Blackbox – think outside the box: Walkthrough Guide and Solutions


Erudite Package:

These levels ask for permission to use your camera.

Light orange box:
41: There’s a clipboard here. If you leave the game and cut text from somewhere, then go back to the game, the page will fall off the clipboard. If you paste the text anywhere, it will say “xobkcalb” (Blackbox backwards). Type out “blackbox” in Notepad, then copy it, and that should light it up!



Pink box:
42: For this box, use the forward-facing camera to make white rings come from the top of the screen. The longer you keep your hand over the camera, the thicker the rings will be. Notice the dots and dashes. You need to create Morse code! Make a thick line for a dash and a thin line for a dot. They should be the same length as the dots and dashes. Don’t worry about getting them in the exact order or messing up — you won’t have to start from scratch unless you leave the level.


Six purple boxes:
43 – 48: The six lines are related to the pitch of your voice. Try making noises into the mic at different ranges in pitch.


Three blue boxes:
49 – 51: Still working on this, but if you wait a few seconds, something appears at the bottom. It might be altitude-related, meaning you have to go up to higher floors or on top of hills/mountains.


Two green boxes:
52 – 53: Open the game to that level and ask a friend to call your number. Decline the call to get one light and accept a call to get the other. It doesn’t seem to work if the level isn’t open when you get the call.

There’s a little pink speech bubble in the upper right corner that unlocked after I completed the sunrise/sunset levels. This is not a puzzle. If you hold it down for a few seconds, it will allow your to reset your game.


54: This is a new one. Use two hands/fingers to drag the screen to the edge of the map and keep pulling so you see more and more dark space, or the “grid.” Just keep pulling, even when the game tells you to stop. Eventually you’ll get a new purple box. Notice that the level is transparent and the map is visible on it. Go back to the map and take a screenshot to light up 54.









55: Both the App Store description tell you to check out the game’s website (, so do that. Notice that the screen looks like a puzzle in the game. There’s fluid that moves around as you tilt your screen. But if you turn your phone around, you get a lock symbol. It’s telling you to lock the orientation on your phone. Leave Safari and pull up Control Center from the bottom of your screen. Find the Lock Orientation button and tap it to turn it on. Now, go back to the website and turn your iPhone upside-down. You can now see “BLACKBOX://META”. Enter that into Safari. It will ask you if you want to open it in Blackbox. Choose yes. Now a new box will appear, but it’s locked. Go back to Safari and enter “BLACKBOX://?” — a key to unlock the lock! Open it in Blackbox and you’ll now have access to the new level. It’s all dark with no clue. So go back to Safari and type in “BLACKBOX://?” — a lightbulb to light it up! And that should get you through the new levels.













56: This is a new one. The left green one. Tap on three different boxes and tap on their hint box once (you don’t need to reveal the hints). You’ll see a different color for each layer in the background of levels 56 – 57. To make sure you get credit for it, tap 56’s hint box last.



57: This is a new one. The right green one. Tap on the box and then tap three times on the hint box (you don’t need to reveal the hint). Go back to the level and the box should light up.



58: This is a new pink one. Just hold your finger on the screen so the window opens up to the menu. But don’t go back to the menu. Keep holding your finger on the screen until the whole screen turns pink. (Note: If you have a 6S, makes sure not to do a 3D Touch press or it will just take you back to the menu instead).



Note: I just bought the new levels (Push Pack) and am working on them. Make sure you allow notifications so you can access them after buying them. If you still can’t, go into settings and allow notifications that way.

Push Pack:

59: For the new upper left red box, tap on the “share” box and then on “More.” Then tap the toggle on the “?” option. Do the same for both rows. Then tap on the red box again and it should fill up.







60: Upper middle blue box: This shows an hourglass. Just minimize the app for an hour. Make sure not to close it altogether or let it get cleared due to being low on memory.

61: Upper right blue box: Pull down the notifications from the top of the screen. Make sure you’re looking at the Notifications tab. Then shake to see more of them. When you get one that tells you “The solution is… not to tap me” you want to swipe left instead and then tap the blue button.




62: Make sure notifications are turned on and that you’re not in Do Not Disturb mode. Then, wait for the clock hand to land on the red line. Minimize the app and you’ll get a notification. Pull it down and tap the red circle to open the app again. Now a blue line will appear. It will take 30 minutes for the hand to reach it. Pay close attention and do the same thing as before.








63: Bottom right: Double-tap the home button, then swipe up on the Blackbox app to close it. Open it again and the blue app shown in this level should be gone. Double-tap and switch apps so Blackbox is second when you double-tap a third time. Swipe it up to get rid of it and that should clear the level.




64: Check your notifications. There’s a new one from Blackbox. Swipe it to the left and tap either the blue or red dot. Then do it again for the other one to light up the box.






65: Lower left box: You need to enable Control Center within apps for this to work. Go into Settings and then Control Center and make sure the toggle next to Access Within Apps is green. Then, open the level in Blackbox and swipe up to access Control Center. Pause the music (it should say Blackbox above it) to complete the level.





