Cube Escape: Seasons: Walkthrough Guide

Summer 1971:

1. Open the curtains. Turn on the light and look up at the ceiling. Take the key from the light.



2. Turn left. Take the telescope from the dresser. Take the matches from the top drawer and the screwdriver from the bottom drawer. Tap the pot of soil until a hand comes out and drops a photo piece. Also, take the photo piece from behind the dresser.


3. Take another photo piece from behind the grandfather clock.


4. Turn right to the window again. Use the telescope on the window and zoom in all the way on the moon. Eventually you’ll see the numbers 1487 written backwards. Keep tapping until you’re back in the room.


5. Turn right twice. Use the key to unlock the cabinet and enter 1487 to unlock the safe. Take the shrimp from inside.




6. Light the candle and take the cassette tape of “my favorite songs.”


7. Find the cassette player. Insert the cassette and take the plug off the top of it. Turn on the cassette player, then stop it and take the jumbled tape from inside.



8. Use the screwdriver to attach the plug to the cable of the black light lamp. Plug it in. Put the jumbled tape in the fireplace and light it with the matches.



9. Go back to the window and turn off the light. Switch on the black light lamp to see the final photo piece. Take it.


10. Go back to the kitchen. Use the screwdriver to open the oven. Put the shrimp in the oven. Turn on the gas (red knob) and use the matches to light the flame. Close the oven, then tap on it to see a lake. Zoom in and take the black cube.




11. Go back to the fireplace. Put the black cube in the hole in the wall and place all the photo pieces in the frame. Pull the photo down over the black cube and complete the Summer section.



Click on the little numbers below to continue to the Fall walkthrough or click here.

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  1. Bob

    I couldn’t find the Prozac pill

    1. o

      I think the author forgot to mention that you have to turn on and leave the candle on before leaving Fall

      1. Asani

        I cant lower the lever, is it just my phone?

        1. Melissa

          I cannot lower the lever either and I am on an iPad. All lights are one but it won’t lower😡

        2. Melissa

          I cannot lower the lever either and I am on an iPad. All lights are on but it won’t lower😡

          1. leo

            theres a paper that has symbols next to some dots, put the symbols to the items you used to make the fuel then to the order they r set in, put the lights in the order the paper tells you to and you should b able to click the lever down

      2. jason

        how tho? i cant find the matches in fall

        1. Mariana

          The bird dont apears to me

          1. Will

            You need to play the music then the bird will come

          2. Mahan

            You need to tune radio to play music then bird comes behind the window

            1. Natasha

              O passaro não volta com a flor oque faço ?

          3. Bee


          4. Yunna


        2. c

          it’s in the clock

    2. Nanna

      Me neither, my candle won’t melt

    3. hes

      you have to light the candle from spring and leave it on through out all seasons!

    4. Aime

      You have to keep the flame on every season

    5. Max

      I’m having trouble with the tv

    6. AnimeGamer93

      The prozac pill is located in the melted candle in the winter season. Go back to fall and put in the time 11:25 into the grandfather clock.

  2. Sara

    The bird never comes back to the window with the flower…what am I doing wrong?

    1. Bec

      I have the same problem, can’t get the bird to come back to the window with the flower!

      1. yuri

        to get the bird to come back, you have to turn the radio to 105 in winter

        1. Yak

          Thanks so much!

    2. Tigra

      Turn on the radio to 105

      1. Cristobal

        Thank you, it worked!

      2. AMY

        Thank you Tigra!!

      3. Karen Hyde

        Thank you. You helped me on this

      4. Lilly

        Thank you!!

    3. Adry

      You have to turn on the radio and put music

      1. MTXT

        Yeah, thanks!

    4. Kayla

      Turn the radio on until you have music and make sure the bird actually left when you opened the window in spring (it will not work if the bird is on the window sill; click the bird and the window should close and you’ll see it outside)

    5. Melrose

      You have to turn the radio music back on.

    6. Jenny

      I’ve made all the fuels but the bird hasn’t come to the window. Help!!

