The Secret of Chimera Labs: Walkthrough Guide

The Secret of Chimera Labs
By: Aircamp Games


This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide for the iOS and Android game The Secret of Chimera Labs by Aircamp Games. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


1. The doors of the building are locked. But look at this sign near the sculpture.


2. Go around the back of the building. Open the grate to get a security access card.



3. Go back around to the front and use the key card to open the door and go inside.

4. Go up to the desk. Read the sign-in sheet. Then, tap on the PC and unlock the elevator and management/workshop door. Also, pick up the phone to hear a dial tone. Also, open the cabinet and pick up the green fuse.





5. Open the management office door and go in.


6. Zoom in on the desk. Look at the book of Morse code. Turn on the PC and look at everything on it. They should all be added to your journal as notes. Open the first two drawers to get a small knob and a hexagonal wrench. Open up the box to get a PCB board. Also, open the copy machine in the back of the room and look at the papers inside it.



7. Leave the room. Go upstairs and notice the puddle of green slime. Pick up the cleaning solution, broken mop pole, and paper towels.


8. Zoom back out. Look at the painting to the right. It will add a clue to your journal.



9. Tap on the door at the back of the room. Insert the knob in the hole. Now you need to use it to match the pattern from the painting. Up is blue, right is red, down is green, and left is yellow. So to get blue, red, green, red, blue, yellow, you need to move the knob up, right, down, right, up, left.


10. Now the door’s unlocked. Go through. Zoom in on the cubicle. Turn on the PC and look at everything on the screens. Also, look at the drawing and the book. It will all be added to your journal.


11. Inspect the other side of the desk. Pick up the car keys and look through the magnifying glass to see a tangled mess of wires on the spider. Also, open the tool box to get a blue electrical fuse.



12. Look at the other desk in the room. Look at the note on the wall to get a clue for your journal. Insert the PCB board on the device. Turn on the PC and look at all the screens to get more clues. Turn to the one with the spider and match the symbols from the note on the wall. Then, select the TOGUTECH 300TS and install the MOTOR CONF to the PCB board. Take the PCB board back.





13. Go back to the spider. Place the PCB board on it and look through the magnifying glass. Use the clue from your journal to match the little colored sliders to the PL, AL, PR, AR pieces. Now the spider works and you can pick it up!





14. Zoom out and tap on the bathroom door towards the back of the room. This will take you to a small kitchen. Read the notes on the table to add them to your journal. Then, open the fridge and take the eggplant. Also, zoom in on the sink and look at the business card on the counter that says “Mandelbrot.” Look at the back to get both sides added to your journal. Also, take the glass tube from the sink.



15. Spray the cleaning solution on the slimy door handle and wipe it clean with the paper towels. Now you can open the door and enter the bathroom. Read through the Mad Scientist magazine and open the medicine cabinet to take the iodine and glass sample jar with tweezers.



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  1. Mike

    Hi. Thanks for all the walkthroughs. I can’t go past number six in this one. Is it not complete yet or do I need to do something different to get the rest of the walkthrough.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Hi! Sorry, been working on several walkthroughs at once. I do plan to finish this one. Please bear with me! 🙂

      1. Mike

        No prob. Thanks

      2. Steve

        Good luck with the walkthrough! This game is waaay too complicated for me. I’m looking forward to some more solutions.

    2. Corey

      I’m having a problem with part #78 on this page. I looked at the Chimeradyne clue and put in the correct symbols and colors but no anomaly appears.

      1. Suzy G

        I’m having the same problem. I just emailed Aircamp. Did you ever figure out how to get the anomaly to show up so you could move on?

      2. Karyn

        I had the same problem. Check the color for Carbon. There are two very similar shades of teal.

      3. Karyn

        Check the color for Carbon. Make sure you have the right shade of teal. There are two.

        1. Nikki

          What shade do you use ?

      4. Bob

        Did anyone find the solution to the anomaly not appearing when all symbols and colors are set?

        1. Suzy G

          Check the posts above… as I recall they’re correct that it’s about choosing the correct color teal. Some of the colors are very close so it might take some experimenting. I played it so long ago that I don’t really remember but I do remember that it came down to some confusion about being able to tell which was the correct color. Hope this helps. I also remember that the dev was responsive , so if all else fails you can try contacting them.

      5. Cherry

        There are two different yellows, ensure you select the correct one for Calcium then the anomaly will appear.

  2. Niran Lo

    That Spider circut is not working. I did exact color n code match. Is Spider need other thing to make it work? M stuck here
    Plz help me.

  3. Bassmanaut

    How to get the hard drive through the fan?
    Apprechiate every hint.


    am in room with shapes on table how to solve the puzzle in this room

  5. Homero

    This walkthrough is NOT complete!!!

  6. kosinalajos

    step 34.
    This wrote, and the combination does not open the door
    “PAL connection estabilished. Awaiting authentication.”

    Can you help me?

    1. Ben

      Me too this happened

  7. Mc

    Hi please help someone – I may be being dim but can’t find the study room where you have to put the books!

  8. Karyn

    Thanks for the walk through! Helped me complete a very challenging game.

      1. Corey

        Need help with part 78. It’s not working

      2. Cari

        How do I get the good lens out of the glasses.

  9. Nikki

    Okay… I have been following this walkthrough for the whole game. I can’t pass the end with the colors with the symbols….. his or hers walkthrough picture doesn’t match the same colors as the game . I’ve tried everything and the amonly hasn’t been in the middle of the spinning circle at all the times I have done the same thing as the walkthrough said. And I have done everything in the game .

  10. Podbud

    I believe I’ve done the Bunsen burner experiment too soon. I don’t have a test tube with purple fluid in my inventory anymore – to add to the Pyrex flask with the water and strange lump of metal. I’ve gone back to the machine from whenst the purple liquid came but I can’t move any levers and obviously, the test tube isn’t there.

    I’m all the way to the ( almost ) end…maybe.

    Have I messed up big? Big oops…


  11. Steve

    I’m supposed to have a coffee pot in part 61. Where do I get the coffee pot?

    1. Janine

      Right where the first desk is where it says oh wow no coffee

  12. Gorstak

    Why are fruits and shapes arranged the way pic in step 33 shows?

  13. Janine

    Please help !!!
    I really really need to know how to do the chemical combinations in the microscope in the lab I’ve put all three bottles into the spots and the purple one into the place where it goes and flipped the switches and can’t figure out the rest of it it gives the answer of – pink , green , red , …… But I just can’t get the combo right

  14. Esther

    Where do you find the fingernails?

    1. bahman

      please . can you find this fingernail ???

  15. Julia

    Stuck on the DNA thing. I’ve got the strands figured out, thanks to the camera on my phone and your pictures but I can’t change the colors at the top of the strands. The first one is green, but the last two just keep switching between red and yellow. This is a very tedious game!

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