Facility 47: Walkthrough Guide

76. Go back to lab B-3. The door is open now and you can finally go in.


77. There’s some handles around the room and a pressure gauge. Turn some handles until the pressure gauge points to green. Then, pull the handle to cause some steam to come out from the ceiling and a new door to open.



78. Go through. Everything’s frozen. The machine tells you that the operational temperature is between -3 and -5 degrees. So go to this temperature gauge and turn the handle until the temperature is -4. You can check it on the other machine to make sure. You still need a sample to use with the machine, though. Let’s leave the room and pull the handle to open the other door again.





79. Go back to the kitchen. You can insert the green videotape of Specimen B into the VCR to see some footage of that scary sea spider. You also now have the red tape that says “Day 49 – Excavation Begins,” so play that as well.



80. Go back here to the excavation site and dig through to a new area.



81. Take the glow stick and climb into the hole at the back.


82. Pick up the ice axe and use the glow stick to see into the hole. You can continue through, but won’t be able to go very far.



83. Use the ice axe on the locked chest, then solve the puzzle as shown below to open it. Take the climbing gear and read the note.





84. Go back through the hole and use the climbing gear to climb all the way down.


85. Continue on and pick up the drill and read the letter in the wallet. Use the drill to drill a hole in the whale skeleton, then use the syringe to get some Whale Specimen.





86. Go back to the ice pool and use the ice axe to chop off a piece of the hanging ice.


87. Go back to the tent and place the ice block on the portable stove to melt it. Use the syringe to get a Polyworm Specimen. You now have all five specimens!


88. Go back to lab E-5 and place all the specimens on the table. You can examine each one by tapping on the vial.


89. Use the dropper on each vial to turn the specimen pink. Then, examine each one. Count the number of orange and pink cells in each.

A: 4 orange, 2 pink
B: 6 orange, 4 pink
C: 5 orange, 6 pink
D: 2 orange, 3 pink
E: 1 orange, 1 pink







90. Go to the rainbow chart on the wall. Put an X on all the coordinates based on the number of orange and pink cells, as so.


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147 thoughts on “Facility 47: Walkthrough Guide

  1. Megstar

    I thought I took the knife from the kitchen but its not in my inventory Is there another place it could be?

  2. Shelley

    Where did those batteries suddenly appear from in your inventory? One picture they are not there, the next one, there they are, but there is no mention of them either. Thanks.

  3. Ty

    I can’t get the computer to unlock the safe…..it tells me it’s still locked….where am I going wrong with this? I’m talking about the safe with the other cog…clicked “#5” in the list of actions..but again, I’m still not able to unlock the safe. Any help would be appreciated.


  4. Ty

    Can’t open the biostorage from the computer…hit 5 and it still tells me that it’s locked. Where am I going wrong with this?

    Any help would be appreciated.


      1. Celia

        I have the same problem, I hit 5 and enter on the computer, the screen says status unlocked, but I cannot open the Biostorage door,
        Am I doing something wrong?
        any help would be appreciated…

  5. Eric Riley

    I don’t understand how you came up with 123640 from the acetate. I don’t see how the arrows equate to those numbers. Would you please explain? Thank you.

    1. Rahna

      You take the squares from directly below the ‘start’ to be the dials on a keypad – the arrowheads tell you which numbers to stop at + which direction you move in.

  6. Sherry

    My knife went missing from my inventory after I open the drain in the toilet.. after purchasing the full story, I realise i still need to knife to open the toaster plug to get the fuse.. will appreciate any help on this! Thanks!


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