Cube Escape Theatre: Walkthrough Guide

16. Give the Harvey Wallbanger to the man at the bar. Have him drink it, then bang his head against the glass until he bleeds. Take the glass and collect the blood in the glass.


17. Look at the recipe for the Bloody Mary on the wall. Go back to the bar. Place the extra glass on the bar. Pour two parts blood, one part vodka and one part Tabasco sauce to make a Bloody Mary.



18. Give the man the Bloody Mary and have him drink it. Take the glass back from him. He’ll take out a gun and shoot himself. Look inside his brain to find four white cubes. There’s a combination lock at the end of the right path and the woman from the postcard at the end of the left path.





19. Leave his head and go back to the stage. The next act is The Fish and the Parrot. First, put the flower in the pot. Arrange the pipes so the water leads to the pot and turn on the water. Then tap the flower and pick up the bird seeds.



20. Arrange the tubes so the left funnel leads to the parrot. Drop the bird seeds in the funnel and the parrot will lay a black egg. Take it.



21. Arrange the pipes so the right funnel leads to the frying pan. Drop the black egg into the funnel and it will crack in the pan. Take the worm.



22. Arrange the pipes so the right funnel leads to the fish and drop the worm in the funnel. The fish will eat it and start floating away. Tap it to end the act.


23. The next act is An Intermezzo by Mr. Crow. This will be a series of mini games. You need to tap on each light when he tells you. The left one is the first, the middle is two, and the right one is three. When he holds up one finger, tap the left one, top two fingers is the middle, and three fingers is the right one. Then he’ll tap his cane one, two, or three times. So do the same thing. And then finally, he’ll look at each lightbulb he wants you to tap. The act will end after all three. (I’ll post a video for this later.)


24. The next act is Remember the Seasons. Go back and look at the photo in the man’s pocket. Then, frame the woman, tree and moon on the stage to match the photo.


25. Some small frames will drop down now. Use a white cube on each of them and then drag them to the part on the stage to match them up with the image. There are only four white cubes.


26. Tap on each of the four frames that you matched to part of the stage. The moon one needs to wiped with your finger to see “+8.” The hand has a different symbol if you wipe it and changes between 5 fingers and 2 if you tap on it. The cherry blossom tree says “V” (5) in a heart if you swipe at the trunk. The frame has a down arrow and a 7 on it if you swipe. So let’s put that all together and go back into the guy’s brain and use it to unlock the safe. It goes 7285. Unlock the safe and take the black cube.







27. Go back to the stage and use the black cube with the fifth frame. It’s the woman’s face. Drag it to the right spot and then tap on it. Tap on her face and her throat will slit and she’ll fall to the stage, presumably dead.




28. The sixth and final act is called The Mill. Six colored blades appear. You need to organize them based on the six paintings on the wall by the and the drawing in the first screen. Also, the guy from the bar is sitting on the toilet now. If you interrupt him, he turns black and locks you out. After you arrange all the blades of the mill, talk to the bartender/Mr. Owl again and then an elevator will appear. Enter it and watch the ending.






Congratulations! You completed the game! Try the next game in the series, Rusty Lake Roots.

**Bonus: Make a Gin & Tonic and give it to Bob for a surprise!


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  1. Bill Cawlfield

    Wow…..this is a very bizarre or sick game…..depending on your perspective. I finished it, but finding a fetus in a toilet is just not my cup of tea!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Yeah, I quit Rusty Lake Hotel early on because I got tired of feeding Mr. Boar’s own poop to him. These games are very bizarre.

      1. Liesserdons

        I am stuck after the door in the ear . I did the symbols and everything. But the next scène does nog appear in the theater

    2. ioko

      It’s closed to legal abortion.

