Tormentum – Dark Sorrow: Complete Walkthrough Guide

16. Go back to the very beginning of the Wasteland. Head towards the three statues. Place the two stone tiles in the base of the middle statue. Then solve the tile-swapping puzzle. Go inside.



17. There’s a strange cube here hanging from chains. Press the button on it and the room will fill with gas. You now need to play a Memory mini game. Flip each tile over to find their opposites. For instance, sun + moon, angel + demon, heart + brain, open door + closed door, etc. Then go through the door.

You can watch this video if you need some help:

18. Look in the bucket and the sink for two notes. Read them both and focus on the numbers. Match “masks” to “five,” “twice” to “charge,” and “thrice” to “bound.” Go over to the left wall and change the different clock hands to the appropriate numbers, based on the symbols. The mask should be on V, the rope on III, and the lightning bolt on II. It should look like the image below.






19. The electricity should be working now. Pull the lever to the right and a ghost will appear in the electric chair. He’ll warn you about trusting people, then disappear, leaving the Crown of the Damned behind. Take it and leave.


20. You have another choice to make. You can either give the storm egg to the Grey Icarus or to the tree creature being eaten by crows. See this guide to find out the correct choice. whichever one you choose, you’ll get the copper key. Use it to unlock the secret panel on the rock in front of the tree creature. Take the train parts from inside.



21. You have another choice to make, whether to give the Crown of the Damned to the rat or the lizard. See this guide to find out the correct choice. You should get an oval key in return. Head outside the tower and place it on the puzzle to the right of the tower. Solve the puzzle by using the arrows to arrange the pieces so the plain square is to the left and it gets more and more complex with each shape. It should match the image below. Then take the red monolith.




22. Go back to the rat’s home. Go back down to his basement and through the hidden door. Look at the clue on the wall and then place the red monolith in the machine and pull the lever to turn it into a fuel cell. Take it.



23. We’re about ready to get out of the Wasteland! Head back to the bridge and give the guard the claw so he’ll let you pass. The train conductor needs you to get him some parts for the train before he can get it working again. But luckily we have them all! First, use the clue from the telescope to unlock the train door. Then, once inside, give the conductor the fuel cell, train ticket, and train parts. He’ll then take you to Frozen Tears!




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Linda S
4 years ago

Thank you! Just got the game! Perfect timing!

Reply to  AppUnwrapper
4 years ago

Is it worth the money? Is it a long game? I played the free version and I liked it, but it’s kinda expensive. Thanks 🙂

Reply to  AppUnwrapper
4 years ago

Thanks for the quick response! Yeah, it looks like a game just up my alley, so def gonna buy it 🙂

Reply to  AppUnwrapper
4 years ago

Hi. If I gaved the old woman the one every time but after three times she didn’t live the amerald. What can I do?

3 years ago

I used brushes to clear 30 paintings but the guy just tells me to come back when I am done. I am done, what did I miss? I did quit with about 11 brushes left and then came back a few days later… would that do it?

2 years ago

I cannot get the kitchen door to open. The puzzle pieces are right

Reply to  SRGrif
2 years ago

Pls help!!

2 years ago

Where’s the rest of the walkthrough? Mine ends when you reach Frozen Tears and I’m very stuck

2 years ago

For some reason the game won’t let me pick up the key that the guard dropped in the dungeon. Plz help.

11 months ago

I can’t get the colours on the wheel

Bette Addison
11 months ago

I can’t do the color wheel

Bette Addison
11 months ago

I just got the egg & then lost it. How can I redo that scene?