The Room Three (3): Escape, Release, Lost Alternate Endings/ Bonus Puzzles Walkthrough

18. Go to the library. The phone is ringing. Move the piece to the right and then take the cross shaped key from the phonograph. Also, notice the numbers 1795 on the telephone.



19. Go back upstairs to the Great Khan book (poster box). Place the spherical metal object in the slot on the right side of the book. (Turn yours into a sphere using the machine with the three crystals if you haven’t done so yet.) Pull the book open again and there will be a stage on top of it. Use your eyepiece to go inside. There’s a phonograph here. Take the blank wax cylinder.





21. Go back to the phonograph and place the blank wax cylinder where you found the cross key.


22. Go back downstairs. Place the cross key in the hole that’s shaped like a cross. Turn it and four symbols will appear in a sequence on four different drawers. This appear to be random each time, so you’re on your own for it. Open the drawers in that order. You get a new sequence each time you turn the key. If you get it right, you’ll get another token.



23. Give the token to Maggie the Fortune Teller. She’ll deal some more cards and this time point at the “Escape” ending. Take the crank handle from the machine.



24. Go back to the greenhouse(?) and look at the letter folded up near the phonograph. Then, place the crank handle in the slot on the phonograph and turn it. Some music will start playing into the telephone.





25. Dial the numbers you saw on the other phone (1795) and go back to the library to answer the phone. The phonograph will etch the tune into the blank wax cylinder. Take the etched wax cylinder.

*For those who need help dialing the phone number, a rotary phone works like this: you stick your finger in the hole that’s over the number you want and rotate clockwise until your finger hits that little stopper. Then wait for it to settle again and do the same with the next number. If you need more help, you can try this short video clip I made of the phone puzzle:

You can also try this instructional video I found on how to use a rotary phone:




26. Go back to the stage inside the Great Khan book (poster box). Place the etched wax cylinder into the phonograph. Press the button and the music will play. Take the third token and read the letter.




27. Go back to Maggie the Fortune Teller and give her the third token. She’ll deal four more cards and point to the one that says “Release.” Take the metal device from the drawer.



28. Go back up through the elevator to the atrium where you saw the safe originally. There’s a track running along the bannister next to where the safe was. Insert the metal device in the hole. Put on your eyepiece. There’s an etching of a key but it’s in three pieces. You need to turn the wheel to move the device and also rotate the the whole device to line up all three pieces and make a key. Then take it.




29. Now to find a use for this key! Go back to the greenhouse. There’s a brick wall with some loose bricks. Pull them out, then use your eyepiece to go inside. Line up the three pieces so they make a keyhole.




30. Now go around the the other side of the wall and insert the key in the keyhole in the tree. Turn the key. But nothing unlocks.



31. This next part is a little tricky. But my video might help. You need to go back inside the lock and turn the little handle on the key itself. It will rotate and pick part of the lock. Then, go back to the keyhole and turn the key one more time. Go back inside, turn the handle on the key again to pick another part of the lock. And last, go back to the keyhole and pull out the drawer to get the fourth and final token.







32. Go back to Maggie the Fortune Teller and insert the last token. This time she points to the “Lost” card and a different drawer will slide out. Take the second mysterious artifact. Notice that this one has a hexagon on the bottom. The machine will power down. That’s all for Maggie!




Now to get all three alternate endings, starting with Escape. Continue to the next page to see them.

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Can’t figure out the LOST ending. I used the screw-driver and booted up the camera, nothing. I always get the “Release” ending.


I cannot figure out what to do with the desk, I’ve been trying to find a way to open the drawers but so far nothing. I got all three crystals and got an artifact, a screwdriver, a wax cylindar and the craftsman key.

Please help


The artifact turns into a key.


Where was the third crystal? Or the camera? I’ve got the screwdrive and have no idea where it goes.


int he library there is a recorder for the wax cylinder. in the greenhouse there is a player. (you need handle but cant remember where I found it) anyway, put the wax cylinder in the recorder in the library and note the number on the phone. go to the green house and play the music, dial the number, go back to library and answer and record the music. then take the music to the book thing where you got the cylinder. play it. the desk you start with a key, again cant remember where I got the key, but once… Read more »


You need to make sure both cameras are projecting at the same time. The one with the solution you make with the screwdriver, and then the other “normally” since only one of them projects at one time without the screw driver trick.


thank you for lost ending))))
finally got them all


You go to the fortune teller in the library and at the place where you place tokens there’s an artefact circle thingy. If you examine it you find that it can turn into a key. That opens the drawer in the study, and you can go from there ^^

Sean Brolly

The token is a key. Look at it and slide the thing on the ring and it will transform into a key but I’m not sure what’s next


Where is the camera you used the screwdriver on?


