Ulterior: Complete Walkthrough Guide and Solutions

By: Pine Entertainment


This is a complete step-by step walkthrough with solutions and answers for the iOS and Android puzzle game Ulterior by Pine Entertainment. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.

Ulterior gives you 20 levels for free. If you like them, you can buy another 31 for $0.99. The game is a mix of clever and overly simple puzzles, with a few frustrating ones thrown in. But if you like the first 20 levels, there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy the rest of it.


Level 1, Message: Tap on the left side of the screen to make a little tab appear. Then slide it all the way to the right.

You can also see my video Walkthrough of levels 1 – 20 here:

Level 2, Button: Tap in middle of the screen to make a button appear, then press the button.

Level 3, Home: Tap to drop bird seeds. Keep doing so to lead the bird home.


Level 4, Stop Him: The hint is that the hacker needs a connection for his hacking. So cut off his connection to the Internet by turning on your device’s airplane mode!

Level 5, Password: Find the number that’s a slightly different shade of yellow. Then pay attention to the four numbers it cycles through. It will be different each time, and in a different location each time. So you’ll have to figure it out yourself. I’m also not sure how to figure out which number to start with, other than through trial and error. My answer ended up being 4517.

Level 6, Five: Place five fingers on the screen at once.


Level 7, Fix It: Either do nothing, or turn your Wifi back on.

Level 8, Target: Draw a circle around the dot to make a target.


Level 9, Button: Tap near the lower part of the screen to reveal the button. It will keep running away from you, so you need to tap the screen ahead of time where it’s about to land.

Level 10, Password: Swipe along the middle of the screen (left to right) to make four numbers appear. They fade when you move your finger off them. The numbers are different each time, but mine was 9030.

Level 11, Tik Tok: You need to tap the screen in a rhythm. As each diamond spreads and vanishes, tap the screen again. Keep doing it until you get 100%.

Level 12, Touch It: Tap the box, then all four instances of the word “IT.”

Level 13, Find N: Rotate the N so it looks like a 2. (1 + 1 = 2)

Level 14, Alphabet: Find the alpha symbol next to BET and tap it. It will be in a different place each time.


Level 15, Password: Swipe left or right to see what looks like a QR code. If you have two devices, I suggest taking a screenshot of it and downloading a QR code reader (I used the one by Scan It). Then use one device’s camera to scan it from the other device’s screen. If you only have one device, try finding a QR reader that imports photos from your camera roll. I couldn’t find one that worked, though.

Level 16, 12354: Tap the circles in the order of 12354 after you memorize how they’re numbered. I took a screenshot if you need help.


Level 17, Open: These are four doors. Tilt your device sideways to open two of them. Then use two fingers to hold those two doors open and tilt the other direction to open the other two.

Level 18, 100Γö¼ΓûæC: I found this one pretty annoying. You need to quickly swipe your finger up and down, from around the same area as the 0Γö¼ΓûæC. The number should climb to 100Γö¼ΓûæC. But you have to do it quickly for it to work.

Level 19, Stop It: Tilt your device to the side so the sand stops dropping.

Level 20, Password: Ok, this one is tricky, but doable. It’s going to be different for ermine, so you’ll need to solve it yourself. But the first step is to take around five screenshots. Then look through them and match the first of the four numbers to the same number button. If there’s more than button with that number on it, find a screenshot where there’s only one button for that number. Do this four all four numbers and it should clear the level. If you fail, take new screenshots, because I think it resets the whole thing and your password may change. I’ll use mine as an example. I circled the buttons where the numbers match up in these photos. When there are two of the same number, I needed to use a different screenshot to tell which one to use. (Alternative method: double-tap the Home button to pause the screen without needing screenshots.)




Level 21, Square: Lay your phone on a flat surface so you see a square. Leave it that way until the progress bar fills up to 100%.


You can also watch this video I made for levels 21 – 51:

Level 22, Button: First, tap to reveal the button in the center. Then, tap the button to see it split into four. Remove your finger from the center of the screen and use four fingers to press where you saw the four pieces.

Level 23, Sail: Swipe right at the sails of the boat until it moves off the screen.

