Teeny Titans – A Teen Titans Go! Figure Battling Game: Walkthrough, Tips, Tricks and Strategy Guide

Teeny Titans – A Teen Titans Go! Figure Battling Game
By: Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.


This is a walkthrough and strategy guide with hints, tips and tricks for the iOS and Android game Teeny Titans by Cartoon Network and GrumpyFace Studios. It’s a work in progress, so please bear with me. Feel free to as for extra help in the comments section.

Need help finding a specific figure? See my figure locations guide!

See my hot dog and waffles guide.

See my Teen Titans 2, Teen Titans GO Figure! guide.


WARNING: If you put a mod chip on a figure, it is stuck on that figure. If you remove it, it will be destroyed. So think carefully about where you put your mod chips!

WARNING 2: The mission that asks you to buy a George Washington doll and bury it by the fountain in the park — it will take the lowest level George you have. So make sure you have more than one and are willing to part with it!

Note: Starfire missing at some point is a known bug they’re working on.

– If you’re using iCloud saves between two devices, make sure to exit to the main menu and close the game completely before switching to another device.

– You can move either by swiping in a direction or tapping where you want to go. You can also zoom out to the overhead map and tap on an open store or an NPC and Robin will automatically run there without your guidance (this can be a bit finicky sometimes).

– If you tap on the ? by a mission, it will point out where you need to go. You can then tap that spot on the map and a little arrow will guide you there.



– Make sure to open manhole covers that you see. If you tap on an open manhole, you can warp to any other open manholes immediately. It saves a lot of travel time.

– The max level for a character is 20! So keep that in mind when you assign points.

– Make sure to look at all the figures in the shops. You can toss figures around to get to the ones in the back.

– Some shops are only open during the day or at night. Don’t miss out on them!

– There are flash sales and other events that are only available for a few seconds. If you see an exclamation point appear, run towards it before the time runs out! Sometimes you’ll even get a free figure out if it!

– Pay attention to sparkly spots on the map. If you tap on them, you’ll get some coins, or even a figure or mod chip! Some are even part of missions or hidden content!

– If you have some spare cash on you, mystery figures are always fun to open.

– Once a figure gets to level 5, you’ll be able to enhance their abilities by feeding other figures to Silkie. You can also install a mod chip.

– Pay attention to purple stars on the map. They represent a mission that you can pick up. Sometimes you need to chat with a person to start the mission and sometimes the mission is to battle them.

– Every time you start a battle, the game reminds you of the rock/paper/scissors order for the classes. It goes CUTE > DARK ARTS > SUPER > TECH > MARTIAL ARTS > BEAST > CUTE and so on. Take advantage of it by choosing the right classes for the battle.


– If a tournament is too hard for you, just level up some of your Titans and come back. I also suggest saving your most powerful Titans for later in the match, as those are usually the toughest. Titans don’t heal between tournament battles, so those are the most challenging parts of the game.

– If you see hot dogs and waffles on the ground, take note of them because you’ll get missions that require you to fetch them.

– Dodge is a very useful stat. It helps you avoid taking damage.

– Luck is kind of like a critical hit %. If you get lucky, your attack will deal more damage than normal.

– Play around with different Titans to see which ones you like best. And remember that some abilities affect your other Titans. Strategize to take down tough opponents!

– For the missions that require three figures of the same class or type, try to overlap them so you have to train fewer figs. For instance, use 80’s Beast Boy to use in both the 80’s mission and the Beast Boy mission. Kill two birds with one stone!

Santa Claus:

Santa comes out at night in the Shady district. Don’t miss him! You’ll have to fight the level 12 Santa Claus figure and in return you’ll get 400 coins and your own Santa figure!




Titan Recommendations:

I currently have over 50 Titans, but I’m still playing around to see which ones I like best.

The first ones I leveled up to level 20 were Cyborg, Robin and George Washington.

But I really like Trigon and Robotic Brother Blood. Trigon has a decent attack as his first ability and I love his dance at the end of the battle. RBB has Battery Drain, which sucks 5 health in exchange for a battle bar boost. His next ability is Mind Control, which leeches health from the opponent. So you immediately heal the damage from the Battery Drain and then do another Battery Drain, etc. Beware, though — RBB will make your game boring.

Wonder Raven is also a nice strong Titan. In general, Titans that can spam an attack on their first move are really useful.


Feed Silkie in the Tower:

Silkie is the weird worm-like creature that you feed figures to in order to enhance other figures. Tap on the big T in the upper right corner to visit Silkie and feed her. You’ll need a level 5 Titan in order to do this.




Gizmo Storyline & Security Cameras:

To trigger this mission, you first have to talk to Gizmo in the Shady District and accuse him of criminal activity. Then, talk to the police officer at the entrance to the Shady District. He’ll tel you you need proof of Gizmo’d activity. So find one of four security cameras. That will trigger another mission asking for three more security cameras.

Two are in the Shady District:





One is on the pet shop where the first tournament takes place:


and the 4th is over here:



After you complete the Gizmo storyline, you’ll get Multiverse Gizmo!