    7. FoodieLoverz

      On the radio it’s the music that attracts the bird

    8. Worry123

      Same with me?

    9. A helper

      You need to turn radio on till it plays music he forgot to mention that also

      1. nobody

        I dont know how to get the bird in winter HELP ME PLEASE

    10. MTXT

      Yeah, the bird doesnΓÇÖt come

    11. nobody

      Turn on the radio in the winter,when you see the notes flow up the bird is by the window sill.Im stuck on the part were you get all the pieces and i pull it down but it wont let me pick up the phone for some reason.

      1. Zero

        To pick up the phone you have to go back spring 1964.

    12. Amy

      I have the same problem!

    13. lulu

      You need to go back to Spring and use the water pan to put out the fire, then you use the log to open the window. Then, go to Winter and set the radio to 105 (the one that plays music), and check the window.

      1. Melisa

        I tried and did not work I canΓÇÖt get the bird in my window

      2. Melisa

        I tried and did not work I canΓÇÖt get the bird in the window what do I do then?

      3. Crystal

        I accidently filled my cup with water with the blender already filled. I’m stuck with a glass of water. How do I empty the cup of water

        1. Mahan

          Select the glass from sidebar then tap the sink

        2. M

          Select the water then click the tap

    14. Van

      the bird (if not dead) need to listen the music to come to the window… Tune the radio and check window again

    15. Fafa

      Me too 🙁

  3. June

    leave the candle on at every season. it will melt when you go back to winter

    1. Janice

      But i cant find the candle in fal!

  4. Anirban bhowmik

    The bird is not coming back to the window with the flower ?. What to do?? ?

    1. Nero

      I was stuck in the same place for months! You have to turn the radio on to the correct station, I think its 100 or something, then the bird will come.

    2. Finn

      AYy my guy you have to go back to winter then turn the music on again

    3. Korena

      I can’t mix flower

  5. Jay

    The phone vibrates when I lower the switch but won’t lift up to finish the game

    1. Kayla

      You have to go back to spring and pick up the phone

  6. RvdW

    Other comments said it before, but I can’t get the bird to come back to the window. I just checked back the entire walkthrough and I did everything the way it says. I can’t get it to come back. What am I missing?

    1. alpha

      in spring when the bird was sitting on the window close the window and the bird will dissapeared

    2. Bob

      bro, you need to turn the radio to 105

      1. Korena

        I can’t mix flower

  7. Marina

    I am having the same problem with the bird. Put radio at 105 got music. Candles on , bird left window. Don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

    1. Yunus

      Play music in all seasons.

    2. Ricardo

      music on on spring and winter season, the bird will appear in the winter season on the cracked window with the flower!

  8. Jaleners

    I had the problem with the candle not melting, went back to fall and lit the candle, went back to winter and it was melted…. I also had the problem with the bird not coming back ……. I turned the radio on and nothing…. then I pulled the lever and checked and the bird was there 😉

    Seems like the end now is stuck though in the final scene…. anyone else have that issue?

    1. Beth

      Yep stuck in winter 1981 with flying cubes and no explanation

      1. fsadf

        Do you see a small dot? try to tap it

      2. Keighen

        First I tried clicking the gray dot on the bottom right side of the screen, I had to open & close the game again for it to work, but that’s how you win

  9. Bukasine

    I can’t see the mushroom

    1. Lena

      Cómo hago para encender la vela en otoño ? No tengo los cerillos

  10. Mysterious Fox

    What an anti-climactic ending. Of course, there are more…so they’re a series, I presume?

  11. PP

    I accidentally put down the juices in the wrong places and it won’t let me put the lever down. How can I fix this?

    1. nitin

      you can swap them using the glass and blender.

    2. Serena

      You can put them in the glass and in the blender to put them in the right places

  12. Lia

    The cactus fruit wont enter the blender

    1. Hailey

      I have the same issue

      1. Irene

        I’m stuck, the bird doesn’t come to the window.

        What exactly do I have to do in spring with the bird?


