The Room Three (3): Escape, Release, Lost Alternate Endings/ Bonus Puzzles Walkthrough

The Room Three
By: Fireproof Games


This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough with hints, help, tips, tricks, answers and solutions for all three alternate endings of The Room Three by Fireproof Games. Only read this if you don’t mind spoilers. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

Chapter 1, The Lighthouse | Chapter 2, The Clock Tower. | Chapter 3, The Forge. | Chapter 4, The Observatory. | Chapter 5, The Projector, Imprisoned Ending. | Release Ending | Escape Ending | Lost Ending

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Ending 1, Imprisoned:

You get this ending by playing through Chapter 5 and getting on the train.

Alternate Endings:

Tap on Change Your Fate in the menu. Now you’re back at the fountain. You need to find objects around Grey Holm manor that you can use to get the alternate endings. You should have the screwdriver and Craftsman’s Key at this point. **Note: These items don’t all go with you when you step through a portal. Don’t freak out when you notice them missing!

I’ll be taking you through all the puzzles in Grey Holm manor so you can get the items you need to complete the three alternate endings. If you want to see the walkthrough for each ending separately, use the links at the top of the page.

You can also watch my video walkthrough for all three alternate endings here:

1. First, go to the library. Go to Maggie the fortune teller. Pull out the token slot and take the small mechanism. Rotate the little slider to make a circle and it will turn into a key.






2. Go up the stairs. Close the Great Khan book (or poster box) and take the cubic metal object.



3. Go to the study from Chapter 1 and find the grandfather clock. If you equip your eyepiece, you can see that there’s a glow on 12, 3, 6 and 9. Every 15 minutes a slider will appear on the clock. Slide it to the right to open the clock and get a puzzle with the pendulum.




4. Put your eyepiece on for this. The pendulum will swing past three numbers — 4, 1, 2. You need to pull down each of the metal cylinders to those numbers. Then the clock face will open up and you can take the crystal.






5. There’s a keyhole on the right drawer of the desk. Use the small mechanism key to unlock the drawer. It appears empty at first. But there’s a hidden compartment. Look at the left side of the drawer and slider the slider to the left. Now there’s a handle in the drawer!







6. Use the handle on the left drawer and turn it. Read the letter inside, then look closely at the right side of the drawer for another slider. Slide it up to unlock the puzzle with the three circles. Rotate the left circle until you see another slider. Slide it over to unlock the cabinet door to the right.







7. Read the letter and solve the puzzle by sliding everything back and forth and into place. The final switch will release the third circle. Match both circles up around the gaps in the wood and then take the token.








8. Go back to the library. Place the token in the token slot for Maggie the Fortune Teller. Push it in and she’ll start dealing some cards. She points to one of them (for me it was Imprisoned) and the slot opens on the machine, giving you the crank wheel. She writes “HE DECEIVES YOU” on the glass after. Creepy!






9. Go up the elevator to the atrium. There’s a locked safe up here. It turns out this trackball actually controls the chandelier like a pendulum. You need to move it back and forth, back and forth to gain momentum, then swing it at the back of the safe. It will drop down to the lower level and break open. Go back down and find it. Read the letter and take another crystal.







10. Go through this door and find this machine. Place the metal object on the square platform. This will release the handle. Move the handle to the left to power up the machine. Put on your eyepiece and use the arrows to turn the cube into a sphere. Press the middle button to eject it. You now have a sphere.







11. Add the two crystals to the one that’s already in the machine. Now you’ll have to solve another maze.



12. I found this a lot easier than the other maze. You basically go in the direction the arrow points you. You want it to eventually point north, and you’ll end up in front of a table. Take the mysterious artifact. Notice the bottom of the artifact matches the indentation we saw on the right projector in Chapter 5 right before entering the train.



13. Go back to the room you started in after the train. Place the crank wheel next to the iron gate and rotate it to open the gate. Go down the stairs to a whole new room!