Level 24, Fit It: Drag the first three shapes (square, triangle, circle) to their outlines. The last shape is upside-down so can’t fit the last outline. But it can fit in the triangle!


Level 25, Password: It says DUBAI with room for a four-letter password. The hint is “IT’S NOW.” So Google to find the exact time in Dubai at the moment you’re solving the puzzle (you can also use your phone’s camera app). For me, it was 7:05 AM, so I entered 0705 as the password. I’m guessing it goes on a 24-hour clock, so consider that if you get a PM time.

Level 26, H: Just trace each line with your finger so you draw an H.

Level 27, Do It: “Press any key to continue.” The key is hidden in the O of “to.”


Level 28, Connect: Just hold one finger on the plug and one finger on the outlet until the progress bar reaches 100%.

Level 29, All 1: You need to turn all the orange zeros to yellow ones.

Level 30, Password: The hint is MIND THE BUTTON. Pay close attention to the buttons. Some will have a few orange dots on them. Find the button with one dot, then two, then three, then four. Press them in that order for the password.


Level 31, Button: Find the arrow button somewhere on the screen, then tap the area it’s pointing to. It will be different each time you play.


Level 32, Stairs: Pretend your thumbs are feet and use them to walk down the stairs.

Level 33, Find It: Find the M among all the W’s! It’s not going to be in the same place each time.


Level 34, Find It: “Before Mount Everest was discovered, what was the highest mountain in the world?” Scroll down to find the answer, D. Everest. 😉


Level 35, Password: Near the top of the screen, there are four numbers. But you can only see them by tapping the screen and paying attention to the dead pixels. If you tap a few times in the same spot, you should be able to make out one, then move to a different spot to find each of the others.

Level 36, Square: Tap to find the single pixel on the upper right side of the screen. Then tilt your device to make it draw a square.

Level 37, The Coin: Use two fingers to pinch out like you were trying to zoom in the image. Do it until you see a coin, then tap on the coin.

Level 38, Home: This is the same as the first Home puzzle, but the bird is not on the screen yet. So tap near the top of the screen to drop some birdseeds. Then lead him home the same way as before.

Level 39, Find N: It says SELECT YOUR ANSWER HERE. I’m not 100% sure why, but you need to tap the R in HERE.

Level 40, Password: This is a little tricky. It took me a few tries to get it right. But there are two beams or columns that move around if you swipe left and right. Try to line them up to the left of he screen. Then use a mirror to reflect the image. For me, the answer was 9261.

Level 41, Coffee Time: Take a “coffee break” by minimizing the app for a second and then opening it again. It seems if you let the progress bar fill normally to 100%, it won’t clear.

Level 42, Fix It: The E (east) is a W! So use your finger to rub it off and erase it completely. Then do the same for the proper W and S so only N (north) is left on the compass.


Level 43, 1 Billion: Place all five fingers on the screen until it counts from 0 up to 1,000,000,000.

Level 44, All 1: Once again, turn all the orange zeros into yellow ones.

Level 45, Password: If you tap and hold the screen, the numbers stops changing. The hint is IT STARTS FROM ‘HERE’. I managed to get it to stop with the line “HERE IT IS: 2875”. So my password was 2875. It’s probably different for everyone, though.


Level 46, The Coin: Use one finger at a time to drag a present from the center of the screen. You’ll need five fingers on the screen at once for this — four for the gifts and one for the coin.


Level 47, Do It: The hint is AS FAST AS YOU CAN. This is a very very annoying one. You have to quickly tap the circles. But sometimes you have to tap the same ones twice or even three times. And you’ll have to tap with four fingers eventually. I recommend placing your device on your lap for this.

Level 48, 6952483: I recommend taking a screenshot of the numbers when they flash on the balls at the very beginning. That should make it easier to tap them in the order of 6952483. It’s likely different each time, but mine is below.

Level 49, Birthday: Tap the wick of the candle a few times until it lights. Then, blow into your mic at the bottom of your device to blow out the candle.

Level 50, Password: The hint is PLAY ON WORDS. I’m not 100% sure why this is the solution, but choose the numbers in the spots I circled. The answer will be different for everyone. (Thanks to Ginger for this.)

