The Room 3 (Three): Walkthrough Chapter 5, The Projector, Imprisoned Ending

The Room Three
By: Fireproof Games


This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough with hints, help, tips, tricks, answers and solutions for The Room Three by Fireproof Games. This takes you through the first ending of the fifth and final chapter, The Projector. Only read this if you don’t mind spoilers. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

**Note: You can find a complete video walkthrough for each chapter at the beginning of of each chapter. They follow my walkthrough exactly, so it’s easier to find a part that you need. I’ve also added short clips throughout of some individual puzzles. If you’re having trouble with a specific puzzle and want me to add it, just ask.

Chapter 1, The Lighthouse | Chapter 2, The Clock Tower. | Chapter 3, The Forge. | Chapter 4, The Observatory. | Chapter 5, The Projector, Imprisoned Ending.

See all three alternate endings, Release, Escape, Lost.

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Chapter 5, The Projector, Imprisoned Ending:

1. Find your way back to the fountain and place the fifth pyramid on the white triangle. Ooooohh they all combine to make the Craftsman’s Key. Take it.



2. This time the door/portal automatically opens. Go through to be teleported to the top of the tower you saw outside the window.



You can see my video walkthrough for Chapter 5 and the Imprisoned ending here:

3. Place the Craftsman’s key on top of the puzzle box on the table and it will open up.



4. Pick up the metal ring. Place it over the circle on the brown puzzle box. Turn it to open a small hole. Use the eyepiece to look inside.




5. Use the lever to move the gear and the rotating disc to rotate the tumblers. You want the holes to end up directly under the three cylinders. Then press the button to turn on the laser.



6. This whole device is a projector. Slide this mirror to the left to make the slides move, projecting a movie onto the screen.


7. Now that everything’s spinning, you can access the mirror on the side of the device.


8. Place the mirror here, then move the other mirror back to the right. The laser will hit the Craftsman’s Key and you can use your eyepiece to explore inside it!





9. Use the buttons in front of you to get all four lasers pointing at the red crystal. It will shoot a red laser out of the Craftsman’s key, opening a new doorway. Before going through the doorway, look at the two puzzle boxes that just appeared. You can’t do anything wi them yet, but you want to come back here later when you have the right objects for them.





10. It’s a portal back to the train from the beginning! Go through and read the letter from the Craftsman. He asks you a riddle: “What is the difference between a maze and a Labyrinth?” He also says you don’t know the difference between a Room and a Prison. Hmmmmm….



11. When you zoom out from the letter, you’ll get a cutscene. This is the end, but it’s only one of four endings. It’s called “Imprisoned.” Continue with the walkthrough to see the other endings.


Continue to the walkthrough for the alternate endings, Release, Escape, Lost.

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  1. Diego

    I’m in chapter 5 , I’ve got the 5th pyramide, but I can not go to place it, because there is no lift anymore. Is this any bug? Please help me!!!!

      1. Lukas

        I know your message is old, but I am in the same situation, found last piramid, but can not go to the main room because there is no elevator. I tried the ‘restart chapter’ but this doesn’t change a thing. Anyone any idea how I can move on in the game?

    1. mIX

      I have this exact problem too! No elevator/lift. 🙁

      1. mIX

        The elevator/lift was back after I restarted the chapter. I thought that option would take me back to the beginning, but it didn’t.

      2. Aradhana

        Go to the other sidevof the room. The elecator did not vanish. You are in the wrong side of the room

  2. sally

    Wait – I’m confused. I’m at the “portal” – but how do I get back to the train? Do I have to do something to/in the portal? The Hint just tells me something belongs in those two sockets.

  3. sally

    Never mind – I see the train now 🙂

  4. Jack

    We are stuck trying to align the tumblers in the projector. They seem to be lined up, but not matter what we do, the pistons will not go all the way in. Did anyone else have trouble getting them lined up exactly right?

  5. Kat

    I can’t get the gramophone in the library to accept the wax cylinder after finding it in the theatre pop up book. :/

  6. Min Khant

    What about change my fate chapter. Can I get some clue or answer or hints. Thanks.

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