14. Looks like there’s some math problems to solve here. Pull each of the levers to see some numbers in each drawer. I’m going to start with the left one. Notice the arrows, telling you that the equation starts from the bottom. So you get +08 +04 +05 = 17.


15. The next one is +07 x04 +03 = 31.


16. And the last one is more difficult. It’s +08 x02 +07 +03 -05 +09 = 30.


17. This next puzzle is easy. Just slide the sliders to the spots that are lit up. The word “LIBRARY” will light up. Lets go visit the library. But before you go, read the letter in this drawer.





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295 thoughts on “The Room Three (3): Escape, Release, Lost Alternate Endings/ Bonus Puzzles Walkthrough

  1. Kevin

    So I’ve got this problem. I put the sphere into the Great Khan book and got the wax cylinder back in the main game but I never used the monitor at the spot where I formed the cube to a sphere to do the maze. How do I get the sphere back out again so I can do the maze? Or am I missing something?

    1. Alsart Savience

      Don’t worry, The sphere is not supposed to come out once you put it in the socket.
      You just need the two crystals.

    2. Nacha

      Para hacer el laberinto, lo único necesario es tener las dos gemas violetas que se encuentran (una en el reloj y otra en la caja fuerte) las colocas en el artefacto y ya se te activa la pantalla psra poder hacer el laberinto

  2. Deantra

    Yeah the sphere got stuck for me too and then I lost a blue crystal at some point and could get the sphere back out to do the blue crystal thing again after I’d finished one chapter but I needed it to alter the ending!! So…I’m starting from scratch and trying NOT to get ahead of myself this time.

  3. Mikayla

    Is there any particular reason I can not crank the handle on the phonograph/ music player thing in the room with the tree. I have the crank and all, it is just not reacting to my finger. Am I missing something???

  4. Michelle

    There is no mechanism in the coin slot of the fortune teller. I push the slot in, I pull it out still nothing please help! I’ve completed the game and one alternate the “release” ending. Now I’m stuck

  5. Prithviraj Naik

    i don’t have the craftsman’s key and the final door is closed even though i completed the normal ending

    1. Gina

      Me too!! Where the hell did it go? LOL. Help!! And thanks so much!! This is the most comprehensive walk through I’ve ever used!!

  6. Sofia

    So, I’ve somehow ended up with both the triangle-shaped AND rectangle-shaped projector additions, but I’m stuck. I haven’t yet completed any of the alternate endings (I’ve gone through the train probably 5 times now, ugh). For some reason my 5th triangle is missing from the fountain….so the portals seem to be messed up. When I connect the electrical piece to the chandelier tower projector, THAT portal takes me to the ending instead of the observatory. But when I arrive, I’ve somehow not taken with me the projector additions, and have instead the craftman’s key (which I didn’t start with when I returned to the fountain).

    Help? What am I missing?? I’ve gone through all the alternate ending walkthroughs and seem to have finished all the puzzles…..I’m so confused. Perhaps there’s a bug on my end?

  7. James

    Thanks for this walk through. The alternative endings are WAY more obscure than the rest of the game and I would have just got sick of walking from room to room without this guide.

  8. Faden

    I’m trying to do the alternate ending but fear i have made a mistake which has now glitched the game.
    The crank for the chandelier i used first to unlock the metal bar door and it did not give the crank back.
    I can not proceed any further without that crank.

    Am i missing something or do i have to restart the game from scratch?

  9. Hanji

    I completed all four fates. Thank you for a few of your helpful clues. I was stumped with what to do with the safe. Also with looking on the other side of the hex to use the screwdriver on the slider. My question is after the second fate is completed, when you go into the library and place the eyepiece towards the spent Maggie, there are a bunch of symbols that appear on the walls around her. Has anyone figured what this means, and what to do about it? I scaled each room over and could not figure it out. Please advise. Hope they create a Room Four soon!

  10. Megan

    I am stuck at the pendulum/tree key. I have the metal wheel device that moves the circle on the track, but when I look through it with my lens there is no glowing key to put together. Is there something I need to turn on first?


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