      1. Blanca

        The black figure didn’t kick me out🤨, it let me stay there and go in many times, and In the mirror it says A1, B7, C1, which I think is for the piano, since after he left in the counter a note that said times play Bad Egg I think is what it’s called, idk how to play that though😭

        1. Bad egg

          You need to play high b,a low d,e,gg on the piano, it’s like th dead face puzzle it just plays a concert that sounds cool and the bird squeaks a lot

    3. Karr

      Agreed. That was a very cringeworthy moment. My least favorite moment in the series, this far.
      …All the connotations…it hurt my psyche.╬ô├½├¡Γò₧├åΓö£├ª╬ô├▓├ª

      I just had to tell myself, “it’s part of that woman’s past…one of her memories. Maybe it’s more innocent than it seems…?” (I say, hopefully)╬ô├½├¡Γò₧├åΓö£ΓöÉΓö£Γòù

      Just take it, and go. 😬

  2. Mary

    I’m only finding 3 blocks inside Harvey’s head 🙁

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Some are hidden better than others. Did you try my video for the last one?

      1. someone

        I cannot find one box for the face

      2. guest

        how do you get the crow man to do the next pattern its just they are the other way round how many times do u have to do it before he accepts it correct and moves on?

        1. Karr

          Hello, guest! Hopefully, this will help.
          (And, for anyone else having this issue.)

          Follow his instructions, by tapping the light he indicates:
          Round 1 – watch his hand
          Round 2 – watch his cane
          Round 3 – watch the crow’s eyes

          Good luck!👍

      3. lika

        I accidently made parrot to eat the worm….. What do I have to do now

        1. AppUnwrapper

          See if it will…err…poop it out? I don’t think you can mess up permanently, but I could be wrong.

          1. person

            You actually find in the pan again for some reason, weird right?

        2. guest

          nothing will happen

        3. Aurora

          Look back in the pan if u fail it’ll response

        4. Lexi

          You can look in the pan and it will be there(the worm) even if you mess up there will be another worm there so you can try again

    2. Karissa

      one is hidden under some hair

    3. Hello I'm something

      Same here!

    4. The past is never dead

      His name is Bob not Harvey, Harvey is the parrot

  3. Nelly

    The yellow liquor you called Gaza is actually called Galliano

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Ha thanks! I wasn’t sure if it said Gawa or Gallia… I guess the rest of the word is cut off. I’ll fix it.

      1. boar

        Where can I find the fifth white cube?

        1. Karr

          There are only 4 white cubes in his head.

  4. Bick

    There are no cubes in his head!

  5. RoyLockwood

    I already gave bob the gin tonic but nothing happened…

    1. Isabella Guerzoni

      me too… what was it supposed to do?

    2. RAGE

      Me too

    3. The past is never dead

      It just give you an achievement, is for completing the game at full

      1. Josefine

        I can’t get the shell. I put in the right symbols but nothing opens

  6. Rose

    I can’t copy the crow man on the stage when he taps his cane. I’ve tried pressing on him and moving his cane but nothing is happening. Help

    1. Ant

      Follow his eyes tap on lights

    2. Karissa

      when he’s tapping with his cane, count how many times he taps and click the corresponding light

    3. Anonymous

      When he taps with the cane the light bulb password is 23112312321

  7. selairoti

    Why the room is so dark? And i cant find anything in the man head.. its so annoying…. can someone just tell me how to make the room more brighter?

    1. WOW

      Maybe its just ur computer it’s not that’s it dark its just ur computer so yea fix the lighting and it will be fine.

  8. Umi adiba

    I did the mill, and yellow lights already light up. But the elevator didn’t show up.

  9. Search

    The egg I dropped is not coming out of the funnel.

    1. WOW

      Then ur funnel is placed the wrong click on the bird again (if the egg does not come out of bird by just clicking it then give it the bird seeds again.) and try that.

  10. abhisek

    egg is not comming out!

  11. cita

    why i can’t arrange the pipes to the parrot? :(((((( the picture here is wrong or me?

  12. Not-the-Bartender

    Just wanted to say, you’ve got the last couple steps screwed up. For one you have to talk to the narrator not Mr. Owl/Bartender. Secondly, the elevator doesn’t just appear, you have to click on the set piece behind the narrator and then the background again before the elevator will show up.

  13. spirit

    I put the egg in the funnel but arranged pipe incorrectly to the pot instead of pan.I saw it coming out near the pot but than it vanished…what should I do…I don’t have the egg now..please help

    1. Karr

      It’s likely too late for you, Spirit, but for anyone else who’s having troubles with this issue, keep in mind that this game has no dead ends. Any time you do something wrong, you can perform the action leading up to that moment, in order to finish a puzzle.
      In other words, try to water the plant, again. See if seeds will drop, and try feeding the bird, again.
      Sometimes, in this series, you need to repeat actions. Other times, an item will simply reappear, after a couple moments (like the worm, for instance).
      Good luck!👍

  14. Leivana

    How do we get four white cubes i only have three???!!!?

