Adventure Escape: Cult Mystery: Complete Walkthrough Guide

Chapter 9, Mountain Lodge:

1. Pick up the gardening shears, then enter the little glass house to the left.


2. Pick up the headlamps, towel, nail polish remover, and antler. Look through the book about all the dogs.






3. Leave and enter the dog house. You need to use the descriptions of each dog to figure out what to give them. Marcus chases anything furry that moves, so give him the squirrel toy. Lucius needs loud noises to wake up, so give him the trumpet. Brutus likes shoes. Gaius only eats real food, so give him the chicken leg. Titus is a 3-time trophy winner, so give him the trophy. Take the dog whistle when they move, then use it on them to get them to follow you.





4. Head to the gate. Use the nail polish remover (acetone) on the fence, then wipe it off with the towel to see the weak points. Use the garden shears to cut through it. And last, put the headlamps on the dog’s collars so they can see. Go through the opening.





5. Now you have to send each dog on a path to patrol. They can each cover five squares. It might be hard to show in photos, but I’ll try my best. You can drag Kate anywhere, then tap on a dog to summon it to her. Then drag Kate and the dog through 5 squares to make him patrol that area. You want to try and cover the whole area with dogs.



6. Fight off Seth using your antler against his machete. Just wait until the dot is on the target and tap. Every couple of hits, you’ll be able to attack his face. Do it all until the green bar fills up and you’ll capture him. Watch the ending.



Congratulations! You completed the game!

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34 thoughts on “Adventure Escape: Cult Mystery: Complete Walkthrough Guide

          1. Linda S

            they show you a phone – go back and look again, if you dial on the phone, L O V E uses the numbers 5 8 6 3
            or you can just look at your own phone keypad – even on a cell the numbers are the same.

    1. Amber Meinard

      You must be addimg too many spaces between words . I had no issues typing i faked agi. I did when i accidently hit the space too long or too many times.

      1. Mya

        I was having the same issue. You have to actually hit the target with your finger. When the small one goes into the big target, tap the big target with your finger. Same for his face

    1. Ella Mae Batu

      just click the doll after you build the second model. or i try to remove the parts again and build it again.

  1. Jeanette

    We purchased 30 stars 3 times, with it showing purchase successful and did not receive stars. Tried it with 50 and it did the same thing. Very disappointed!


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