        1. K578

          You go to winter break the window and on the digital clock u play the music. I was stuck on this for a long time to.

          1. Wombat

            To break the window, use the axe. No one else has specified this and it’s driving me crazy. It took me an hour to figure out.

      2. Lou

        You have to put the fruit first

      3. K578

        U dont need water in the blender for the cactus fruit

    2. Foxy

      Did you put water in first? If so, thats the problem. Don’t put water

  13. Irene

    I’m stuck, the bird doesn’t come to the window.

    What exactly do I have to do in spring with the bird?


  14. Jericklel

    What does the ending mean?
    I don’t understand

  15. Caryn Lorentz

    I’m doing the second season and I finished the picture and got the cube and it won’t let me move on the the next stage? Am I forgetting something or is this a glitch because I’ve been trying to figure it out for hours.

  16. Arina

    I’ve done everything (pucked up the phone also), but I can’t see the ending

  17. Arina

    I mean, I can’t pull the lever

    1. Julie

      Lights order are wrong

  18. Mr. TrololSwag

    Blenddr dream. Mix XD buy it now

  19. Matt

    Anyone else stuck on the winter bird not coming to the window, make sure you open the window in spring after you open the birdcage. You need the log from the fireplace to open the window; I used the pot of water to douse the fire so I could get the log back. Did everything else and only came to the walk through for this… fun game 🙂

    1. sam

      you have to play the music on the radio for the bird to come

    2. Ste

      Finally!!! Thanks!!!

  20. nicholinecj

    why cant i find my pot of water?

  21. CubeEscapePlayer

    I am trying to finish the game. I’ve followed every instruction, and looked for comments when I needed help. But when I go back to spring, and pick up the phone, nothing happens? Am I doing something wrong.

    1. Susan A Kornblum

      I am having this problem!

  22. esaur

    I know this sounds insane, but is there a specific way you have to kill the bird in the original Fall? I have stabbed it SO MANY times, but it just sheds its’ feathers. I’ve tried restarting and going through exactly as the walkthrough does, but still nothing. This is driving me insane!!!!

    1. hale

      I can’t kill it either! Also restarted it and nothing. This is so annoying.

    2. Peanut

      I cannot kill it either

  23. K


  24. todd

    Go to spring. This is unhelpful. I do not see how to go to spring

  25. turtle

    just to clarify for others on the summer level…the author forgot to mention that you have to light the fireplace using the jumbled up cassette tape and the matches in order to make the black cube blink so you can complete the level. i was stuck on this for a while, so I want to help others figure it out. 😉

    1. Anna

      How on earth do you get the yellow light to come on in winter? All the others are on….

      1. Raluca

        Make sure the 4 juices/fuels are placed in their correct corresponding holders (they each have a number of dots on them). The one with 1 dot corresponds to the pink fuel, 2 dots to the red one, 3 dots to the black one and 4 dots to the green one. If you’ve placed them incorrectly by mistake, just use the glass and the blender to put them in their right place.

        1. Alastair

          But which room is what number?? I guessed the room with the portal is room 1 but apparently not because I still canΓÇÖt pull the lever

    2. Lily

      Thank you so much

  26. Yen

    I can’t pass of station. When i arrived in winter It doesn’t let me go to the previous ones, and when I started the game from 0, It doesn’t let me go to the ones that follow. I do not know how to do it, help!

  27. TooOldToPlay

    I reached all the way to the end and managed to fill up three of the fuel tanks, but the bird, whom I helped escape in 1964, does not appear at the window. I can see it sitting on a branch, but no flower for me.

    What am I missing?

  28. Julia

    Okay i’ve reseted the game and my clock won’t open anyway… What do i do?

    1. Matheus

      Me too, I tried to brute force it first so idk if that changes anything

  29. Mel

    My bird wonΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗t go to the window to give me the flower 🙁

  30. Mel

    The bird wonΓÇÖt come to my window to give me the flower

  31. Mel

    My bird wonΓÇÖt get me the flower

  32. Mel

    My bird hates me

  33. CatReader

    I think that, when you are back in Fall (during the final chapter) , after you take the matches, you need to light the candle on the fireplace before returning to Winter. Until I did, the lit candle in Winter would not melt far enough to reveal the Prozac pill.

