. It will drop down to the lower level and break open. Go back down and find it. Read the letter and take another crystal.







10. Go through this door and find this machine. Place the metal object on the square platform. This will release the handle. Move the handle to the left to power up the machine. Put on your eyepiece and use the arrows to turn the cube into a sphere. Press the middle button to eject it. You now have a sphere.







11. Add the two crystals to the one that’s already in the machine. Now you’ll have to solve another maze.



12. I found this a lot easier than the other maze. You basically go in the direction the arrow points you. You want it to eventually point north, and you’ll end up in front of a table. Take the mysterious artifact. Notice the bottom of the artifact matches the indentation we saw on the right projector in Chapter 5 right before entering the train.



13. Go back to the room you started in after the train. Place the crank wheel next to the iron gate and rotate it to open the gate. Go down the stairs to a whole new room!





14. Looks like there’s some math problems to solve here. Pull each of the levers to see some numbers in each drawer. I’m going to start with the left one. Notice the arrows, telling you that the equation starts from the bottom. So you get +08 +04 +05 = 17.


15. The next one is +07 x04 +03 = 31.


16. And the last one is more difficult. It’s +08 x02 +07 +03 -05 +09 = 30.


17. This next puzzle is easy. Just slide the sliders to the spots that are lit up. The word “LIBRARY” will light up. Lets go visit the library. But before you go, read the letter in this drawer.





Click on the little numbers below to continue to the next page of the walkthrough or click here.

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  1. ExoAnth

    Can’t figure out the LOST ending. I used the screw-driver and booted up the camera, nothing. I always get the “Release” ending.

    1. Redserpent7

      I cannot figure out what to do with the desk, I’ve been trying to find a way to open the drawers but so far nothing. I got all three crystals and got an artifact, a screwdriver, a wax cylindar and the craftsman key.

      Please help

      1. Cheryl

        The artifact turns into a key.

      2. Messer

        Where was the third crystal? Or the camera? I’ve got the screwdrive and have no idea where it goes.

      3. dan

        int he library there is a recorder for the wax cylinder. in the greenhouse there is a player. (you need handle but cant remember where I found it) anyway, put the wax cylinder in the recorder in the library and note the number on the phone. go to the green house and play the music, dial the number, go back to library and answer and record the music. then take the music to the book thing where you got the cylinder. play it.
        the desk you start with a key, again cant remember where I got the key, but once you open the first draw the rest of the desk becomes solvable. I believe it was a small mechanism that you opened in your inventory. sorry for vague answers 🙂

      4. Alisu

        You need to make sure both cameras are projecting at the same time. The one with the solution you make with the screwdriver, and then the other “normally” since only one of them projects at one time without the screw driver trick.

        1. Eagle_v1s

          thank you for lost ending))))
          finally got them all

      5. Clara

        You go to the fortune teller in the library and at the place where you place tokens there’s an artefact circle thingy. If you examine it you find that it can turn into a key. That opens the drawer in the study, and you can go from there ^^

      6. Sean Brolly

        The token is a key. Look at it and slide the thing on the ring and it will transform into a key but I’m not sure what’s next

    2. Messer

      Where is the camera you used the screwdriver on?

      1. J

        It is the projector on the right

    3. Ben

      What is the camera? the hexagonal based “mysterious artifact”? and what is the use of this screwdriver?

      1. vinegartom

        there are two” cameras” or actually projectors..One in inside the Khan poster box in the second floor of the Library, the other is inside the monitor in the Lab.

        1. Steven

          You mean if I skipped looking into Khan poster when putting a cube in the left side, there is no way to do it since I had put a sphere in the right side of this book

          1. J

            You can still do it. It will come out if you tap it

            1. Rc

              Nope, sphere seems to be stuck!!

              1. AppUnwrapper

                The sphere is not supposed to come out once you put it in the socket.

          2. elizabeth

            I have the exact same question!

    4. J

      To solve the lost ending You have to type the 1795 numbers into the old phone that is in the same room as the tree with the keyhole. Then go to the room with the gypsy. The thing with the numbers will be ringing. First, place the sound reel into the music thing next to it, then slide the lever across. It will make the reel engraved. Take it to the stage place where you got the reel when it was empty. Play the song and you get another ticket coin. Use the ticket coin and you will get a new item. Take it up the elevator to the weird thing that looks like it should slide. Use the eyepiece to line up the sliding thing with the other images to make a key. Take the key to the place where you typed in the numbers and use it on the tree. It will appear to not work. Go into the tree to finish the job. Go back out, turn the key and repeat. The drawer under the spot you put the key in will open

      1. Wolfygrl

        The phone in library won’t ring after dialing the number in other phone. What am I missing?
        Where do I find key for keyhole in Tree/wall?

        1. J

          Make sure that the music is playing when you are dialing.

    5. Akos

      Once you turn on the projector, DO NOT go through the door. Go to the other (left side) camera and turn it on. Once you do, the door will change and you can go through to the fourth and final ending, LOST.

    6. Al

      You have to press the button on top of the tower at the side you didn’t apply the screwdriver to

    7. Marcus

      I can’t work out how to get any of the endings, I have completed the first ending imprisoned and have tried to change my fate but I do not have the key from the fortune teller so cannot progress. I have the wax cylinder, the screwdriver and the architect’s key but this is all, I have placed one of the crystals into the machine but am missing the one from the safe!
      I don’t know how to complete any of the endings from here, can someone please help?

      1. AppUnwrapper

        Did you try pulling out the fortune teller’s token slot?

    8. Jamesdofjjd

      Both towers must the top of the towers until they do.wooden door will be replaced with another one that ain’t wooden!

    9. Josh

      I know you probably don’t play anymore, but you still have to complete both towers, then the wall turns to a slick of oily stuff, and brings to another planet. Can’t wait till 4!

  2. dan

    where do you use the screwdriver in the alternate ending? and where is the third crystal, I have the one from the safe…
    I also have a key I cant find the keyhole too, and there is something embedded in a tree?

    1. Messer

      Look on the other side of the wall from the tree. On the bricks.

    2. Tkw

      Third crystal is in the grandfather clock behind the desk. A door opens when it chimes each quarter hour I think. It displays the device’s time so you can change there if you don’t want to wait.

    3. J

      Screwdriver is used for FINAL ending. The projector on the right will be blocked by a metal plate that can be unscrewed. On the other side of the tree thing, you need to pull out the loose bricks and use the eyepiece to enter

  3. Unknown

    Where do I put the “a metal device”

  4. vinegartom

    I’ve managed to do the Lost and Escape ending…but am stuck by few things – how to open the safe, where the third crystal is, and how to turn on the monitor in the lab (i assume the three are related) there’s also the issue of the gold medallion on the railing in the library tower, and whether the chandelier does anything…and what is the camera? is it the hexagon base object that you use at the end? any advice would be helpful. I will contribute in kind.

