Preston Sterling: Walkthrough Guide

Preston Sterling and the Legend of Excalibur
By: Animation Arts Creative Gmbh


This will be a complete step-by-step walkthrough with hints, help, answers and solutions for the iOS and Android game Preston Sterling and the Legend of Excalibur by Animation Arts Creative Gmbh. It’s a work in progress, so please bear with me. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

The game itself is pretty short, mostly easy and includes some action sequences that aren’t too difficult. It also has a pretty weak ending. But it’s made well.


1. After the opening cutscenes, you’ll find yourself on the ledge outside a window. There are guards by each window. You need to use the joystick to the right to move past each window when the guard is looking away. When you finally get to the door and try to open it, there will be a chain holding it closed. Use your bolt cutters to cut the chain and go inside.

See my complete walkthrough video here:

2. Look through the book to the left for some information to add to your journal. Then, we have to open the archive door. To do so, place the sensor from your inventory on the metal panel to the left. Turn each number until you see yellow on the sensor. The numbers for me were 157. Press UNLOCK and go through.



3. Examine the desk. Read the letter. It says “The gate is opened to seekers between morning prayers and Evensong, no earlier and no later.” Open the urn and take the black light bulb. There’s also a box on it with three buttons. Press them to get the openings of the three circles to line up, then take the key.




4. Use the black light bulb on the painting to the right to light up the numbers 3, 4, 6. Also, look at the schedule on the wall to see that morning prayers are at 6am, midday prayers are at 1pm, and Evensong is at 8pm.




5. Tap on the grandfather clock. Use the key to open it. We know that the time has to be between morning prayers and Evensong. That’s 1pm (the clue apparently means exactly halfway between those two times). Set the clock to 1pm to reveal a safe on another wall.



6. Tap on the safe. Remember the numbers from the painting? Blue 3, green 4, blue 6. Move the pointer to the the blue triangle and press OK, then the green square and press OK, then the blue hexagon and press OK. Pull the handle to get a stone carving and some Latin documents that Preston will translate.




7. You now have a fairly simple action sequence where you have to tap to jump over obstacles while running away from the guards. Then you’ll get in the jeep and drive to a different location.

8. Talk to the fisherman and he’ll tell you how to get to the ruins of Tintagel. Follow the arrow down to the water. You’ll have to navigate a little maze here, but don’t worry — you can’t fall into the water. Find your way to Tintagel.

9. Pick up the wooden boards and find another carved stone under the rubble. Then, enter the little alcove where you’ll see some sockets for the stones. Pick up the rusty iron pole.



10. Go back to where the fisherman was and explore the little building to the right. Use the iron pole to remove the stone carving.


11. Go back down to the little alcove and place the stones in order of the sun rising and setting, or a day cycle. You can now enter the cave, or vault.


12. Pick up the dagger and gemstone from the table. Pick up the broken mirror shards from the floor. Examine the bookshelves, other shelves, and little bowl near the table to get three more gemstones.


13. Use the shards with the mirror and solve the puzzle to fix the mirror.


14. Place all the gemstones you found on the chest in middle of the room. You can light the candles because there’s a draft that blows them out. Use the wooden planks to cover the hole in the wall. It’s not enough, though!


15. Go back all the way and use the dagger to cut some of the long grass, or reeds. Use it to plug up the rest of the hole. Use your lighter to light the candles and the beam will reflect off the gemstones and onto the floor.


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