It is the projector on the right


What is the camera? the hexagonal based “mysterious artifact”? and what is the use of this screwdriver?


there are two” cameras” or actually projectors..One in inside the Khan poster box in the second floor of the Library, the other is inside the monitor in the Lab.


You mean if I skipped looking into Khan poster when putting a cube in the left side, there is no way to do it since I had put a sphere in the right side of this book


You can still do it. It will come out if you tap it


Nope, sphere seems to be stuck!!


I have the exact same question!


To solve the lost ending You have to type the 1795 numbers into the old phone that is in the same room as the tree with the keyhole. Then go to the room with the gypsy. The thing with the numbers will be ringing. First, place the sound reel into the music thing next to it, then slide the lever across. It will make the reel engraved. Take it to the stage place where you got the reel when it was empty. Play the song and you get another ticket coin. Use the ticket coin and you will get a… Read more »


The phone in library won’t ring after dialing the number in other phone. What am I missing?
Where do I find key for keyhole in Tree/wall?


Make sure that the music is playing when you are dialing.


Once you turn on the projector, DO NOT go through the door. Go to the other (left side) camera and turn it on. Once you do, the door will change and you can go through to the fourth and final ending, LOST.


You have to press the button on top of the tower at the side you didn’t apply the screwdriver to


I can’t work out how to get any of the endings, I have completed the first ending imprisoned and have tried to change my fate but I do not have the key from the fortune teller so cannot progress. I have the wax cylinder, the screwdriver and the architect’s key but this is all, I have placed one of the crystals into the machine but am missing the one from the safe!
I don’t know how to complete any of the endings from here, can someone please help?


Both towers must the top of the towers until they do.wooden door will be replaced with another one that ain’t wooden!


I know you probably don’t play anymore, but you still have to complete both towers, then the wall turns to a slick of oily stuff, and brings to another planet. Can’t wait till 4!


where do you use the screwdriver in the alternate ending? and where is the third crystal, I have the one from the safe…
I also have a key I cant find the keyhole too, and there is something embedded in a tree?


Look on the other side of the wall from the tree. On the bricks.


Third crystal is in the grandfather clock behind the desk. A door opens when it chimes each quarter hour I think. It displays the device’s time so you can change there if you don’t want to wait.


Screwdriver is used for FINAL ending. The projector on the right will be blocked by a metal plate that can be unscrewed. On the other side of the tree thing, you need to pull out the loose bricks and use the eyepiece to enter


Where do I put the “a metal device”


I’ve managed to do the Lost and Escape ending…but am stuck by few things – how to open the safe, where the third crystal is, and how to turn on the monitor in the lab (i assume the three are related) there’s also the issue of the gold medallion on the railing in the library tower, and whether the chandelier does anything…and what is the camera? is it the hexagon base object that you use at the end? any advice would be helpful. I will contribute in kind.


In the library tower on the railing in the back is a gold button of sorts, you rock it back and fourth to rock the bell and hit the safe, the crystal is inside the safe when it fall to the main room. The crystal turns on the monitor. The part I’m stuck on is I can’t find what to do with an item called ” a metal device” and you apparently know what to do with it, so if you could tell me it would be appreciated and thx in advance


If it’s the steering wheel with a curve to it, it’s for the railing next to the safe. if it’s a circle, examine it and t’ll turn into a key that you use on the desk in the study. if it’s a hex-based shape, it gets used in the tower scene at the end on one of the two extra bases/ let me know if it’s something other than that.


What is different to obtain the LOST ending?


in the lost ending, both “cameras” or actually secondary projectors, are running. you’ve used the screwdriver to open the shutter on the star shaped projector, and the portal should appear as the Null goop.




Any tips on getting the ball to move to rock the chandelier to drop the safe. I am using a kindle and can’t get enough movement.


I can’t get the button to rock in any direction. Do I need to do something else to it first?

The Shady Colombian

Ir rocks VERY slowly at first. Rock it slowly and it will move eventually


Line it up and you have to sort of rub at the same angle as the safe (if that makes sense). Diagonally towards the safe. I about rubbed a hole in my tablet before I realized it…


The gold medallion is the key to knocking over the safe. If you drag it back and forth (it will appear to do nothing at first so you just have to keep doing it for around 30 seconds) it will start to make the chandelier move back and forth as well. It isn’t actually like a medallion, but more like a trackball


Completed the game and got the Release ending. Can’t find the key for the desk??? Help! 🙂 Thanks.


you should have a small circular piece of metal in your possession. if you examine it, you should be able to rotate it to reveal a key. that will get you into the desk.


do you know where you get the circular piece of metal?