    1. Unknown

      In the library tower on the railing in the back is a gold button of sorts, you rock it back and fourth to rock the bell and hit the safe, the crystal is inside the safe when it fall to the main room. The crystal turns on the monitor. The part I’m stuck on is I can’t find what to do with an item called ” a metal device” and you apparently know what to do with it, so if you could tell me it would be appreciated and thx in advance

      1. vinegartom

        If it’s the steering wheel with a curve to it, it’s for the railing next to the safe. if it’s a circle, examine it and t’ll turn into a key that you use on the desk in the study. if it’s a hex-based shape, it gets used in the tower scene at the end on one of the two extra bases/ let me know if it’s something other than that.

        1. Ben

          What is different to obtain the LOST ending?

          1. vinegartom

            in the lost ending, both “cameras” or actually secondary projectors, are running. you’ve used the screwdriver to open the shutter on the star shaped projector, and the portal should appear as the Null goop.

            1. Ben


        2. Tina

          Any tips on getting the ball to move to rock the chandelier to drop the safe. I am using a kindle and can’t get enough movement.

      2. Dude

        I can’t get the button to rock in any direction. Do I need to do something else to it first?

        1. The Shady Colombian

          Ir rocks VERY slowly at first. Rock it slowly and it will move eventually

          1. Lea

            Line it up and you have to sort of rub at the same angle as the safe (if that makes sense). Diagonally towards the safe. I about rubbed a hole in my tablet before I realized it…

    2. J

      The gold medallion is the key to knocking over the safe. If you drag it back and forth (it will appear to do nothing at first so you just have to keep doing it for around 30 seconds) it will start to make the chandelier move back and forth as well. It isn’t actually like a medallion, but more like a trackball

  5. Melissa

    Completed the game and got the Release ending. Can’t find the key for the desk??? Help! 🙂 Thanks.

    1. vinegartom

      you should have a small circular piece of metal in your possession. if you examine it, you should be able to rotate it to reveal a key. that will get you into the desk.

      1. chun

        do you know where you get the circular piece of metal?


        1. Caleb

          In the Kahn fortune teller slot

        2. Teri Pettit

          It’s in the slot of the fortune machine

    2. Akatsukisunrise

      How do you get the release ending?

    3. Clara

      Key for the desk is with the fortune teller, where the token should be placed, there’s a circle thingy and if you examine it you can turn it into a key

  6. Alisu

    Complete solution for the Lost ending. In case you have got the other three, you should have both tower/camera pieces and the screwdriver. In the last room, when you put the tower pieces in place and activate them, they both get a button on top. As well as the start projecting a beam. However both towers have a shutter in front of their lens. The button on top takes the shutter away, but also closes the other one. Turn to look on the front side of the right tower and the shutter has a hole that can be opened with the screwdriver. Open it, then push the button in the other tower, and as soon as both projectors get on the canvas, the last door appears.

    1. Charlycus

      this is incomplete from my perspective: I fail to get any alternate ending yet. Would you kindly provide the solution for all bonus puzzles please?

  7. Justacurious

    Where doy you find the wax cylinder?

    1. vinegartom

      If you’ve managed to open the khan poster “box” and re-closed it, there should be a pop-up style theatre model on top. use the eyepiece to get inside, and take the cylinder from the phonograph inside.

      1. Teri Pettit

        How do you reopen the poster box after it closes? I’ve tried sliding everything that looks like it might be a latch, using both hands to pull it apart, etc., and it just stays shut. Will it only reopen when other conditions are met?

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Are you talking about the Great Khan? Look at the right side of it for a clue as to what you might need.

          1. Teri Pettit

            The right side of the closed box after it has transformed the cube into a sphere, or the right hand poster when it was still open? (I would have to go look at one of your screen shots for the latter. I see nothing that clues me in on the former. There are some filigrees, but they don’t seem to do anything.)

            1. AppUnwrapper

              I’m trying to figure out exactly where you are. Have you used the sphere yet?

              1. Teri Pettit

                I’ve seen two of the endings, the one with the train and the one with the boat. I put the converted sphere on the circular indentation on the right side of the box way back before I did the first ending. I don’t recall any stage appearing on top, though, and now it won’t open again. I do not have a wax cylinder, and I do not have the sphere any longer. The shape converter box has all three crystals installed, and shows nothing inside when you use the eyepiece.

                Besides getting the wax cylinder, the other puzzle I’m stuck on is getting the third token from the drawer in the tree. I have been through the hole in the bricks, and lined up the wheels so that the keyhole shows, and seen the token laying inside, and been back around to the tree side with the keyhole showing, but have no key to put in it, and the drawer will not open.

                1. AppUnwrapper

                  You need to pull open the the Great Khan book/poster thing, but this time from the right side. That’s when you’ll see the stage.

  8. digrocks

    How do I activate the recording device in the library? and what can I do with the hole in the tree in the greenhouse place?

    1. vinegartom

      Have you been down to the “power station” level just below where you first started the game, behind the iron bars? if you solve the math puzzles in that room, you can turn on the devices in the library.

      1. Keebler

        how do you get past the iron bars to get downstairs?

      2. digrocks

        thanks for the tip!

      3. CC

        How do I get into power station?

        1. vinegartom

          there’s a metal wheel which opens up the gate. i think the wheel can be found inside the desk in the study.

          1. Keebler

            Is that in the center drawer of the desk? I have not been able to get into that drawer yet.

  9. Weird uncle al

    The fortune teller has a lever sized panel.she needs a token though.where is that? And for that matter, where are the keys? Artifact included. Also, the key needed for the green house panel would help

    1. vinegartom

      the key for the green house panel is what you receive in the library tower when you use the wheel that you get from the third token on the railing in said tower.. you get the token when you successfully record the phonograph music on a blank cylinder and play it inside the toy theatre.

      Yes, I know how strange that sounds.

  10. John

    I made it through the game. I went to the change your fate and made it through the first two. Stuck now :/ Still working on it.

  11. vinegartom

    I think you have to go through the Imprisoned ending before you can get the wheel to open the power station. I remember picking up on the idea after reading the message from the Craftsman that there’s no point if you can’t tell a room from a prison. I figured that what if a prison, in turn, could be a room?

    1. vinegartom

      my apologies…you receive the wheel when you give the fortune teller machine the first token, which is in the center of the desk in the study…

      1. Condor191

        Where’s the other latch for the right side of the desk drawr

        1. vinegartom

          good question. it’s hard to see, but if you opened the left side of the middle drawer, there’s a small switch that can be flipped to unlock the right side.