66: Again, make sure you have notifications working. Minimize the app and you’ll get a notification that says “Listen up!” Listen closely to the noises it makes. Then open the app again. When you come back it will say “Did you listen?” with a monkey emoji. Swipe the monkey away. The first sounds are for tapping anywhere on a level in the game, then again somewhere else on the screen. The other sounds are from tapping the box to get a hint. Tap the screen once and then again in another spot to make two circles turn blue. Then do it again to turn two more circles blue. Then, tap the box to open the hint screen (you don’t need to unlock the hint) to turn the next circles pink. Do it again, and then last, make the first sound again to complete the level.




Halloween Levels:

67: For the first one, hold your device so it’s face-down. A jack-o-lantern will appear and if you wait, he’ll open his mouth and the first box will light up. If that doesn’t work, try holding it vertically.

Note: Thanks to reader Cody for this. Hold each camera up to a bright light. The left box is the back camera and the right box is the front camera.


68: For the second one, I think you need to tilt your device a bit so he chomps down on it so it lights up.



69: For the Snowflake (Christmas puzzle), lay your device flat on its back and slowly spin it clockwise until a snowflake forms. That’s it!



70: Download a QR code scanner. You need one that can import a photo from your library. I used this one. Then hold down your power button and home button at the same time to take a screenshot of the QR code. Import it into that app you just downloaded. It should translate it as “xobkcalb” — it’s “blackbox” backwards. The level is also using your front camera to look at you. So to solve this level, point your iPhone’s screen at a mirror! Somehow, that should solve the puzzle!



71: This is another QR code, but this time its using the back camera, not the front.


If you screenshot it and scan it using this QR scanner (the one from before doesn’t support emoji), you get this:


And if you open the screenshot on another screen and use the game to scan it, this happens.


It appears there are three different QR codes you can get. One scans blue, one pink and one green. Here’s a link one (thanks @edderiofer for this!):



And thanks to @onelargetea for the green one!


There seems to be a catch that if a QR code is too old, it won’t work! So you need to find some local friends who are playing? I can’t update this guide every day, so you’re probably on your own for this if these screenshots don’t work for you.


72: This new blue box has a magnifying glass on it. Simply swipe down from the top to bring down the notifications. Enter “blackbox” in the search box at the top and then scroll down to find “Looking for something?” Tap it to complete the level.



73: That blasted camera is back! You need to find an actual black box and frame it inside the four turquoise corners shown on the screen. If you’re having trouble finding an object that works, try drawing one! After you complete the level, you’ll be able to change the app icon! 🙀





74: Notice it says BLACKBOX with the letters getting smaller and smaller. Here’s what you need to do. First, go into your phone’s settings. Choose General, then Accessibility, then Larger Text. Turn it on and then move the slider all the way down. Go back to the Blackbox app and the bottom section of the screen should be turquoise now. Keep moving the slider in the settings and checking back until you’ve highlighted all four sections and the whole screen is turquoise. You can then change the game’s icon! If you want to change the settings back to before, just turn off Larger Text and try moving the slider. It should go back to the default size.



Level 75: This is a new orange box. Take a screenshot anywhere and it will show a QR code in your camera roll.


Now, either use Photo Stream to open the screenshot on another device or send the photo to your computer and open it there. Open Blackbox again and point the camera at the QR code to scan it and complete the puzzle.


You can also change the icon to an orange box now.


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703 thoughts on “Blackbox – think outside the box: Walkthrough Guide and Solutions

  1. Anonymous

    There’s a new meta puzzle that just recently popped up. It looks like a search icon, but idk. Has anyone solved it yet?

    1. tiago

      pull the search from the top of the screen on iphone and type blackbox, it will appear the question “what are you searching for?”
      just click it! 😉

    2. Nope

      Swipe from the top of the screen then type ‘blackbox’ into the search bar and press search. The second result should be one from the app that says ‘looking for something?’ Tap on that and the box should light up

  2. Jesica

    On level 31-35 I traveled all the way to Florida and I STILL can’t get the last box! It was a 13 hour drive and I still can’t get it!

    1. Matilda

      you know what, I travel to another city and then completed the last box. And now only left the 34 one, I cannot get that far in my city I guess.

  3. Kenzie

    For 49 and 50: guve a hard shake (only one) from the bottom towards the top of your phone like you are trying to throw it and it will pop up with reset location pin click reset screen flashes do the shake again before screen goes back and you get 49 do it again but twice on the flash screen and you get 50 still working on 51 but the hunt for that one is: a football field straight up ought to do

  4. amiriamitchell

    For levels 49 50 and 51. I don’t know how to do it but if you shake your phone it will say something about reseting a location. hope it helps

  5. John

    There is a new meta challenge if you pull the grid down four or five times and you get another challenge it looks like the screen shot challenge but it’s more complicated

  6. thetarn

    A tip for #21. Plug your earphones with mic in. Then smother the mic with two pillows. It’s far less sensitive than the iPhone mic.

  7. Arif

    Can anybody provide info about 8 icons? in which levels should they be unlocked? i have passed all 75 levels, and icon for 73 and 74 were unlocked for me. But after last update (added level 75) with new change icon button only 3 of 8 are unlocked. How can i unlock other? in which levels?

  8. Salva

    Is anybody stuck with level 63? I have tried the solution but it seems not working. Firstly I swipe up Blackbox when it is the first app, then the color in this level remains only red. Then I change Blackbox in the second position, and swipe Blackbox up again, it didn’t happen anything. The red page still remains. Can someone help me out on this? Thank you.


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