A Good Snowman is Hard to Build: Bonus Dream Puzzles Walkthrough and Solutions

A Good Snowman is Hard to Build
By: Draknek Limited


This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough for the bonus dream content of the iOS and Android game A Good Snowman is Hard to Build by Draknek Limited. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

See my walkthrough for the main content.

See my review here.

Bonus Dream Content:

Once you finish the main content, exit through the entrance to find a sort of mirror world. If you sit on a bench and go to sleep, you’ll enter a dream state in which each snowman turns into a large snowball. You can then push them around to make them shrink. The idea is to rebuild each of the snowmen so that every three are close enough to each other to make a snowman out of their three snowballs.

I put screenshots for all of them, but will make videos if there’s demand.


1. Lucy, Andy, Tanya:


2. Louise, Alex, Alice:


3. Julian, Rebecca, Kate:


4. Sally, Helen, William:


5. Paul, Ryan, Chris: This seems impossible at first, but you can actually roll snowballs over the trails from the other snowballs to keep them from getting smaller!



6. Willow, Cynthia, Michael:


7. Jack, Jill, David:


8. Adam, Jessica, Amelia:


9. Rob, James, Matthew:


10 & 11. Sarah, Freya, Ben & Alan, Richard, Zoe:


And that’s all of them! There might be another possible solution. Enter through the doorway in the sea serpent to see the ending.


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