  34. Eve

    I’ve placed the black block behind the painting in summer and I’ve done everything right (to my knowledge), but when I slide down the painting to cover the block nothing happens. Is this somthing I’m doing wrong, or is it a glitch? Please help!

  35. Taylor

    I canΓÇÖt find the 4th blueprint piece in the winter part? I have watched all the walk throughs is it just a glitch?

    1. Anna

      Switch on the black light.

  36. Diby

    The bird doesn’t come back with th flower

  37. Rhonda Ghormley

    I’m at the point where the bird is outside of the broken window in the Fall but does not come to the sill with a flower… ??

  38. Clara

    The parrot doesn’t come with the flower.
    Ps: I should’ve turned the radio on to 105.

  39. Logan

    I have all four juice lights turned on, but the yellow light at the top won’t turn on and I can’t pull the lever down, what am I doing wrong?

    1. Tyler

      Did you make sure that the juices are in the right fuel tanks? I had this issue, but after having a good look at the notes in the photo/fireplace/radio room, I noticed that I had the flower and fruit juices in the wrong containers and then had to flip them.

  40. Sunny

    How can you kill the parrot ?

  41. Ascendancy

    Couldn’t figure out how to let the bird outside and had to look here. Damn

  42. Natalie

    I can’t pick up the black egg in spring..

  43. N0n4w3

    The bird isn’t with the flower in the mounth… he’s not even there

  44. Pim

    When i press number 6,1,2,4,5,3,2,5 there have no black cube but have black human on the screen, so what the problem?? Pls help me

  45. Dude

    my bird won’t come back

  46. Zodiac

    How do I turn on the gas? I’m turning the red knob when I’m down by the pipe, but when I come back up it says No Gas.

  47. Ibukineo

    The next in the series is cube escapse Arles, the lake was the first game and seasons was after. Good walkthrough however!

  48. Joe

    In summer I canΓÇÖt find the last picture piece. IΓÇÖm missing the bottom left piece.

  49. Yeet

    if you need help with letting the bird out the window in spring first get the pot of water then put the fire out next get the log and finally use the log on the window.

  50. Julie

    I did everything, the lights are all on, but I can’t pull the lever down╬ô├½├¡Γò₧├åΓö£ΓöÉΓö¼├¡

  51. neon

    i can’t be able to kill bird in fall

  52. neon

    i cant kill the bird in fall

  53. michie

    I have solved it

  54. marisa

    how do you kill the bird?

  55. ashudn2

    I accidentally put water in the glass and need to retrieve the cactus juice. How to empty the glass??

    1. Phati

      Same problem here

    2. noone

      empty water glass at the sink, then use empty glass to take water from the blender

  56. lix

    it wont let me pull the lever???

  57. Levi

    So I’m stuck in winter, my clock won’t open!

  58. Anoukje

    Putting out the fire and placing the log from the fireplace to the window was too much for me

  59. Rusty Laker

    This has given me nightmares!

  60. Ujjwal

    I canΓÇÖt pull the lever down

  61. Emma-Leigh Haffey

    I jot all 4 juice/fuel things working but it wonΓÇÖt let me pull the lever

  62. Ondrej

    My mushroom wonΓö¼Γöñt grow for some reason. Any ideas?

    1. Lina

      Go back to summer and change the clock to 3:55.
      Open the clock and get the wrench.
      Use the wrench on the pipe, then go back to winter.
      Now you should see mushrooms.

  63. Rose

    I tried the clock to 9:05 but it wont open…?

  64. G456

    I really need help I killed the bird in spring so it won’t come back

  65. Rebecca

    Ik krijg de tv niet goed op het einde staat er 11 ik zie de kubus niet

  66. Anonymous

    On summer it tells me I need a spanner to turn on the gas on the oven, can someone help me with that?

