What’s inside the box?: Complete Walkthrough Guide and Solutions

What’s inside the box?
By: Bart Bonte


This is a complete step-by-step Walkthrough guide with hints, tips, solutions and answers for the iOS and Android puzzle game What’s inside the box? by Bart Bonte. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


Level 1. Press the four green buttons so they light up.

You can also watch my video for levels 1 – 25 here:

2. Slide the blocks around and press all four green buttons to light them up.

3. Tilt your phone to roll the ball around so it lands on all four buttons to light them up.

4. Notice the shapes in the corner — triangle, pentagon, square. Enter the number of angles on each — so 354.

5. It’s level 5, so you need to make a digital number 5. Press the buttons shown below.

6. Turn the four dials so they make up the shape in the center.

7. Slide the pieces around to find the missing part of the circle. You can move that around as well, as a second layer. Arrange all four pieces so they make up a circle.

8. Turn all four dials so they point towards the center.

9. Press the left button four times and the right button three times so you see a big “9.”

10. It’s level 10, so the answer is TEN.

11. Pay attention to the pattern in the middle. Its made of left and right arrows. So press the left button, then left again, right, right, left, right, left, left, right, right. Or LLRRLRLLRR.

12. Tilt your device to roll the ball onto the green buttons while avoiding the red buttons.

13. Swipe to move both the front layer and back layer of tiles to find and press all four green buttons.

14. The little 6-like symbol in the corner is actually telling you the order to press the buttons. You need to draw that shape.


15. Quickly tap the right button, then the left button, back and forth until all the green lights turn on.

16. Notice the notches around each button. Tap them in the order of the number of notches, starting from the least.


17. Use the left button to turn on the light it at the top. Then, use the right button to move it around. Do this for each one until all the lights are on.

18. “neo rezo furo” is just “one zero four” scrambled. So the answer is 104.

19. The strange symbols are actually 147. That’s the answer.

20. Tap the left button twice and the right button six times so the digital layout looks like “20”.

21. Pay attention to the line. It goes up and down, representing the top or bottom button. So it goes Down, Down, Up, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Up.

22. Count the number of parts sticking out of the puzzle pieces. Then tap on them in order from 1 – 4.


23. You need to light up all the buttons.

24. Tilt the ball so it only hits the green buttons.

25. Slide the tiles to make up a square.


Click on the little numbers below to continue to the next page or click here.

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  1. Richard

    Where’s 21-100? It said complete walk through

      1. Krista

        I’m stuck on level 43 I need Help 🙂 Anyone??

        1. AppUnwrapper

          I’m up to that, too (just didn’t update the walkthrough). Let me see if I can figure it out.

          1. Krista

            Thank you 🙂 it’s driving me crazy lol

            1. AppUnwrapper

              Ok, I used the hint. Tap the ? in the upper right corner and pay attention to the clue in the level in relation to that.

              1. Krista

                I still can’t get it lol

              2. andrew

                I don’t get it

              3. andrew

                I am still stuck help me

              4. Jared

                Please update it! I am stuck on 22. 🙁

                1. Rob

                  I was the same but you’ll groan when you realise. Imagine the arrows as right angles instead. So if you made the top left arrow face NW (on a compass) you’ll notice you now have a corner.

        2. Jenna

          If you press on the question mark in the upper right hand corner it brings up three games the second one is factory balls and you need to spell it out with all the letters

        3. Z

          Yo press question mark second box in the three boxes spell it

        4. That one guy


        5. helper

          Spell FACTORY BALL

        6. mmm

          Spell (factory balls)

      2. Tatum

        if you still haven’t gotten it. You have to spell out “factory balls” by pressing on the letters???

    1. Bec

      You have to click the next page button between the last walk-through and the comments. I almost missed it myself it’s so small!

  2. Krista

    I got level 43 wooohooo 🙂

    1. Sean


  3. Rae

    I need help with level 86, I’ve used the hints and checked all the comments on the website but I still can’t get it 🙁 anyone know?

    1. Meh

      Substract the lower lone from the upper line.

      The first upper line horizontal is 2 up and the lower line is 1 down. That leaves you with 1 up, so you press the upper button once.