    1. Ant

      look real good in the head and take all paths, some blocks are harder to find

      1. Jeni

        Thank you! The word ‘paths’ are the key here. I was just tapping not realizing that you can go different ways inside the head.

    2. Naty

      Now press on the cubes and start rubbing till some numbers will appear and the put those to the door that’s inside the man’s brain

  15. BOB!?

    WHO IS BOB!?

    1. The past is never dead

      Bob is the guy who killed himself, i hope that by now you already know that, also he is the one who is on jail in case 23

      1. Mėta

        The curtains won’t close after I take the flower, does anyone know what I could’ve done wrong?

        1. there will be blood

          click the dude or background one of the two

  16. Someone

    hi, i can’t play the piano plz help

    1. Karissa

      if you don’t know the notes, there is a picture hanging up in the first room with the notes names on the keys. write them down if you have to.

  17. Elle

    Lol, I already gave him a Gin Tonic on my own, was a funny thing to read. For those wondering he leaves a note saying “thanks for the Gin Tonic”.

  18. Miss Lili

    How am I supposed to arrange the mill blades? By clicking on them? Because nothing happens.

    1. Karissa

      click and drag

  19. Sam

    Having played a few of the Cube Escape games, I have to say this is a pretty overrated series. It’s bizarre and convoluted for the sake of it, not because it’s clever.

    For instance, the words on the windmill are in Hindi. And they don’t make much sense when in isolation. Why put them in there? Are people really looking at them and going “Wow, what mysterious symbols! This game is so deep!”

    Dev = Deity
    Manush = Man
    Asura = Demon
    Narak = Hell
    Pret = Spirit
    Some other random crap that I can’t read upside down.

    1. Aditi

      I speak Hindi. The word is तिर्यग्योनि. It means domain of the Animal. All these are domains of the Wheel of Life of the desire realm, one of the trailokya or three realms in Buddhist cosmology into which a being wandering in saṃsāra (cycle of birth, mundane existence and death) may be reborn.

      It is a deep game, Sam. You just need to look at it as a whole, not in parts.

      1. Karr

        I am so glad that you responded to that comment! Thank you for clearing that up, Aditi!👍

  20. Sach

    Please help me to solve the mill. I can not understand what to do. Made the arrangement according tho the colors on tje top but did’t work. How to pass that level. Please let me know.

  21. Jessica

    Hi there, I can’t seem to get my stage to move on from the red signs. They are in the right placement, I found the recipe for the Harvey drink, but I am stuck. My curtains won’t move on from the red signs to the next act!

    1. somePOTATO

      Did you even make the drink?

  22. shadowplayer

    i cant play D. halp.

    1. Name*

      I cant play ether It just keep logging me into my homescreen. :<

  23. kate

    how do you close the cutains

  24. April A Malone

    What happens if you give him Gin and Tonic? He didnΓÇÖt do anything other then drink it when I tried it.

  25. Monica Concepcion

    Love this game! I’m on Seasons now. Started with Paradox & Birthday next. Kinda creepy but really good storyline.

    1. mondsilber

      you would have more fun if you played the games in the order in which they came out. have a list somewhere. I did it that way and then you understand the weird story a bit better.
      (sorry for my English and greetings from Switzerland)

  26. Kate

    Where did you get all of the white cubes for the frame on the girl?

    1. somePOTATO

      They’re all in the brain of the man sitting at the bar. They’re just hidden

  27. somePOTATO

    I lost the empty glass somewhere and now I have to restart the whole game after ending it to make that drink

  28. Vanilla

    I was on the app trying to do the things where I arrange the things tovmkae shapes? It just flashes red over and over

  29. Lila

    I canΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗t leave the door in the head… I looked at it without completing the tubes thingies, and the arrow does not show up in the head for me to leave, but the code does not work because I didnΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗t╬ô├¬ΓîÉ╬ô├▓├╣╬ô├╢├ë get there yet

  30. Isla

    I cant get the hand to come out of the piano, am I doing something wrong?

