Adventure Escape: Cult Mystery: Complete Walkthrough Guide

Chapter 5, The Three Tests:

1. Only the right door is open, so go through there. This is the Logic test. Pick up the sketches from the table, picture frame and bookshelf, then the small wooden arm, leg, and head. Tap on the three torsos. Time to build some wooden models!


2. Add the body parts and the sketches to the puzzle.


3. Arrange the body parts to match each of the three sketches. Then, take the Logic Crystal and leave the room. Place it on the pedestal and then go through the left door.







4. This is the Dedication test. Pick up the corkscrew and the pool cue. Also, notice the card table and the colored cubes. Use the corkscrew to get the marble from the bottle of wine.



5. Go to the pool table. Arrange the balls like the colored cubes you saw. So, from left to right: red, orange, yellow on top. Purple, green, blue on the bottom. Move all the balls into the holes near them. A marble will appear in the fireplace. Use the pool cue to get it.



6. Figure out the pattern in each row of cards on the card table to figure out which card is next in each one. The first one is simple — you just add one card, which is the Queen of Spades. The second row, you need to subtract 2 to get the 3 of Hearts. The third row, you add 3, then subtract 1, which gets you 10 of Clubs. And the fourth row, you add up the previous two cards, giving you 8 of Diamonds. Enter Q, 3, 10, 8 on the locked closet to open it.



7. Open the closet and take the third marble. Add all three marbles to the game of Peg Solitaire and solve the puzzle. You need to have only a few marbles left on the board for it to count. Take the Dedication Crystal, then leave the room and use it to open the middle door. Go through to take the final test.





8. This is the Progress test. Pick up the key, lab equipment, stack of paper, and Bunsen burner.


9. Open the closet to the left. Use the key to unlock the cabinet to the right and get the crystal powder.


10. Place the stack of paper and crystal powder into the machine and analyze it. Notice it’s made up of red, white, and blue. Go to the closet and pick up the red, white, and blue bottles to get the crystal components.




11. Place the Bunsen burner and lab equipment with the rest of the chemistry set. Set it up like below, then place the three powders on the table.


12. Look at the crystal compound analysis again. Notice that there are two parts red, one pet white, and two parts blue. Pour the powders into the beaker in that order, then pour the contents of the beaker into the apparatus. Take the Progress crystal. Leave the room and place the crystal on the third pedestal to complete the chapter.





Click on the little numbers below to continue to Chapter 6 or click here.

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Linda S

Thank You! I didn’t know Haiku came out with another game!

Happy New Year!


Could you tell me why Love-5863?. I dont get it…


look at charaters in numbers


Because on the keyboard thing there are letters next to it so hats the numbers where the letters of love were


Because you need to put the template on the pad and then you see the letters are on the numbers


what are the 5 remaining marbles on salitar?


The computer password doesn’t work, there’s limited space. I can’t do gi

Amber Meinard

You must be addimg too many spaces between words . I had no issues typing i faked agi. I did when i accidently hit the space too long or too many times.


Finding it so difficult to defeat Seth ! Have no idea how to get past it


Same. I definitely get the small target inside the big target but I keep getting defeated. Why??

Rafaela Meneguetti

Eu tambem nao estou conseguindo


I was having the same issue. You have to actually hit the target with your finger. When the small one goes into the big target, tap the big target with your finger. Same for his face


It’s I faked agi


I can’t get the second model/ sketch done… I’m using the right parts but it won’t let me go through…


Tilt the head a little bit too. That worked for me

Ella Mae Batu

just click the doll after you build the second model. or i try to remove the parts again and build it again.


You’ve got to move the head slightly

Jordan Barber

The same thing is happening to me!!


I have the dogs in the cave but I can’t seem to get them on the correct paths. Help!!!


Stuck with assembling the chemistry set up.

Sarah b

Me too


Watch the video it will tell you how to do it

Linda S

Thanks! I had to “skip” the dogs in the cave but I did beat Seth!

On to the next game!


What is the order for fixing the tier?

Aaliyah johnson

I need help with the marble solitaire ?


Need help with the marble solitaire am stuck. Help please asap


We purchased 30 stars 3 times, with it showing purchase successful and did not receive stars. Tried it with 50 and it did the same thing. Very disappointed!


the pool cue is not letting me get the marble in the fire somebody help plz!


I can’t light all the numbers on the board at the last part of ch. 8. Any help plz.


I wish there’s a much easier way to get past the rope tracing section without hwving to buy more stars. ?

Radhika Vijayakumar

cannot get my torch to light in the kitchen


I don’t know if everyone else had this of the rooms, was pitch black?; The one with body parts. I touched around.. and found items. (Tilt head slightly.).The marble game..It let me have it with 3-4 left on the board.. The 4’s a math game..I enjoyed that level..


I cannot summon more than 1 dogs!


I am almost done with the game but I am stuck in the cave fighting with fake agi




5863 doesn’t work, it 5683 now


Omg my 2nd wood man isn’t working and I had to waste 30 stars. 😿


After I unlock the phone nothing happens and I can’t leave that screen


is there a YouTube video of this?

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