  12. Charlycus

    I have the cylinder wax but after seeing all the comments this barely help. No crystal. Where is the crystal? Where is the key?? where is the phonograph handle???? where is the token for the fortune teller????? what should I do????? I have no idea what to do. 🙁

    1. vinegartom

      okay – first, you need the key. go to the fortune teller machine, and open the slot, a round disk should be ther. it’s the key. examine it, and after some twisting, it becomes a key. go to the study and use the key to unlock the top right drawer. make sure to look on the open drawers for levers. you should eventually be able to open the whole desk.

    2. vinegartom

      after the desk is completely open, you’ll get the first token. use that at the fortune teller, and use the wheel to open the gate in the prison. Th wax cylinder doesn’t come into play until you have the power on in the room by the prison.

    3. vinegartom

      you get a second token in the power room from the chest of drawers (if you open it with the cross shaped key), which you get – i think – from the grandfather clock (be at the clock when the minute hand is either at 12, 3, 6, 9 , and use the open panel to open the clock. The clock has a combination (Iknow the first number is 4) and you can get the cross key lever.

      1. Teri Pettit

        Are the any clues to what the combination is to the clock weights? If so, where can they be found?

        1. AppUnwrapper

          I showed the solution in my walkthrough. I think the second page.

        2. Alyssa

          There probably are, but I just used trial-and-error; since there are only 3 weights, it wasn’t too hard to just sit there andgo through all the options until I found the right one.. It doesn’t take as long as you’d think 🙂

  13. Zepic

    Please help!! I have a screwdriver an artifact and a key what do I do with them?

    1. vinegartom

      don’t worry about the screwdriver….what to do next depends on what the artifact looks like. is it a box, or a circular metal thing? if it’s a box, is the base hexagonal, or almost square?

      1. Zepic

        The artifact is shaped like a triangle

    2. vinegartom

      also, what does the key look like?

      1. Zepic

        The key is silver with a circle at the end

        1. vinegartom

          The circular key should be able to open the desk drawer in the study. the artifact can be used in the final tower, if you already have the craftsman’s key (the dodecahedron?)

          1. Zepic

            What is the final tower?

            1. vinegartom

              It appears once you have all five pyramids as a portalway in the main room. once you go there, you have 4 possible endings. if you have one of the artifacts, you can access two of the endings.

              1. Zepic

                Okay, I have every ending execeptthe very last one. How do I get it?

  14. Helpplease

    I’m stuck at what to do with the third handle I got from the desk! What do I do with it??

  15. X

    I have completed the first three endings but don’t even know where to begin for the fourth. Anyone have any advice?

    1. vinegartom

      If I’m correct, you have both artifacts and the screwdriver. when you’re at the final tower, hook up both projectors, and use the screwdriver on the shutter on the front of the right projector to remove the shutter. push the button on both projectors, and the portal should be the null goop. walk through and see what happens.

      1. X

        Blargh, I had a similar thought but didn’t look close enough at the towers (consistently my problem with these games). Thanks for the help!

      2. kian

        I know, It’s a stupid question, but I don’t know, what do you mean with “the power-station” :’D Can you shortly explain, which things are in the room?

        1. vinegartom

          it’s the room behind the bars in the prison room you arrived in. if you haven’t opened that room, you need to visit the fortune teller and insert a token, which you can do if you’ve fully unlocked the desk.


    I completed second ending. Now I have a screwdriver, Craftman’s key and a mysterious artifact. What is next?. I cannot find anything new. Please help

  17. None

    Im stuck with the safe and the golden circular in the back, can someone explain me how that one works thanks

    1. Melissa

      The gold emblem on the railing moves the pendulum in the center of the room. Slowly move your finger back and forth over it and you will see the pendulum begin the swing. Keep swinging it until it knocks the safe onto the floor.

      1. Teri Pettit

        It took me about 10 to 15 MINUTES of rubbing the trackball before the chandelier began to swing. I never would have persisted that long if it hadn’t been for this walkthrough. They should make it more sensitive.

        One thing that seemed to help a lot was going past the actual ball in both directions, as if it were about twice as large as it looks. If I had started trying that earlier, it probably would not have taken me as long. But I had been trying to use it like an actual physical device, which meant keeping my finger within the bounds.

        1. AppUnwrapper

          I think you’re supposed to treat it like you’re almost giving it a push. At least, that’s how it felt to me. But I agree, it’s really easy to miss that it even moves at all.

          1. Teri Pettit

            It wasn’t that I “missed” that it moved, it was that I couldn’t get it to move more than about 1 or 2 degrees of arc, because I was making tiny motions with my finger, staying inside the bounds of the image. I was treating it too real, and in real life a motion out in the air would do nothing, so it took me ages to try that.

  18. Akatsukisunrise

    How do you get the 3rd ending the release ending?

    1. Melissa

      You get the Release ending when you use the triangle-shaped mysterious artifact…it is a projector that you place on one of the towers in the final scene so that instead of getting the train door you get a different door to go through.

  19. Drew

    I’ve unlocked the right drawer of the desk, slid the sliders on the left and right drawers, found the handle, and unlocked the left half of the center drawer…but I can’t figure out how to unlock the right side of the center drawer or the door underneath the right drawer. Anyone able to help?

    1. vinegartom

      the answer is in the left half of the center drawer…you should be able to rotate the center left disk – rotate it so that the open area is at the bottom. there’s a switch there,

  20. Jeremy

    any one have any idea how to get the thing from the tree in the room with the phone dial? its on the right side, if you see the phone dial on the left

    1. Eagle_v1s

      First go to the other side of this wall and remove bricks
      Then use your lens to get in the hole
      put thing there right way
      come back to the key hole, put the key, turn it for 90 degrees
      come back to the hole with lens, you will see something rotateable, so zoom and rotate it
      then turn key for 180 degrees and repeat your actions
      then you come back to the key hole side and drawer under the key hole should be open
      PS the key you will find in atrium with the thing which is right from safe
      PPS sorry for my russian english)

  21. Bwaaaah

    How do you get the release ending ?

  22. asumu

    I got a key using metal device. But I can’t find a keyhole. Plz tell me where is it?

    1. asumu

      I find a key hole in the back of the tree

  23. Kat

    I have got the release ending but not the escape, how do I get e escape ending?

  24. kian

    I need help! I finished the first end and the “release”-end, I have a screw-driver, a key with a “cross”-end and a mysterious artifact! I would be thankful, if I would get any answers.

    And I have put the wax-cylinder in the recorder, selected the numbers and run the recorder against, nothing happened. Does anybody knows, why?

    1. vinegartom

      if you have the key with the cross end, have you used it in the power station room on the chest of drawers? it should give you a token after a quick puzzle.

      1. kian

        I know, It’s a stupid question, but where is the power station room? :’D Only explain the things in the room, so I can find it easily.

        1. kian

          I found it 😀 it was the room in the underground

      2. kian

        Sry again, but I used the machine again (3rd time) and got a key. Where should I use the key and what happens afterward?

