Escape Puzzle: New Dawn: Walkthrough Guide

Chapter 5, The Cure:

1. Go through the big door to the left.


You can also watch my video for Chapter 5 here:

2. Look at the note on the wall. It says, “Hours in a day, Days in a week, years in a decade.” The answers are 24, 7, 10. Put them together to get 24710 and enter that into the keypad to unlock the safe. Take the flash drive and note.




3. Go back to the other room. Insert the flash drive into the slot and use the note to figure out which shapes to press. You need to press the buttons that make up the shapes on the note.



4. Take the vaccine and run!


Congratulations! You completed the game!

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  1. ADJ

    Where’s the rest of the walkthrough?

  2. Rebecca

    What is the rest of chapter 4

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Sorry, I got sidetracked by other games and there didn’t seem to be too many people playing. I’ll try to finish the walkthrough ASAP. 🙂

      1. rebecca

        I am having problems with the chemical part on escape puzzle new daen level 4 can u help me out

  3. Catherine

    I can not for the life of me figure out the roman numeral book code for chapter 3. Please heeeeelp

    1. IBC


  4. Angela Hutchinson

    Nothing happens after I press the shapes on the chemical puzzle (level 5) Have I missed something out

  5. Amy L

    Chapter 5 issue: I used the correct code and was able to open the safe (24-7-10) and take the note however there is no usb to take for use in other room? Game issue or Android issue? Either way I will be disappointed if I am not able to proceed in the game…please help

    1. Gray

      Should be in the safe

    2. Nicole

      Yup no flash drive and IΓÇÖm on an iPhone!

  6. Samaila

    Where is chapter 5..After collecting vaccine I haven’t found anything else

  7. Lisa lawrence

    I pressed the correct panels to lower th glass but nothing happened. Any clue?

  8. IBC

    whats the book roman numarels for?

  9. Teshena

    Where is chapter 5???????

  10. sharif

    I hv inserted the symbols but the glass can’t be lowered

    1. Gracie

      Me too!

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