    1. Zip_HotlineYT

      I think you need to open the oven with the Screwdriver, then light the oven with the matches, AND then put the shrimp in and close the oven door and tap the oven door and open it.

  67. Ryanne

    The bird isnΓÇÖt coming to my window with the flower even though IΓÇÖve done everything

  68. Unknown

    How to turn on yellow light????

  69. Nam

    My bird doesn’t perch at the window

    1. person

      i had the same problem just fill the blender with water

  70. Mana❤️

    Mas que merda muitos das coisas que menciona aí não funciona pre celular

  71. Brooke

    i changed the time to 9:05 but my clock wonΓÇÖt open!

  72. Ali

    I mistakenly moved the juices. What am I going to do

  73. Oceana

    Why can’t i open the clock? I already set it to 9:05 and it won’t open

  74. person

    what do you do if u fill the glass up with water in the last one you cant tip it out

    1. Hamsteroo

      Dont put water in it just put the fruit and its gonna be a juice

  75. Will

    I put in all the fuel and all the lights are on except for the yellow light so i cant pull the lever help!

  76. Gigi

    I cant pille the lever down 🙁

  77. B3Dcool

    Hi! Where can I find the matches to light up the candle in fall?

  78. Michael

    How in the world do you move the minute and hour hand on the clock!? I click the hour hand and the minute hand moves sometimes and vice versa. It’s infuriating!

  79. Harvey de berd no leav help

    Help I can nut finish the gaym┬┐ fon wont do lazer lite, canΓÇÖt get rid of berd to finis to da gaym? sori Inglis no gud.

  80. Sarah

    The yellow light is off. I can’t pull down that switch HELP MEEE

  81. kayla

    The clock in spring wont open, help?? i chqnged the time to 9:05!

  82. Nicole

    There’s no mushroom and I’ve followed the instructions exactly… anyone know what’s going on?

    1. Arjun

      Go to second memory, where u set tye time 3:55, and use the wrench in the closet to loosen the nut near the stove

  83. Arjun

    Guys i see a bird’s shadow at the window, but it doesn’t come in with a flower, what should I do?

  84. Xyz

    I pick up the phone, but nothing happens

  85. Hamsteroo

    I cannot lower the lever either is it just my phone??

  86. Hamsteroo

    I cannot lower the lever either is anyone have the same problem as me??

  87. Red

    I found the solution to the lever problem:
    Make sure the liquids are in the correct containers.
    No matter which container they’re in, there will be lights on the side of the machine. But if they’re all in the CORRECT containers, the yellow light on top of the machine will light up. Then you can pull the lever.
    It’s in the walkthrough (perhaps edited in as a result of the questions?), so just read carefully.

  88. eletay

    I accidentally got out of the game without finishing the number sequence on the TV. How do I get it back?

  89. Feather

    Flower is before cactus, for the juices

  90. Ram

    Idk why but after doing everything in the spring season, the cube didn’t move. I can move to next level because of that

  91. Theorn

    I picked up the phone in Spring but nothing happens. I’ve rechecked in Winter and it’s all correct. All I hear is “All that you touch, you change”. Please help me! I’m so confused at the ending

  92. Raine

    I can’t get the clock to open I have tried every compo and I still can’t get it to

    1. Max

      I need help with the TV cause it’s not working for me

  93. AnimeGamer93

    For anyone having trouble with the candle not melting in winter or having trouble with finding the matches in fall, they are locked in the grandfather clock. You will have to put in the time associated with that season. They’re located on the wall next to the sink in the winter season.

    1. Devyn

      Amyone figure out the oven, does it ever open?

      1. Ann

        Use the screwdriver. I forgot where that thing is, but when you have the screwdriver in one of the drawers, grab it. The oven will open when you click on it w/ the thing equipped

  94. Alyssa

    The bird won’t come, does anyone know why?

  95. Linn

    Lever solution that worked for me: Leave all devices off until you have the juice in them in the right order. Then turn them on in order, 1-4.

  96. Anthonaz

    how do you get the egg in spring because I cant seem to grab it.

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