  25. Davienci

    Im stuck on the safe in the library tower. I know the gold button on the landing is the solution, but I can’t seem to press / move etc it. Does it need to be unlocked first?

    1. Kelly

      I had a rough time finding that one too. Try holding it down, and tilting it.

      Literally worked on that one for two days and couldn’t figure it out.

    2. vinegartom

      no – try just moving your finger back and forth over it slightly, until you see the lamp start to shift. think about it like getting a swing started when you can push off. be patient. once you get it started, you can steer it toward the safe

    3. Teri Pettit

      It took me ages to get it going as well, over 10 minutes of rubbing before it budged. The trick is to let your finger make swipes that are larger than the image of the trackball. At first, and indeed for a very long time, I was treating it like a real trackball, which meant keeping my finger entirely within the bounds of the gold ball. It didn’t start working until I started pretending the ball was about twice as big as it looks. (I was using an iPad Air 2; the touch region may be bigger than the image of the ball to accommodate phones.)

  26. Kelly

    Can anyone explain to me what an “ending” entails? Are there four different finales? I have finished the main ending, being trapped forever, but since then I have just been gathering clues for all the other puzzles, and have not succeeded in “ending” anything!

    1. vinegartom

      you’re on the right path. once you have two large artifacts ( one from the fortune teller ) you can go through the dark portal and experience the other three endings.

    2. Alyssa

      @Kelly: yes, there are 4 different endings; but based on what I’ve read here, it’s possible to go through them in different orders. I’m not sure about that, but a lot of people on here have been talking about the Lost ending and I definitely got Imprisoned first. If it makes you feel any better, we’re in the same boat! I’m stuck, as well..

  27. Alyssa

    I have a crystal, a blank wax cylinder, a screwdriver and the Craftsman’s key… What do I do?? I, for the life of me, can’t find a way to make either of the phonographs work; also, for some reason, when I solve the third math puzzle in the power room, nothing happens.. What am I missing??

    1. vinegartom

      the third math puzzle will help solve the other ones. make sure that:
      – you are doing the math going upward (i was going down when i first tried)
      -double check your math.

      once the third puzzle is done, you can power up the phonograph in the library, which will give you the crank for the one in the lab.

      1. Alyssa

        I’m doing the math problems correctly (going upward and I’ve double- and triple-checked my work..) but it still does nothing.. I’m sad!

        1. Alyssa

          Omg.. Just figured it out; one of the switches had somehow been turned the wrong way.. I’m a klutz. Thanks!!

  28. Alyssa

    I have a crystal, a blank wax cylinder, a screwdriver and the Craftsman’s key… What do I do?? I, for the life of me, can’t find a way to make either of the phonographs work; also, for some reason, when I solve the third math puzzle in the power room, nothing happens.. What am I missing??

    1. Eagle_v1s

      go the room where telephone stands
      then go to previous room, look to telephone room entrance, on the left from entrance you will see bricks
      remove bricks
      Then use your lens to get in the hole
      put thing there right way
      come back to the key hole(in the telephone room), put the key, turn it for 90 degrees
      come back to the hole with lens, you will see something rotateable, so zoom and rotate it
      then turn key for 180 degrees and repeat your actions with lens
      then you come back to the key hole side and drawer under the key hole should be open
      PS the key you will find in atrium with the thing which is right from safe
      PPS sorry for my russian english)

    2. Max

      Look at the arrows. You need to do the math in that direction.

  29. Anton

    Ive gotten the released ending, ive one camera, three crystals, screwdrivewr and Ofc the cube thing. I have however not gotten the cube on the posters since i missed them. Do i have to restart, or what do i do?

  30. Zepic

    How do I get the 4th ending? I have gotten the imprisonment release and escape endings

  31. Wuuuut

    Now, I’ve got two artifacts, the Craftsman’s key and the screwdriver… And I’m back to stuck status #1. Help?

  32. Seasons_Change

    I have the two artifacts and a screwdriver. Does anyone know what I’m supposed to do now?

    1. kian

      Go to the last room (where you ended first) and do it again, but (!) don’t finish with going through the door. There are places, where you can put the artifacts, you will see it easily, trust me)

  33. Seasons_Change

    I did all three and now idk what to do with the screwdriver

  34. Null

    How do I get the “escape” ending? I have both artifacts and the screwdriver

    1. Seasons_Change

      When go to the door for the first ending, use the projector stand on the left, not right.

  35. dhconnect

    use the screwdriver on the cover of the right projector to get both projectors running at the same time for the 4th ending

  36. Sir Marcus

    My boat sunk ???

  37. Trin

    How do i get. the artifact (not this after 4 tokens) and the crystals – i have one from the safe. And of corse what with the clock anything moving i don’t know

    1. Sir Marcus

      I just happened to open the clock the first time around and I think it was just down to luck but, the second time I noticed the 12, 3, 6 & 9 lit up when wearing the lens. I was going around in circles until I heard the clock chime at 12 (yes, I was still playing it at midnight LOL) and when I got to it it opened up so…. I think you can only open the clock at those times (I will wait until I hear different)….

      1. Sir Marcus

        It’s a shame I can’t post pictures 🙁

        1. AppUnwrapper

          I solved the clock puzzle by accident, too, so I didn’t get a photo. But you can email me the photo if you want and I’ll post it.

        2. AppUnwrapper

          Oh wait. I think we’re talking different clock puzzles. But anyway, if you want me to post a photo of something I don’t have on here, you can email it to me.

          1. Sir Marcus

            I have a few images that may help, what’s your address??

            1. Sir Marcus

              Just found it from top selections.
              It may take a little time so please bare with me. ??

              1. AppUnwrapper

                I’m trying not to cheat, so that’s fine with me. 😉

            2. AppUnwrapper

              Did you get a photo of the clock puzzle with the 1 2 3 4? I solved it by accident just messing around with it.

  38. Sir Marcus

    In regards to the safe, you need to swing the chandelier towards and away from you, you do this by moving the golden head back & forth to get a good swinging movement, it’ll break the safe’s stand and fall to the ground… (Crystal). The key like object next to the safe needs a weird looking key that you turn to get another key, you do this by using the lens.

  39. JavierC

    Thanks for all the tips… I was finally able to finish all alternative endings 😉

  40. Happydude789

    Help! I still don’t understand how to open the drawer in the study. I have the right one opened (with the key) but I don’t know what to do after?

  41. Happydude789

    Scratch that^ I opened it. Sorry

  42. Dustin

    Where is the second artifact located?

  43. Shteen

    So I seemed to have found all of the extra evidence
    I have both of the mysterious artefacts and the screwdriver.
    I have gotten the first ending (the one in the train)
    And the escape one…
    I’ve tried putting both artefacts or just one
    And I keep getting the escape ending….

