What’s inside the box?: Complete Walkthrough Guide and Solutions

What’s inside the box?
By: Bart Bonte


This is a complete step-by-step Walkthrough guide with hints, tips, solutions and answers for the iOS and Android puzzle game What’s inside the box? by Bart Bonte. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section.


Level 1. Press the four green buttons so they light up.

You can also watch my video for levels 1 – 25 here:


2. Slide the blocks around and press all four green buttons to light them up.

3. Tilt your phone to roll the ball around so it lands on all four buttons to light them up.

4. Notice the shapes in the corner — triangle, pentagon, square. Enter the number of angles on each — so 354.

5. It’s level 5, so you need to make a digital number 5. Press the buttons shown below.

6. Turn the four dials so they make up the shape in the center.

7. Slide the pieces around to find the missing part of the circle. You can move that around as well, as a second layer. Arrange all four pieces so they make up a circle.

8. Turn all four dials so they point towards the center.

9. Press the left button four times and the right button three times so you see a big “9.”

10. It’s level 10, so the answer is TEN.

11. Pay attention to the pattern in the middle. Its made of left and right arrows. So press the left button, then left again, right, right, left, right, left, left, right, right. Or LLRRLRLLRR.

12. Tilt your device to roll the ball onto the green buttons while avoiding the red buttons.

13. Swipe to move both the front layer and back layer of tiles to find and press all four green buttons.

14. The little 6-like symbol in the corner is actually telling you the order to press the buttons. You need to draw that shape.


15. Quickly tap the right button, then the left button, back and forth until all the green lights turn on.

16. Notice the notches around each button. Tap them in the order of the number of notches, starting from the least.


17. Use the left button to turn on the light it at the top. Then, use the right button to move it around. Do this for each one until all the lights are on.

18. “neo rezo furo” is just “one zero four” scrambled. So the answer is 104.

19. The strange symbols are actually 147. That’s the answer.

20. Tap the left button twice and the right button six times so the digital layout looks like “20”.

21. Pay attention to the line. It goes up and down, representing the top or bottom button. So it goes Down, Down, Up, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Up.

22. Count the number of parts sticking out of the puzzle pieces. Then tap on them in order from 1 – 4.


23. You need to light up all the buttons.

24. Tilt the ball so it only hits the green buttons.

25. Slide the tiles to make up a square.


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