Grayout by Mrgan: Complete Walkthrough Guide and Answers

By: Mrgan LLC


Grayout is a new text game from Neven Mrgan and James Moore, the minds behind Blackbar. It can be a bit tricky at times, so I made this walkthrough for those who get truly stuck. I’m only including the answers (and explanations where necessary) so it won’t spoil the story. Sometimes there are multiple answers that will work, but I might only give one. If you would prefer a hint instead of an answer, feel free to ask for one in the comments section. Just try to determine your page number or give me a few words from the page you’re on and I’ll give you a hint.

See my interview with Neven Mrgan about Grayout and Blackbar.


Page 1: yes

Page 2: no

Page 3: it hurts

Page 4: (any word works here)

Page 5: it’s a language disorder

Page 6: words hurt my brain

Page 7: but i can feel my arms and legs

Page 8: it can’t be

Page 9: where are my friends

Page 10: (any word works here)

Page 11: (no puzzle)

Page 12: (no puzzle)

Page 13: who is this

Page 14: please stay

Page 15: i was in an accident

Page 16: i can’t move

Page 17: straps / what / where / who

Page 18: eston don’t go

Page 19: (no puzzle)

Page 20: why am i tied down / why did you tie me down

Page 21: i don’t believe you / i doubt you

Page 22: (no puzzle)

Page 23: i feels horrendously

Page 24: (no puzzle)

Page 25: ideas shout

Page 26: this is torture

Page 27: (no puzzle)

Page 28: (no puzzle)

Page 29: thank you

Page 30: what was wrong with you

Page 31: i’m sorry

Page 32: no it was doctor groznik

Page 33: eston are you there / are you there

Page 34: (no puzzle)

Page 35: ewe lyed two mee

Page 36: (no puzzle)

Page 37: that’s what you think

Page 38: (no puzzle)

Page 39: it’s too bright

Page 40: (no puzzle)

Page 41: i hate you

Page 42: there is nothing right about this

Page 43: i’m not your ticket

Page 44: why don’t you take my place then

Page 45: evil is not a job

See my interview with Neven Mrgan.

Page 46: are you serious

Page 47: is it true

Page 48: (no puzzle)

Page 49: (no puzzle)

Page 50: we are not a couple

Page 51: please

Page 52: this is worse

Page 53: i want to die

Page 54: good (only choice)

Page 55: ok (only choice)

Page 56: goodbye / bye / good bye

Page 57: (no puzzle)

Page 58: h I

Page 59: iTS o K

Page 60: a L a iN e

Page 61: oH Gone (It’s a spoonerism. The other words — sirSt fiLLable whiP fLUrDS — tell you to flip the first syllable of each word. So it would end up sounding like “go on”.)

Page 62: boO GAn ye CoUlD (Another spoonerism. SpORk fOOn are the hints here. They turn into spoon & fork. It also says “ye CoUlD diTcH sWem” — or switch dem/them. The answer means “you can be good”.)

Page 63: (no puzzle)

Page 64: The vegEtAbLE (This is a reference to Estragon from Waiting for Godot.)

Page 65: (no puzzle)

Page 66: HELLO

Page 67: oH No

Page 68: you are the sick one

Page 69: (no puzzle)

Page 70: i want to escape

Page 71: i am your friend

Page 72: (no puzzle)

Page 73: why not tonight / why tomorrow

Page 74: GOOD bYe FRiEnd

Page 75: (no puzzle)

Page 76: whEre iS he

Page 77: No yOu diD

Page 78: i will get out of here

Page 79: I CAN (or any combination of those two words)

Page 80: YOHr UH FrawD (you’re a fraud)

Page 81: quACk

Page 82: YeaH riGhT

Page 83: FOr Get It

Page 84: (no puzzle)

Page 85: (no puzzle)

Page 86: it won’t work

Page 87: (no puzzle)

Page 88: 1 2 3 4 (easy as A B C)

Page 89: (no puzzle)

Page 90: this is it | i am strong | i can do this | spirits break chains | well un stuck

Page 91: (no puzzle)

Page 92: (no puzzle)

Page 93: the end

Now that you finished the game, read my interview with Neven Mrgan.

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  1. Alissa

    Can I get a hint for page 6? Sorry – it may have been asked before but I scrolled straight to the bottom so I wouldn’t see any answers. 😉 Thanks!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Hmm…let me see…

      If something is difficult for you, you might say this about it.

  2. thickmelon

    How do I click on I and won’t and work for page 86? The buttons do nothing

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