Mekorama: Complete Walkthrough Guide and Solutions

By: Martin Magni


This is a complete walkthrough guide with help, answers and solutions for the iOS and Android puzzle game Mekorama by Martin Magni. This guide will show you how to get through each puzzle. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


– I recommend turning on the “Free Camera” in the settings to have better control of the camera. You can find it by flipping to the fifth page until you see this:


– The red electric robots will kill B if they get too close to him. Always keep at least one square of distance between them!

– The red bots move on their own, but usually in one direction — either clockwise or counter-clockwise. You can manipulate them by putting obstacles in their way (this includes B) and forcing them to take a different path.

– The goal is usually to get B to the exit, or red dot. But sometimes you need to get the red bot to the exit. Think creatively!

– The game does not have iCloud saves, but it can be played in either portrait or landscape mode. So it should be comfortable to play on either iPhone or iPad.

– You can play the entire game for free, but any donation — even as little as $0.99 — will turn off the donation prompts and also allow you to get in-game hints.

– You can make your own puzzles or scan ones your friends made! Just use the QR code scanner built into the game. You can use the camera to scan from outside your phone, or take a screenshot and scan from your camera roll.

– I’d be happy to post any levels folks come up with. Just email me a screenshot of the card to appunwrapper (a) gmail dot com. I’m posting the player-created levels here.


Levels 1. Crash Course, 2. Run of the Mill, 3. Chunk Error, 4. Two Towers, and 5. Level Up:

Levels 6. Spin Out, 7. Pagoda Push, 8. Double Maze, 9. Temple of Athena, and 10. Deep Dive.

Levels 11. Lean Pivot, 12. Castle Red, 13. Think Through, 14. Back Track, and 15. Home Security:

Levels 16. Hamster Wheel, 17. Bot Bypass, 18. Crank It Up, 19. Robo Rally, and 20. No Rush:

Levels 21. Venice Volts, 22. Head Above Water, 23. Balance Ball, 24. Upmill Battle, and 25. 5x5x5:

Levels 26. Blocked, 27. A Maze in 3D, 28. Slam Dunk, 29. Open Sesame, and 30. Jungle Gym:

29: Set it up like so, then send B through.


Levels 31. Hitch a Hike, 32. The Cube, 33. Game Jam, 34. Fort Escort, and 35. Head Trip:

Levels 36. Bot Pot, 37. Portal, 38. Modern Art, 39. Shock Shuffle, and 40. Team Work:

38: The tree-like objects on the other side are the clue. Pay attention to whether they’re tall or short. It should look like so in the end:


Levels 41. Peach Trees, 42. Mini Golf, 43. Ant Farm, 44. Crush On You, and 45. Ground Floor:

Levels 46. Sarlacc Pit, 47. Timing Trouble, 48. Need a Nudge, 49. Worst Traffic, and 50. Maker Space:


The Aviator

Hammer Time

Looking for more puzzles to try? Check out these player-created levels.

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  1. Linda S

    thank you!

  2. Marc

    Just started playing and seems fun… Any place to get user created levels?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I haven’t made any myself, but would be glad to post any people come up with if they send it to me.

  3. ade

    #45. Never get any chance to walk through the wind mill. ToT

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