Adventure Escape: Cult Mystery: Complete Walkthrough Guide

Chapter 9, Mountain Lodge:

1. Pick up the gardening shears, then enter the little glass house to the left.


2. Pick up the headlamps, towel, nail polish remover, and antler. Look through the book about all the dogs.





3. Leave and enter the dog house. You need to use the descriptions of each dog to figure out what to give them. Marcus chases anything furry that moves, so give him the squirrel toy. Lucius needs loud noises to wake up, so give him the trumpet. Brutus likes shoes. Gaius only eats real food, so give him the chicken leg. Titus is a 3-time trophy winner, so give him the trophy. Take the dog whistle when they move, then use it on them to get them to follow you.





4. Head to the gate. Use the nail polish remover (acetone) on the fence, then wipe it off with the towel to see the weak points. Use the garden shears to cut through it. And last, put the headlamps on the dog’s collars so they can see. Go through the opening.





5. Now you have to send each dog on a path to patrol. They can each cover five squares. It might be hard to show in photos, but I’ll try my best. You can drag Kate anywhere, then tap on a dog to summon it to her. Then drag Kate and the dog through 5 squares to make him patrol that area. You want to try and cover the whole area with dogs.



6. Fight off Seth using your antler against his machete. Just wait until the dot is on the target and tap. Every couple of hits, you’ll be able to attack his face. Do it all until the green bar fills up and you’ll capture him. Watch the ending.



Congratulations! You completed the game!

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  1. Linda S

    Thank You! I didn’t know Haiku came out with another game!

    Happy New Year!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Me neither! Someone just told me. 😉
      Happy new year! 🙂

    2. Hailey

      Could you tell me why Love-5863?. I dont get it…

      1. AppUnwrapper

        Those are the numbers on the keypad if you enter LOVE.

        1. poop


          1. Linda S

            they show you a phone – go back and look again, if you dial on the phone, L O V E uses the numbers 5 8 6 3
            or you can just look at your own phone keypad – even on a cell the numbers are the same.

      2. champ

        look at charaters in numbers

      3. Jordyn

        Because on the keyboard thing there are letters next to it so hats the numbers where the letters of love were

      4. Zoe

        Because you need to put the template on the pad and then you see the letters are on the numbers

      5. Adrienne Matlock

        Like on a phone pad. Where 3-4 letters are represented by a number.

      6. Lauren

        Look at the door. Above the number 5 is an L, above 8, an O etc

  2. Jayden

    what are the 5 remaining marbles on salitar?

  3. Emily

    The computer password doesn’t work, there’s limited space. I can’t do gi

    1. Amber Meinard

      You must be addimg too many spaces between words . I had no issues typing i faked agi. I did when i accidently hit the space too long or too many times.

    2. Adrienne Matlock

      “I faked agi” is the code, be careful not to touch the space bar too many times, then press enter.

  4. Jess

    Finding it so difficult to defeat Seth ! Have no idea how to get past it

    1. Michelle

      Same. I definitely get the small target inside the big target but I keep getting defeated. Why??

      1. Rafaela Meneguetti

        Eu tambem nao estou conseguindo

      2. Mya

        I was having the same issue. You have to actually hit the target with your finger. When the small one goes into the big target, tap the big target with your finger. Same for his face

        1. Mel


    2. Naomi

      It’s I faked agi

  5. Ally

    I can’t get the second model/ sketch done… I’m using the right parts but it won’t let me go through…

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Sometimes it takes a little tweaking to get it to recognize the shape. It can be a little annoying that way.

    2. Scarlet

      Tilt the head a little bit too. That worked for me

      1. Carly3

        OMG, thank you! I was stuck on this forver and ended up finishing all their other games bc I gave up on why that didnΓÇÖt work, I just did what you said and I got it now

    3. Ella Mae Batu

      just click the doll after you build the second model. or i try to remove the parts again and build it again.

    4. Laura

      You’ve got to move the head slightly

    5. Jordan Barber

      The same thing is happening to me!!

  6. Darci

    I have the dogs in the cave but I can’t seem to get them on the correct paths. Help!!!

  7. Jane

    Stuck with assembling the chemistry set up.

    1. Sarah b

      Me too

    2. Sarah

      Watch the video it will tell you how to do it

  8. Linda S

    Thanks! I had to “skip” the dogs in the cave but I did beat Seth!

    On to the next game!

  9. Sid

    What is the order for fixing the tier?

  10. Aaliyah johnson

    I need help with the marble solitaire ?

    1. Stan

      Try to hop from any one square area not the middle. Eliminate a marble by having one marble jump over another so that the marble being jumped over disappears. Keep doing this and if you have like ~3-4 leftover, that should solve the puzzle.