In the Kahn fortune teller slot

Teri Pettit

It’s in the slot of the fortune machine


How do you get the release ending?


Key for the desk is with the fortune teller, where the token should be placed, there’s a circle thingy and if you examine it you can turn it into a key


Complete solution for the Lost ending. In case you have got the other three, you should have both tower/camera pieces and the screwdriver. In the last room, when you put the tower pieces in place and activate them, they both get a button on top. As well as the start projecting a beam. However both towers have a shutter in front of their lens. The button on top takes the shutter away, but also closes the other one. Turn to look on the front side of the right tower and the shutter has a hole that can be opened with… Read more »


this is incomplete from my perspective: I fail to get any alternate ending yet. Would you kindly provide the solution for all bonus puzzles please?


Where doy you find the wax cylinder?


If you’ve managed to open the khan poster “box” and re-closed it, there should be a pop-up style theatre model on top. use the eyepiece to get inside, and take the cylinder from the phonograph inside.

Teri Pettit

How do you reopen the poster box after it closes? I’ve tried sliding everything that looks like it might be a latch, using both hands to pull it apart, etc., and it just stays shut. Will it only reopen when other conditions are met?


How do I activate the recording device in the library? and what can I do with the hole in the tree in the greenhouse place?


Have you been down to the “power station” level just below where you first started the game, behind the iron bars? if you solve the math puzzles in that room, you can turn on the devices in the library.


how do you get past the iron bars to get downstairs?


thanks for the tip!


How do I get into power station?


there’s a metal wheel which opens up the gate. i think the wheel can be found inside the desk in the study.


Is that in the center drawer of the desk? I have not been able to get into that drawer yet.

Weird uncle al

The fortune teller has a lever sized panel.she needs a token though.where is that? And for that matter, where are the keys? Artifact included. Also, the key needed for the green house panel would help


the key for the green house panel is what you receive in the library tower when you use the wheel that you get from the third token on the railing in said tower.. you get the token when you successfully record the phonograph music on a blank cylinder and play it inside the toy theatre.

Yes, I know how strange that sounds.


I made it through the game. I went to the change your fate and made it through the first two. Stuck now :/ Still working on it.


I think you have to go through the Imprisoned ending before you can get the wheel to open the power station. I remember picking up on the idea after reading the message from the Craftsman that there’s no point if you can’t tell a room from a prison. I figured that what if a prison, in turn, could be a room?


my apologies…you receive the wheel when you give the fortune teller machine the first token, which is in the center of the desk in the study…


Where’s the other latch for the right side of the desk drawr


good question. it’s hard to see, but if you opened the left side of the middle drawer, there’s a small switch that can be flipped to unlock the right side.


I have the cylinder wax but after seeing all the comments this barely help. No crystal. Where is the crystal? Where is the key?? where is the phonograph handle???? where is the token for the fortune teller????? what should I do????? I have no idea what to do. 🙁


okay – first, you need the key. go to the fortune teller machine, and open the slot, a round disk should be ther. it’s the key. examine it, and after some twisting, it becomes a key. go to the study and use the key to unlock the top right drawer. make sure to look on the open drawers for levers. you should eventually be able to open the whole desk.


after the desk is completely open, you’ll get the first token. use that at the fortune teller, and use the wheel to open the gate in the prison. Th wax cylinder doesn’t come into play until you have the power on in the room by the prison.


you get a second token in the power room from the chest of drawers (if you open it with the cross shaped key), which you get – i think – from the grandfather clock (be at the clock when the minute hand is either at 12, 3, 6, 9 , and use the open panel to open the clock. The clock has a combination (Iknow the first number is 4) and you can get the cross key lever.

Teri Pettit

Are the any clues to what the combination is to the clock weights? If so, where can they be found?


There probably are, but I just used trial-and-error; since there are only 3 weights, it wasn’t too hard to just sit there andgo through all the options until I found the right one.. It doesn’t take as long as you’d think 🙂


Please help!! I have a screwdriver an artifact and a key what do I do with them?


don’t worry about the screwdriver….what to do next depends on what the artifact looks like. is it a box, or a circular metal thing? if it’s a box, is the base hexagonal, or almost square?


The artifact is shaped like a triangle


also, what does the key look like?


The key is silver with a circle at the end


The circular key should be able to open the desk drawer in the study. the artifact can be used in the final tower, if you already have the craftsman’s key (the dodecahedron?)


What is the final tower?


It appears once you have all five pyramids as a portalway in the main room. once you go there, you have 4 possible endings. if you have one of the artifacts, you can access two of the endings.


