The Room 3 (Three): Walkthrough Chapter 3, The Forge

16. Go through the door to the next room. Pick up the chess piece.


17. Find this locked door and slide the lock open. It’s a hatch/window into the other room.



18. Use the control panel to move the sandbag through that window/hatch and lower it onto the circular saw table. Then use the saw to tear open the bag and take the metal bar.




19. Go to the forge. Open the oven and place the kindle inside. Then insert the flint next to it and spin the metal wheel to get sparks flying to light the fire.



20. Pull the metal funnel over the mold. Place the gold bar in the funnel, then slide it back in. Set the mold to look like the bottom key on the pyramid/box. Use the bellows to heat up the coals and melt the metal. It will then automatically pour into the key mold. Take the key from the bucket. If you messed up and made the wrong key, you can melt it down again.






21. Use the key in the keyhole on the pyramid.


22. The piece that pops out below the keyhole doesn’t seem to do anything at first. But actually, it unlocks a part of the pyramid on whichever side you slide it to. So first, slide it to the left. Then turn to the left side of the pyramid and take the small connector.



23. Turn to the right side of the pyramid and use the connector on the two toggles next to each other. Then spin the wheel to make them both drop. Take the mechanical disk.



24. Now lift up the flap and solve this next puzzle. You need to move the squares around so the cross and circle swap places. Then take the metal casting.




25. Place the metal casting with the lightbulb a and move the piece to the second bulb to light it.


26. Go back to the slider below the keyhole on the pyramid. Slide it to the right and look at the right side of the pyramid. Take the hollowed-out metal block.



27. Place the hollowed-out metal block at the bottom of the other mold pieces. Don’t make a new key yet.


28. Look at the mechanical disk in your inventory. Spin it around and it will turn into a gear.


29. Go back to the other room. Place the gear on the machine holding the chess piece in place. It will move, lifting the metal panel and revealing a belt. Take it and place it on the other gears. The machine will release the chess piece and you can take it.






30. Go back to the pyramid. Place the two chess pieces on the side with the circle that looks a bit like a dart board, the same design on the bottom of the two chess pieces. Place them in the holes. Then use the eyepiece to see through this next puzzle. It’s a 3D house. Press all the buttons and slider all the sliders until some mirrors pop out of the pyramid.




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  1. jeffrey

    hi there i got stuck in the room three and this site was a really big help.
    i was almost an hour in that room and it where 2 simple switches on the iron box.

    thank you so much its really appriciated.

    regards and now off we go by ourselfe haha

      1. Kyle finley

        Yes i don’t know were to find the slot to stick the music cylinder at, when your in chapter 2 when you take the cube out and you see the sphere slot there also, well chapter 3 you can forge the cube to the sphere useing the machine when you turn towards the power bracket, well you get the music cylinder once you place the sphere in it and you get it but have no clue where it goes, there is another music cylinder on a nother on the 1st floor but can’t get power to them?? Or do I have to just beat it in a sertian time frame??? If anyone figures it out please let me know I’m going crazy and had restarted it twice already lol

  2. Paul

    Completed the forge, have the pyramid but have been transported to a greenhouse. Dilapidated with no apparent escape or anything to interact with. An old switch, but can’t zoom in. The help tells me I need to go to the observatory but no idea how to get out. Can’t find any mention here. Any ideas?


    1. AppUnwrapper

      Did you place the new pyramid on the fountain with the others?

      1. Paul

        no! I picked up the pyramid and was transported to the greenhouse. I have the pyramid but can’t escape the greenhouse!

        1. AppUnwrapper

          You should be able to turn around and walk back to the fountain.

  3. Paul

    Maybe a bug then. I can’t turn 360 degrees in the greenhouse. I can only do around 180 degrees and then I’m stuck. Have restarted the chapter but the same thing happens…

  4. Paul

    Restarted the ipad and chapter again and now can zoom out and turn around and carry on.
    Thanks for your help. You are a star.

  5. Donna

    Some of your screenshots are too dark to see. Having trouble locating the locked door to slide the bolts in the forge section.

  6. Jaxson

    Where did you get the metal piece you melt?

  7. ham

    I found the metal piece I dont know what to do noe!!!!!

  8. Javed

    I put the bag on cutting machine but the bag is not cutting by machine..

    1. Javed

      I trying to find the gold bar…
      But the gold bar is not getting..

  9. Joseph

    Hi there.
    After I finished “the forge” I got sent to the green house but I cannot leave it.
    I saw your video of the beginning of chapter 4 and you get sent to the green house with one pyramid and you just go to the door and leave. I get sent to the green house with two pyramids a cube and some sort of key and when i try to leave the second room to go to the fountain I cannot!
    Any ideas what’s going on?
    PS I am playing on an android tablet.
    Thank you.

  10. Carlos

    I am with the same problem Joseph πŸ™

  11. Char

    I put the kindling and flint in its place and I can get sparks to fly, but the kindling won’t light on fire. I’ve restarted the level and it still won’t work. Please help me!

    1. Seema

      Me too can’t get kindling to for up

  12. Prashant

    I have same problem as Joseph and Carlos. πŸ™

    1. Carlos

      Just restart the chapter Prashant πŸ˜‰ worked with me!

  13. nith

    How to turn on the blade…?? i tried searching… I’m Stuck here… plz hel

  14. Gerard

    In the Forge I can’t get the metal bar to go into the cross-shaped slot. I’ve zoomed in as far as I can. Stuck, help!

  15. bahruel

    On number 23 I could pull it

  16. Robweeve

    Spin the flint wheel counter clockwise quickly so it makes a lot of sparks directed at the kindling that’s in its closed burning chamber

  17. Emmi

    The box that i have to push gems in is slightly slanted and it’s not letting me push the gems in HELP πŸ™

  18. Barbara Poley

    In the forge I have opened the mechanical arm but I cannot locate the cam gears to put in it. Can anyone help please.

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