‘The Inner World – The Last Wind Monk’ Scheduled for a 2017 Release


I don’t do many upcoming game release announcements these days. I prefer to have some hands-on with a game before I say much about it. Instead, I usually just add newly announced games to my Upcoming Adventure Games list. But I do make exceptions, and I believe a sequel to one of my favorite point-and-click adventure games is worth getting excited about.

I played and reviewed Studio Fizbin’s and HeadUp Games’ cartoony The Inner World back in 2014 and loved it. So I was thrilled to hear this morning that they’re working on a sequel called The Inner World – The Last Wind Monk. It’s scheduled for release in 2017 on all major platforms, including iOS, Android and PC.

You can watch the short teaser here:

HeadUp Games have also provided some details about the sequel, including the fact that you’ll be able to alternate between three playable characters, including Peck the pigeon! Here are parts of the press release:

The Inner World – The Last Wind Monk takes you back to Asposia on a quest to find the last legendary wind monk. Accompany Robert, Laura and Peck on their journey, encountering many strange characters and saving the family of the flute noses!

For the very first time you can switch between all three main protagonists – including daredevil flight maneuvers with Peck, the maniac Pigeon and everyone’s darling!

And here’s even more details!

The flute nose dynasty has been watching over Asposia for centuries on end. In secret, they fill the roly-poly world with light and life. Emil, a trader for odds and ends, has led all the Asposians astray, making them believe that the dynasty is in cahoots with dark forces. Seriously, who knows what this weird family is doing day in, day out? The only one who could stop evil Emil is the heir to the flute nose throne: Robert. He has been petrified for three years, though. With a huge dose of enthusiasm, but little to no idea what he’s actually doing, he embarks on an adventure to find the legendary last wind monk. Of course, he has some great company: Peck, as loyal as he is flightless, and Laura, a rebel who certainly does fly, but only off the handle and who is Robert’s love with a capital L, by the way. A final ray of hope is provided by the mysterious Mama Dola, who seems to know more about Robert’s destiny than Robert himself…

ΓÇóExperience the fun and moving sequel to ΓÇ£The Inner WorldΓÇ¥ (you donΓÇÖt need to know the first part!). Save the flute noses from persecution and evil Emil!
ΓÇóHours of fun brainteasers await you: find the last wind monk, cause trouble in a tumble mouse factory, play with Uncle Oboe for some toilet paper in prison, help a desperate Bingo-Pony become happy once again, bring the adorable baby gorf back home and save Asposia! Again!
ΓÇóNavigate Robert and Laura, those charming Asposians, through the game. And now you can even operate the nutty pigeon, Peck.
ΓÇóThere are new sites for you to discover! Including the topsy-turvy airport ΓÇ£Asposia CentralΓÇ¥, the quirky tumble mouse farmers and the mysterious Shovel Mountains.
ΓÇóPractice new songs on your magic flute nose and activate ancient artefacts.
ΓÇóBeautiful hand-drawn adventure for people quick on the draw.
ΓÇóHilarious dialogues in awesome sound quality.
ΓÇóThe Asposian puzzle help: Provides you with hints when youΓÇÖre as clueless as Robert ΓÇô completely spoiler-free of course.
Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£ΓöéAvailable for most any operating system or console Γò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£Γöñ except the Gameboy! (..but at least PC, Mac, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, iOS- and Android devices…)

I don’t know about you, but I’m hyped! If you want to learn more about it, you can visit the official site. And I’ll be back with more information and hopefully a review when the game releases. This is definitely one I’ll be playing!

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