Cube Escape: Case 23: Walkthrough Guide

Chapter 2/4, The Investigation:

1. You can’t really do anything on the first screen yet besides pull down the screen. So go right. Open the cabinet to get the bag of coffee and pick up the piece of paper from behind the TV.



2. Turn right. Take the piece of paper near the monitor. Then, open the drawers in the file cabinet to get a map, razor, and coffee filter.



3. Turn right. Place the two pieces of paper with the piece on the bulletin board and match them up so they say:

“The Old man walked besides the lake.

As he approached the mill, the time stopped.

The numbers appeared above the lake.”


4. Open the desk drawers and take the screwdriver, numbers on paper, and marker. Also, take the coffee pot from the coffee maker.


5. Turn around and find the sink again. Turn on the water and fill up the coffee pot with some water. While you’re here, look in the mirror and use the razor to shave your face and take the razor back.




6. Look back at the sink. Your shavings are all over the place. Turn on the water and the hair will clump together. Turn off the water and tap the hair a few times until it turns into a young crow. Take it.




7. Go back to the coffee maker and place the filter and coffee grinds in it. Add the water, then place the coffee pot back in its place. Turn on the machine to make some coffee. Take it.


8. Pour some coffee into the teacup on the desk. Drink it and then notice the numbers “247” left behind in the cup.


9. Turn back to the TV. Move the sliders to 247 and someone will appear on the screen. Tap the screen until he disappears. Then, look at the window. Open the blinds to see the policeman hanging and a shadowy figure will appear. Tap the black figure, then take the black cube.



10. Find the vent and use the screwdriver to open it. There’s a cat inside! His eyes turn black when you tap him. Feed him the young crow, then turn away from the vent for a bit. When you come back, he’ll have coughed up a hair all and an egg. Take the egg.




11. Take a look at the bulletin board and notice the location of a, b and c. Find the projector. Place the map on it and then turn around to look at it on the wall. Use the marker to circle the spots indicated by the photos on the bulletin board. Then, switch out the map with the sheet of numbers. Look at the wall again to see which numbers are circles. It’s 7, 4 & 6, in the order of a, b & c. I also overlaid the map with the numbers to show you more clearly.







12. Go back to the TV and change the abc sliders to 746. Turn on the TV and a woman will appear. Tap on her until her hand reaches out from the top of the TV. Put the black egg in her hand, then tap until she turns it into a white cube. Take it.



13. Pay attention to the underlined words in the poem above the coffee maker. The words are man, walked, lake, mill, stopped, numbers. Go to the typewriter and enter the first word, “man”. A little ink blot will appear on the paper. Tap it and it will turn into a ,an. Then continue with the rest of the words — walked, lake, mill, stopped, and numbers. The numbers 392 appear in the sky above the lake.





14. Go back to the TV and move the sliders to 392. Two squares will appear. Place the white and black cubes in them. Then look at the ceiling and turn on the ceiling fan to watch it spin beneath the sky.



Click on the little numbers below to continue to Chapter 3 or click here.

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  1. Jen

    Hey app unwrapper, love your walk throughs but where’s the rest of this one?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Still working on it. Got sidetracked by other games.

      1. Lindi M Pearson

        You must have the best job ever! Please hurry and finish this one. I am stuck on the last box

      2. Emily

        Its been 3 months, any progress

        1. AppUnwrapper

          I might have some time this week to continue working on it.

          1. Spongebob

            hey! great job with the walkthrough, though i have a problem.. i cannot get to feed the little crow to the cat idk why… i cannot grab it

        2. AppUnwrapper

          Just completed chapter 3. Just one more chapter left!

          1. Lena

            Hi AppUnwrapper I can’t do the sliding pictures puzzle I can move the pictures but no matter how long I spend on it I can’t get them in the right places

  2. Luke Von

    Just finished it. Hooray!!! 🙂 its a bit scary at the end. Lol

    1. Mary

      how did you get passed the 4th part of case 23

  3. Sydni

    Hey how do you do that blue circle puzzle under the green one?

  4. rain

    thanks so much!

  5. Maggie

    Skipped half of level one by accidentally guessing the safe code early on. Oops.

    1. Izzy

      Same thing here

  6. Lisa Beausay

    I canΓÇÖt get to the second chapter. If I tap on any of the pictures in the folder at the end of chapter one, it throws me out of the game. Any help would be appreciated. I love these cube escapes!!

    1. Rasya

      IΓÇÖm experiencing this at the end of the 3rd chapter. CanΓÇÖt get to 4th. Any help from anyone seeing this?

  7. Antonio

    Hi all,

    When I tape “lake” nothing happens. Can anybody help me?

