Cube Escape: The Lake: Walkthrough Guide

Cube Escape: The Lake
By: LoyaltyGame B.V. (Rusty Lake)


This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide with hints, tips, solutions and answers for the second Rusty Lake game, Cube Escape: The Lake. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


1. Pick up the wire and fishing rod.


2. Open the drawer and take the knife.


3. Turn right. Pick up the folded note above the window and look at it. It says “The past is never dead. It is not even past.”



4. Look up at the ceiling and grab the insect.


5. Turn right again. Pick up the fishing hook from the floor and open the cabinet to get a crowbar.


6. Turn right again. Place the fishing rod down and add the fishing line to it. Attach the hook at the end and then add the insect. Start fishing and you’ll get a shrimp.





7. Turn right. Place the shrimp on the cutting board on the table. Use the knife to cut it open and then take the key and shrimp head.


8. Use the key to unlock the top locker and get the magnet and worm.


9. Go back to the fishing rod. Attach the shrimp head to the hook and fish out a…human body. Stab it with the knife and take the apple from inside.




10. Attach the worm to the hook and fish out a…fish!



11. Place the fish on the cutting board and cut it open. Something black is inside it. If you keep tapping, it grows into a tree.



12. There are five spots to place items. Look at the note from earlier to see where to place the apple and put it there.


13. Use the magnet to fish out a key from the lake. Use the key to unlock the bottom locker and get a coin. Add the coin to its spot on the tree.




14. There’s a slit in the wall. Use the crowbar to pull out a part of it and grab the key.


15. Turn right twice and use the key to unlock the glass cabinet. Take the mold.


16. Use the mold to fish out a shell and add it to the tree in the appropriate spot.




17. Fish again using the magnet and you’ll get a safe. The clue on it is mirrored numbers that say 6 x 237. If you do the math, you get 1422. Enter that as the code (using mirrored numbers, of course) to unlock the safe and get the gem. Add it to the tree.





18. Use the magnet to fish out another safe. This one says you need to use a code from Seasons to change your fate. If you haven’t played that yet, you can see my walkthrough here. The answer is 1487. Unlock the safe to get a green gem.




19. There’s another loose board in the wall on this screen. Use the crowbar to remove it and get the eyeball.


20. Time to put it on the tree. But before you do, make sure to swap out the white gem for the green gem.


21. Turn until you see a black shadow. Tap him until a black cube appears. Tap that to complete the game and get the good ending (you changed your fate).



Congratulations! You completed the game! Try the next game in the series, Cube Escape: Arles.

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  1. Scooterbootin

    Did I miss reading what the green gem is supposed to do? And you say swap it with the ΓÇ£white gemΓÇ¥ I didnΓÇÖt see a white one.

    1. Cris

      He said “white” to the blue one actually and you just have to put the green one instead of the blue one.

      1. Padfoot

        But what was the green and blue gems for?

        1. ktoś

          Jakie znowu klejnoty o co wam chodzi???

      2. BaharJV

        There’s no difference between them, each one you put on the tree works. the green one is just a rare item in this part, because it needs to do the, “seasons” part first

  2. Escape Room Lover

    Thank you, This site is very helpful for when I am suck on a puzzle from a escape room (which happens somewhat often).

  3. Anoukje

    I got 9 x 237 and mirrored the result, or 732×9 (already mirrored) and put in that result. Those would make sense.

    But 6×237? Then you only mirror the 9 and the others stay the same? That’s not right.

    1. JustMehHolli

      Actually that’s what I thought at first. But then I realized that the passcode symbol for the scissor has a difference to the scissor symbol that was on the safe. It’s just that the two is reciprocate each other, and when the safe says ‘mirror’, it must be talking about the scissor symbol and the passcode. So basically, 9, flip it over, turns to 6. Iapologize if my explanation is a bit confusing hopefully you still understand^^””

    2. Tyger

      Each symbol is a mirror of a number. Cover one side of the symbol (either left or right) and you can see a number. Do the math, get the answer, find the symbols that, when half is covered, give the answer. Tadah… done.

    3. Lotte

      the numbers are like 6, and than a mirrored version of six next to it. the x is multiply, and than 2, next to a mirrored two and so on. and it results to 6×237, which i 1422, and the numbers are, again, the original and a mirrored version next to it

  4. Padfoot

    What’s the blue gem for?

  5. LoveCat


  6. Krys

    How many times do you have to turn to see the black shadow?

  7. Kkyy

    I can not see any shadow. Is it bug or something?

  8. Addy

    Is there a bad ending? If so how do I get it?

    1. ktoś

      Jakie znowu klejnoty? o co wam chodzi??? (przetłumaczcie sobie to jak nie rozumiecie bo nie chce mi się tego przetłumaczać

    2. Will

      Use the blue gem. It’s not really bad just different

  9. Jerememery

    How would you know those planks are loose? There’s no visual cues.

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