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I’m about to write up how to get the Release ending (#3). Still working on 2 & 4.

      1. Shteen

        Cool!!! Then I would only be missing the 4th one. And on my screen Escape is the third ending

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Just updated it. 🙂 That has all the steps you need for that ending. I’m using this page to post other things I find as I’m figuring the other two endings out.

  44. Alex

    So I’ve completed the first and third ending and I have the screwdriver the craftsman key the wax. I have used two tokens completed the power station and got all three crystals.but I am stuck on the recording part I can’t get the phone to type in the number is 1795 I can get the player to play music but I can’t get it to call. am I typing in the numbers wrong I don’t know please help.

  45. Brad

    Wow there is a lot of good information here. I put the wax cyclinder in the phonograph and I have the record playing in the lab. I know the phone number for the library phone is 1795 but when I go down to the record player, and dial 1-7-9-5 on the phone it doesn’t seem to do anything and when I go up to the phone in the library it isn’t ringing. I’m sure I’m missing some small piece. I do have power in the library. I can’t tell if I’m missing anything for the phonograph but the wax is in there. Thanks for the help.

    I read the above thing about the key hole in the wall if anyone can help with that and I don’t have the craftsman key. I may have already used it and forgotten but what wanted to double check on that too. Thanks for everyone’s help.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      The craftsman’s key is the hexagon that you get after you put all the pyramids together. I don’t think you can lose it after you complete chapter 5.

      1. Brad

        Heh, oh just realized that is what they called it. So used to keys looking like keys. I didn’t realize till you said that that was the key. Thanks. Hopefully I can get the second artifact and it sounds like the final ending with the screw driver is easy after that. Thanks.

    2. Wolfygrl

      I’m having the same problem. Cannot figure out how to get phone to ring. What am I missing? Also stuck trying to find key fit keyhole in tree/wall. Help!! 🙂

      1. Sir Marcus

        You’ve got to go downstairs to the telephone exchange and do the 3 mathematical draws to then light up the switchboard and then race to where it tells you on the far right board. Don’t forget the phone number to dial in and once thats down tape the music on your wax cylinder. ….. ??

        1. Brad

          Can you explain what exactly you did when dialing the phone? I actually reset the chapter and started back from scratch. You don’t get the part to turn on the record player or the ability to put the wax in until after you turn the switch board for the library.

          When I go down to the phone to dial the 1-7-9-5 after turning on the record player, I doesn’t show any signs of dialing or doing anything. When I go up to check the phone and try to answer it, it doesn’t ring either. Really strange. With restarting the chapter, I just tried to do the bare minimum to get to that point but it still doesn’t work.

          1. AppUnwrapper

            Is it possible to restart this chapter after you already completed the game, to reset all the extra items? I want to redo the clock puzzle.

            1. Brad

              Yeah. I risked it and lets you keep the craftsman’s key and screw driver and resets everything. Sadly doing that didn’t fix the phone call issue for me, though. I’m assuming that I’m missing something.

  46. Tiffanie

    Don’t know how to activate left projector at the end. When I use the lens to in the hole I see a green crystal, but I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with it.

    1. Wuuuut

      I’m having the same issue; only, instead of not being able to solve the left projector puzzle, I can’t solve the right one again (I’m working on my last ending; I solved it by accident the first time) haaaalp?

      1. Wuuuut

        I wonder if the puzzle changes based on whether or not you’ve opened it up with the screwdriver…

  47. Alex

    Marcus I’ve done that bit but I didn’t race up to grab the phone and I can’t really do it what do I do and also where do I find the key for the tree

    1. Brad

      I restarted the chapter and found that you can’t prep everything for when the switch board is done to have the recording done then. I think we are still missing something. I think the tree key from my understanding, is gotten after we finish this and get the recorded wax back into play. If I read correctly, the play gives another token and the token gets you the key. Not entirely sure though as I haven’t yet gotten that far.

  48. Graeme Kan

    I noted with the Grandfather clock puzzle, you don’t have to wait until midnight. If you wear the special lens when you are looking at the clock, you see the special glow on the 12, 3, 6, and 9. Looks like every 15 minutes the switch appears!!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Ahh thanks. I’ll note that in my walkthrough. Can’t believe I didn’t realize that. I remember noticing that they glowed, but I guess I wasn’t looking at the right time.

      Wish I could clear out just this part of the game and get screenshots of that and the clock puzzle solution.

      1. Brad

        When it’s all said and done you can restart the chapter. Knowing how to solve all of these puzzles, I did it just trying to figure out if the phone dialing was a bug or not. I managed to get all of the pieces, and get fully back to where I was in roughly twenty minutes. So not bad if you wanted to clean it up.

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Ahh ok thanks. I wasn’t sure what would happen if I restarted the chapter after completing chapter 5 already, whether I could reset all this. Will do that to get the clock puzzle photos.

        2. AppUnwrapper

          Does it save your completed endings or so I have to repeat those?

  49. Brad

    I’ll run through the default ending and see if it still gives me credit for three. I think it keeps track of them but I’ll double check.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Ok thanks! I restarted and I’m going to redo the “Released” walkthrough to make it more straightforward.

  50. Brad

    I completed the default ending and it still showed my third ending that I completed separately. So you don’t have to worry about losing that.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Ok, cleaned up the Release ending. Now to work on the others. 🙂

  51. George

    Collect crystal – In the study, complete the chapter and then wait until the clock passes each quarter hour. Slide the tab, adjust the leavers to 412 and collect the crystal.

    Key for desk – In the library, go to the fortune teller booth and pull out the token collector to obtain the key. Adjust the slider to turn it into a key.

    Opening the desk and first token – use the key from before on the right draw. It’s empty but a secret slide on the side of the draw. Collect a handle. Place the handle in the left draw and open it. Slide the tab on the inside right of the draw. This activates the middle desk circles. Move the left circle to adjust the hidden slider and open the right desk cabinet. Move the three sliders in the cabinet to move more middle desk circles. Collect a token from the middle circle of the desk.

    Fortune teller and crank handle – Use the first token from before to unlock the “Imprisoned” card. Collect the crank handle from the draw and take it to the first room you were in at the beginning.

    Cage door and power room – use the crank handle on the door mechanism to go downstairs into the power room. Find the three power levers. For the left lever, adjust the switches to 8, 4 and 5 starting from the bottom to make 17. Then put the lever back to closer the door and adjust the left slider to the lit lights. Go to the middle handle to activate the middle draw and adjust switches to 7, 4 and 3 starting from the bottom to make 31. Then put the lever back to closer the draw and adjust the middle slider to the lights so they are lined up. Finally pull the right lever to open the right draw. Adjust the switches to 2, 5, 4, 12, -5 and 2. Put the lever back to closer the draw and adjust the final slider. The light for the library comes on. Go to the library and the phone is ringing. Slide the lever on the phone to accept the call and notice the player recording. Open the cartridge but it’s empty except for a cross shaped key. Go back to the power room and place the key in the top on the draws. Pull out the draws (without closing them) in the sequence shown to collect the second token.

