The Room 3 (Three): Escape, Second Ending Walkthrough

Now to find a use for this key! Go back to the greenhouse. There’s a brick wall with some loose bricks. Pull them out, then use your eyepiece to go inside. Line up the three pieces so they make a keyhole.




Now go around the the other side of the wall and insert the key in the keyhole in the tree. Turn the key. But nothing unlocks.



This next part is a little tricky. But I’ll get a video of it later. You need to go back inside the lock and turn the little handle on the key itself. It will rotate and pick part of the lock. Then, go back to the keyhole and turn the key one more time. Go back inside, turn the handle on the key again to pick another part of the lock. And last, go back to the keyhole and pull out the drawer to get the fourth and final token.







Go back to Maggie the Fortune Teller and insert the last token. This time she points to the “Lost” card and a different drawer will slide out. Take the second mysterious artifact. Notice that this one has a hexagon on the bottom. The machine will power down. That’s all for Maggie!




Time to go back through the portal to the projector and get the Escape ending. Play through until you get the train door. Don’t go through the door. This time, place the hexagonal mysterious device on the left projector. Use the eyepiece to go inside.




This puzzle seems tricky at first. But all you need to do is grab the little piece that slides around. Move it until you see the laser. Then, keep moving it in tune with the laser until all the lights light up. Press the button on top of the projector. A new door will open. Go through to get the Escape ending.




Continue to the walkthrough for the Lost ending.

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  1. Lori

    Help! I lost my third crystal – the one I got from the clock! I had to restart chapter 2x as I cannot get the library phone to ring the second time (after the wax cyl is placed in the phonograph). So, still can’t get that to happen, and can’t do much anything else….except go thou to the ending with the train.
    I tried following your steps exactly for the 2d ending (and steps leading to the first ending) but still have these issues? Glitch the the Room or me? Thanks!!!!

      1. Lori

        Thanks, but i’m 52 yrs old. Born in 1963. All I had until I was in my 20s were rotary phones. I know how to dial a phone. I just retried the chapter for the 4th time. Phone NEVER rings a second time. So there, I am still stuck. ????
        Gonna ck out the video you linked again.

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Ahh sorry. 😉 That’s what many people were having an issue with, so just checking all bases! Not really sure why it won’t work for you. 🙁

          1. rita

            I had gotten the phone to ring but I didn’t have the wax cylinder at the time. Once I got it and placed it on the machine, I could not get the phone to ring again even though I verified all the steps. I too know how to dial a rotary phone. I wonder if doing certain things out of order causes this problem.

            1. Lori

              Yes, it seems things must be done in a particular order – on my 5th reset/redo of the chapter, I got the phone to ring. Even reading the notes at specific times matters.

              1. rita

                I’m glad you got it to work. I did too. I don’t know if it was just coincidence but after dialing the rotary phone several times with no luck, I dialed zero first, and then the 1795. I was thinking that maybe there needed to be a way to cancel all my earlier tries. Well that seemed to do the trick.

      2. Example M elpmaxE

        I did EXACTLY everything you said, but when I turned the handle on the record player, the phone didnt light up and now I cant do anything, and yes I did put the wax thing in the phonograph. Help Me! -Thanks-

  2. Jacqueline Davie

    Have been repeatedly trying to understand where you obtained the wax cylinder from in order to complete the ‘phone/recording’ cycle: in your walk through guide (linked above) you jump from having only two items in your inventory, to suddenly being in possession of an orb – which is what I think may be necessary to obtain the wax cylinder (pictures 2 and 3)…if this is correct, please explain whence cometh the orb? Absolutely devoted to this game (I’m in my 70s) and have so far been relieved to have your assistance now and again; can’t work this one out though!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      If you follow the Release ending walkthrough I made, that shows you how to get the sphere, which then allows you to get the wax cylinder.

      I also made a walkthrough for all three endings together, but I reused the same photos (and rearranged them) so that might be more confusing if you’re paying attention to the inventory:

  3. Chris G

    My key for the lock in the tree (alternate ending 2), disappeared! I was inside the tree adjusting the lock and when I had it aligned and exited the tree, the key was gone. How do I get it back?

    1. Zlad

      Same here! I closed the game and when I came back the key was gone from my inventory, I don’t know why it happened 🙁

    2. Zlad

      Never mind I figured it out. Go back to the place with the swinging chandelier from alternate ending 1, and the key will be back on the little moving platform where you got it from originally.

  4. Jamie

    I can’t get the lights to go on in the hexagonal space in the second ending. You say to keep in tune with the lazer, what do you mean?? I turn and turn but the lights won’t turn on.

    1. Peter

      I am just as confused. I cannot get any lights to stay on.

  5. sophie

    i finished ending 3 already, but i still cant get the sphere

    1. Curtis Wee

      Probably already solved it already, but I just thought I’d cover the bases for anyone else checking this out.

      You can get the Sphere by going through these steps:

      Going up to the second floor of the library, you will find a book on the table left of the window. Close the book by sliding the side up and then look to the left of the book. You will find a cube there. Take it, go down to the GreenHouse (This is according to the guide here), go to the second room in the green house with the generator. Look to the left of the generator and you should find another mini generator on a table. Get the mini generator working again (The missing 2 green crystals are not needed for this) by (If I’m not wrong, because my memory is a little foggy) placing the cube onto a small platform with the same pattern imprinted onto the cube. This will carry the Cube into a larger cube and then from there, use your scope thingy to look inside the cube and choose the shape that you want for it, which in this case, is the sphere. (Don’t worry if you mess the shape up, cause you can simply place it back on the pattern and you can choose a different shape.

      Then simply go up to the second level of the library again, look to the right of the book that you had closed. Place the sphere in the slot and open the book. There should be a theater pop up appearing. Use your scope thingy and go inside the pop up. There you will find the Wax cylinder for the music.

  6. Stefano

    I took the key from maggie in the first ending and now i can’t find it again
    What should i do?

  7. Murilo

    I need help! I can’t see the symbol of the key in my game, here’s a printscreen:
    What should I do? I want to finish this alternative ending.

    1. Saleh

      same problem

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