Reigns Walkthrough Guide: How to Unlock All 29 Deaths (Memento Mori)

By: Devolver Digital (Nerial)


This guide will show you how to get all the deaths in Devolver Digital & Nerial’s Tinder-like kingdom management game Reigns on iOS, Android and PC. There might be more than one way to get each of these deaths, but I’m giving you ones I know of. If you know of any other ways to get these deaths, feel free to share in the comments.

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Spoiler Warning!

Swim With the Fish:

The easiest way to get this is when you get kidnapped, head towards the water. But then you won’t be able to unmask the Senator until you get kidnapped again. It seems you can also get it by running out of money and the army at the same time.


Burn on the Cross:

Not 100% sure. Possibly by getting the church to be too powerful and the population to wipe out? But I’ve gotten it also with both the Church and treasury wiped out.


Die in the Dungeon:

Die in the Pungeon, especially by running out of time. You can also get it by having your army get too strong and start a coup to overthrow you.


No Death — Reign Ends Peacefully:

Population hits 100%.


Die of Old Age:

This is a tough one. I’ve gotten it several times but I’m not sure why. I’ve always had the ghost appear and tell me that I was dying of old age right before I died. It’s possible that eating too much sugar (like the cake) causes this, as the doctor warns you about it.




The easiest way to get this ending is to let the doctor become the executioner. I think dying from the Black Plague also gives it to you.


Head on a Spike:

The Church loses all it’s power and a pagan murders you while you’re escaping.


Torn Apart:

The Church gets too powerful and turns you into a martyr. They tore you limb from limb.



You’re poisoned by your treacherous brother-in-law. You get this by letting your guard down after your Queen’s brother moves in. You need the army to go go down to 0%.


Broken Dagger?:

Your army runs out completely.



This seems to be from the army getting too strong. Maybe another possibility of your son backstabbing you? I forget.



You get this by ignoring the limbs getting hacked off in the dungeon.


Stretched on the Rack:

I believe you get this from a Crusade and letting the population reach 0% and the treasury reach 100%.



Population runs down to 0%.


Jump Out a Window:

Population hits 100%. They chase you out the window. (Something else might also be needed to get this ending. Let me investigate.)


Broken Heart:

Die while in love.



Your wealth hits 100% and everyone throws a big party. You die from choking. No one notices because they’re all too busy partying.


Thrown to the Dogs:

Various ways to get this. Might be random?


Forced into Exile:

Your money runs out and a new oligarchy takes over, forcing you into exile.


Dueling Incident:

I got this a few times by losing a duel with the Barbarian. It seems the way to get him to show is when you win a war, choose to kill all the barbarians instead of letting them go.




You usually get this from dying in the dungeon, say by losing to the Skeleton or getting killed by a trap.


Bleed to Death:

You trusted your son and he betrayed and killed you!


Trick the Devil:

See here how to trick the devil and end the curse.


Trapped in the Middle Ages:

See here how to fail to break the curse and get Ending Number 1, Trapped in the Middle Ages.


Rot in Hell for Eternity:

See here how to get the second ending, Rot in Hell for Eternity.


Dragon Breath:

Refuse to leave without killing the dragon.


New Deaths!

Red Ants:

This had to do with the Crusade, I believe. She asked me if I thought her people would forgive or forget, and my only options were to answer “What…” and then red ants killed me.


Arrow Through the Eye:

This is one of the possible deaths for your wealth reaching 100%. It’s an archery game gone bad during your party. So you may have to throw a party for this to happen. The new message from the witch hints at this.



Drowning in Ale:

This one is also from your wealth hitting 100% and throwing a party. You get drunk and die!



See my other Reigns guides.

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  1. Mark

    Little update on the poison one: I got it by simply letting the army reach 0% right after he moved in. Seems like you don’t actually need any other triggers.

      1. Anyonemess

        What about the death you get when nothing is happening and you choose ΓÇ£escapeΓÇ¥

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Ok, updated to clarify. So it doesn’t matter whether you welcome him or not?

  2. omar

    if you have the excalibur you can kill the dragun but you died aniway geting other death

  3. Jhon

    I still dont understand how to get the dueling incident. Please help me

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Just posted a screenshot of the Barbarian right before he killed me. I’m not sure what makes him appear, though. I’ve only gotten that death a couple of times.

