Castle Breakout – Escape!: Walkthrough Guide

Room 2, Blacksmith:

1. Pick up the key, pliers, bellows, and hammer.






2. Push the barrel over to find some gold, which is going to be used to make a key.


3. Go to the anvil and use the hammer on the ingot, then take the ingot.


4. Use he key to open the chest and take the bowl of sugar water. Place it on the window sill to make the hummingbird drop the piece of gold ingot and pick it up.



5. Go to the forge. Place the bellows on the table. Add the three ingot pieces to the pot and turn the handle to melt them down and pour them into the key mold. Use the pliers to pick up the key in the mold.



6. Drop the key mold into the vat of water to cool it off. Then pick it up again and use it to unlock the door and escape to the next room.



Click on the little numbers below to continue to Room 3, The Armory or click here.

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  1. val

    how do i get passed the first screen!!?? With the dragon and the castle door opening and closing.

  2. Diane Auriemma

    there is no table in bdrm to light candle on

  3. kytriya

    where is the rest of the tutorial?

  4. Robin

    I hate this game. None of the moves make sense. Move a chair from the table, to a wall, and turn a gear? I never would have done that w/o $5 worth of hints. Thank you for this!

  5. Sheila Higginbotham

    I lit the candle and then found the candle to place in the holder; placed it in the holder and the flame went out. Now I know where to put the clue from the candle but I don’t have the match any more. Is there another match in the room to light the candle again?

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