Level 51, Balloon: Blow into the mic at the bottom of your device to inflate the balloon.

And that’s all for now! Check back again if any new levels are added.

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  1. Mad

    For level fifteen you screenshot the QR code and put in an QR scanner app and it takes you to this note thing that has the code “9387” and that is the password.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Weird. I guess I have a bad scanning app Bc I tried that and it didn’t work. Which app did you use?

    2. Yay

      For the Dubai level, search up the city it gives you on your clock app, and enter the time in 24 hour time.

  2. West

    For level 15 with the QR code, the easiest way would be to take a picture of the code with another device, download the QR code reader if you don’t already have it, and then scan the code. It’ll give you the password

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I tried that and it didn’t work, though. Maybe the scanning app I used isn’t good. Which one did you use?

      1. Fabrizio Scidone

        Appunwrapper, used a quick scan app but didn’t worked, so downloaded qr code reader by scan inc, it works…(codes changes)

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Thanks! I was looking for one that can import a photo from your camera roll, but can’t seem to find one that works.

  3. Shime

    Yoyo at that lvl with 0ΓÇóc,place finger on the middle of screen and moce you finger up and down

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Wow this is annoying. It’s moving very slowly and got stuck at 32╬ô├╢┬╝╬ô├╗├ª. Then my thumb started to get annoyed.

      1. Chase Moelter

        If you use the assitive touch tool on an I phone then u can use the custom tool pinch to get it done in an instant!

      2. Chase Moelter

        If you use the assistive touch tool on an iPhone then you can use the custom tool pinch to get it done in a second!

      3. Tech_M

        Maybe that’s because it froze, :P…. Oh wait no it said Celsius… Not Fahrenheit….

  4. Shime

    Wow spoiler alert at lvl 20,you need to buy full game.Simply wow.idk….

    1. Tombear

      I can’t get past level 20! The hint says “choose the right button” and all the numbers are constantly changing

      1. AppUnwrapper

        I’m working on that one still. I notice that when I press a button, it freezes on a number, but not the same number it selects in the password. Very odd.

        1. Lyncus

          If you look at the pattern of the numbers, all of them start to move randomly. Maybe you need to find which one moves the same as the other one?

      2. Doomofksa

        Easy way to solve the puzzle is to press the home screen button in game and look at number it show up then look for the buttons that have the numbers and then quickly enter the game and click on the buttons in the right order and that’s it

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Good tip! That might be more efficient than screenshots. 😉

      3. Noah

        For twenty look the for the numbers that match the first one and then the second and third etc it will blinking he same numbers at the same time

  5. Gray matter

    Level 7 is designed so you turn on your wifi back again, you can’t win that level without wifi

  6. Jack Taylor

    For the one that the numbers don’t match, there is one button for each number so that no matter which one you select the numbers will match it’s tricky to pick the right ones though

  7. Riley

    For those of you wondering to get passed level 20 you have to look to see which of the buttons are blinking in the same pattern as the 4 numbers on the screen. The easiest way to do this is to take a few pictures of the screen and match up the numbers.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Every screenshot I take has multiples of the same number. This is crazy.

  8. The UK

    On #5 I’m partially color blind I can’t see the different shades of yellow, can someone help me?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      If you email me a screenshot, I can circle it for you. But it will change if you start the level over for any reason.

      1. The UK

        I have sent it

        1. AppUnwrapper

          To appunwrapper at gmail dot com? I haven’t gotten anything yet.

          1. The UK

            I move already got someone to help me, no need for anything else

          2. Sam gold

            Can I send u a picture of mine too I’m also color blind

  9. Agusto

    Yeah lvl 20 is impossible

    1. John Smith

      Really, it’s pretty simple if you take some screen shots and compare the numbers on the keyboard and the numbers that are orange

      1. AppUnwrapper

        That’s what I did. And I managed to match the four numbers to the four buttons I pressed several times, but it doesn’t clear the level.

        1. Olivia

          That level, ur doing it wrong… U have to look at the 4 numbers on top and they will match with a number on bottom, does that make sense? I hope it does

  10. K

    I can’t beat Level 10… Can only see 2 “hidden” numbers. So confused.. Help?

  11. Russ

    Anyone have a tip for level 50?

