Tormentum – Dark Sorrow: Complete Walkthrough Guide

Chapter 2, The Wasteland:

1. Pick up the cart wheel and look inside the broken cart for a photo of the train to Frozen Tears. Head right.


2. There’s a weird tree creature here being eaten by crows. Talk to him and he’ll ask you to find him a new storm egg to scare away the crows. Head right and talk to the guard on the bridge. He won’t let you pass until you bring him a part from one of the beasts in the mine. Take the doll hanging from a rope and head back left.



3. Head towards the home in the distance. You can go in yet, so head left to the mine. Tap on the sign to get a clue for your notebook. Also, add the cart wheel to the cart. We’re still missing one, though. Head left again and talk to the winged creature, called an Icari. He wants you to retrieve the storm egg for him from the top of the mountain. No need to head there yet. Just grab the crank from the drain pipe and go back to the mine.






4. Head inside the mine. Grab the other cart wheel and put it on the cart. Then head back into the mine again and continue left. Place the crank on the wheel and turn it to get the horse corpse to drop through a hole, pulling the mine cart in and down another hole. Pick up the button.



5. Head right. Place the button on the device that controls the elevator. Then use the elevator to go down.


6. Go left. Find the metal box, then go back right. Lift up the creepy double face on the driller and zoom in on the puzzle. Add the metal box to the right size and rotate the pieces to connect the circuits. Press the button to start the drill.




7. Head left to see what damage the drill caused. Pick up the claw left behind by the monster. Continue left.


8. Open the chest to get the rope and take the green crystals from the ground.


9. Go back to the little house. Place the green crystals in the lamp hanging outside. Then door will open. Go inside and talk to the rat. He’ll ask you to get him a special crown, and he’ll give you a stone tile. Also, find the wooden figurine in the drawer and give the doll to the rat’s son so he’ll move away from the ladder.




10. Find the metal plate, then go down the ladder. Find the clue inside the barrel. Then find the other wooden figurine and add it to the shelf with the other three. Use the clue to put them in the right order. A secret passage will appear. Go through.





11. There’s a man in a cage here. He asks you to free him so the rats don’t eat him. This is another choice you have to make, whether to free him or not. Zoom in on the button on the wall. Place the metal plate in the slot. See this guide to find out the correct choice. After you make your decision, press the button to either release him or not. There’s other stuff to do here, but we’ll come back for it later.



12. Leave the rat’s house for now. If you released him, theman from the cage is here to thank you. He leaves and drops the train ticket for you. Pick it up.


13. Head left again and this time go up the past the Icarus. Use the clue from your journal to solve the lizard puzzles. Tap the buttons in this order: V, II, IV, I, III. Solve the gears puzzle and push the slider up to cause spikes to kill the creature.





14. Enter the tower. Read through the books (especially about the Icari) and go upstairs. Talk to the lizard and he’ll give you another stone tile. He’ll also ask you to bring him the Crown of the Damned. Look through the telescope and use the arrows to find a clue for your notebook.



15. Ring the bell three times. It will cause of the monuments (statues?) to rise up from the ground. Then, take the key that dropped and go up the ladder to the roof. Use the key to unlock the cage holding the storm egg. Take the storm egg, tie a rope to the roof and climb down so the lizard doesn’t know you took it.




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14 thoughts on “Tormentum – Dark Sorrow: Complete Walkthrough Guide

      1. Silje

        Is it worth the money? Is it a long game? I played the free version and I liked it, but it’s kinda expensive. Thanks 🙂

        1. AppUnwrapper Post author

          I don’t know how long it took me to play — sorry! I played it over the course of a few days. It takes you through three different locations, though. Personally, I really enjoyed it. Mostly for the artwork and atmosphere. The puzzles are never too frustrating, pretty straightforward. There’s also a good and bad ending. I got the bad one, so playing again to get the good one. 😉

              1. Ruthie2512

                Hi. If I gaved the old woman the one every time but after three times she didn’t live the amerald. What can I do?

  1. Heartgrave

    I used brushes to clear 30 paintings but the guy just tells me to come back when I am done. I am done, what did I miss? I did quit with about 11 brushes left and then came back a few days later… would that do it?


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