The Mortimar Hill Hotel: Walkthrough Guide

31. We still need something to remove the brick. But we can now solve the glasses puzzle using the knocks on the elevator door. Match the cups to the knocks and a key will drop to the floor. Pick it up.



32. Go back to the third floor. Find the statue in the hallway and use the key to unlock the drawer. Take the ice pick from inside.


33. Go back to the lower level. Use the ice pick to remove the brick and get the piece from the telescope.


34. Go back to the telescope and add the piece to it. Now you can look through and see a paper with the numbers 729360 on it.



35. Go down the basement and enter 729360 into the keypad on the wall. Go through the newly opened door.



36. Pick up the glass eye from the box in middle of the room.


37. Go left. Place the candle on the candleholder and use the matches to light it. A crowbar will drop to the floor. Pick it up.



38. Head right and find the latch in the floor. Open it and head down the ladder.



39. Pick up the bottle of toxic liquid and the remote, then head back up the ladder.


40. Go back up to the third floor and notice all the blood everywhere. Head to the chapel. Place the second glass eye in the mannequin head. Then, take the key encrusted in a hard material from the foot of the fireplace.



41. Leave the room. On your way out, four ghostly figures will appear and then disappear if you try to get closer to them.


42. Go back to the second bedroom and into the bathroom. Fill the canister by the tub with the toxic liquid. Drop the encrusted key into it, then fish it out with the tongs.


43. Go back to the screen where you found the matches. Use the crowbar to remove the wooden planks from the door. Then go inside and take the heavy duty cutters.



44. Go back to the first bedroom. Use the remote to turn on the TV and look inside the open drawer to find a note.



45. Go back to the second bedroom (the child’s bedroom). There’s blood everywhere and it looks like a crime scene. Find the video tape under the bed.



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  1. Elizabeth

    This is where I’m stuck: an inventory full of things that are “useless” here & there. Oh, how I wish the developer worked with testers for this game.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I’ll try to catch up with you today. Fran Bow stole my attention. 😉

      1. Elizabeth

        It’s cool. I noticed the Fran Bow series yesterday and considered getting them. Just wasn’t sure why the developer separated them all. It would be nice to purchase them as a bundle.

        1. M Stayton

          $$$$$$. I said same thing

        2. AppUnwrapper

          The 5 different apps doesn’t bother me (I’m buying one at a time as I play them). But I’m still on chapter 1, so can’t comment on the game as a whole.

  2. Bll Cawlfield

    I am a little baffled with the code for the door. Typical 10 key , I see the numbers on the 9 metal plates. I see the code of the tic tack toe squares and the X on the 6th square. I am assuming a linkage.

    1. ChiquitaT

      The numbers on the metal plates are used to open the oven door.

      1. M Stayton

        Where did u get the clue on which tiles to use?

        1. Bill Cawlfield

          If you have the corkscrew, then go to the kitchen and open the wine bottle for the paper inside. It will show with a red X which tile to look at. It will be the second row and the far right X

  3. ChiquitaT

    I am stuck not knowing what to do with a pair of tongs, a bottle of some toxic liquid, and a key encased in something hard. Anyone know where to go from here?!

    1. Bill Cawlfield

      Go back to the bathroom where you see a cup/canister on the side by the tub. Put the toxic liquid and the key into this container. Then use the tongs to take the key out.

  4. Elizabeth

    How do I light up the dark hallway? I have a candle & matches, but have no clue where to put them.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Haven’t done it yet, but I assume the bulb would do that?

  5. Elaine

    hi can anyone help with the code for the door with Tic Tock on it,also anyone know where the hat goes tia..

    1. Jschouten1985

      You find the door code by looking trough the telescope. Put the hat on the hat rack (right corner of the room after the kitchen

  6. ChiquitaT

    You don’t use the candle in any hallway. You use it in the basement on the far left on a crate.

    1. Elizabeth

      I must be missing something significant then. I’m still stuck on the first floor with nothing in my inventory but a corkscrew, candle, matches, & one metal plate.