    1. Nestor Morataya

      you have to type walked first and then lake

  8. Jacque

    I also canΓÇÖt get to chapter 4. I put the oil in the torches as indicated by the arrows but nothing happens.

    1. mayy

      after that try clicking the boat

      1. Alice

        I had the same problem. Tried clicking on the boat after putting oil in the torches, still, nothing happened X(

        1. Jowee

          You need to have destroyed completely the wall

        2. effine

          you need to take the black cube from the middle painting and put it in the boat !

    2. Kat

      Touch the wall after you do the torch it will crack then you will see a twinkling star touch it and keep touching them they will move after you touch breaks a peice of the wall

  9. Papaya88

    Anyone having an issue getting the matches to light the mechanism at the end of chapter 4? Ive completed the cogs and the pipes, and have pulled all the boards from the wall to reveal the shaft, I just can’t seem to get the little thing to light to call the elevator! By the time I get to that part of the puzzle, I have a little time to spare and keep trying things, but I keep getting caught. Am I missing something?

    1. Rat

      I had that too I just did the puzzle really quick so I had some time to figure it out it didnΓÇÖt make me light it I just tried to light it a bit then tapped the elevator and it let me leave but the mechanism wasnΓÇÖt lit

  10. Mae

    the sliding puzzle solution
    as it is u find give it letters horizontally start from the left and numbers vertically start from the top
    1. :(a,1) R
    2. :(a,2) U
    3. :(c,2) L
    4. :(c,3) U
    5. :(b,3) R
    6. :(b,1) D
    7. :(c,1) L
    8. :(c,3) U
    9. :(b,3) R
    10.:(b,1) D
    11.:(c,1) L
    12.:(c,3) U
    13.:(a,3) R
    14.:(a,1) D
    15.:(c,1) L
    16.:(c,2) U
    17.:(b,2) R
    18.:(b,3) U
    19.:(a,3) R
    20.:(a,2) D
    21.:(b,2) L
    22.:(b,1) D

    1. Clinton Boudreaux

      That makes no sense? You can’t move the first c2

      1. kenhof

        1. :(a,1) R
        2. :(a,2) U
        (b,2) L
        3. :(c,2) L
        4. :(c,3) U
        5. :(b,3) R
        (b,2) D
        6. :(b,1) D
        7. :(c,1) L
        (c,2) U
        8. :(c,3) U
        9. :(b,3) R
        (b,2) D
        10.:(b,1) D
        11.:(c,1) L
        (c,2) U
        12.:(c,3) U
        (a,2) R
        13.:(a,3) R
        (a,2) D
        14.:(a,1) D
        (c,2) L
        15.:(c,1) L
        16.:(c,2) U
        17.:(b,2) R
        18.:(b,3) U
        19.:(a,3) R
        20.:(a,2) D
        21.:(b,2) L
        22.:(b,1) D
        *the reply just skip some simple steps.
        i just fill out the it

        1. Luke

          Thank you soooo much Kenholf!!!!

        2. Red

          Thanks much! This worked perfectly.
          I did have to pretty much ignore the a1, a2, etc. But only one tile per turn can go in the indicated direction, so it was pretty easy to follow.

    2. Luke

      This doesnΓÇÖt work. You can tell by looking at it. R D L U repeated over and over again. Annoying.

    3. Tas

      Thank youu srsly thank you soo much

  11. Elina Brenner

    I can’t solve d puzzle of one of d paintings the right sided one I couldn’t solve it …. help…

  12. lo del

    i literally can not solve the left tile puzzle and i can’t continue 😭

  13. Fcr

    I can’t make the coffee, turn on the machine and nothing…

    1. demi

      Did you take the pot go to the sink fill the machine and put it back again?

    2. Ăńøňýmőůş

      I had the same problem, but did you pour the water into the machine?

  14. Deemzee

    There is no bug behind the couch in my game. IΓÇÖve restarted the game three times now and I still canΓÇÖt find it.

    1. Giulia

      You have to tipe the mounth of the lady, the bug appears here, then it goes on the wall.

    2. Dill

      If you don’t see the bug, click the up arrow and look on the ceiling.

  15. Castillo

    Hi! I tape numbers and nothing happens

  16. Dakota

    The phone isn’t working, I put FATE by it but it still won’t work. What am I doing wrong?

    1. space influenza

      You must dial the number and click on the word fate. I’ve already past that part so I think you find the full number on the wall behind the books. I dunno where the full number is anymore but just putting the word by the phone isn’t enough.

      1. Anthony

        Hi, im in theast chapter (4/4).
        Im to slow it says. I tried it about 4 times no succes. But around the 5th time it wont let me start the game. Whenever i restart and press plY i immidiatley get the sae thing: Your to slow.
        Do i have to wait some time after a few failures?