    Second token fortune teller – use the second token from before on the fortune teller just like the first one. You’ll get the “Escape card”. Collect the crank handle from the draw. If you haven’t done the clock tower chapter yet, you’ll get a message says “The clock tower awaits” so do that chapter now. Also notice through your lens that more and more cool hidden writing is appearing around the fortune teller each time you play the fortune game. Plus she is really creepy and a little intimidating. Only me? Ok. Moving on.

    Metal object – In the library, go upstairs to the big book, close it and find the square metal object on the left side.

    Metal object converted into ball – once you get into the greenhouse, put the crystal from before into the machine at the back on the left. Put the metal object from before onto the platform to the left of the machine. Use the lens to see into the box and turn the metal object into a ball by pressing the right button a few times and then the middle button to collect it.

    Theatre and blank wax cylinder – Take the ball metal object to the big book upstairs of the library. Put the ball into the right side and open the book. This unlocks the theatre. Go in and collect the blank wax cylinder.

    Recording on the wax cylinder – Place the blank wax cylinder into the recording device next to the phone in the downstairs of the library. Then go to the greenhouse and put the crank handle into the music player in the greenhouse next to the phone. Turn the crank handle to activate the music and unlock the phone. Dial 1795 (number on library phone) and proceed to the library. The library phone is ringing. Accept the call using the lever (double check blank wax cylinder is loaded into the recorder). This records the music into the cylinder. Collect the now etched wax cylinder and go back to the theatre from the big book upstairs. Load the cylinder into the player and watch the animation. Collect the third token.

    Third token and metal device – Place the third token from before into the fortune game. You’ll get the ” Release” card. Collect the metal device. If you haven’t done the forge chapter yet, you’ll see the words “The Forge Awaits”. Complete the forge chapter. Notice more secret hidden lens writing too around the fortune game.

    The tree key – Once you’ve done the forge chapter, placed the pyramid and received the book, place it in the book stand in the library on the left as you enter to unlock the elevator. Go up and towards the railings to the left of the safe. Place the metal device from the fortune game before onto the slot on the railings. Adjust the position and view through the lens to collect the tree key.

    The tree – Go to the greenhouse with the tree key from before and notice the loose bricks on the left as you enter. Remove them. Enter the hole with the lens and adjust the circles to line up the lights. Then stop and go back out the hole. Go through the doorway to the further part of the greenhouse and notice the tree key hole on the opposite side of the wall to the bricks. (The tree to the left of the crystal machine). Place the tree key in the tree keyhole. Turn the key 180 degrees. Go back to the brick hole and adjust the key inside the key. Go back to the tree key and turn another 180 degrees. Go back to the brick hole and repeat. Return to the tree key again and collect the forth token from the draw below.

    Forth token and first mysterious artefact – Place the forth token from before into the fortune game in the library. You’ll get the “Lost” card. Collect the mysterious artefact from the circuit panel. There’s nothing else to do with the panel. This mysterious artefact is actually a projector to be used at the end of the game. This projector is one of two needed to fully complete the game.

    The safe and the third crystal – Go up the library elevator, round the circle to the back of the room. Turn around and zoom into the banister railing and you’ll notice a hold button device. Hold your finger on the button while moving it forwards and backwards over the button to swing the pendulum. Build up a swing momentum on the pendulum to hit the safe and let it fall to the floor. Go back down and into the main “pyramid” room to collect the third crystal from the safe.

    Second Mysterious Device- Take the third crystal to the greenhouse and place is alongside the other two crystals on the crystal machine to activate the display monitor. Use the three buttons on the display monitor to move and follow the direction of the arrow pointer to the position of the second mysterious device (second projector). Collect the second mysterious device.

    Once you’ve done the observatory chapter, you can use the two projectors by placing them on the towers at the end. Place one or the other or both to get each possible ending video. Remember to use the screwdriver on the lens of the right projector so it projects a beam.

    Enjoy! Hope I didn’t miss anything.

    1. Brad

      I wanted to start by first saying that your list is awesome! It really helps anyone missing anything to get through all of the options. The only thing I noticed before I got stuck at the same point I was stuck at before, was for the math was off for the third one. The top option should be flipped. It wasn’t two and I honestly forgot what the other option was, like an eight or something.

      That being said, I totally restarted the chapter and went through your steps precisely and can’t get the stupid phone to ring. I guess I’m just going to give up for now. Way too much time wasted on trying to get the alternative endings but I really like the game. Something screwy is just going on.

    2. Jc

      How do you get the left projector with the green crystal powered up? Is there an object that plugs into the indentation on the top to make the little laser last longer? I think I’ve got everything except that.

      1. AppUnwrapper

        I’m about to do this and will update my walkthrough with it (assuming I don’t have any problems!).

      2. AppUnwrapper

        I just added it to the walkthrough. You need to keep that little slider in tune with the laser.

  52. Alex

    To put in the numbers in the phone or you have to do is. Hold your finger on that number and twist it clockwise until you can’t turn it any more then let go and then do the next number and so on. 1795.

    1. Brad

      Dang, that was it. I tried to use it like a real phone and didn’t realize it just had to be forced till it wouldn’t go any further. Thanks!

      1. Teri Pettit

        That is the way a real rotary phone works.

    2. Cecilia

      So, I’ve got everything ready for the phone call… The music is playing, the blank cylinder is in the phonograph in the Library and I’ve read the letter next to the phograph in the greenhouse. But when I dial the numbers nothing happens. The light on the phone doesn’t light up in the greenhouse or the Library. I’ve been back and forth to the Library but when I pick up (move the thingy to the right) it just says that it seems that it doesn’t work. Help!

      1. AppUnwrapper

        Are you sure you dialed it right? You know how to dial a rotary phone?

        1. Cecilia

          Yup.. 1795. Had a rotary phone till middleschool…

          1. AppUnwrapper

            Hmm not sure why it won’t work for you. You might want to contact the developer in case it’s a bug.

          2. Harold

            I remember we had one in the kitchen years ago when I was a kid as well 😊

    3. Steve

      Thank you Alex. This is the answer I was searching for. I restarted this section six times and could not get the phone to ring until I found your comment. You dial until the dial stops. I seriously thought there was a bug at this point.

    4. Stephanie

      Thanks Alex! That saved me too! I just wasn’t going until the dial stopped.

  53. Alex

    Oh and thanks so much George for the help.

  54. Alex

    How do I get the 2nd ending?

  55. Alex

    Oh wait I have figured it out all you have to do is put the camera on the left one first Rasen the right thanks for all the help guys.