      1. Mike

        Where do you get the metal plate? And what you do next?

        1. Amy

          I am stuck on this part too. I have the corkscrew, matches, lightbulb and candle. I have found the decoder but it keeps saying I need the combination when I press the safe.

  7. Elaine

    i think i got a key card out the safe for the lift,then you can go to the kitchen and use the corkscrew

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You guys still need help on this? I’ll dive back in today. Trying to juggle four games at once!

      1. Elizabeth

        Pop! Good creepy game. Very well done!

    2. Mary

      Where did you find the combopination for the safe?

    3. Mary

      Where did you find the safe combination?

      1. Elaine

        Hi you get the safe combo from the peeling the painting in the hall and the letters off the ceiling fan

        1. Mary

          Thanks! (and apologies for the double post!)

  8. Elizabeth

    DOH! The corner of the strange painting peels off. *facepalm*

  9. Elaine

    compleated thanks for all the help:-)

  10. Silje

    When I peel the painting off and get the letters of the fan I still get “I need to find a combination” when I click on the safe. What am I doing wrong?

    1. Amy

      Me too! Still waiting for a reply on my post about this. If you figure it out, please share 🙂

  11. Bill Cawlfield

    If you got the 3 blocks that fell in the middle of the hall, then they need to be placed on the 3 columns of letters/numbers that appear at the end of the hall where the painting says “it makes you feel uneasy”. I can’t remember how I got the 3 columns to appear and the painting to disappear. I clicked a few times around that painting and the 3 columns appeared. You then arrange the 3 blocks Y M L until you see 3 numbers nice and centered. That is the combination to the safe. The 3 blocks have the right arrow and left arrow to give you which direction to rotate the dial.

    1. Silje

      Thanks for your response – I got to the brick door with nothing to pry the brick out, what to do? And still missing a part for the telescope…:/

      1. Amy

        When you figure out the brick wall and missing telescope piece, please let me know 🙂

      2. dyablo

        Im missing the part for the telescope too where can i find it?

    2. Mary

      Three blocks? Haven’t found those yet 🙁

  12. Bill Cawlfield

    You need an ice pick to get the brick out of wall. You need to arrange the little cups to the left of the wall. I never found a clue, but arranged them as follows: left to right……2 3 1 4. A key will appear on floor. Go to locked cabinet in hallway. Open cabinet, get ice pick

  13. dyablo

    How about the hat where can i find it

  14. Bill Cawlfield

    The hat is hanging on the wall with the three pictures. It is in a glass case. You need a hammer to break the glass.

    1. dyablo

      Thanks bill

  15. jschouten1985

    I’m stuck at the basement…..found a door where i removed the chains, but now i need another key….

    1. Mary

      If I recall correctly, the key appears either in the sub-basement or after you go to the sub-basement and come back up.

      I’m not stuck with an unlocked basement door that still has the chain across it. I have a crowbar and nothing else.

  16. Bill Cawlfield

    If you lit the candle and it was blown out, then you need to go back to that location. Did you find the key that is on the floor in the basement?

    1. Mary

      I went back to the blown out candle but didn’t see anything new.

      1. jschouten1985

        Before you go back to the candle you first have to watch a videotape

        1. Bill Cawlfield

          There is one common thing to do in this game. ….Always go back to visited rooms after you do something. Things change from time to time. Things keep getting bloodier as the game progresses. For instance, the video tape is in the child’s bedroom when there is blood all over the investigated crime scene.

  17. jschouten1985

    I didn’t notice the remote control before……found the key and finished the game 😀

  18. Craig wolff

    I’m stuck also. In my inventory I have the candle, the tongs and the matches. I’ve gone all over all the rooms and I can’t find anything else to get. Can someone please help me what I need to do next please

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Anyone else keep getting a black screen? Before when I got it, closing down the app fixed it. But now I’m getting it every time I open the app. Just a black screen.

    2. Mary

      Did you use the code on the oven to get the mallet?

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