        1. Paige

          IΓÇÖm having the exact same problem! IΓÇÖve tried twice and now every time I hit play after the chapter 4 intro, it says the phrase from the end.

  17. Emily

    I was stuck because I couldn’t make the coffee for some strange reason.

    1. Jackson

      Same.. anyone got any ideas on the coffee machine not working?

    2. Jackson

      Yo, take pot with water out of machine and back into inventory, then click coffee pot, and fill the brown container section to the left (with the levels on it) first, then put empty pot back in, and click it back on and your good to go 😛

  18. Cordopole

    Please help! In my case, after the fish in the tank eats the fly, it doesn’t turn into a key, and the fly just appears falling from the top of the tank just like in the beginning. What am I doing wrong? I did point it first to the shell, then the finger appeared, then I directed it to the mouth of the fish… same. I decided to point it directly to the mouth of the fish… same. How do I pass this?

    1. Diego

      You have to put the fly in the shell first

      1. Cordopole

        Thanks, I did it and now it worked! 🙂

  19. Noname

    I failed 4th 2 times and now i can’t play anymore. What should i do?

    1. Anon

      Me too. Do I have to start the entire game over!? Does anybody know?

    2. Ravenetti

      Me too what did you do?

  20. Syd

    on #3 i didnt look at this to begin with and I messed with the bottom right square of the very first step and now I cant open it, what did it look like before ah help

  21. debora

    What if i cant fucking solve the slide puzzle

  22. Xivida

    Wtf no matter what i do i keep trying to move the green sliders but it just says Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼├║lockedΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö¼├æ and wonΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗t let me move them 🙁
    Also holy shit is the rightmost painting puzzle hard im so frustrated rn

    1. Amber

      The three sliders by the bird skull, if you followed the walkthrough so far.(green sliders are directly controlled by these)

  23. Kat

    I died twice on the last chapter because the Corrupted Spirit got me. The last time I got a bit stuck with the gears because I felt the pressure coming on! Barely got out though, with the Corrupted Spirit nearby front of the elevator.

  24. WGiant

    I shaved, and turned on the water, but the hair doesn’t clump together, the water just runs, and I can’t turn the water off.

  25. Oleksandra

    oh my god the last part was so stressful

  26. Krabbyers

    I put the coffee grinds and the filter and the coffe pot with the water i turned the machine on but it won’t work

  27. JeZar

    In begin of first chapter i typed a random number and it was 1421 by the wrong,
    that suppose to be the last move in the chapter 😂

  28. Anoukje

    You don’t actually need the tipewriter. If you draw out the written story on the map (basically draw some lines looking from the mill to the edges of the lake) and you put the sheet with numbers up, the same number is shown “above the lake” from left to right.

  29. Lety

    No puedo tomar el cubo del cuadro de la mujer, que hice mal?

  30. Karen Hyde

    I canΓÇÖt seem to put the eye in the statue or get the jewel from the second face

  31. mars

    Thankyou so much, if isn’t cuz of you i won’t end the circle of me dying over and over again on the last chapter. Tho i barely made it cuz my hands was shaking when i feel pressured XD

  32. xavier27

    What is the painting in the church called? it’s in case 23

  33. Hayden

    What do you do if there isnΓÇÖt a bug

  34. Jen

    I can’t seem to navigate the lighted fly into the fish’s mouth! Play help!

  35. anja

    Here’s my solution for the sliding block puzzle

    1. Hanako

      Omg you’re a life saver tysm!

  36. Emilie

    i cant get to chapter 3, the beam is in the middle of the fan and the fan is spinning, i even clicked on the side, nothing is happening, help?

    1. Axel

      Wait till the screen goes fully start then click the screen!

  37. Savvy

    Hey!! Doing case 23. Phone wonΓÇÖt let me dial. Fate is next to it but nothing happening. Pls help

    1. WaterTOAST

      You have to pick the actual phone up first and then dial, if that helps.

  38. Red

    I accidentally skipped pretty much the entire level.
    I started to enter 1487 (the code from previous levels) into the safe, and it unlocked at 1421, ending the level.

  39. Red

    That is, Spring 1971 (chapter 1).

  40. Alex

    I accidentally skipped the whole level because I guessed the safe code because I thought it was in the bedroom painting and I accidentally pressed the open button while getting there

  41. PB&J

    i can’t get the insect from behind the couch. does anyone know why that is?

    1. Mea


    2. Coen

      you have to tap the lady’s mouth until it crawls out

  42. Albodr

    I did both tile puzzles and I heard the room shake but the cube was not int he middle painting. as solution claims. Is it a bug or am I missing something?

  43. Raine

    I have restarted it twice amd the bug keeps disappeared amd I can’t finish

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