  56. Alex


  57. Craig

    Woo hoo. 7hr31min of play time and this one is complete! I wasnt taking note of what i did but if i can be of any help git me up.

  58. Dylan

    I’ve completed the first and third ending. I’m currently stuck at the telephone in the greenhouse. The music is playing and the wax cylinder is in the device in the library but i cant dial any numbers. Everything up to that point on this guide has been done

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You can’t dial them, meaning the rotary part of the phone won’t move at all?

  59. Sarah

    Just finished the whole game with all of the endings. I loved it, but I got a little bit lost with the way the whole story went (granted, it was probably because I was focusing too much on the puzzles xD) could someone be my hero and explain the story of the game for me? Thanks!

  60. Lisa

    Im stuck. I did the ending Escape. Now I am stuck, the clock face is open. I dont know what to do next? I smashed the safe, opened the office desk, did the addition on the control panel. did the suitcase up in the library, not sure what to do next?

    1. Lisa

      I think I did the ball side first up in the library, now i cant get the ball out to do the square side

      1. AppUnwrapper

        No, you got the cube on one side and turned it into a sphere. Once the sphere is in there, you can’t take it back out. You don’t need it anymore.

        1. Lisa

          thanks but when I put the square in, I didnt do anything with the suitcase. then i took out the cube and made it into the sphere and put it in and opened it up

      1. Lisa

        I cant use my eyepiece on the clock, the face is open to the insides and I cant close it


        1. AppUnwrapper

          If the clock is open, you should be able to use your eyepiece to see some numbers on the pendulum.

          1. Lisa

            thanks, but the base is closed and I cant open it

            1. AppUnwrapper

              So you already got the crystal from the clock? If so, there’s nothing left for you there.

              1. Lisa

                oh, ok, thanks

                but Im still stuck on what to do next.

                  1. Lisa

                    screwdriver, piece for the last phase of the movie, mysterious artifact, for the left piece at the move,

                    1. AppUnwrapper

                      Then you have everything you need to complete all the endings.

  61. Tanya

    After I opened all the drawers and went though all the steps on the desk in the room with the grandfather clock, I found another handle way in the back of the top right hand drawer. (Note: I have already used a handle for the left hand drawer). This is an extra one. I have tried it on everything I can think of. It disappears from my inventory when finishing the game which means it needs to be used before I enter the portal with my triangle ball, screwdriver and my two artifacts. Where does it go??

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I think that’s a bug that some people are experiencing. I only had one handle.

      1. Tanya

        Thanks for the feedback. I won’t worry about it anymore.

  62. Lisa

    what about the slider on the handrail in the upstairs room next to the safe? I still am missing the top piece for the left side at the movie. the phone didnt do anything and people were talking about a camera?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Oh I thought you said you had both pieces. How many tokens have you used so far?

      1. Lisa

        sorry, no I only have the top for the right side of the movie projector

        1. Lisa

          sorry, no I only have the top for the right side of the movie projector

          1. AppUnwrapper

            Have you opened up the drawers of the desk yet?

            1. Lisa

              yes draws are done

                1. Lisa

                  one i think

                  1. AppUnwrapper

                    What was the last thing you did? The last item you used?

          2. Lisa

            the wooden door appears , i go through, and change my fate again. I have Release done. when i respawn in the main room i still have the screwdriver, piece for main movie part, and the top for the right movie part

  63. mike

    I am in the release finish and my clock face has never closed after I retrieved the first crystal. I cannot seem to close it myself either. HELP!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You don’t need to close it. Don’t worry about it. 🙂

  64. mike

    In inventory I have screwdriver, craftsman key, a metal device, mysterious artifact that I have already used once to end in the boat.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      The metal device is what you use near where the safe was.

    2. AppUnwrapper

      Oops, I thought you were Lisa who was asking about that. Didn’t mean to give you the whole answer. Sorry!

  65. mike

    The metal device has really stumped me. I cannot find anywhere it works.

  66. mike

    Thanks I had not gone back there since knocking it off .

  67. Cindi

    The music is playing while I dial the numbers on the telephone (1795), but the phone in the library is not ringing. What am I missing?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Are you sure you dialed the numbers correctly? And is the blank wax cylinder in the library one?

      1. Steve

        You must turn the dial until it stops. If you stop even a little bit short it will not work.

      2. Cindi

        Yes and yes. The answer below was the solution to my problem. Thanks, guys!

  68. Lisa

    ok, Im back ! In my inventory I have the skrewdriver, the top for the right projector at the end and the octagon for the top of the center projector. You had asked how many tokens I have used, one but I dont remember if I used two. The Escape card is up in the machine.


    1. AppUnwrapper

      If the Escape card is up, you used two. What was the last thing you did? Usually completing one puzzle will leave you with an item you can use. Did you get the wax cylinder yet?

      1. Lisa

        Ok, I need to get the phone to work, thats what I am missing

        1. AppUnwrapper

          If you got the Escape card from Maggie already, you should have the crank handle. Did you already use that?

  69. Lisa

    yes, for the phonograph? I dont have the other cylendar to open the drawer under the theater.

    1. Lisa

      im stuck on the phone, i dial 1795 then go to the other phone but its not ringing

      1. AppUnwrapper

        Did you place the blank wax cylinder in the one that says 1795 on it?

      1. Lisa

        i did a search on this page for the phone and found I was not dialing it until it stopped. i have the cylinder now. thanks !

  70. Adriana

    I got through the first alternate ending, the release, but when I changed my fate to complete a new one, it took me back to the table where the pyramids are, and there’s only 1 spinning pyramid, and not all the others I’d had. Also, the room with the fortune teller is no longer there; it looks as it did before with the partial broken arch.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Uh oh. That sounds like your game may have set you back to a much earlier place. You might want to contact the developer and see if they can help.

  71. Kathy

    I tried the round metal object on the right side of the book to get to the stage. I went back and changed the shape to be a square because the round shape didn’t open the book. The square nor the round object won’t open the book. What am I missing? I am holding: the screwdriver, the craftman’s key, the mysterious artifact, the cross shaped key and the metal object. Any help greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Kathy

      I figured out my own question. When you add the metal object into the box with the three crystals you have a choice of three different shapes: the square, the column shape AND the round ball/spherical. I had the column shape and thought it was the round ball/spherical shape. They are very different. The round ball/spherical is the one that fits into the closed book.

