Return to Grisly Manor: Complete Walkthrough Guide

21. There’s another puzzle behind the mirror that we’re missing the clue for. So just take the unsharpened pencil from the toothbrush holder on the sink and leave.



22. Go back to the hallway and up the stairs again to another bedroom. Open the comic book on the bed and take the comic book mailer. Also, look at the picture on the night table. It shows a purple teddy bear, wooden airplane, and a toy top sitting on a shelf. If you look at the shelf above, you can see the purple teddy bear is missing. We can’t unlock the dollhouse just yet, and there’s nothing to do right now on the balcony, so let’s leave for now.





23. Go back to the garage. There’s a helium tank here. Use it to inflate the balloons. Take them back.


24. Go back to the bridge and tie the balloons to the little metal wire sticking up. The balloons will lift the dam, sending water to the mill and mini golf course. You can also now grab the ship’s wheel.


25. Head left to the golf course and mill. It doesn’t seem to matter which spot the ball starts on. You need to make sure you time this right so the ball doesn’t hit the fan blades. When the timing looks right, use the golf putter to hit the ball and get a hole in one. The “Hole in 1” sign should light up and give you a clue for your notebook.




26. Go back inside the manor. You can head through the back door for a shortcut to the living room. Use the clue from the “Hole in 1” sign to solve the black-and-white puzzle on the table. A secret door will open in the fireplace! Go through to the basement.



27. Grab the microscopic slide from the spiderweb on the ceiling. Then tap on the robot. He’ll run off, but you can still go through the doorway.



28. Pick up the last three stickers and add them to your sticker book to complete it. Also, tap on the air conditioning control box. Pull the lever to the right, then leave the room.




29. Take out your microscope and use the microscopic slide with it to see four colors (orange, blue, yellow, red). I assume it’s a clue for something, but for now just keep it floating around in your head.


30. Go back upstairs and to the main entrance. The vent now has air coming through it. There’s a scratch and win lottery ticket sticking out. Take it. Use the old coin to scratch the lottery ticket and see nine numbers.




31. Go back to the first bedroom and enter the closet. Arrange the numbered bowling shoes in the order you saw on the lottery ticket. Then take the glass doorknob.



32. Go back downstairs. This time, go through the door we haven’t used yet. Ignore the door blocked with lasers and go through the left one. You can add the ship’s wheel to the wall, but don’t turn it yet. Instead, insert the glass doorknob on the left door. Go through to the pool/billiards room.




33. Take the hand drill from the pool table. Then, pull the magician’s handkerchief from the magician’s hat and take it. We still need a second coin for the slot machine so we’ll come back to that later.


34. Go back all the way upstairs. Head out the doors to the balcony. Tie the handkerchief rope to the carabiner and then climb down. Grab the puzzle piece from the window and notice the broken pipe and stuck window.



35. Head back to the dining room. Place the puzzle piece with the rest of the pieces on the table and then rearrange them to make a hot air balloon that I think is from the developer’s previous game. Take the utility knife from the box.



36. Use the utility knife on the unsharpened pencil to sharpen it.


37. Go back to the entrance. There’s a notepad next to the telephone with some etching of numbers. You can’t see them, so use the pencil to make them appear. They say 541-236 and will be added to your journal.



38. Go back to the laundry room. Time to use the sticker book and numbers clue to solve the animal puzzles by the door. Look at your sticker book and pay attention to the animals. Then use the numbers from the notepad by the telephone to figure out the order. Then match them to their parts on the cylinders. It goes 541-236, so goat, horse, rabbit, bull, tiger, pig. Go through the door to the garden.



39. Pick up the blender! Take it back to grandpa. He then asks you to bring him an alarm clock.


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  1. Andrea

    I can’t make the tape recorder work in Return to Grisly Manor. I’ve pressed it next to the singing bird, but it doesn’t replay next to the broken bird. I’ve uninstalled the game twice, but the same thing keeps happening. Any ideas?

    1. Linda S

      Was the bird singing when you used the tape recorder next to it? If not, then you missed something?
      Sorry, I had no problem with this – I clicked the bird and it started singing, then I just ‘used’ the tape recorder. Clicked the used recorder on the broken bird and the box opened.
      I hope you get it. Big game, larger than I expected.

  2. Jenny

    Hey. I’m completely and utterly stuck on the scale-problem when you’re back in the 1999 version of the mansion. Anyone’s got a clue how to solve it?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I don’t think I’ve seen that yet. I’ll try to catch up.

    2. Silje

      Same here, Jenny! Been stuck for days! So annoying, I really can’t see the pattern…? Did you get the clue from behind the painting? Does it relate to the scales?

      1. Jenny

        Silje, yeah I got that clue but I really can’t figure it out. I’m thinking it has to do with the scales but I just can’t see it. Haha, it’s driving me crazy!

        1. Silje

          Hahah, me too! But can you use a clue? I can’t, because of a bug with the bird/tape recorder as mentioned over here, so I can’t get any new clues. Please update me if you figure it out haha 🙂

          1. AppUnwrapper

            I saw the scales now but still need the missing weight. I’ll try to catch up.

  3. Casey

    I can’t get any more clues through the game either. It is stuck on the tape recorder and bird clue and I can’t figure out the scale puzzle either. I’m super annoyed. Wish they would fix the bug so I can get another clue.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I just caught up so let me try and solve the scales puzzle.

  4. Jenny

    Thanks Appunwrapper, now I’ve finished the game 🙂 best of luck to everyone else. i saw an update this morning so hopefully it will solve the issues with the bird/ tape recorder 🙂

  5. Linda S

    Saved the Manor and Grampa is heading for another adventure – I hope!

    Great game! Longer than the first one I think.

  6. Amy

    I cannot figure out how to change the difficulty level from the hare to the tortoise!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You can only do so once you find a tool to open it up. Are you at that point yet?

      1. Amy

        Oh ok, no I’m not, thank you. I thought it was an option at the beginning of the game I couldn’t figure out. I’m an idiot.

  7. Cindy crabb

    I messed up on painting the ball. Is there any way to turn it white again?

    1. Rhiannon

      Just press X bottom left button

  8. Rhiannon

    you press the X and paint removed

  9. Rhiannon

    I have the magic fish showing me the star pattern but i am pressing the hat and it just states the hat is empty and i cannot click on them. what am i doing wrong?!??

  10. Cindy crabb

    Thank you Rhiannon! Ive been stuck for days!

  11. Shan

    Help! Followed the laser beam up to the ttic, got the key from te train, but didn’t get a package delivered!
    Am I stuack now, since I seemed to have played the game in the wrong sequence? I try to follow the beam, but the doorbell won’ t ring!!

  12. zumie

    Help! i’m as stucked like Rhiannon. what do you need to do once you get to the magician hat? i tried clicking on different sort of buttons. it still doesnt work!

  13. Elsie

    I can’t get to the attic puzzle! Help!!!

  14. Amy

    What is the purpose of the radio in grandmas asroom in 1999 house? Is this a red herring?

  15. Kathleen B

    Totally stuck, in laundry to make purple bear, canΓÇÖt see anything through microscope, but put dials colours in correct sequence, but the dryer door wonΓÇÖt open!! Please help me keep my sanity.

  16. Kyawmyohtun


    1. Lori

      Is the first game still available somewhere? Can’t find it in the Google Play store

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