Cube Escape: Birthday: Walkthrough Guide

16. Use the knife to cut the birthday cake. You need to slice it so each slice has exactly one candle on it. Then take the bloody slice and give it to your father. He’ll pull a needle from his mouth. Take it.




17. Place the needle on the gramophone and play the record. Grandpa will get out of his chair and start dancing. Take the stamp from his chair.



18. Go to the main door. Check the mail slot for a letter from Mr. Owl. Take the stamp from the envelope, then open the letter and read it. Everyone will start singing Happy Birthday.





19. Check the eye hole on the front door. It’s Mr. Rabbit! He breaks through the door and shoots everyone dead.




20. There’s a card in father’s pocket. If you tap it, it falls to the ground. Look at it. Turn it around and take the two stamps from it.




21. Look at the letter from Mr. Rabbit by the previously locked box. Also, take the silver coin from the lid.



22. Get the key from the broken vase and use it to unlock the blue cabinet and get the tea kettle.



23. Fill up the tea kettle in the sink. Use the matches to turn on the stove (turn the dial). Place the tea kettle on the stove and wait for it to whistle before removing it. The window will steam up.



24. Use the matches on the over and it will explode. Take the gas tube.


25. Go back to the front door and pour the hot water from the kettle on the footprints. Move the welcome mat and take the battery.




26. Take the other battery from the broken flower pot.


27. Take a look at the drawing again. Notice it looks like a tree seen through a window. Go back to the window pane and draw a tree like that — I just made a trunk with a round top. Mr. Rabbit will appear and crack the glass! Tap it and then take the piece of broken glass.


28. Notice the fly on the corner of the sink. Place the gum there. Leave and come back and the fly should be stuck to the gum. Take the gum.

29. Find the mouse trap and place the fly on it. Tap the cat and it will lick it’s paw. When you check on the trap again, there should be a fish on it. Take it and feed it to the cat.





30. The cat pooped out a key. Yep. Take it.



31. Place all four stamps on the Starry Night Painting. Match them up with the same spots on the painting and make note of the numbers. Use the card from father’s pocket to figure out the order of the numbers. They go 1966.



32. Use the key to unlock the second blue cabinet in the kitchen and find a snow globe.


32. Enter 1966 into the snow globe. Shake the snow globe and then take the watch from Mr. Owl.

(Enter 1894 from Rusty Lake Hotel for a surprise!)



33. Place both batteries, the cable, the gas tube, watch, piece of glass, silver coin, and the bolt onto your birthday present. Then, tap the glass, then the watch, and a hand will come out of it. Take the blue cube.


34. Open the clock on the wall and place the blue cube inside it. Back away and tap on it. Time will rewind!


35. Talk to grandpa. He’ll tell you to open the chest.


36. Go back to your birthday present and remove e silver coin. Place it on the box where you found it and take the gun from inside.



37. Give the gun to grandpa. Go back to the front door and look through the keyhole for Mr. Rabbit. This time, grandpa will shoot Mr. Rabbit.


38. Follow the blood trail to Mr. Rabbit. Tap on him a few times and watch the ending.



Congratulations! You completed the game! Try the next game in the series, Cube Escape: Theater.

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16 thoughts on “Cube Escape: Birthday: Walkthrough Guide

  1. mathew

    I already placed the kettle before I read this and placed it on the other burner, it does not produce steam and I can’t pick it up pls help

    1. Kristen

      I had the same problem. You need to draw a stick trunk and the circle needs to be completely coloured in

    1. June

      You need to complete the pjnk and blue banner (from the flags previously collected) then you need to tap the string againh, collect the bolt from the end, bam


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