  72. Robert

    Being through all the 4 endings, the apparatus in the fortune teller╬ô├╢┬╝╬ô├╢├▒s drawer (beside the coin slot) remains unused, is there any hint to handle that… or is is just supposed seeding a little confusion? 😉

    1. unguided

      You mean the power circuitry for the great khan? Basically the artifact you retrieved from the console “innards” is what “powers” the great khan. (notice how it powers down the moment you rip out the artifact)

  73. David

    Regarding the “gold medallion”/”trackball” for the railing in the tower to break the safe: Where do you get this medallion? I am stumped. I have looked through all the previous steps in the walkthrough (1-8) and there is no mention of this medallion. Then you get to step 9 and it says, “It turns out this trackball actually controls the chandelier like a pendulum.” What trackball? It is a total non sequitur. Very confused.

  74. David

    OK, I was looking at the slot on the railing next to the safe. I am not sure what fits there. But I now see that the medallion you are referring to is on the railing opposite the safe.

  75. Emma

    When I go to the book to get the gold cube the book is already shut and I can’t find a way to open it and retrieve the gold cube. Can’t seem to get any further because of this. Any ideas?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      If you can’t find the cube, you can restart the chapter and everything will be back where it started.

  76. Kevin

    So I’ve got this problem. I put the sphere into the Great Khan book and got the wax cylinder back in the main game but I never used the monitor at the spot where I formed the cube to a sphere to do the maze. How do I get the sphere back out again so I can do the maze? Or am I missing something?

    1. Alsart Savience

      Don’t worry, The sphere is not supposed to come out once you put it in the socket.
      You just need the two crystals.

    2. Nacha

      Para hacer el laberinto, lo Γö£Γòænico necesario es tener las dos gemas violetas que se encuentran (una en el reloj y otra en la caja fuerte) las colocas en el artefacto y ya se te activa la pantalla psra poder hacer el laberinto

  77. anonymous

    “Here’s a video on how to use a rotary phone.”

    Are you freaking kidding me?

    1. anonymous


  78. Mandy

    Thanks for the walkthrough! I’d have never managed this game, particularly the alternate endings without it.

  79. Deantra

    Yeah the sphere got stuck for me too and then I lost a blue crystal at some point and could get the sphere back out to do the blue crystal thing again after I’d finished one chapter but I needed it to alter the ending!! So…I’m starting from scratch and trying NOT to get ahead of myself this time.

  80. Mikayla

    Is there any particular reason I can not crank the handle on the phonograph/ music player thing in the room with the tree. I have the crank and all, it is just not reacting to my finger. Am I missing something???

  81. Michelle

    There is no mechanism in the coin slot of the fortune teller. I push the slot in, I pull it out still nothing please help! I’ve completed the game and one alternate the “release” ending. Now I’m stuck

  82. Prithviraj Naik

    i don’t have the craftsman’s key and the final door is closed even though i completed the normal ending

  83. Stephanie M. Abreu

    What if there is no square object? My book of Khan was already in a closed position, no square

    1. Gina

      Me too!! Where the hell did it go? LOL. Help!! And thanks so much!! This is the most comprehensive walk through I’ve ever used!!

  84. Sofia

    So, I’ve somehow ended up with both the triangle-shaped AND rectangle-shaped projector additions, but I’m stuck. I haven’t yet completed any of the alternate endings (I’ve gone through the train probably 5 times now, ugh). For some reason my 5th triangle is missing from the fountain….so the portals seem to be messed up. When I connect the electrical piece to the chandelier tower projector, THAT portal takes me to the ending instead of the observatory. But when I arrive, I’ve somehow not taken with me the projector additions, and have instead the craftman’s key (which I didn’t start with when I returned to the fountain).

    Help? What am I missing?? I’ve gone through all the alternate ending walkthroughs and seem to have finished all the puzzles…..I’m so confused. Perhaps there’s a bug on my end?

  85. James

    Thanks for this walk through. The alternative endings are WAY more obscure than the rest of the game and I would have just got sick of walking from room to room without this guide.

  86. Amy Sullivan

    I can’t get the track ball thing for the chandalier to work. What am I doing wrong?

    1. W

      Start by swinging back and forth .. then circles

  87. Pehn

    Please help
    There is no mechanism in the token slot…did I miss anything?

  88. Edie Frederic

    I am at next stage, but my Great Khan book is closed, what have done wrong? Help please

  89. Faden

    I’m trying to do the alternate ending but fear i have made a mistake which has now glitched the game.
    The crank for the chandelier i used first to unlock the metal bar door and it did not give the crank back.
    I can not proceed any further without that crank.

    Am i missing something or do i have to restart the game from scratch?

  90. Hanji

    I completed all four fates. Thank you for a few of your helpful clues. I was stumped with what to do with the safe. Also with looking on the other side of the hex to use the screwdriver on the slider. My question is after the second fate is completed, when you go into the library and place the eyepiece towards the spent Maggie, there are a bunch of symbols that appear on the walls around her. Has anyone figured what this means, and what to do about it? I scaled each room over and could not figure it out. Please advise. Hope they create a Room Four soon!

  91. Megan

    I am stuck at the pendulum/tree key. I have the metal wheel device that moves the circle on the track, but when I look through it with my lens there is no glowing key to put together. Is there something I need to turn on first?

    1. Ahmed Hassan

      same problem

    2. Ron

      Did you ever figure this out?

      1. Megan

        Since the game wasn’t available on PC or for iOS at that point, I was using an emulator (I didn’t have an Android device to play on). The developer quickly responded to my message regarding this point, stating that this was a known issue and that unfortunately there wasn’t a fix for it. Never did get past that stage of the game.

        1. Ron

          Hey, thanks so much! That explains it. I’m also using an emulator (my android wasn’t compatible). What a weird glitch!!

          Thanks for responding – and so quickly 🙂

  92. Amanda

    Thank you!!

  93. Ron

    I have the same problem. I don’t see the glowing key to put together?

  94. lucasthech

    the key key dont appears to me in the “bell” place

  95. Brad Korkowski

    Just to clarify… Should I have noticed and solved these alternate ending puzzles earlier in Chapter 5? Is it better to start from the beginning?

  96. Misti McCorkle

    I changed my fate and like an idiot I chose to go to the same place I got the imprisoned fate from. How do I proceed? I placed the craftman’s key in the same place once I got there cuz there was nothing else to do after choosing that place to go to and now I am stuck. It won’t do anything else. What do I do??????

  97. Jeremy Balcom

    Accept your fate

  98. Enzo Nunes

    Worts ending possible. A nice lore development just for a terrible conclusion. The first ending is acceptable, the other 3 are just pointless and repetitive. In the end, nothing happened, that’s it. A deception. Worst “The Room”. =3

  99. Tara

    So I’m at the grandfather clock but I don’t have a slider like in the walkthrough so I can’t change the time….

  100. Sam

    When I try to get release it just gives me the escape ending again, am I missing something?

  101. Liselotte Frejdig

    After the math problems, only the first row pair is lit up.

  102. Horst

    I can’t use the trackball to control the pendulum on my iPad. Have I to do something to “set it free” that it can be moved?

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