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By: Yunus Ayyildiz


The iOS perspective game hocus. by Yunus Ayyildiz just got a level editor, so I thought it would be fun to share some custom levels. I’ll be posting some of my own here, but feel free to share your own in the comments section. Click on the image to go to that puzzle.

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  1. Linda S

    Thank you! I do have the game on my iPad – will I need to bring up your page on my tablet to access your levels?

    I wonder, how do you make levels? I must share this with my sister who introduced me to Hocus over a month ago.

    It is a great game. Soothing and frustrating at the same time, lol.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      The latest update has a level creator. So just make sure to update and then the links should work. Please let me know if you have trouble accessing them!

    2. Xinatic

      hocus://U1I/VFAgMhFYDSczIlQoAD4SChcgJyM5UyAaYy0VHgw3BD9TOUcHDxMIDlRR I love this level it looks pretty hard but it’s easy

    3. Yo


      1. Lohitaksha

        Very easy bro

    4. Yash

      My hard level

      1. Ahmed

        Nailed it (:

  2. Tieco

    Here’s a tricky level:

    1. cyril

      VVMhVFQ0K2UiBQwbEAQSBhFkChYHHCYHOhIbZAgSDz9cJ1xTEk8KDQgF very easy but looks hard

  3. Kostas

    V1MrVlIgWhVSLRkdLV5eIDluVRoQMSEBGhIbFDUiO1sPW1hTFUEcBQgNAhAWHQVbHRcRDgFX here is a hard level

  4. Taylor Mallory

    Try my level. I call it A Cube? Just saying it’s really tricky but it is possible.

  5. Taylor Mallory

    Here’s a really tricky one even though it might not look like it. It is 100% possible (of course cause I tested it) and it’s mind blowing. I call it Dead End

  6. MP.P

    Here’s a very easy puzzle that i made


  7. Ahmad



    1. EDUARDO

      Not like

  8. Jax


  9. stepiak1

    Here are some of my levels:
    “Disconnection” hocus://VlU/VFEnMmkuHxkhEBQ3MgtEEDtWBBQOCTYEQxQqGQwrIzxTEloMHg4ABlQ=
    “Trihexagonal tiling” hocus://VVc/VVAgDVYUFxkaEQkaCBlUFRUbGBMYGg8ZUxcVGRoXHQ5TEloMHg4ABlQ=
    “Cobweb” hocus://U1U4VVEnNWssBzMkAgwLJg4SDgkfNztZEBIIRxsrBwgoIAJTEloMHg4ABlQ=

    1. Lohitaksha Bommi

      It was very easy

  10. Lohitaksha Bommi


  11. Axecelent

    Try my level
    Is so easy V1crUVYgU2VYPxAxLhI/D11KFRsbIVEfMyRfchszVjtfRCMKBE0MAgIPGQ==

  12. Ethan deMe

    Here’s a fun one. VVM4V1YnWH8mXAQaI1cAL1gPDQsKDg4WCR0PVwA=

  13. Sudeep khumukcham

    Try me new level. code:VVA4VVcgVX0mXA4bIVQBCxlgWAocP18/VFMyRQ==

  14. Gracefulninja


  15. Liniker


    1. Ziii

      Pretty good but too easy
      20 moves

  16. Liniker


    1. Ziii

      Pretty good and artistic
      Finished it but didn’t found the shortest path
      5/5 for this!

  17. Imad


    1. Ziii

      Good but pretty easy
      13 moves to finish it

  18. Ziii

    Hi I know this commentary would probably be empty but I just discovered HOCUS and made this pretty good level (and others)
    If someone’s here enjoy this: VVE4VVYnMmskBzMaIAQZCjxlCDMjGi0mGwQuZDUdHg8PBz9TOw==

  19. Glihcg_yH5


  20. Hexa

    I made a very clever puzzle, I would say its a medium difficulty, only slightly tricky.

    Its name is Flipswitch


  21. No name

    VFErVFYgIhFbOidTBikuQwBWCVJWAD0hIkMAaC9QVEAlEBs= so easy

  22. Juned


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