Okay, I have every ending execeptthe very last one. How do I get it?


I’m stuck at what to do with the third handle I got from the desk! What do I do with it??


I have completed the first three endings but don’t even know where to begin for the fourth. Anyone have any advice?


If I’m correct, you have both artifacts and the screwdriver. when you’re at the final tower, hook up both projectors, and use the screwdriver on the shutter on the front of the right projector to remove the shutter. push the button on both projectors, and the portal should be the null goop. walk through and see what happens.


Blargh, I had a similar thought but didn’t look close enough at the towers (consistently my problem with these games). Thanks for the help!


I know, It’s a stupid question, but I don’t know, what do you mean with “the power-station” :’D Can you shortly explain, which things are in the room?


it’s the room behind the bars in the prison room you arrived in. if you haven’t opened that room, you need to visit the fortune teller and insert a token, which you can do if you’ve fully unlocked the desk.


I completed second ending. Now I have a screwdriver, Craftman’s key and a mysterious artifact. What is next?. I cannot find anything new. Please help


Im stuck with the safe and the golden circular in the back, can someone explain me how that one works thanks


The gold emblem on the railing moves the pendulum in the center of the room. Slowly move your finger back and forth over it and you will see the pendulum begin the swing. Keep swinging it until it knocks the safe onto the floor.

Teri Pettit

It took me about 10 to 15 MINUTES of rubbing the trackball before the chandelier began to swing. I never would have persisted that long if it hadn’t been for this walkthrough. They should make it more sensitive. One thing that seemed to help a lot was going past the actual ball in both directions, as if it were about twice as large as it looks. If I had started trying that earlier, it probably would not have taken me as long. But I had been trying to use it like an actual physical device, which meant keeping my finger… Read more »


How do you get the 3rd ending the release ending?


You get the Release ending when you use the triangle-shaped mysterious artifact…it is a projector that you place on one of the towers in the final scene so that instead of getting the train door you get a different door to go through.


I’ve unlocked the right drawer of the desk, slid the sliders on the left and right drawers, found the handle, and unlocked the left half of the center drawer…but I can’t figure out how to unlock the right side of the center drawer or the door underneath the right drawer. Anyone able to help?


the answer is in the left half of the center drawer…you should be able to rotate the center left disk – rotate it so that the open area is at the bottom. there’s a switch there,


any one have any idea how to get the thing from the tree in the room with the phone dial? its on the right side, if you see the phone dial on the left


First go to the other side of this wall and remove bricks
Then use your lens to get in the hole
put thing there right way
come back to the key hole, put the key, turn it for 90 degrees
come back to the hole with lens, you will see something rotateable, so zoom and rotate it
then turn key for 180 degrees and repeat your actions
then you come back to the key hole side and drawer under the key hole should be open
PS the key you will find in atrium with the thing which is right from safe
PPS sorry for my russian english)


How do you get the release ending ?


I got a key using metal device. But I can’t find a keyhole. Plz tell me where is it?


I find a key hole in the back of the tree


I have got the release ending but not the escape, how do I get e escape ending?


I need help! I finished the first end and the “release”-end, I have a screw-driver, a key with a “cross”-end and a mysterious artifact! I would be thankful, if I would get any answers.

And I have put the wax-cylinder in the recorder, selected the numbers and run the recorder against, nothing happened. Does anybody knows, why?


if you have the key with the cross end, have you used it in the power station room on the chest of drawers? it should give you a token after a quick puzzle.


I know, It’s a stupid question, but where is the power station room? :’D Only explain the things in the room, so I can find it easily.


I found it 😀 it was the room in the underground


Sry again, but I used the machine again (3rd time) and got a key. Where should I use the key and what happens afterward?


Im stuck on the safe in the library tower. I know the gold button on the landing is the solution, but I can’t seem to press / move etc it. Does it need to be unlocked first?


I had a rough time finding that one too. Try holding it down, and tilting it.

Literally worked on that one for two days and couldn’t figure it out.


no – try just moving your finger back and forth over it slightly, until you see the lamp start to shift. think about it like getting a swing started when you can push off. be patient. once you get it started, you can steer it toward the safe

Teri Pettit

It took me ages to get it going as well, over 10 minutes of rubbing before it budged. The trick is to let your finger make swipes that are larger than the image of the trackball. At first, and indeed for a very long time, I was treating it like a real trackball, which meant keeping my finger entirely within the bounds of the gold ball. It didn’t start working until I started pretending the ball was about twice as big as it looks. (I was using an iPad Air 2; the touch region may be bigger than the image… Read more »

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