Reigns Walkthrough Guide: List of Objectives (Royal Deeds)

By: Devolver Digital (Nerial)


This guide will show you all the Royal Deed objectives in Devolver Digital & Nerial’s Tinder-like kingdom management game Reigns on iOS, Android and PC. I’m only missing the Writer — I’ll fill that in when I have it.

I have guides for achieving some of these (click on the links to find them), but if you need help with others, just ask and I’ll do my best to help.

the Young – Govern at least 5 years

the Duelist – Win a duel

the Dazed – Try the blue one
(This refers to eating the blue mushroom.)

the Wicked – Recruit the spy

the Patron – Recruit the Minstrel

the Blessed – Meet the clumsy prophet

the Lover – Start a romance

the Target – Hear about the conspiracy

the Tender – Arrange a bestial honeymoon

the Doomed – Unmask the Senator

the Pivot – Pass the first millennium

the Wise – Recruit the doctor

the Sorcerer – Meet the witch

the Creepy – Lose yourself in the dungeon

the Trump – Govern like a winner

the Alchemist – Find the Frozen Blood

the Settler – Discover a new world

the Boyfriend – Date a pigeon

the Pious – Build a cathedral

the Greedy – Build a personal fortune

the Bigot – Build 5 Churches

the Devious – Invent modern politics

the Devil – Meet the Devil

the Father – Have an heir

the Mage – Talk to the vase

the Crusader – Start a crusade

the Peacemaker – End a crusade

the Seer – See the future

the Musician – Write a war song

the Coward – Look somewhere else

the One-handed – Lose a limb

the Old – Govern at least 20 years

the Ancient – Govern at least 40 years

the Grizzled – Govern at least 60 years

the Senile – Govern at least 80 years

the Fossil – Govern at least a century

the Eternal – Govern at least 200 years

the Hat – Identify the terrorist cell

the Survivor – Trick the devil

the Writer – ??? (This is apparently related to the doctor inventing the printer, but I don’t recall ever seeing that card myself.)

How to get Excalibur!

See my list of special status effects.

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5 years ago

Help with the Hat?

5 years ago

I found out how to get the frozen blood and become the Alchemist ! It has nothing to do with the Holy Grail and the Crusades !

When the witch wants you to prove you are a “good King”, she asks you to rule for 15 years with the “burden of the years” (playing in French, doesn’t know how you call it in english) and then the words of other people are twisted.
Well, if you manage that, she comes back and offers 2 choices : a golden crown or a “ruby cold to the touch”. Don’t be all greedy and pick the ruby ! You’re the Alchemist.

Reply to  Camille
5 years ago

🙁 I read this wrong and thought you meant don’t pick the ruby, 15 years of hardship wasted

5 years ago

Ugh! Does anyone know how to complete the “see the future” objective?

5 years ago

The eternal is indeed govern for 200 years.

Reply to  Bluejack
5 years ago

How does one go about doing that?

Reply to  AppUnwrapper
5 years ago

Hmm… I often govern for a while, but I always get the old age thing, and end up dying of old age. How can I belay that?

Reply to  AppUnwrapper
5 years ago

My best bet is that your lifespan decreases for every cake and celebration you have. This is kinda hinted by a certain character that says ‘That’s too much sugar!’

Reply to  Aztec
5 years ago

If you have the Vase sometimes it will “give you life” or sometimes it will feel generous and make you “ten years younger”…. Maybe this helps? It might just be a random lucky strike to last that long

5 years ago

How can I get my colony to stop killing me with excessive wealth and military power?

5 years ago

How does one get the Coward?

5 years ago

Can you do a guide on how to get all the deaths as well? In addition, I haven’t gotten all the cards– only 595 :/

5 years ago

How do you complete the pious achievement? (Build a cathedral)

5 years ago

Can someone please tell me how to lose a limb? I can’t seem to find anybody to cut off my hand!

Reply to  Fundle
5 years ago

You have to go hunting and get sick, then say “get the doctor!” And he’ll cut off your hand about 8 in 10 times you do that.

Reply to  August
3 years ago

Every single time my character dies. I’ve tried it with a hospital, without a hospital, with high stats, with low stats, with everything in between.

5 years ago

When you ‘recruit’ the skeleton, Klok I think his name was, he’ll occasionally appear and ask if you need help with anything.
If you say no, he leaves and comes back later.
If you say yes, he’ll boost one of the four symbols and leaves, BUT he does come back and asks you if you need help.
If you say yes when you have a death wish, the game ends with tricking the devil.

Kylie Jenner
5 years ago

can you please tell me how to write a war song aka the musician

5 years ago

How do I get to date miss tarascol?

5 years ago

How do I end a crusade? It’s getting really frustrating.

1 year ago

I know this is a bit late, but I don’t see ‘The Urban’ in your list. Is this going to be updated?

Reply to  Sander
7 months ago

you get that one when you go to the edgy tavern, I believe
And I guess you have to choose to not shut it down