      I need help with 95

      1. Rae

        I’ve know I have to subtract but I keep getting the wrong code: up down down up up down down up up down down up

      2. Mikh

        You need count up from One to Twenty (press button with the first letter of the number)

  4. Jake

    I can’t get 53. I’ve tried so many times. I get all the pieces in the right places, but one across piece and one up and down piece are in the wrong places.

    1. Rikk

      Same, it’s driving me nuts

  5. Anna

    Still can’t figure out level 43, even with clicking on the question mark. More help please?

  6. Roger

    Please help!!! I’m do stuck on #43!

    1. Eggility


      1. Roger Joseph

        Thank you!!

  7. Konsstantinos

    Level 16 is not trial and error.
    The Order is shown by the number of identantions on the rim of each button.
    notice the notches.
    1 on the first
    2 on the second and so on…

  8. Me

    Stuck on level 21

    1. Cas


  9. aa

    im stuck in level 12 help

  10. GammaTheRed

    I need help on level 43 it’s driving me nuts!

    1. Kalle


    2. diggerthanyou

      yea boy I it’s driving me crazy

  11. Nate

    Stuck on 86, anyone?

    1. Diego

      Click the up or down buttons depending on the direction from the starting point for the top line and i think you end with down to complete 86

  12. SJ


    59: same principle as the circle with the dots, left for inside, right for outside. You ignore the top one because, obviously, there’s no middle button

    60: have you ever played that game in which you answer a question with the answer to the previous oneΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼┬¼? This is kinda like the same idea so, for example, if you tap top left, then bottom right, bottom right will turn on top left; the button you tap will illuminate (or switch off if it’s already lit) the one you tapped immediately before tapping that one – does that make senseΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼┬¼? ? (“No”, says Lisa)

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Thanks! And 60 still confuses me. It takes four taps before even one light turns on.

      1. Tugce

        I m stuck on level 43 .help me

  13. Cassie

    Anybody got 97? I set the pattern up as per the indicator for both the bottom and the top, but it didn’t unlock. So I tried setting up the bottom as a chessboard and the top layer as per the indicator, but that didn’t work, either. I’ve tried changing where the empty space is (ie, top section or bottom section) and which bottom section is exposed. Nothing is working and I’m not sure what I’m missing.

    1. Tjeuten

      In each corner you need to make a small ”chessboard” with the small tiles
      SO at the end you’ll have five chessboard patterns in total

  14. Vivian

    I’m stuck on level 47? HELP PLZ?

  15. Laena

    I cant do 45? Can anyone tell me the order in which to press the buttons?

    1. Skye Collins

      Level 45:
      If they’re numbered like this:
      1 2 3 4
      5 6 7 8
      9 10 11 12
      13 14 15 16
      Is this the right order:
      2, 3, 9, 12, 5, 8, 13, 14, 15, 16

      1. Cas

        Is Good

  16. Gabi

    In level 50 the buttons don’t need to be green, they just need to have the same color.

  17. Noam

    Hey Vivian, I’m also stuck on 57. Anyone wanna share the answer?

  18. ashley


  19. Bec

    On 58 I had the four boxes but I did it in a completely different way ? I had the upper left pointing right, upper right pointing down, lower right pointing left, and lower left pointing up. I would have never solved that on my own ???

  20. Gabe

    Appunwrapper, I have watched many videos to pass level 47 and I still can’t get it could you please send me the answer in text so I could understand?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I wrote the answer in the walkthrough. It’s on the second page.

  21. Heather

    I’m stuck on level 78. I followed your directions and did it several times and it’s still not clicking like do I have to make all the lights light up into the 25 like I’ve done every way and any way possible

  22. Anon

    Stuck on 95. Any help?

    1. Marc

      Think of the first letter of each number as you count up. (o)ne, (t)wo, (t)hree. Keep going till the box opens

  23. Armonee

    Does anyone wanna help me with level 51? I just can’t get the square? does anyone know an easier way?

  24. Armonee

    Does anyone wanna help me with level 52? I just can’t get the square? does anyone know an easier way?

  25. Nerot

    Bonjour moi je suis bloqué au niveaux 52 ?

  26. Unicornlover

    I am stuck on number 15 it is driving me nuts!!!! Please help someone?!

  27. Cory


  28. Savannah easter

    This thing is the best and it’s really helpful

  29. Cas

    i hate level 96

  30. s-hrba

    anyone on 34?? pls help me

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