  12. Jay

    Stuck on level 50 and want ur help so here’s how you get past level 20. The random numbers match up. One of the keys will be showing the same random number as one of the numbers above. Click the button that matches the first number, then the second, so on. Also, it doesn’t like guessing. That’s why it isn’t working your way.

  13. Sym

    For anyone wondering about level 50, I think the “Play on words” might have something to do with “one step forward three steps back.” But I’m not sure because I can’t get it to work.

  14. Eric

    Need help on level 50. Got that it’s 1 step forward and 3 steps back. I think. But I don’t know what to do with that information lol.

  15. Russ

    Yea that was my thinking for level 50 too, but can’t find a pattern in the numbers no matter what they intialize at….

  16. Sym

    I’m starting to think the dots have to mean something, too. Gonna sleep on it…

  17. tep

    can anyone read the numbers in the mirror on level 40 I read 1926 but I tried over and over and it’s not right?

    1. Leah Faircloth

      The password for level 40 is 9216

  18. tep

    anyone have the pass code for 40 I keep reading. 1926 but it does not seem to work

  19. Ginger

    For Level 50, here is the solution.


    the circles are the answers. One step forward in the first row, one step backwards in the next 3 rows.

  20. Joe

    I’m stuck on level 40 can anyone help?

  21. Croxal

    Ti the password level 35 tap the screen many times you will see the numbers

  22. LJ

    does this tutorial go past lvl. 35?

  23. KO

    I can not figure out level 40. I have tried everything please help.

    1. Leah Faircloth

      If it’s not different for every person, the password is 9216

  24. Halp

    Level 40, take the two columns, what I like to call them, and match them up at the beginning of the screen, then use a mirror to get the numbers, they have to be flipped to be read.
    Please help with level 50 someone, I’m dying trying to figure this garbage out.

  25. Leah Faircloth

    Stuck on level 45.. I can see where here is but none of the number combinations after it work

    1. AppUnwrapper

      For me. “HERE IT IS” was followed by a colon and four numbers all on the same line. I’m not sure how to force it to come up, though. Sometimes I just got gibberish.

  26. Olivia

    I can’t get past level 49, like I know what to do, but the blowing part won’t work with my iPad… Very upsetting even tho there r only 51 levels

    1. Kells

      I never had to blow once through the whole game, i just had my mic on the whole time. if i got to a part where i should blow i took out my mic and the level just auto completed

      1. Olivia

        Ya I realized I’m an idiot and didn’t allow the mic on settings…

    2. Enily

      Go into setting, search microphone, and turn on the switch for Ulterior. I had the same problem until I figured it out.

  27. Bjoneswm13

    Level 29. I can’t figure it out

  28. GeorgiaGal

    is there and easier way to beat level 43? it’s the billion one.

  29. Tech_M

    For level twenty all you have to do is figure out which of the buttons is changing in sync with each displayed number in the middle of the screen, if that makes any sense. I’ve found it helps to stare very blankly at the screen to figure out which ones are the buttons in sync. Also, it changes every time you either press a button, or enter the code fully, I’ll have to check

  30. Tech_M

    For level twenty it’s not that complicated, you just have to figure out which button is changing in sync (same numbers at the same time) with the number displayed in the middle. If you’re on the first button press, then you look for the button changing in sync with the first digit of the displayed number in the middle, 2nd button is the second number, you get the point. (Hopefully.) I also find it helps when trying to find the in sync numbers of you stare blankly at the screen while looking for them…

  31. Aaron Alvarez

    For the coffee time level. Instead of waiting for the coffee to drop I exited out of the app then opened ulterior again

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Yeah, I didn’t realize that’s what cleared it the first time I played Bc I minimized it to actually take a break and came back to it cleared. I assumed enough time just passed while I was away. 😛 I updated the text walkthrough since, though.

  32. Runner1748

    I understand why you had to hit the R on puzzle 39. The title of the puzzle is “Find N”. Then, it was
    1 3 5
    | | |
    2 4 N
    “Find N” is a math question for: find the value for which N is substituted.
    The picture is the standard picture of a manual transmission. The R means reverse and the position of the N is where it goes in that diagram

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