  11. chara

    Need help with the marble solitaire am stuck. Help please asap

  12. Jeanette

    We purchased 30 stars 3 times, with it showing purchase successful and did not receive stars. Tried it with 50 and it did the same thing. Very disappointed!

    1. Rae

      Well complain on Google not someone’s walk through. the person who made the walk through very well may not be the person who made the game

  13. sabri

    the pool cue is not letting me get the marble in the fire somebody help plz!

  14. Rouka

    I can’t light all the numbers on the board at the last part of ch. 8. Any help plz.

  15. Lavenderhoney

    I wish there’s a much easier way to get past the rope tracing section without hwving to buy more stars. ?

  16. Radhika Vijayakumar

    cannot get my torch to light in the kitchen

    1. Stan

      might need to click to the bottom left of the gas lighter area. This part of the game is a bit flimsy.

  17. Chantal

    I don’t know if everyone else had this of the rooms, was pitch black?; The one with body parts. I touched around.. and found items. (Tilt head slightly.).The marble game..It let me have it with 3-4 left on the board.. The 4’s a math game..I enjoyed that level..

  18. Dovy

    I cannot summon more than 1 dogs!

  19. Sunita

    I am almost done with the game but I am stuck in the cave fighting with fake agi

  20. Sunita


  21. Diodj

    5863 doesnΓÇÖt work, it 5683 now

  22. Jordyn

    Omg my 2nd wood man isn’t working and I had to waste 30 stars. 😿

  23. Nyn

    After I unlock the phone nothing happens and I canΓÇÖt leave that screen

  24. Brinley

    is there a YouTube video of this?

    1. Aleewah

      Honestly, because I can’t pass the marble solitaire mini game.

  25. Tammy

    I am touching the screen with the circle in the target and getting nowhere!! What am I missing??? Attack Seth

    1. Ryan

      You have to touch the actual target. Hitting any part of the screen that isnΓÇÖt the actual target will result in a defeat.

      1. Cal

        Even if I touch the target body or face it’s not working

  26. lyn

    cant defeat seth even if i hit the center

  27. Debbie

    I got the dogs in exactly the right place, didnt do anything they are just still patrolling! I even re-set and tried again but nothing happens 🙁

    1. Debbie

      Ah I just shut down the game and started again and it worked 🙂

  28. Adrienne Matlock

    Anyone else having issue with the guard seemingly freezing up? I enter dedication, logic, progress, in different rotations and I’m still not getting by.

  29. Adrienne Matlock

    On chapter 8(?) I’ve covered the cave in dogs and nothing has happened. It hasn’t lit up, I can’t exit, Seth isn’t popping out. I’ve gone back to the beginning of the cave. I even started over and did your design (AppUnwrapper) which leaves one black square between your white and blue arrows. What am I missing?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Adrienne Matlock

      Sorry, black space left between white and green arrow.

  30. J Simmons

    the pipe pieces won’t rotate on my puzzle. I keep getting the statement that it looks like i should pour something into the pipes. Am I supposed to connect the pipes and then pour in the silver or pour in the silver, then connect the pipes?

  31. J Simmons

    So sorry, I didn’t read the hint very well.

  32. J Simmons

    The game shoots me back through the previous chapter, even though I completed everything and it saved. Please advise.

    1. Stan

      it might be a bit fluky in this regard. Just do the parts over and try to collect more stars for free to use for more hints if you need them. That’s the plus side!

  33. Jennifer L. Hryck

    I can’t get all the doll pieces. I picked up the ones you said but it’s not all of them and I can’t find any more. Helpppp!

    1. Stan

      They are a bit tricky to find. Just keep clicking around in different areas around the room(s). I don’t remember the exact areas without re-doing and I don’t feel like doing that, lol.

  34. Jerry ballocks

    On level 30 where u have to attach the arms, legs and heads for the 2nd one I did everything right and itΓÇÖs look exactly like the picture but itΓÇÖs not allowing it, what did I do wrong????!!!!!!!!

  35. Selena

    I adjusted the position of the happy statue accordingly but its not accepting it. I am stuck with this level. Ughhhhh!!

  36. Sarah

    I need to know haw to do number 6 it’s so confusing

  37. Sarah

    Haw do I do the marble thing it’s in posible

  38. Lane

    Thank you for your help with all of these! YouΓÇÖre my go to any time IΓÇÖm stuck on a game. Hope all is well in your world!

  39. Sierra

    I have done the pool table pattern,making them even and then doing it like the photo of them going slightly up and down but nothing happens. I would love a little help if anyone can

  40. A

    I can’t open the barrel in the cellar

  41. taryn

    can you tell me what the combination for the safe
    next to the gate.

  42. Julia

    In chapter 6 I can’t get the globe to open despite pressing the correct countries in the right order.

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