Looking for Wayne Manor? It’s here:



Canned Beans, Hot Dogs & Waffles:

I posted all canned beans, hot dog and waffle locations at this link.

Send Scamiand’r Coins in the Tower Mailbox:

At some point, you’ll get a spam/scam email from Scamiand’r who wants you to send him 200 coins. Find the big T to warp to the front of Titan Tower. There’s a mailbox there (and Cyborg, too, if you’re in middle of that mission). Send the 200 coins by mail to the scammer and you’ll get 5 coins in return!

You’ll continue to get mail from him. They go in these amounts:

200, 600, 1000

After he gets all the money, he’ll send you another letter and a gold Darkseid figure! So it’s worth the money.






Feed the Mysterious Giant Clam:

Once you gain full access to the beach, you’ll see a clam all the way to the left. Talk to it and he’ll give you a mission to feed him. I believe you need to buy ice cream for $200 from the ice cream stand all the way to the right. After you feed the clam, a building will appear where you can take on the Atlantean tournament to win your third trophy.
Later, you’ll also get a giant pearl to feed to the clam and something else will happen. (I’ll let you discover that for yourself.)




Atlantean Aqua Trophy Numbers & Uppity Uptown Access:

When you get your third tournament trophy, there will be some numbers on it. Don’t worry about the numbers themselves. Just head all the way uptown and tap on the security system by the gold gate where you found the third video camera. You can now access Uppity Uptown!



Bury George Washington Near the Park Fountain:

This was fixed so it now takes your lowest level George Washington. So make sure you have more than one and are willing to part with it.



Defeat Beast Boy Using Three Beast Boy Figs:

You have to battle Beast Boy in Uppity Uptown to clear this mission. Once you do, you’ll be rewarded with Multiverse Beast Boy!



Beat Dr. Light With 3 Villain Figs:

You’re only able to select villain figures for this battle, so you’ll want to level some up. These are some villains I’ve found: Jinx, Mammoth, Starfire the Terrible, Mother Mae-Eye, Other Mae-Eye, Trigon, Red X, Gizmo, Multiverse Gizmo, Brother Blood, Robotic Brother Blood, See-more, Billy Numerous. There are more — possibly even Dr. Light.

You get Robotic Brother Blood as a reward for completing this mission.

Buy the Guy Standing in Line an Ice Cream Cone:

This guy can show up in two different places. The mission will tell you where to find he ice cream (buy it for $200 from the ice cream stand on the beach) but won’t help you find the guy to give it to him. He can appear both in front of the Kords N Wires shop, or in Uptown (past the gate). If you don’t have access to Uptown yet, you’ll have to wait till he appears downtown or wait complete that mission after you get access to Uppity Uptown.

Bank Robber:

In Uppity Uptown, there’s a wealthy bank owner who asks you to find the person who robbed his bank. Find the girl carrying a big bag of stuff (Kitten)!


Island to the Right of the Beach:

There’s an island off to the right side of the beach that seems impossible to reach. What you need to do is go there every day during the day and stand near the edge of the beach. Tap on the sparkly spot and a starfish will appear. Only one will appear per in-game day and never at night. Eventually you’ll be able to reach the island. There you’ll be able to fight B’wana Beast and win a Multiverse B’wana Beast figure.



You can see the final tournament against the Hooded Hood, as well as the battle against Mr. Chibi and B’wana Beast here:

Also, make sure to pick up the Grumpy Chip from the island!


Looking for the Joker? He’s available for $9000 at Bizarro Comics. Just scroll all the way to the right to find him.



– Achievement: Activate the GO! Boost at the beginning of battle 10 times:

To do this, tap on the word GO! after the countdown in the beginning of battle. Tap it 10 times (you can get more than one in on a single battle) to get the achievement.


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Where i can find multiverse beast boy


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Anyone know where the last Starfire mission is please?

Where can I get the normal Trigon character please?

Hotdog locations needed for the last two


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Dear Appunwrapper,

First of the person with the bag over her should is kitten not Starfire! Also I have found 9 hot dogs and spent 2 hours looking for the last one for the mission called ” hot dog mission part 2″ also I still need help to get multiverse star fire if that is a thing!


Any tips on where to find Figure #66. Not sure what it is, but looks like another version of stinky Joe.


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I’ve got every single figure in the game and every award in the menu, apart from the all the side missions. I’ve searched everywhere looking for a ‘purple star’, but I’ve had no use… I have 24/25 achievements and I want ‘Quest King’ because there is nothing I can do. Please help I’ve also looked at your guide and I’ve done everything… Wondering if it’s a bug or not, though!


Just wanted to confirm that buying the Ice Cream and feeding it to the Clam did work to trigger the Thrid Tournament.


How do u get multiverse star fire I can’t find the last quest and I can’t find the find gizmo quest I’m 68/70 characters


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Same here!


oh my gosh thank you!


At the beginning of a match, it goes 1 2 3 GO! Tap the GO a few times,


At the beginning of a match, it says 1 2 3 GO, tap GO a few times each match until you get the achievement