      1. Jhon

        Ty if u find the way to make him appear please post it

  4. Snowywinters

    It’s an option when you win a war too kill all the barbarians, instead of letting them go you kill them and after a couple of years he comes

      1. Snowywinters

        All good prob too late though, also thanks for helping me couldn’t of done it without ya?

        1. AppUnwrapper

          It might help other players who haven’t seen the Barbarian yet. 🙂

          And no problem!

  5. NarwhalCommander

    I believe to get the jump out of the window ending, you need to have your people at 100 and army high (not exactly sure). If you only get your people at 100, you will get the peaceful ending.

    1. TheUnknown

      How can i get the achievment to reign over 80 years? I can’t get to 80 because i die naturally of old age but i didn’t ate any cakes or when the doctor tells me not to ride horses for a while.

    2. Shaun Barr (Cyan)

      The Window Death is random. You have a 50/50 chance. It could depend on your standing. (If you were benevolent or malevolent)

  6. Kristin DeGroot

    I’ve seen the barbarian several times but I can’t get him to fight me…

    1. August

      If you don’t kill all the barbarians, he’ll yell at you and then you need to make him your slave. Then let him win the duel.

  7. Turdlez

    I’m just saying but for the broken dagger death, it’s actually you getting stabbed

  8. The Cheatenator

    There is another way to get the Peacefull death ending. When the witch asks you to choose a magical element, choose “A way to learn happiness”. She will then ask you to choose a thing that makes you UNhappy. Choose “The crown”, and you will shortly be at ‘Death-Ville.’ Poplation, you.

  9. Irene

    To get the one burning on the cross U have to tell the priest to “go to hell” when he tells u u broke a testimony or something. It will give u the option of “I repent” or “go to hell”. Choose the latter.

  10. Casey Tooker

    I found the other 2 deaths you didn’t list. If you reach 100 wealth, you will get 1 of 3 random deaths.
    1. Eat too much and choke (Old)
    2. Get shot in the back of the head due to a dart game incident (New)
    3. Drown (or dissolve, I can’t tell) in a giant casket of ale (New)
    Also, I can’t get the Red Ants death. I’ve done everything I could during the crusade but it never showed up

    1. Cyan

      You can also die of a heart attack without the lover effect.

      And to get the red ants death, form an alliance with the Foreign Princess to never attack her land, start a crusade, the princess should say something like “Did you think we would forget the alliance?” (The only options are “What…”), and the king is fire ant chow. Hope that help

      1. Casey Tooker

        How else do you die of a heart attack? I don’t need it but I’m curious

        I’ve had crusades over hundreds of years but the foreign princess never came up to me asking for an alliance. Any more help?

  11. Casey Tooker

    I found the other 2 deaths you missed. If you reach 100 wealth you will get 1 of 3 deaths
    1. Eat too much and choke (Old)
    2. Get shot in the back of the head due to a dart game incident (New)
    3. Drown (or dissolve, I can’t tell) in a giant casket of ale (New)
    Also, I can’t get the Red Ants death. I’ve done everything during the crusade but I never got it to show up

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Thanks! I haven’t seen those but I’ll try to get them so I can screenshot them.

      I wasn’t expecting the Red Ant death so I don’t have a screenshot of the card that caused it but if it happens again I’ll update this with more info.

      1. Casey Tooker

        No problem
        (Brace yourself for the dart incident death. The picture made my blood turn cold like the dogs and beheading images)

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Are you on PC or iOS? Because some of the death images are softened up a bit on iOS, apparently.

          1. Casey Tooker

            I play on Android. The only death picture that got changed was the one you’re turned into a martyr, where it used to be you with your 4 dismembered limbs on each corner of the frame with blood everywhere

      2. Anonymous

        I think I may have a bit of a clue as to the red ant death. I don’t know exactly how to trigger the card, but at some point, that foreign princess woman asks you to agree never to attack her land again. Some years later, I initiated a crusade and she appears to ask if you think she’d forget, then boom, ant death.