  31. Beth

    I put the seed in the wrong funnel and canΓÇÖt get it back.

  32. Levi

    you never said what the code for the door in his head was

    1. DarkMare

      It’s 7285

  33. 2020plsstop

    Great walkthroughs. They’re the best!

  34. Kathy

    I moved the 5th frame out of the way. Though I can see it, I can’t move it from behind the stage light. Am I stuck or is there a way to move it? I have the black cube.

  35. Lupita


  36. nicole

    i can’t do anything with the four frames. i cant wipe nor tap:(

  37. Lexi

    Help me plz… I’m stuck on the last part, the mill. When j try to talk to the man on the stage (the masked man) it just takes me back to the mill and I’ve already done the man in the wc room

  38. Kictty

    I cannot pass “remember the seasons” were do you get the other clubes?

    1. TheBean

      4 are in the man (thereare 2 paths) and the other first get the code with the other pictures and enter it in the door for the last cube.

  39. Lazyfrau

    Help! Small frame no5 up by the lights, if I try to tap it in wide view I just zoom into close up. Can’t see it in close up so can’t tap it. 😭

  40. Laura

    Did anyone else notice that when you tap the guy in the bathroom (towards the very end), right before or as he turns black, there are letters and numbers on the bathroom mirror. He closed the door on my before I could write them down or take a picture. Wondering if these are important or if anyone else happened to catch what they said? Also, appunwrapper, do you have a page for getting all of the achievements on these games? Even when I check your walkthrough to make sure I donΓÇÖt miss anything, IΓÇÖm always a couple achievements shy of a perfect game. Thanks for your walkthroughs, they are the best!
    On the birthday one, even though I knew to expect Mr. Rabbit in the window after making the tree, I legit jumped and screamed! ThatΓÇÖs been the ΓÇ£bestΓÇ¥ jump scare since the very first Cube game, seasons with the telescope on the moon. That scared the crap out of me!

    1. Toshi

      Yes I did notice! My favourite games are Birthday and Theatre, to be honest, I love to see the different characters who actually talk. I wish they’ll give us an explanation for the stories tho

    2. Karr

      I saw that, too. But, like you, I didn’t respond quickly enough to read it.
      I figured that I’d try to catch it on a replay. *shrug*

    3. .

      Me too I totally noticed that. But I caught them right away. It said a1 b7 c1. But what’s it for? Maybe the next game?

      1. Mike

        171 is a channel on the TV that can be programmed in Ch 2 of Case 23. Doing so will trigger the achievement “Mugshot” (you might have to tune into this channel early or you might miss the opportunity).

  41. TheBean

    I know all the white cubes are supposed to be in the man but I’m missing one its nowhere
    are you sure they’re all there?

    1. Karr

      There are only 4 white cubes. They are all inside Bob’s head. They are located on the periphery of the scenes, so search carefully.
      The final, 5th cube is only found after you place the first four, and find the code for the door inside Bob’s head.
      Good luck!👍

      1. Karr

        I didn’t clarify; the final 5th cube is black. So, 4 white cubes & 1 black cube.

  42. Caroline

    I dont have any pieces in the mini game with the arrows. Anoying, i tried to reset the scene, bit still no pieces. Do I need to do something to make the pieces appear?

  43. Caroline

    There are no pieces in the mini game with the arrows. Do I need to do something to get Them?

  44. Alastair

    I did the piano exactly as the image but nothing is happening. Can someone please start giving details in their comments so the rest of us actually understand what your talking about??

  45. reyhaneh

    Hey i play this game but i don’t know there is a secret note for piano
    I found a note in the piano after give bob g&t but this is not working
    Anybody knows how i can pass this part?

    1. Kristian

      That’s what I am looking for the answer to, too. The high ‘e’ isn’t playable so the whole ‘bad egg’ dance has no ending

      1. DarkMare

        You have to play the low e to be able to complet it

  46. Loko89

    So goddamn disappointing that you can’t complete any of these puzzles without looking up hints. These are so well designed but there’s some decisions in the puzzles that are impossible and totally shit. Ruins the whole series.

  47. Allia

    How do I close the curtain? It won’t go close after the signs? 😭😭😭

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