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Tracking in ‘Pokemon GO’ is Currently Broken

Pokémon GO By: Niantic, Inc. (Nintendo) I explained in my walkthrough guide last week how to use the "Nearby" list in Pokemon Go to track Pokemon. The game used to show Pokemon that were already visible at the top of the list with no footprints. As Pokemon got further from you, they'd have one, two or three footprints so you could see if you're getting closer to them. This is how the list used to look: But over the last few days, I noticed that all Pokemon had three footprints, making it Read more [...]

“klocki”: Complete Walkthrough Guide

"klocki" By: Maciej Targoni (Rainbow Train) "Klocki" is a new iOS and Android puzzle game by Maciej Targoni. There are no numbers or way to identify each level. So I just made a video walkthrough of the entire game, which you can see below. But here's a breakdown of how some tiles work. - Line Tiles: The first tiles you encounter have line pieces on them. You can tap on one tiles and swap it with another. The tiles that can be swapped with be highlighted when you select the first one. The Read more [...]

Pokemon GO: Walkthrough Guide for CP, When to Power Up and When to Evolve

Pokémon GO By: Niantic, Inc. (Nintendo) I've been playing lot of Pokemon Go (I'm level 21 right now), and one of the biggest questions I get from people is when to evolve their Pokemon. If you're looking for information on stardust, candies and transferring Pokemon, first see this guide. First, let me show you the Combat Power (CP) gauge. The whole arch (pink arrow) shows you the current max CP this Pokemon can have. The white part (yellow arrow) shows how close its current CP is to the Read more [...]

My ‘Pokemon GO’ Journey So Far (First Impressions or a Review in Progress)

Pokémon GO By: Niantic, Inc. (Nintendo) I'm obsessed with Pokemon GO. If you follow me on Twitter, you know this already and may be sick of hearing me talk talk about it. But if not, I figured I should have a space to highlight my experiences while playing -- both good and bad -- for those who are interested. This might be a bit disorganized at the moment, so please bear with me! It's 95 degrees and extremely humid, so my brain is melting. The game is currently out in many countries, Read more [...]

Rainy Night … : Walkthrough Guide

Rainy Night ... By: Bogdan Dobrev Gochev This will be a complete step-by-step walkthrough guide with hints, tips, help, solutions and answers for the iOS and Android game Rainy Night ... by Bogdan Dobrev Gochev. Feel free to ask for extra help in the comments section. Walkthrough: 1. You're at a gas station in the rain. Tap to move, swipe to change your perspective. You need to change your perspective sometimes to see important objects. First, we have to find the three parts of the stone owl Read more [...]