  12. Casey Tooker

    Here’s every death and how to get them
    Way 1: Get kidnapped by The Diplomat and do not follow The Senator when you’re blindly running
    Way 2: Reach 0 Money and less than 15 Army

    Burn at the Cross:
    Way 1: Wait for the Archbishop to say “You know who rules above men and kings!” and say: “It’s certainly not you” Wait a few years and he will bring you somewhere (I forgot) and say “May the saints forgive you of your sins”. Instead of calling the guards, say “Explain yourself!” and this death occurs
    Way 2: Wait for the archbishop to arrest you for breaking a commandment of the church. Then say “Go to Hell!”
    Way 3: Reach 0 Money and less than 15 Church. (No longer requires Black Plague)

    Way 1: Reach 100 Army
    Way 2: Run out of time in the dungeon. (All 4 powers are gone)
    Way 3: Say no when the General tells you to listen to his advice. Then Let him show you the new weapon the “engineers” made
    Peaceful Ending:
    Way 1: Reach 100 Population
    Way 2: Let the Witch teach you a few things about white magic. Then talk about “a way to learn happiness”. When she tells you she can take away something that makes you unhappy, say “The Crown!”
    Way 3: Suffer a terrible accident during a hunt. Then say “Let me rest”

    Way 1: Eat the cake(s) offered by the Courtesan. Do not drink the potion offered by the Homunculus. Wait until the Spirit of the Fallen returns to tell you you’re dying of old age
    Way 2: Fight the dragon with Excalibur

    Way 1: Reach 0 population with the Black Plague
    Way 2: Let the Doctor become the executioner
    Way #: Suffer a terrible accident during a hunt. The Doctor will tell you if you’re dying of gangrene. If you are, this death will occur

    Pagan Mob:
    Reach 0 Church

    Way 1:Reach 100 Church
    Way 2: Reach 100 Church. If you realize they’re trying to kill you, swipe left to Turn around

    Let your Brother-in-law move in. Then reach 0 Army

    Reach 0 Army

    Have an heir. Do not let him kill of the infidels. Then reach 100 army

    Wait for the General to tell you there is an unknown body in the dungeon. Any death that was originally the Dungeon Death will be replaced with this one

    Stretched at a Rack:
    Reach 0 Population with 75 Money or more. (No longer requires a Crusade)

    Reach 0 Population

    Fall to Death:
    Reach 100 Population. The other trigger is unknown to me, sorry

    Heart Attack:
    Way 1: Reach 100 Money with the Lover effect
    Way 2: Unknown to me, sorry

    Reach 100 Money. Death is random along with the Archery Incident and Drown in Ale deaths

    Reach 0 Money. The other trigger is unknown to me, that’s why this death terrifies me.

    Way 1: Reach 0 Money
    Way 2: Wait for the King of the West to visit your kingdom. Continue discussing with the Nobleman and the General until you can say” Let’s do both”

    Dueling Incident:
    Way 1: Lose against the Skeleton
    Way 2: Lose against your son
    Way 3: Execute all of the vikings when you triumph against them. Then lose against the barbarian if you challenges you to a duel
    Way 4: Execute the Queen when she is seen with the General in her bed. Then lose against the Nobleman when he says: “You killed our beloved Queen! Die, pig!”

    Go through the Arsenic Door in the dungeon and trigger the trap

    Unknown Death:
    Sign a peace treaty with the Foreign Princess. During the 10 years to nothing happening, swipe left to Escape

    Dragon Breath:
    Attempt to fight the Dragon at Dark Rock or when he is planning an invasion on your treasury without Excalibur

    Red Ants:
    Help please

    Archery Incident:
    Reach 100 Money. Death is random along with Gluttony and Drown in Ale deaths

    Drown in Ale:
    Reach 100 Money. Death is random along with Gluttony and Archery Incident deaths.

    Hope this helped

    1. Guest

      Dogs: money reaches 0 with population or religion low

  13. Rommer

    You get the red ants ending like this:
    Another way to get the strawberry plant is during a crusade, the foreign princess will make a deal with you

    1. Rommer

      Don’t enter her country again for the strawberry plant: if you break it you get the red ants ending

  14. Trevor

    So this is quite a bit late, and I don’t see it on here, but there seems to be a thing with the Foreign Princess with something along the lines of “15 years of peace” where literally nothing happens. There’s only cards where it just says “Absolutely nothing is happening” or something like that. During that, you can choose an “Escape” option, and then you get a death card saying you went on quite a bit of adventures.

  15. Jerry

    The red ants:

    If you make a 10 year peace treaty with the Princess of the East and then start a crusade

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