Mystery of Shadow Hill: Walkthrough Guide

Mystery of Shadow Hill
By: Squadventure


The Mystery of Shadow Hill is Squadventure’s second adventure game. It takes place in a school, with some strange things happening. While I liked their first, this one is more my speed. It’s more relaxed, full of logic puzzles and no skill-based mini games. The artwork isn’t as consistently impressive as in The Lost Chapter, but there are some really nice details. The story is intriguing and has me curious to see what’s in store next. While most puzzles are pretty straightforward, there are some creative and clever ones I really liked. The game is on the short side and currently only includes episode one, with the second episode releasing later as a separate app, so don’t expect a full conclusion yet. But what we’ve been given so far is an enjoyable game that’s worth checking out of you like puzzle adventures.

This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough with help, hints, tricks, solutions and answers for the iOS and Android game The Mystery of Shadow Hill by Squadventure. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


1. You find yourself locked inside your locker. Tap on it it knock. Someone will answer and tell you your name is Lou. Now, unlock the lock by slowly rotating it left or right as the arrow instructs y to, until you hear a “click.” Keep going until the locker opens.

You can also see my walkthrough video:

2. Leave the locker. Will will introduce himself and show you your journal. He’ll also give you the Amulet of Sight, which can offer you hints when you’re stuck.

3. Notice the torn pieces of paper on the bench. Solve the puzzle by rotating the pieces and forming a picture. You’ll then get s clue for your journal.




4. Try to leave the room through the door that says “POOL.” Some ghostly figure will start heading your way. Will hides in his locker and tells you to hide as well. Go back to your locker (the left one that says “Lou.” Stay in there until the ghost leaves. When you exit, Will will ask for help getting out of his locker, but he realizes you need to find his journal first.



5. Head through the door to the pool area. Continue on through the big double doors to the basketball court or gym. Use the eyes clue from your journal to unlock the lock on the trophy case. Take the toilet handle.






6. Go back through the left door to the men’s bathroom. Pick up the newspaper clipping from the garbage and head into the bathroom.


7. Enter the middle stall and tap on the symbols on the wall to get a clue for your journal.


8. Enter the right stall and replace the toilet handle. Flush the toilet and then look in the water tank for a rusty pipe.



9. Go back to the men’s locker room. Use the clue you found in the bathroom to unlock Dexter’s locker. One of the symbols is missing in the clue, so you need to get it through trial and error. Or, use the solution below. Pick up the old key from inside the locker.




10. Go back to the gym. Look at the bulletin board. Grab the photo and article piece and get the clue for your journal. Then, use the old key to unlock the clover lock on the orange door. Go through.





11. Pick up the water heater handle from the mat and open the closet to get the ladder.



12. Leave the room and place the ladder beneath the basketball hoop. Climb up and look at Will’s journal to get a clue for your own. There’s a dragon with some stars. We’ll use that soon. Feel free to look through the journal, too.



13. Go back to the pool and go through the black door to the water heater room. Open the drawer to get a crank handle and a picture of bowling pins, which is a clue for your journal.




14. Replace the pipe on the water pump and place the water heater handle on the water heater. Solve the red and blue pipes puzzle to get it working again. Then turn the hot water handle to turn on the hot water.




15. Place the crank handle in the slot on the water pump and turn it to drain the water from the pool.


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  1. Linda S

    Great game! I was a tester and I loved it!

    It will be hard waiting for the next episode, lol.

  2. Sheryl Brooks

    I’m having problems with the picture of the old man that we need to turn evil

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