Fran Bow Chapter 2: Walkthrough Guide

Fran Bow Chapter 2
By: Killmonday Games


This is a complete step-by-step walkthrough for Chapter 2 of the PC, Mac, iOS and Android game Fran Bow by Killmonday Games. This is meant to get you through the puzzles. Any extra actions and exploration are up to you if you want to see everything. I do recommend taking your time to look at everything, even if it’s not necessary to get through the game. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


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Chapter 2, Part 1: Curiosity Symptoms:

1. Climb out of the drain pipe and grab the door from the pile of garbage. Take your pills. A ghost will appear, but if you tap on her, she runs left. Head after her to find a tree with hanging heads. If you try to take the key, they’ll stop you. But they’ll eventually agree to give you the key if you recover their comb from a rat who stole it.

2. Head left again. A shadowy figure will run past you, towards the right. You won’t be able to catch him yet. So instead, take your pills again to see a giant ant and Beetlepig. Talk to Antonio the ant. He tells you he fed your cat Midnight to his pet Beetlepig. But he wants you to kill the Beetlepig to save your cat and then he’ll eat the meat.  

3. Head left again and pick up the axe.

4. Take your pills again. Use the axe on the wood covering what looks like a well. The owl will fly off, dropping a feather. Take it.

5. Try to use the axe on the Beetlepig. He’ll keep running off. So use the feather on Antonia to wake him up. He’ll tell you you need to feed the Beetlepig some blueberries, which you can find in Antonio’s home. Follow the sign to get there.

6. You’ll come to a bridge. If you take your pills, you’ll see Midnight drowning, but you can’t do anything for him. He’s not real. Continue over the bridge to the ant’s home. The door is stuck, so use the axe on it. Pick up the door handle that falls off and go inside.

7. Look at the poster of the Queen of Meat and take the crazy glue. Combine the door handle with the crazy glue. Combine the door handle with the door to get a magic door. Then look inside the dollhouse to the right. There’s a pine cone family guarding the blueberries. We need to figure out a way to get them!

8. Leave the dollhouse and climb up on the bench to grab a piece of meat.

9. Take your pills. There’s a dead exterminate surrounded by bugs. Yuck! Throw the piece of meat at the ants and they’ll head over to it so you can take the exterminators bag. Use it to get a rat trap and an exterminator card.

10. Go back to the pine cones’ house. Place the rat trap on the floor. Now, if you reach for the berries, the father gets trapped in it. But the mom will still attack you. So push the young pine cone off his chair and then grab the berries while the mom is distracted helping her child.

11. Go back to the Beetlepig and feed him the blueberries. Now he’ll stand still and you can kill him with the axe. But a rat pops out instead of Midnight! Ask him about Midnight and he’ll lead you left.

12. Ask the rat if he has the comb. He does, and he’ll give it to you, but wants you to comb his hair first. Agree to and then get the comb from him.

13. Take your pills to see the well again. There’s a sign that says “MAKE AN ENTRY.” Place the magic door on the well. But it’s locked!

14. Go right back to the tree with the talking long faces. Give them the comb so you can get the key.

15. Go back to the well and use the key to unlock the door and go through.

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      You have to get the seed from above the sink and put it in the moonlight on the water

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      You must get the seed and put it under the moonlight reflection in the water.

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