Return to Grisly Manor: Complete Walkthrough Guide

100. You’re back at the manor, but in its old form from the original game. The numbers on the door are wrong. Use the leather-bound book to check that the numbers are supposed to say 916081. Change them and the door will open. Go inside.


You can see my video for the rest of the walkthrough here:

101. Lift the rug and use the screwdriver to remove the grate. Take the string.



102. Go through the right doorway to the living room. Continue on through the door to the kitchen and look through the calendar. The last page is December and says the ticket to Easter Island was # 259852. Also, take the horseshoe magnet from the dishwasher. Combine the magnet with the string you found.




103. Open the door and go outside. Notice the heart etching on a tree and add it to your journal. Then, go up to the building out back and take a log of wood from the pile.




104. Go back inside. Go upstairs. Open the three doors that will open. Go through the right one to the master bedroom. Pour the magic fish from the fish bowl into the fish tank.



105. Leave and go through the next door to the other bedroom. Take the playing card from under the bed.


106. Leave and enter the bathroom. Take the old rag. Then, put the empty fish bowl by the bath tub faucet and turn it on to fill the bowl with water. There’s also a winding key in the drain. Use the magnet on a string to grab it.




107. Go back downstairs and left to the dining room. Pour the water from the fish bowl into the vase on the table and take the waterproof matches. Also, notice the clock is stopped at 8:25.



108. Go back to the living room. Place the card you found with the others and solve the matching game to get a silver key.



109. Go back inside and up the stairs. Use the silver key to unlock the left door. Go in and take the empty oil can.



110. Go back down and this time head to the basement. Use the waterproof matches to light the lantern. Then, pick up the mechanical mouse from under the stairs. Combine the winding key with the mechanical mouse. Next, solve the puzzle on the door to get to the back room. You need to memorize the pattern of lights and then copy it.






111. Go inside and take the electrical tape from Grandpa’s old lab.


112. Go back to the dining room. Use the electrical tape to patch the frayed wires on the cuckoo clock. Then take the decorative ornament that pops out.



113. Go all the way back upstairs. There’s a somewhat hidden hallway you might remember from the original game. Go here and then zoom in on the mouse door. Place the mechanical mouse down on the floor and it will unlock the door to the study. Go inside.




114. Take the pepper mill from the bookshelf. We still need another weight for the scales before we can solve that puzzle.


115. Go back to the master bedroom and place the decorative ornament in the headboard of the bed. The small chest in the fish tank will open up. Take the microwave knob that floats to the top.



116. Go back outside where you found the wooden log. Use the pepper mill to grind some pepper in front of the nose to unlock the door. Go inside.



117. Take the lawn mower and paint thinner. Then, rip open the poster on the wall and grab the hammer and chisel.



118. Use the hammer and chisel on the log to make a carved wooden falcon.


119. Use the paint thinner with the old rag to get a rag soaked with paint thinner.


120. Go back to the tree. Use the lawn mower on the grass to reveal a hidden door. Open it and grab the strange key.


121. Go back inside to the kitchen. Use the strange key on the pig lock on the fridge. Then open the freezer and take the block of ice.



122. Open the microwave and place the block of ice inside. Close the door and place the microwave knob where it’s missing. Tap the dial and the microwave will turn on, melting the ice. Open the microwave and take the marble arrow.



123. Go back to the entrance. On the way upstairs, there’s a painting. Use the rag soaked in paint thinner on it to get a clue for your journal.




124. Go back to the doorway of the study. Place the marble arrow in the hands of the cherub that’s missing an arrow. Then, point the arrows in the directions from the drawing on the tree. Take the television antenna.



125. Go back to the kid’s room. Place the antenna next to the TV to get a clue for your notebook.


126. Go back to the living room and place the carved wooden falcon with the others above the fireplace. Use the clue from the TV to figure out the right order of the colors. Then take the can of motor oil.




127. Go back to the shed. Open the vice grip and place the can of oil in it to crush it and make it burst open. Pour the oil into the oilcan.



128. Go back to the living room and use the oil on the rusty gunk on the gumball machine. Then pull the slider to the right to get a gumball.



129. Go to the dining room. Place the gumball in the nutcracker’s mouth so you get some chewing gum.


130. Go back upstairs to the attic. Place the chewing gum on the wall to hold the mirror in place and then take the scale weight from the open chest.




