Preston Sterling: Walkthrough Guide

16. Examine the floor slab where the laser is pointing to get four thin copper rods. Place them in the holes of the chest to make the laser reflect in four different directions.



17. Examine each of the spots the lasers land on — the stairs, stalagmite, rock face, and column. Make a note of each of the symbols.





18. Zoom in on the chest and slide all the rods to match the symbols you saw. The chest will open, revealing a scroll that tells you you need to head to France.


19. You can’t leave the way you came in because the tide came up and it’s flooding the cave! So go through the hole that you patched up. You need to pass a little action running game. Then you find yourself where we were at the beginning of the game, tied to a chair. Hannah saves you and you take her to the site of the Lady of the Lake to find Excalibur.


20. You need to find diving equipment. Pick up the oxygen tank. Then, zoom in on the car and take the compressor from the trunk. Open the gas cover on the car.

21. Use trial-and-error to open the chest by the car. Take the diving equipment from inside.


21. Go back a screen and zoom in on the generator. Grab the empty fuel can and place the compressor next to the generator.

22. Go back to the car and use the rubber hose to siphon gas from the car into the gas can.


23. Go back to the generator. Add the fuel to it and turn it on. The compressor is still not working, though. You need to connect the fuses and then you’ll be able to turn it on and fill up your oxygen tank.



24. Go back to the lake. You’ll now dive underwater and have to navigate without being seen. Make your way to the entrance and solve the Sudoku-like puzzle by making each row and column add up to 15. Then head inside.



25. In this next room, the floor falls away piece by piece. But there’s a pattern. When you step on a square, the square north of it will fall out, then on your next step, the square to the right of you will fall out. So start all the way to the left and go in a zigzag pattern right, up, right, up, right up until you make it all the way across.




26. Here there are two sliding blocks puzzles. You need to get the sword blocks to the dragon’s mouth. Once both are done, take Excalibur.




27. Two henchmen will show up and you have two take them on in a QTE sword fight. When a shield or sword symbol pops up, tap it before it disappears. After that, you’ll have to do another running and jumping sequence and then watch the ending.


Congratulations! You completed the game!

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