131. Go back to the study and add the weight to the scales. Time to solve the scales puzzle! Just rearrange them until both sides weigh the same and the arrow points to zero.


132. Now to unlock the safe! Use the clue from your journal and set the dials to the right symbols. Take the deed from inside the safe. Then go back to the front of the manor and use the time machine to get back to 2016.



133. There’s a news van out front. Let’s go see what happened! Go in and find Grandpa in his study. Hand him the deed and save the manor!



Congratulations! You completed the game!

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  1. Andrea

    I can’t make the tape recorder work in Return to Grisly Manor. I’ve pressed it next to the singing bird, but it doesn’t replay next to the broken bird. I’ve uninstalled the game twice, but the same thing keeps happening. Any ideas?

    1. Linda S

      Was the bird singing when you used the tape recorder next to it? If not, then you missed something?
      Sorry, I had no problem with this – I clicked the bird and it started singing, then I just ‘used’ the tape recorder. Clicked the used recorder on the broken bird and the box opened.
      I hope you get it. Big game, larger than I expected.

  2. Jenny

    Hey. I’m completely and utterly stuck on the scale-problem when you’re back in the 1999 version of the mansion. Anyone’s got a clue how to solve it?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I don’t think I’ve seen that yet. I’ll try to catch up.

    2. Silje

      Same here, Jenny! Been stuck for days! So annoying, I really can’t see the pattern…? Did you get the clue from behind the painting? Does it relate to the scales?

      1. Jenny

        Silje, yeah I got that clue but I really can’t figure it out. I’m thinking it has to do with the scales but I just can’t see it. Haha, it’s driving me crazy!

        1. Silje

          Hahah, me too! But can you use a clue? I can’t, because of a bug with the bird/tape recorder as mentioned over here, so I can’t get any new clues. Please update me if you figure it out haha 🙂

          1. AppUnwrapper

            I saw the scales now but still need the missing weight. I’ll try to catch up.

  3. Casey

    I can’t get any more clues through the game either. It is stuck on the tape recorder and bird clue and I can’t figure out the scale puzzle either. I’m super annoyed. Wish they would fix the bug so I can get another clue.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I just caught up so let me try and solve the scales puzzle.

  4. Jenny

    Thanks Appunwrapper, now I’ve finished the game 🙂 best of luck to everyone else. i saw an update this morning so hopefully it will solve the issues with the bird/ tape recorder 🙂

  5. Linda S

    Saved the Manor and Grampa is heading for another adventure – I hope!

    Great game! Longer than the first one I think.

  6. Amy

    I cannot figure out how to change the difficulty level from the hare to the tortoise!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You can only do so once you find a tool to open it up. Are you at that point yet?

      1. Amy

        Oh ok, no I’m not, thank you. I thought it was an option at the beginning of the game I couldn’t figure out. I’m an idiot.

  7. Cindy crabb

    I messed up on painting the ball. Is there any way to turn it white again?

    1. Rhiannon

      Just press X bottom left button

  8. Rhiannon

    you press the X and paint removed

  9. Rhiannon

    I have the magic fish showing me the star pattern but i am pressing the hat and it just states the hat is empty and i cannot click on them. what am i doing wrong?!??

  10. Cindy crabb

    Thank you Rhiannon! Ive been stuck for days!

  11. Shan

    Help! Followed the laser beam up to the ttic, got the key from te train, but didn’t get a package delivered!
    Am I stuack now, since I seemed to have played the game in the wrong sequence? I try to follow the beam, but the doorbell won’ t ring!!

  12. zumie

    Help! i’m as stucked like Rhiannon. what do you need to do once you get to the magician hat? i tried clicking on different sort of buttons. it still doesnt work!

  13. Elsie

    I can’t get to the attic puzzle! Help!!!

  14. Amy

    What is the purpose of the radio in grandmas asroom in 1999 house? Is this a red herring?

  15. Kathleen B

    Totally stuck, in laundry to make purple bear, canΓÇÖt see anything through microscope, but put dials colours in correct sequence, but the dryer door wonΓÇÖt open!! Please help me keep my sanity.

  16. Kyawmyohtun


    1. Lori

      Is the first game still available somewhere? Can’t find it in the Google Play store

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